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Chapter 380

The appearance of the Heavenly Lion Fighting Dragon Claw was accompanied by an ancient beast's power, causing everyone to be terrified!

With the Mystic Moon Saber in hand, Hong Mengshu hurriedly attacked the fifth level Martial Dao Realm expert to prevent Qin Yun from being attacked.

Qin Yun's defense was extremely terrifying as his body constantly trembled. Waves after waves of shockwaves surged out, blasting away all the Dao energy that came attacking him from every direction!

Hong Mengshu could be considered to have experienced Qin Yun's terrifying strength!

The lightning and fire in Qin Yun's left arm roared angrily like the roar of a lion.

He used the Mysterious Star Steps and flew out like a meteor, charging straight towards a group of people!

Wave Breaking Slash!

With a 'shua' sound, the Heavenly Lion's claw, accompanied by a wave of sword qi, swept towards the few Martial Dao Realm cultivators, creating a loud crashing sound.


The few Martial Dao cultivators let out miserable cries as their bodies were torn into several pieces!

A few of the Martial Dao Realm cultivators had been shredded into pieces!

This left the young falcon and the others completely dumbfounded!

"Ah!" Hong Mengshu cried out in pain. She had been hit by a hidden weapon from the fifth level martial dao realm.

Qin Yun brandished his Heaven Lion Fighting Dragon Claw and charged at Hong Mengshu. He had also killed a few Martial Dao Realm cultivators along the way.

"Mengshu!" Qin Yun embraced Hong Mengshu and struck out with a few claws at the attacking crowd, forcing them to retreat.

The other party had the advantage in numbers and they all had very strong spirit tools as well as fifth level Martial Dao Realm cultivators.

Qin Yun and Hong Mengshu could not escape!

Hong Mengshu was injured, her fighting strength had dropped by a lot, she also did not think that the other side would be so despicable.

"Fight! If we let them return alive, we will die!" the middle-aged man shouted.

Whoosh... whoosh...

Everyone immediately unleashed their Dao powers and struck Qin Yun and Hong Mengshu in the distance!

Qin Yun blocked Hong Mengshu behind him as his fists constantly struck out!

He sent out shockwaves and the Nine Extinction internal force continued to form into shock waves. It whistled through the air and blocked the first round of attacks!

Just as Qin Yun found it difficult to resist, a masked man in black clothing suddenly appeared!

No one knew where the black clothed man came from but he suddenly dropped down and started to fight with the fifth level martial dao practitioner.

Qin Yun was alarmed but at the same time, he relaxed. He struggled to use the Heaven Lion Fighting Dragon Claw and quickly killed three more people!

The Little Falcon King, Hu Haojun and Yue Yi were all very sinister!

They definitely wouldn't rush to the frontlines. Furthermore, based on the situation, they would retreat!


That middle-aged man was at the fifth level of the Martial Dao Realm and was the strongest here. He let out an angry roar and shot out a burst of golden flames like a meteor towards the black clothed man.

The black clothed man was sent flying but he did not make a sound!

Qin Yun immediately executed Tsunami and struck a youth who was attacking the man in black to the side!

The earth shook violently and the wind howled non-stop!

The young man in falcon's group who had attacked the man in black, was completely repelled causing him to fly backwards as it vomited blood.

"Don't let them go!" Yue Yi shouted.

There were fewer and fewer people in the young falcon's group. Qin Yun and company felt much more at ease.

Hong Mengshu, who had been injured and weakened, finally grasped the opportunity to take out the flying shuttle.

Qin Yun unleashed waves of tsunami waves, forcing the group of people dozens of meters back. He then hugged the man in black and charged at the flying shuttle.


The flying shuttle flew towards Black Mountain!


The black mountain suddenly shook violently as it spewed out countless balls of fire!

This was an eruption from a volcano, and what it spewed out were clumps of exploding flames!

The flying shuttle was suddenly struck by a blue colored explosive flame, causing it to fly far away!

"They're dead! That's great! Let's hurry up and leave!" Yue Yi shouted in surprise.

When the young falcon and the rest saw that the shuttle was engulfed in flames, they felt much more at ease and hurriedly ran away from the area.

The flying shuttle was struck by the exploding flames and it's internal mechanism trembled violently as it flew off into the distance with the exploding flames.

Qin Yun, who was inside the flying shuttle, sensed the intense explosion and knew that the flying shuttle had fallen to the ground along with the explosive flames.

The interior of the shuttle suddenly became very hot.

"Not good, the shuttle's damage is severe!" Qin Yun hurriedly carried Hong Mengshu and the man in black out of the shuttle.

Outside of the shuttle, there was a sea of fire. Lava was everywhere and it was incredibly hot!

Qin Yun had the bloodline of a Heavenly Lion so he was not afraid of the heat. Carrying the duo, he flew above the lava and headed into the distance.

"Those bastards saw that I've gotten my hands on something good, so they tried to take it from me! Furthermore, they intended to kill me!" The weak Hong Mengshu said angrily.

"They're still alive, we'll definitely settle this with them in the future!" Qin Yun said.

"I obtained a special Life Mark Crystal Jade. There were 10 Life Marks on it and those fellows were nearby. What they obtained was a jade coffin with a dead person inside!" Hong Mengshu cursed in a low voice, "They were very jealous of me, so they attacked me!"

The black-clothed man took off his mask and saw that it was a beautiful face. It was actually Feng Honglan!

"Honglan, why is it you?" Hong Mengshu was surprised.

Qin Yun was also astonished. He never expected it to be Feng Honglan because she had a unique fragrance on her body that did not appear earlier.

"I was just nearby and when I heard the sounds of battle, I came over! When I saw them besieging you, I changed into my clothes and hurried over!" Feng Honglan was severely injured after being hit by the middle-aged man at the fifth level of the Martial Dao Realm.

