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Ye Qingtang saved two people from the Si family. If Mu Su did not agree, it would be difficult for Master Si to tell Ye Qingtang about it. It was good that everything was successful.

"Thank you very much, master." This time, Ye Qingtang thanked him from her heart. If not for the Si family's connections, she would not have the opportunity to interact with a powerful figure like Mu Su.

As long as she could see Mu Su, she could officially begin on her plan!

"There's no need to thank me," Master Si said with a smile. "Qingtang, you're no longer a stranger to the Si family. From now on, don't address me as 'master' anymore. Just 'grandfather' like my grandsons will do."

A hint of a smile flashed in her eyes as she said with a clear voice, "Yes, Grandfather Si."

Master Si could not help but let out a cheerful laugh while remembering to say,

"Qingtang, allow Grandfather Si to be long-winded. Since you wish to meet Lord Mu Su, you must meet him with an honest heart. Lord Mu Su is open-minded and dislikes it when others scheme against him. You must remember this."

"Alright." Ye Qingtang knew that Master Si was reminding her.

Praise filled Master Si's eyes. Even though Ye Qingtang came from the Ye family which he disliked, it could not be denied that the more he interacted with Ye Qingtang, the more he liked the intelligent and alert girl. In her, he could not see a single trace of clumsiness and ignorance despite these being the characteristics of people her age.

Master Si even intended for Ye Qingtang to stay and have a meal, but she politely rejected the offer.

Since there is news from Mu Su, she should start her preparation. She estimated that the "thing" was about to be born. If she went late, she might miss it again as in her previous life.

"Grandfather Si, I will not stay any longer today. I still have some matters to settle," Ye Qingtang said.

"Just go ahead," Master Si replied.

Ye Qingtang nodded and left the Si residence after bidding Master Si goodbye.

Humming along the way, Ye Qingtang arrived at the Dead Leaves Forest.

This time, she did not come to the Dead Leaves Forest to distract her thoughts, but to obtain a baby that she missed out in her previous life!

Stepping on the soft leaves, Ye Qingtang moved freely in the dense forest. At the back of the forest was a series of tall rolling hills which were like a line that divided heaven and earth.

In the past few days, heavy rain showered upon Lin Town, and the steep mountains were greeted with a series of landslides which caused many trees at the foot of the mountain to collapse. The floor was covered with a mix of soil, gravel, dead leaves, and broken branches; it was an utter mess.

Lifting the hem of her skirt, Ye Qingtang walked towards the disorderly mountains and stopped in her tracks when she reached a half-buried stone cave.

In her previous life, when the Great Elder returned and ordered for Ye Ling and Second Elder to be murdered, Ye Qingtang was also forced to flee for her life and escaped into this Dead Leaves Forest.

In the darkness, she fell into the stone cave which was buried by the densely packed trees. After hiding in the cave for many days while enduring the pain and hunger, she finally escaped when she confirmed that the people that the Great Elder sent had left.

And it was at the moment when she was fleeing that she saw something for a brief moment. However, she was frail and had problems staying alive then, so naturally, she did not take further notice of it. Yet, it turned out that she missed out on the only treasure which could have changed her destiny in her previous life.

In this life, she would not miss it again!

Ye Qingtang's lips curled up slightly as she stretched out her fair hands and searched through the messy gravel.

After a moment, a shiny and bald "egg" which was about the size of a palm appeared before her eyes!

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