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Chapter 254 Spear Intent


Tang Huan's body flew out and a mouthful of blood sprayed out uncontrollably. He flew ten meters in the air like a cloud before starting to fall.

Right at this moment, Tang Huan held the Dragon and Phoenix Spear in his hand and pushed against the ground, stopping the force of the black arrow's impact, he floated onto the ground and barely managed to stabilize his legs. However, on his left shoulder, the black arrow had melted, but it did not disappear, and had fused into Tang Huan's body.

"Tang Huan!"

Seeing this scene, Mu Kui's mind was extremely shocked.

The Secluded Night Divine Palace's "Specter Arrows" were crafted from a strange kind of power, and there was even the Tian Clan's magic array inside. Because of this, the arrows that shot out were like ghosts, almost undetectable.

The arrow shot out without a sound, and this was still secondary.

The most dangerous thing was that once this "Specter Arrows" were shot, they would quickly melt, whether they hit the ground or pierce the body.

Once it enters the body, it will corrode the Genuine Qi, causing it to become violent and tyrannical. In at most ten breaths of time, the person who gets hit by the arrow will be devoured and killed by his own Genuine Qi.

If a Stage Seven Martial Master could grasp the opportunity, using this "Specter Arrow" would even be able to kill a Martial Lord of the eighth step.

In fact, this was indeed the case. In the several hundred years since the appearance of the Secluded Night Divine Palace, countless Martial Lord s of the eighth step had died under the "Specter Arrows". There were even Stage Nine Martial Saint among them.

Right now, Tang Huan had actually been hit by the third "Specter Arrows", how could he still be alive?

It was with great difficulty that such a rare genius appeared in the Human Clan, was about to fall?

As expected, at the instant this thought flashed through Mu Kui's mind, he saw Tang Huan sitting on the ground, and in an instant, he was both shocked and furious. His body moved, and he had already arrived beside Tang Huan, but before he could carefully inspect Tang Huan's situation, another sharp arrow shot over from his left side …

… ….

"Ghost Arrows?

On a big tree a hundred meters away from the left of the road, a middle-aged man who had shot an arrow muttered in doubt, but then he seemed to have thought of something and exclaimed in shock, "Secluded Night Divine Palace's' Specter Arrows'? That archer over there, is actually an assassin from Secluded Night Divine Palace? "

"That kid has been hit by the 'Ghost Magic Arrow'. It looks like he's going to die for sure!"

The middle-aged man quickly regained his senses, revealing an unconcealable joy between his brows: "We cannot stay here for long, once that brat dies, Mu Kui will definitely come to kill us!" While he was muttering, the middle-aged man had already slung the longbow over his back and jumped down from the tree.


But just as he was about to land on the ground, a stooped, skinny old man in a green robe suddenly appeared in his line of sight. Shortly afterwards, he heard an extremely faint whistling sound as a white light shot out from the old man's hand.

The middle-aged man was greatly shocked. The green-robed old man's timing was truly too good. With him currently in the air, he had no way of dodging.


With a loud roar, the blade on the middle aged man's waist was unsheathed and slashed towards the white light. With the help of the Genuine Qi, the blade exploded with an extremely dense black light.

In the blink of an eye, two streaks of black and white light crossed each other.

The middle-aged man only felt a pain in his chest before a terrifying power exploded in his heart, causing his consciousness to swiftly sink. A faint and cold voice seemed to enter his ears, "This old man doesn't know whether that kid is dead or not, but you're going to die soon!"

… ….

At the northern border of Crescent City, in a third-floor room of a inn.

A black-clothed man with an ordinary expression left the window and threw the longbow and quiver of arrows out. He changed into a yellow robe that he had prepared long ago, opened the door, and left in a flash. From start to finish, his expression was extremely calm, as if he had just done something trivial.

"Little bastard, where do you want to go?"

But after a short moment, the man returned to the dark room. He was pushed forward by a big hand. At this moment, he looked like an ordinary person. His limbs were constantly struggling, but the claw did not move at all.

Not long later, the owner of that palm also entered the room. It was a fat old man.

"You … "Who are you?"

The man spoke with difficulty.

His face was flushed red, and the calmness in his eyes was no longer there. Instead, it was replaced with an unconcealable shock and disbelief.

"Who I am is not important. The important thing is that you came to the wrong place." The Fat Old Man said while grinning.


The man's head tilted to the side, and his body stopped struggling. He released his hand, and the man's body fell onto the floor, motionless like a dead dog, with no more sounds coming from him. However, his neck had already caved in, as if it had been crushed into fine powder.

Fat Old Man clapped his hands and walked over to the window. He could look over the low city walls and see any activity happening outside.

"With the 'Nirvana Sacred Fire', 'Ghost Magic Arrow' is useless. This Mu Kui really lives longer and longer."

But right after, he scratched his belly a few times in distress, "However, there are not only these small shrimps around, there are also two big fish. Brat, you really know how to find work for me."

"Forget it, let's just scare them first."

Just as he finished speaking, a shining Fire Red Long Spear appeared out of nowhere in his right palm. It looked like a dazzling rainbow, crystal clear and overflowing with color, as if it was carved out of beautiful jade, illuminating the entire room.


An abnormally intense vibrating sound immediately rang out, and a bright red light exploded from the spear. An extremely terrifying fluctuation of Qi quickly spread out in all directions like a wave, and even the air seemed to be unable to withstand it, causing ripples to quickly appear that could be seen with the naked eye.

At almost the same time, an extremely terrifying spear intent condensed into a substance, shooting into the sky. An incomparably powerful pressure swept out in a berserk fashion. In less than the blink of an eye, the pressure had covered an area of a thousand meters.

At this moment, the noisy Crescent City and beyond immediately fell into a deathly silence.

Whether it was the warriors who were fighting outside the city or the Martial Warriors s inside the city, they were all dumbstruck, as if time and space had frozen. At this moment, practically all the Martial Warriors who felt this terrifying pressure felt their hearts tremble in fear. The stronger the Martial Warriors was, the more they felt it, and the weaker the Martial Warriors felt more relaxed under this pressure.

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