Qin Yun was secretly grateful to her!

Feng Honglan's sudden appearance disrupted the tempo on the other side to buy Qin Yun some time. He had to kill a few youths before he found a chance to escape.

"I'll see if I can contact my grandmother. She said that she's already in the Ancient Jade Mountain Range!" Hong Mengshu took out a jade token and injected some energy into it to activate it.

This was a special kind of spatial spirit artifact that allowed others to sense it's direction.

A few hours later, Qin Yun brought the two girls to a quiet forest.

Dozens of thin black needles had been pierced into Hong Mengshu's body, all of them were hidden weapons carrying poison.

It was a good thing that Hong Mengshu had a very good detoxification pill in her body, she could cure that poison.

With Qin Yun's help, she endured the pain and forced all the poison needles out of her body.

"Those bastards, I won't let them go when I get back!" Hong Mengshu cursed.

"Honglan, how are you?" Hong Mengshu's heart immediately ached as she looked at the pale-faced Feng Honglan.

"My martial spirit is finished. I have to say goodbye to martial arts!" Feng Honglan's eyes glistened with tears as she lightly sighed.

After Hong Mengshu heard this, she immediately probed Feng Honglan's martial spirit. She only saw that Feng Honglan's dao core had shattered and her martial spirit had turned into a tiny speck. It had completely shattered.

"I want to hack these bastards of the Little Falcon King into pieces!" Hong Mengshu was also extremely pained. She was so angry that she spat out a mouthful of blood. Her injuries weren't light either.

Suddenly, a black shadow appeared!

It was an old woman wearing a black robe, looking rather sinister.

She stood behind Hong Mengshu, her face dark.

"Grandmother!" Hong Mengshu said in surprise, "Hurry and help me look at Honglan's injuries. She's severely injured!"

Qin Yun looked at the old lady as an inexplicable fear arose in his heart. The old lady's strength was extremely terrifying. She was most likely at the peak of the Xuan Martial realm.

"I rushed over as soon as I heard about your news. You're seriously injured!" The old woman's voice was deep and hoarse. She held onto Hong Mengshu's wrist and said, "Don't meddle in other people's business. Let's go!"


The old woman pulled Hong Mengshu and leaped up with all her might, passing through the treetops and disappearing in an instant!

Feng Honglan looked at Qin Yun with a sorrowful expression. She said, "Young Master Qin, I'll pass the Purple Frost Mysterious Grass to you. Since I'm already at this stage, there's no need to fear pursuing the matter!"

"The general director of the Divine Inscription Palace is also purchasing Purple Frost Mysterious Grass. You're the one who asked him for help, right?"

Qin Yun nodded and walked over. He placed his hand on Feng Honglan's lower abdomen and gently rubbed it.

Feng Honglan's delicate body trembled. She seemed to be afraid of a man touching her but she still endured.

She softly continued, "Right now, no one will sell the Purple Frost Mysterious Grass or else we will offend the Sword Profound Mountain! The most terrifying thing about the Sword Profound Mountain is that they have people in the Heavenly King Sect!"

"I'll heal your injury first!" Qin Yun smiled. "You'll be fine. You can continue cultivating in the Martial Dao!"

"This... Is that true? " Feng Honglan was in disbelief.

Qin Yun took out many Soul Sealing Pearls. Each pearl had a martial spirit within it. They were all martial spirit's that he had collected in the past, all trash martial spirit.

In his eyes, the trash martial spirit was a martial spirit below Gold rank.

Although these Martial Spirits were weak in his eyes, they all had the unique power Martial Spirits possess!

Feng Honglan did not know what Qin Yun was doing but she could guess that what was inside the Soul Sealing Pearl was a martial spirit!

Qin Yun released the Soul Sealing Pearl's martial spirit and lifted Feng Honglan's clothes, revealing her white waist.

Feng Honglan knew that Qin Yun was helping her, so she did not say much. She only felt a little embarrassed. After all, her stomach was being massaged by a man.

"Relax, I will use my mental power to open up a gate inside your dantian and then build a soul path for your martial spirit to enter into your dantian!"

After Qin Yun said this, he controlled a golden water martial spirit and entered Feng Honglan's Dao core through her abdomen.

The martial spirit entered very easily. Then, under Qin Yun's control, it sucked in the tiny pieces of the Crimson Orchid martial spirit.

The crushed Crimson Orchid was like many granules. Under Qin Yun's control, the red granules approached the Gold Water Martial Spirit and continuously absorbed the power of the Water Martial Spirit.

After absorbing it, those particles grew a bit larger!

Following that, Qin Yun poured many trash Martial Spirits into the tiny particles for them to absorb.

Not long after, the small dot began to emit a red mist!

When Qin Yun saw this, he hurriedly gathered the dots and added a Platinum Martial Spirit to envelop the gathered red dots.

After those red dots were enveloped, they swallowed the Platinum Martial Spirit together. After that, the dots swelled up and then blended together into a ball.

After fusing together, it gradually turned into a beautiful red orchid!

"Alright!" Qin Yun wiped his sweat and said with a happy smile.

Qin Yun felt a sense of accomplishment in being able to cure this shattered martial spirit!

Feng Honglan's expression gradually recovered as her elegant face was filled with surprise, "This is a soul refining technique!"

"That's right! You saved Mengshu and me, you have saved our lives, even if it means exposing this soul refining technique, I will save you!" Qin Yun smiled. "You are only slightly injured. You can recuperate for a period of time!"

Feng Honglan stood up and tidied her clothes. With a sincere face, she said, "Young Master Qin, I will definitely keep this a secret. I definitely won't tell anyone!"

After saying that, she took out a small purple grass. It looked like it was covered in ice!

This was Purple Frost Mysterious Grass!

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