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Chapter 889: Complete the task!

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The conference room was filled with leaders. There were representatives from the pharmaceutical side as well as the hospital side.

“Okay, looks like everyone is here already. Let’s get started. Today, we’ll only be discussing one topic. What should we do if Master Lin is really able to develop the prescription?” The leader in front issued out the question and everyone started discussing.

One of the leaders, who was a little more plump in size, opened his mouth and said, “For this question, we should wait till the prescription is actually developed before we discuss it. Right now, we don’t even have a rough idea of what it will be like so there isn’t any point in discussing.”

“Director Li, I disagree with what you said. Everyone here, regardless of whether they are in the field of Chinese or Western medicine, all know about Master Lin’s medical prowess. His prowess in the field of Chinese medicine is on a whole new level. The director of the Chinese Medical Academy, Zhao Ming Qing, is his student as well. Everyone here should be familiar with Zhao Ming Qing as well. He is one of the older people in the field of Chinese medicine and he has extensive knowledge of it. The pill for curing anorexia was developed by him as well. Thus, developing the prescription to cure Leukemia shouldn’t be too big of a problem for them.”

“Okay, that’s enough. Right now the discussion topic isn’t whether or not they can develop the prescription but rather how to deal with this situation,” the person in charge said.

Everybody looked at each other in dismay before starting their discussion.

“I feel like we ought to take control of this prescription. We should be the ones to handle it,” one of the leaders said.

“I agree with this. Leukemia has become something that is very hard to cure. If the prescription were to be leaked out, I feel like it will lead to all sorts of unrest.”

“That’s right. The prescription should be controlled by the department. We can get the specialized pharmaceutical factories to produce the prescription and then ship it to all the hospitals in the country. The profits will be unimaginable.”

“Yes, I agree.”

“However, do you think that Master Lin will agree to it?”

“For this, we shouldn’t give him a choice to agree or not. We should just force him to agree…”

Even before Lin Fan had finished developing the prescription, many people had already started getting ideas of what to do with it.

Lin Fan and Zhao Ming Qing were obviously oblivious to this.

“Teacher, how is it this time?” Zhao Ming Qing eagerly asked.

Lin Fan was in deep thought for a few seconds before slowly nodding. “Yes, it’s not bad. It does have a little effect. However, it is missing some stuff. Continue your research.”

Zhao Ming Qing’s face turned into with a smile. He had managed to make a small step towards success. To him, the feeling of being able to work with his teacher to develop a prescription was truly amazing. It was a feeling he had never experienced before.

“Teacher, what do you think is going to happen once this prescription is developed?” Zhao Ming Qing could not help feeling worried and asked. He knew that this situation was definitely not going to be very easy to handle.

Lin Fan waved him off and said, “I’ve thought about it a long time ago. Continue your research first. Don’t think too much.”

“Okay.” Zhao Ming Qing nodded. Although he did not know what kind of solution his teacher had, he trusted his teacher and trusted that he would have a good solution.

Moving on to the afternoon.

Lin Fan stopped all the movement with his hands and said, “Ming Qing, I feel like the path we have gone down may not be correct. We have been looking for a one-time prescription in order to cure the disease but even after all our research, we have not produced any good results. How about we try using more than one prescription and see how it goes?”

Zhao Ming Qing went quiet and tried to think of the situation from all the different angles. Then, he asked with some doubt, “Teacher, do you think that this will lead to it being rejected by the body?”

“Let’s give it a try. If it doesn’t work, we’ll just think of something else. We can already roughly see what kind of ingredients we need for it,” Lin Fan said.

After this period of hard work, they had already made a huge amount of progress.

They just needed to go a little bit further in order to develop the prescription.

However, he believed that he would be able to develop that prescription very soon/

Cloud Street.

Fraud Tian and the rest of them were seated in the shop. They had been waiting all this while and even after a few days, they had not received any news from Lin Fan at all. This made them feel a little nervous inside.

“Do you think the kid can do it?” Fraud Tian asked.

Wu You Lan did not hesitate at all and replied, “He definitely can. I believe in Brother Lin.”

Zhao Zhong Yang also nodded. “I also believe in Brother Lin’s abilities. This prescription is just a piece of cake to Brother Lin. You’ll see. Just give him a little bit more time and he will be able to develop the prescription.”

“I hope so. There are so many people counting on him. If he really fails, they would be extremely disappointed,” Fraud Tian said.

He felt that the kid was starting to walk further and further down a path which was completely different from any of them.

Although he was very envious and jealous of the kid, he also admired him a lot.

The surrounding shop owners would also come by from time to time to inquire about the situation.

Right now, they could not even get through to Lin Fan’s handphone as it had been turned off. So even if they wanted to know what the situation was like, they had no way of doing that as they could not even contact him.

Chinese Medical Academy.

Some vehicles from hospitals came. After the selection, ten leukemia patients had been selected. These patients were now very excited because they could finally recover.

At the school gates, the security guard blocked off the vehicles from entering. Then, he rushed to get in contact with the director and told him about what was going on.

In the research room, when Lin Fan found out about this situation, he let the hospital vehicles come. He knew that he had to rely on these pills in order to complete his mission.

“Teacher, do you want to let the patients come in now or what?” Zhao Ming Qing asked.

Lin Fan thought about it and said, “Let the patients come in. The rest of them can stay outside.”

“Okay, got it.” Zhao Ming Qing nodded and then left the research room.

Outside, the faces of the doctors, who had come to send the patients over, were filled with anticipation.

In their minds, they were finally going to see Master Lin. However, when they saw Zhao Ming Qing come out, their faces had a hint of regret. But they still rushed up to him.

“Director Zhao, how’s the development of the prescription?”

Zhao Ming Qing waved them off and said, “You guys will know when the time comes.”

They had all been shot down with that one sentence.

“The patients can come with me. There’s no need for the doctors to enter.”

The doctors had initially wanted to go in and take a look. However, upon hearing that, they were disappointed. To not be able to go in was a huge pity.

They had really wanted to go in and see what was going on inside, to get a first-hand experience of their research.

The ten patients were filled with hope as they came over. They really wanted to get their health back and right now, the chance to fulfill their wish was right in front of them. This made them incomparably excited.

When they entered the research room.

The patients took a whiff of the place and were quick to cover their noses. The entire place reeked of Chinese medicine. Also, they were dumbfounded when they saw the huge pile of Chinese medicine ingredients piled up at the foot of the wall.

What is going on in here?

It’s a total mess.

They all found it very hard to stay inside there.

“Master Lin…” when the patients saw Lin Fan, they all started to cry out. In their eyes, Master Lin was their saving grace.

Lin Fan stopped what he was going and carefully looked at them. These patients were indeed in very serious conditions Their complexion was totally white and they were so skinny that they almost did not appear human anymore. For them to be able to slowly walk into the room could already be considered a miracle.

“You guys can all lie down,” Lin Fan said.

With the help of Zhao Ming Qing, all the patients began to lie down…

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