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It was simply slapping your Pan Family in the face!

Slap your face and call you trash.



Everyone from the Pan Clan was burning with rage. However, no one dared to retaliate, because it was because of the supreme god!

If they dared to move recklessly, supreme god would definitely take action.

In pan zhan's heart, supreme god and Long Fei were in cahoots.

And in Long Fei's heart, supreme god was a treacherous, despicable and shameless big boss. From the looks of it, if supreme god didn't move, he was definitely hiding something.

"Just what does he want from me?"

"What is it?"

"What do I have on me … "No, it shouldn't be anything I possess. It should be something he wants me to do, or something else." Long Fei couldn't understand.

However …

He was sure that the supreme god would protect him now. Even if all the people from the Pan Family were to attack him, the supreme god would ensure that he would not die.

Since that was the case, why not use him first?

Long Fei looked at pan sheng and laughed: "Aren't you being a little arrogant in the beginning? Come again, what's more f * cking cocky, aren't you Sky Separating Clan arrogant and despotic? Let's try again, let me try! "




The air was filled with the thick smell of gunpowder, pan zhan almost wanted to swallow Long Fei up.

Long Fei laughed disdainfully: "You don't dare? "If you don't dare, then hurry up and let laozi off to the side."

"What bullsh * t Sky Separating Clan, what a disgrace."

He ruthlessly stepped on it, stepping on your face to slap it, and he even hit it loudly, is that good?

supreme god sneered in his heart, coughed once, and shouted: "Long Fei, enough!"

pan zhan immediately said: "supreme god, he is so arrogant in front of you. Just now, he admitted to killing a hundred of my Pan Clan disciples."

"Admit it yourself. If you do not punish me, then I, pan zhan, will not accept it."

While they were talking …

pan sheng also stood out and said, "Master, pan sheng is also unwilling to accept this."

"We can't accept this!"

The Pan Family elders shouted in unison.

Zang Tianye said: "The Pan Clan disciples are not as skilled as the others, they are all challenging Long Fei to death in the arena, Long Fei did not break any law."

Long Fei laughed: "Great Principal, don't say it, you are making them feel awkward. Sky Separating Clan is so powerful, all of them are geniuses, if we add all of them together, they can't even beat me."

"You all still refuse to accept this?"

Long Fei laughed contemptuously: "If I were you guys, I would have just killed myself with a piece of tofu. I'm so ashamed of you. "

pan zhan's face turned red.

His head almost stood up, he was completely humiliated by Long Fei.


The hundred elite disciples could not even defeat Long Fei, how could they have the face to complain? You still have the nerve to say that you don't accept it?

Let's find a hole and hide in it.

supreme god's eyes turned, and he stared at Xiao Tianwu: "Is that so?"

Xiao Tianwu was also unsure if supreme god was actually standing there, and did not dare to speak carelessly, and said: "Reporting to supreme god, we are indeed sparring on the stage, I also …"

Without waiting for him to finish speaking, supreme god said: "Since it's a match in the arena, then we cannot recklessly kill innocent people."

"Long Fei!"

supreme god's eyes darkened as he shouted, "Since you are too ruthless and caused unnecessary death, I sentence you to not enter any college of martial arts training to learn, and become a logistical disciple."

"Do you accept punishment?"

Everyone in the Pan Family was shocked, and pan zhan became even angrier.

This punishment?

Long Fei shrugged his shoulders: "Whatever you say is what it is."

To Long Fei, it was fine as long as he could enter the god emperor academy. It was just as Yi Yi had said, the god emperor academy had a large number of secret history books, and if he wanted to find the Dragon Domain and the disappeared dragon race, the Hidden Martial Pavilion would definitely be able to find some clues.

Even if he couldn't find any clues regarding the Dragon Domain, he could still find the Sea Dragon King's location.

He still had Heart of Dragon Domain s on him, so he needed the blood essence of Sea Dragon King to open the second layer.

Thus …

Long Fei did not wish to learn anything after entering the god emperor academy, but wanted to find clues regarding the dragon race.

Whether or not he could enter the eighteen generations of college of martial arts training was not important to him at all.

supreme god looked at Zang Tianye and said, "Zang Tianye, as the Principal, you failed to control the disciples and caused a riot, causing the disciples' deaths."

"We will now remove you from your position as the Principal and serve as a second-rate Elder."

"Do you accept punishment?"

Zang Tianye slightly said: "Accept your punishment."

If that was the case, he would no longer have to protect the god emperor academy, and he would be able to roam the world.

However …

The hatred in his heart did not disappear.

He could no longer break through in the god emperor academy, nor would he be able to take revenge in the god emperor academy in his entire life.

And then …

The supreme god's gaze darkened as he stared at pan zhan, and said slightly: "The Pan Clan disregards discipline, publicly trampling the god emperor academy's elders, barging into the examination grounds and attacking the Headmaster, and even severely injuring him."

"pan zhan, as the Great Clan Elder of the Pan Clan, you cannot use your body to set an example."


"I punish your Pan Family to prevent any disciples from participating in the god emperor academy's assessment within three years. All members of your Pan Family are not allowed to step even half a step into the god emperor academy. supreme god's eyes turned sinister, a cold light flashed in his eyes.

Although he was unwilling, pan zhan could only nod his head and agree.

god emperor academy!

The Tianwu Continent's number one academy. He wanted to borrow the cultivation resources of the number one academy to train his Pan Clan's disciples, but … If he wasn't allowed to enter the god emperor academy for three years, then his plans would be stranded as well.

From supreme god's eyes, pan zhan could see the killing intent.

The meaning behind supreme god's words was very clear. The Pan Family was not allowed to touch Long Fei within three years, otherwise, the consequences would be disastrous!

supreme god looked at pan sheng and said gently, "You are now a Demon Slayer, your priority right now is to cultivate and break through. In the future, you will need to defend against the Giant Demons' invasion and not waste your energy on such trivial things, understand?"

"You are punished to go into closed door cultivation for three years, and not to leave the outer space palace for three years!"

pan sheng did not dare disobey, and nodded: "Disciple will do as you say."

supreme god looked at Long Fei as he said in his heart: "Kid, you have three years. If you can't find the Dragon Region and the Dragon Clan within three years, you are of no use at all."

"When the time comes, even if the Abacus Family doesn't touch you, you will still die!"

His Master's lifespan was less than five years. If he couldn't find the dragon clan secret treasure, he would die of old age.

If so.

This meant that Long Fei was not the person in the prophecy, there was no use in keeping him, he would get rid of him the same way he did with Long Zhanting previously.

Long Fei felt the supreme god's gaze and once again asked himself in his heart: "What exactly is it? What exactly is it that he likes on my body?"

"What exactly is the supreme god hiding?"

"What is the outer space palace hiding?" Baidu Sister-in-law a a half (. Floating Life Strongest Upgrade System

"Where is the Dragon Territory?"

"Why did my ancestor of the Long Family disappear?" Long Fei asked himself unceasingly in his heart. He secretly clenched his fists and said to himself, "Just you wait, I will definitely solve all of these mysteries!"

Chapter Five!

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In the afternoon, I have time to write five chapters.

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