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"Tch," Hu Xuan gave out a derisive laugh.

"Cao Yang is your big brother? How daring of you!" He couldn't stop laughing. "Then Cao Yang is my big brother too!"

He continued to laugh. "Stop pretending, I can't believe you're even going so far as to use Cao Yang's name to scare me. I've already checked. No family in this city with the surname Xia recognize you."

When school first started, Hu Xuan had noticed this girl in the new batch of sophomores. She wasn't the prettiest of them all, but he found her unexpectedly attractive.

The old man had taught him well: before he acted, he needed to check the opponent's background. Nan Hua was known as an elite school for the wealthy. There might be hidden dragons and crouching tigers, and he himself was afraid he might step on a mine. So he had asked around specifically before this.

There was only one powerful family with the surname Xia, but none of the daughters of that family were currently in high school. So he already had a rough idea of her status.

Who cares what family she was from, as long as he could confirm she wasn't on his level.
And his level was already the top level in the city – as long as she wasn't from there, there was nothing for him to be afraid of.

And he wanted to lay his hands on her, so he did.

Xia Rou had never expected that despite her pulling out Cao Yang's name that Hu Xuan would actually not believe her!

She was regretful. She never imagined that Hu Xuan was this kind of person. It wasn't that she lacked awareness, she was just careless. Because… she knew Hu Xuan.

When they had met in her previous life while she was in the Cao Family, he was obviously well-mannered and an excellently educated young man, so much so that even Cao Xiong praised him and his brother.

He was also polite toward her during all the years they knew each other, and his courteousness never faltered even once.

She was totally flabbergasted to see that Hu Xuan at this age was such an arrogant pervert!

She suddenly thought back to the words that Cao Yang had said to her before: those people and things, that she couldn't handle them…

That was right. Although she had always aimed toward it, she had never really understood those circles. Under the bright surface, the secrets and the true colors hidden underneath, she'd never really touched them.

And yet, she had still stupidly thought that she could make a name for herself.

So stupid… Translated by The Novelst

"Eh, don't cry," Hu Xuan said, startled by the tears forming in Xia Rou's eyes.

He had both hands around Xia Rou's arms, pressing her against the wall. Their bodies were entwined closely.

His taste in women was inherited from his family. He stared at her snowy white skin, her eyes teary and looking ready to spill over, and his heart began to itch.

His gaze followed the motion of Xia Rou's head turning and saw the breeze blow her short hair up to reveal a slim, dainty neck…

Hu Xuan felt blood rush all over his body.

Since there was no one around, he felt emboldened enough to kiss her.

Xia Rou was shocked and shouted out, her struggles restrained by Hu Xuan. He had one arm over both her hands, while his other hand was wandering to more risky areas, when his collar suddenly tightened around his neck.

A huge force dragged him backwards, the sky and earth spinning around him, and he was thrown to the ground. He landed on his back, but the force kept him spinning and he rolled further away.

Hua Xuan was grimacing in pain, trying to sit up. "Wtf! You…"

Before he could get out another word, a black leather shoe stepped mercilessly on his hand.

Hu Xuan immediately let out a shrill scream.

He was screaming and scolding simultaneously: "You bastard, hurry up and get your foot off me! Do you know who I am? Dammit…"

He raised his head and looked at the person who had dared to step on him, his voice immediately cutting off and confusion setting in.

"Wtf, Brother C-Cao Yang?"

Cao Yang was still on his hand, leisurely taking out a cigarette and lighting up. He took a long drag and blew out the smoke. "Xiao Xuan, long time no see."

Hu Xuan's brain seemed to have disconnected. He couldn't understand why Cao Yang had suddenly appeared. Also, when had he offended this ancestor?

"Brother Cao Yang! W-why are you here? Arghhh! Bro! Bro! Have mercy, my hand!"

After another round of screaming, Hu Xuan was in so much pain that he had sweat pouring down his head. "Bro! Bro! At least give me a reason before I die!"

Cao Yang squatted down, letting out a mouthful of smoke into Hu Xuan's face, choking Hu Xuan to tears.

"Just now Xia Rou told you that her big brother is Cao Yang…" Cao Yang let out another mouthful of smoke, narrowing his eyes at Hu Xuan. "Haven't you heard the name Cao Yang before? Or are you looking down on me?"

Hu Xuan could hardly open his eyes, blurrily noticing Xia Rou gripping her clothes and standing right behind Cao Yang. Suddenly he understood,.

She said her big brother was Cao Yang!

She was actually telling the truth!

To prevent himself from accidentally stepping on a mine, he had even carefully investigated her beforehand. Who could have known he would still step on the most explosive mine!

Xia Rou was just as shocked as Hu Xuan; she'd never seen this side of Cao Yang before.

From the day she met him, he had always been a responsible brother to her – calm, steady, and reliable.

When he faced her, there was a special gentleness and tolerance in him.

When she looked at Cao Yang now, he was one part cold, two parts brutal, and three parts gangster-like. She was completely unused to this side of him.

Hu Xuan wanted to cry! Translated by The Novelst

He and Cao Yang could be said to be from the same generation, but their age difference was large. The year the crown prince of the Cao Family was running wild in the city, Hu Xuan was still having sweets in kindergarten.

He had not personally seen this ruthless side of the crown prince before, but his father had repeatedly, over and over again, warned him and his brothers.

"Stay sharp; no matter who you offend, do not offend the brothers of the Cao Family. Especially not Cao Yang."

"Don't believe in his smiling face that he has now. That's because he's grown up and learned to restrain himself. That doesn't mean he's sincerely kind."

"When he was your age, if anyone dared to offend him, you wouldn't even be able to find them any longer."

Compared to officers in government, Cao Yang had a much more solid foundation.

He had planted his roots deeply for over twenty years, making it all the way to the commander position in the army. The network he had weaved had its branches gnarled and roots twisted. Within the four provinces of the east, no matter whether it was a local position or if it was officers trying to get into the central office through connections, they were unable to circumvent the Cao Family.

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