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He still needed half a month to recover? Mo Fan was taken by surprise. Perhaps the illegally recycled cooking oil had brought some unexpected effects?

As a matter of fact, Mo Fan was on point. The Diseased Blood in the serums was considered a delicacy to the White Magic Falcons. It was also a nutritious tonic for the Black Totem Snake, as it had replenished the vitality that the beast had lost during his ecdysis.

Councilman Luo Mian could not expect that the sin he had committed had somehow helped the Black Totem Snake with his recovery in return, eventually leading the beast here to take his life.

Councilman Luo Mian pulled a long face. The goatee which he had combed perfectly was disheveled by the gusts of wind. He pointed his finger at the Black Totem Snake, "I've spared your life once. Since you're so desperately asking for your death, I'll grant you your death wish. Totem beasts? You all should have been buried deep under the ground with the ancient kingdoms, and should have been deemed extinct in the history records. Once you're dead, the world would have one less totem beast!"

The Black Totem Snake stared down at him with the same proud look. As the Councilman was roaring furiously, he had flung his body hard in his direction.

Councilman Luo Mian managed to react in time. His body sank into the shadow, which soon split into two, then four rapidly. The shadows spread out in four different directions. It was impossible to tell which was real.

Mo Fan was astounded. He had no idea the Councilman was so adept with the Basic Spell, able to split into so many illusionary shadows to trick his enemy. He was clearly still a long way from reaching the man's level...

Councilman Luo Mian might be able to trick the others, but he could not escape from the Black Totem Snake's sharp eyes. As his body slapped the ground hard, a tide of soil stirred up, tailing one of the shadows.

The tide slammed into the shadow like a dragon. Councilman Luo Mian quickly leapt out from the shadow in panic, but he was still knocked a few hundred meters away by the impact.

He clenched his teeth as he rose to his feet. He used his fastest speed to cast an Advanced Shadow Element Magic, the Nyx Regime!

As it was already dark to begin with, the Nyx Regime quickly Summoned a curtain that light could not penetrate around the area where the Councilman was standing, to set up his zone.

Councilman Luo Mian was very fast at casting the Spells. He was using the Advanced Spell as his cover. Otherwise, he would not have enough time to cast any Super Spell while trying to defend himself from the Black Totem Snake's attacks. A Star Palace could only be constructed by aligning seven Star Constellations together. It was a rather complicated process.

The Black Totem Snake suddenly inhaled deeply. Its body bloated slightly, before green puffs of poisonous gas jetted out from the gap between his scales. The poisonous gas did not spread wildly, but it somehow accumulated at certain positions and took the shape of the Black Totem Snake!

The poison transformed into nine enormous snakes, but they were more like destructive hurricanes!

As the Black Totem Snake's roared, the nine poisonous snakes charged at Councilman Luo Mian's zone. The area that the Nyx Regime had covered was fairly huge, but it was nothing compared to the size of the poisonous snakes.

One of the poisonous snakes slammed into the curtain and swiftly tore it apart. The poisonous mist surged forward and quickly surrounded Councilman Luo Mian, who was trying to use the darkness as his cover.

The mist was thick as a wall. Councilman Luo Mian was trapped within it, and yet there were eight other poisonous snakes waiting to lunge at him.

The ground trembled vigorously after every collision. The poisonous mist spread across the place. Mo Fan could only see Councilman Luo Mian panicking as he defended himself from the mist.

He seemed to have awakened the Light Element, too. It was the strongest Element against poison, yet his spells were devoured by the snake's poison almost instantly. The snake poison was too domineering. It left no chances for any prey within it, even if they were a Super Magician.

Luo Mian's defense quickly crumbled under the attacks from the nine poisonous snakes. The poison penetrated his body, leaving marks on his skin.

Councilman Luo Mian was steps away from the jaws of death. The Black Totem Snake's poison was almost incurable.

However, the Black Totem Snake was reluctant to let the evildoer die so easily. The Black Totem Snake took a deep breath, inhaling the poison back into his body. The powerful gust dragged Councilman Luo Mian toward the snake's mouth. The Councilman realized that he was seconds away from being swallowed by the beast. He collected his thoughts and activated his final trump card.

A golden glow burst out from Councilman Luo Mian's body. The ray of lights formed a golden shield around him, protecting him like a golden house.

When the Black Totem Snake's fangs bit the sturdy shield, it surprisingly was not shattered into pieces by the great force.

The Black Totem Snake opened his mouth for another bite.


He felt like he had just bitten on a diamond. His fangs seemed to have loosened up slightly due to the collision with the sturdy shield. On the other hand, the shield only had a few tiny cracks on its surface.

Councilman Luo Mian was protected by the shield and subconsciously tidied his goatee. A smile surfaced on his pale face. Luckily, the Diamond Shield that the Enforcement Union had given to him had saved his life. Otherwise, he would have been eaten by the Black Totem Snake. The Diamond Shield would last quite a while. It would grant him enough time.

However, the Black Totem Snake suddenly rolled his tongue and swallowed both the Diamond Shield and Councilman Luo Mian into his esophagus and stomach.

It was fine that he could not bite his way through the Diamond Shield. His stomach was capable of digesting everything, including the golden Diamond Shield!

Normally, when a snake devoured its prey, it would still be alive. Killing the Councilman slowly with his stomach acid would still be torture for him. At least, while he was being digested, he had plenty of time to repent for his sin!

Councilman Luo Mian was unwilling to die like that. As he was rolling into the esophagus, he screamed at the two people standing above the snake's head, "The bracelet that contains the Red Falcon Herbs is still in my hand. If I die, Hangzhou City will suffer being invaded by the White Magic Falcons. A few tens of thousand people would die!

"Spare me, and I'll give you the bracelet. Your friend is already dead. Avenging him won't make any difference! Let me go, and I assure you that I'll give you plenty of glory and power with my status as a Councilman. I'll give you anything you seek!"

Councilman Luo Mian was afraid. His previous scornful attitude toward the Black Totem Snake was long gone.

He was told many times how powerful the god protecting the city was. Today, after experiencing it first hand, he was well aware of how much of a joke his Super Magic was. He was clearly not on the same level as the beast.

He did not want to die. He had no choice but to beg for mercy, even if it would cost him his dignity...

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