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She was originally the center of attention in the entire store, but no one was looking at her now. She was like a doll which had fallen into disfavor and was heartlessly thrown aside!

Han Yuyan indignantly tugged at Shao Dong's sleeve and muttered, "Darling, I also want this gown. Buy it. I'm going to wear this to the gala. If you ask me to wear this, I'll definitely be more beautiful than some random b*tch!"

For a while, the man gave no reaction.

She raised her head, disgruntled, only to see him staring directly at Yun Shishi. Astonishment, admiration, and some indescribable emotions flitted in his eyes.

She was even more furious and spat with dissatisfaction, "Shao Dong!"

"Huh?" He regained his senses and lowered his eyes.

Staring coldly at the gown, she did not say anything this time besides, "Buy that!"

He hesitated for a moment. He sincerely believed that other than the beautiful girl before his eyes, no one else was befitting of the gown!

However, noticing Han Yuyan's weak and hurt look, he drew in a deep, chilly breath and stepped forward. "Director, how much is this gown? I'm getting this!"

Alan seemed to be in a bit of a dilemma and, for a short moment, he did not know what to say in response.

Gu Xingze requested for this gown first, and it was unfavorable to offend him - damn, this Miss Yun truly looked gorgeous in it - but if he rejected Shao Dong, it would be unfavorable as well.

Gu Xingze stared at Yun Shishi's back and sneered lightly at him. "Mr. Shao, you can't afford this gown."

He seethed. "Gu Xingze, what do you mean by that?"

"What do I mean?" He smirked with scorn. "I'm being straightforward here. I want this gown!"

Shao Dong snorted indifferently. Gu Xingze was a superstar, but he was just one of many in the entertainment industry. An unpleasant way to say it would be: What was his difference with an actor in ancient times?

He turned his head and told Alan candidly, "State your price for this gown!"

Qin Zhou was about to lose his temper and bantered, "The starting bid for this gown at Fashion Week was five million. How generous of you, Mr. Shao."

Shao Dong heard this and, without batting an eyelid, said, "Five million. I'm getting it."

Qin Zhou raised a finger. "Our Xingze is going for ten million; we're getting it!"

"You—" Frustrated, he called out, "I'm going for twenty million!"

"As expected of Mr. Shao. You're generous. Truly very generous!" Qin Zhou flashed him an evil smile. "Xingze laid his eyes on this gown, though. It won't be a problem even if we call out thirty million."

"Fifty million!" Shao Dong made his final call; even Qin Zhou was flabbergasted at his words.

Han Yuyan observed everyone's shock and chuckled to herself.

This man she had hooked up with was the future successor of Shao Group, so he was truly wealthy. Although Gu Xingze was a decade-long actor, he was just a star in the end. How could he compare to Shao Dong?

Alan's expression did not exactly look good and only gently said, "My greatest apologies, Mr. Shao! Once Master Gu lays his eyes on something, he won't give it away to others!"

Master Gu? What did he mean?

"Why? He's just a small star—"

Qin Zhou lightly frowned and cut in, "Mr. Shao, please mind your words! Our Xingze is not a person to be offended by the owner of a small enterprise held up by a woman!"

Shao Group lacked the financial strength it had now at the start. Shao Dong was a fine-looking man and, under his father's arrangement, he was married off to the daughter of the wealthy Meng family. The current Shao Group was formed under the assistance of the Meng family.

"You!" Shao Dong was flustered. A small manager dared to look down on him and call a company that was worth billions on the market as a small enterprise?

Soon after, he realized something. Master Gu? Why would Alan call Gu Xingze Master Gu?

Qin Zhou did not give him a chance to respond and made use of his viciousness as always. With a sneer, he said, "Don't think that you, who relied on a woman to become an upstart five years ago, can show off your deep pockets everywhere now, Mr. Shao. You need to be clear on the difference between the nouveau riche and old money! This gown is elegant and pristine. Don't turn it into a stinky and rotten outfit when it reaches your hands!"

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