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Chapter 373

Hong Mengshu suddenly thought of something and asked softly: "You little girl, are you Xiao Yuemei? Yue Sha was crippled by you?"

As the son of a Martial King, Yue Sha actually had people who dared to cripple him. Even a princess like Hong Mengshu didn't dare to do such a thing.

Xiao Yuemei laughed, "That's right, that bastard was almost killed by me!"

After Hong Mengshu recovered from her shock, she hurriedly went up to cover Xiao Yuemei's small mouth, "Little girl, don't say anymore, if others knew your identity then it would be bad!"

Xiao Yuemei struggled free from Hong Mengshu and lightly snorted: "Isn't it just crippling a piece of trash, what is it? That guy is very vicious, killing people while playing around!"

Hong Mengshu looked around and said, "Stop talking about this matter. In the future, make sure to conceal your identity. Otherwise, you won't live past the age of 20!"

Qin Yun grabbed Xiao Yuemei's hand and shook her hand vigorously.

Xiao Yuemei whispered: "Why are you being so kind to me?"

"Hmph. This princess is such a warm-hearted person. Aren't I?" Then, she began to walk towards the gate, wanting to leave the Divine Inscription Palace.

Just as she was about to leave, an old man suddenly shouted, "Princess Mengshu, there is a small gathering of Inscriptionists on the second floor."

Hearing that, Hong Mengshu's face revealed joy and said: "Good! I'll go up right now!"

When Xiao Yuemei heard that, she hurriedly pulled Qin Yun over and said, "Princess Dreaming Pig, bring us along. We will also join in the fun!"

(TL NOTE : mengshu's name is pronounced same as mengzhu, which roughly translates as dreaming pig.)

"Stupid girl, don't randomly give me a name!" When Hong Mengshu heard this, she immediately became angry and immediately went over to pinch Xiao Yuemei's cheek.

Xiao Yue Mei hurriedly grabbed Hong Mengshu's hand, "Quickly bring us up, we should also go get something to eat!"

Hong Mengshu looked at the elder of the Inscription Palace and saw him nod his head, "Princess Mengshu, you can bring your men up. This won't matter, as long as they don't do anything rash!"

Xiao Yuemei was also thick-skinned. She tugged on Hong Mengshu's hand, not letting it go and still shaking it.

Hong Mengshu had no choice but to bring Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei up.

"Big sister Dreaming Pig, why are you looking for an Inscription Master? Don't you have some in your palace?" Xiao Yuemei asked, following behind Hong Mengshu.

"My name is Hong Mengshu!" The Ninth Princess, who was usually a little unruly, was so angry that her teeth itched.

Qin Yun could not help but laugh as he watched from the back.

Hong Mengshu walked on the stairs and said: "I just got a Xuan Artifact but the Xuan marks inside are severely damaged. I went to find inscription Masters to help me fix it! Every single one of the Inscription Masters in our Hong Wu Palace say that they have no time, so I can only invite someone else!"

"Sister Dreaming Pig, you're so awesome. You're only in your thirties, yet you already have a Xuan Artifact! When can I have one?" Xiao Yuemei frowned and said with envy.

Hong Mengshu felt that she could not change Xiao Yuemei's words and could only accept it. She snorted: "I sold everything to get it and it is even a broken Xuan artifact! From the beginning to the end, I spent tens of millions of purple coins! If you want a Xuan Artifact, you should wait until your brother becomes an Inscription Master!"

Xiao Yuemei curled her lips. She could also tell that Qin Yun had the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron, which was a Dao item. However, she didn't say it out loud.

On the second floor, there were many rooms and a meeting hall.

An old man led Hong Mengshu and the others into a very spacious hall.

Most of the people here were elderly. They all had spirit artifacts that they had refined themselves. They exchanged pointers with each other.

When Hong Mengshu and the others entered, the elders were all surprised.

However, they quickly found out that this was the ninth princess of Hong Wu, Hong Mengshu!

"Greetings, seniors!" Hong Mengshu politely greeted these Inscription Masters.

The Inscription Masters here were all at the level of Xuan and Spirit Masters. All of them were people with high standards, so they could only slightly nod their heads.

Although Hong Mengshu was the Ninth Princess and she also had a title, these Inscriptionists saw that she was not even at the Spirit Martial Realm. They didn't think that she had much value in making friends with them.

"Princess Mengshu, what's the matter? Please tell us quickly and don't disturb our mood!" An old man smiled and said.

"If you want us to refine Xuan Artifacts, then forget it. The orders we are receiving are already more than a dozen years old! Therefore, if you want to wait for us to refine a Xuan Artifact, you will have to wait for over a decade."

"Princess Mengshu, could it be that you're here to acknowledge me as your master?"

Qin Yun looked slightly at Hong Mengshu and saw that she had clenched her jade fists. Clearly, she was somewhat angry.

Hong Mengshu didn't say anything more and quickly took out a red curved blade!

The curved red blade looked like a crescent moon in the night sky.

"This is the Primordial Xuan Artifact that I obtained not long ago, it is called the Mystic Moon Saber but due to the fact that the inscriptions inside it being severely damaged, it is unable to be used normally, so I came here to ask the Masters to help me repair the Mystic Moon Saber! If you are able to successfully repair it, I will reward all of you Masters." Hong Mengshu handed over the Mystic Moon Saber in her hand.

With just a glance, Qin Yun could tell that many of the patterns on the scimitar's surface were moon marks!

A Xuan Artifact with a moon inscription is much more powerful than an ordinary one!

The few inscriptionists crowded over and frowned.

After looking at it for a while, they said, "Princess Mengshu, your blade is severely damaged. We are not sure if it can be repaired. Furthermore, it will take a lot of time to try. It will take at least a year!"

"If we are unable to repair it by then and if we waste too much time and you don't pay us, we will be at a great disadvantage!"

"It's better if you invite someone else!"

The Inscription Master in white clothes returned the blade to Hong Mengshu.

Biting her lips, she hesitated for a moment before saying, "You guys can try. If you really can't repair it successfully, then I'll give you two hundred thousand purple coins as compensation!"

The few inscriptionists looked at each other when they heard this.

The white robed old man said, "About this... your Xuan Artifact is too damaged, so you need the five of us to try to fix it together. If we fail to succeed when the time comes, you can give each of us two hundred thousand purple coins, okay?"

Hong Mengshu looked at the red Mystic Moon Saber in her hand and nodded her head. It could be seen that she loved this blade a lot and she had put a lot of effort into it as well.

"Then it's a deal!" The white clothed old man chuckled.

Hong Mengshu immediately passed the Mystic Moon Saber in her hand over and Xiao Yuemei suddenly took a step forward and snatched it back.

Xiao Yuemei said: "Big sister Dreaming Pig, you really are a pig! These old geezers are lying to you to swindle purple coins!"

When she said this, the dozen or so Spirit rank Masters immediately became indignant.

"Little girl, do you know what you're saying?"

"You are insulting our Xuan and Spirit rank Inscription Masters!"

"Girl, don't think about looking for us to refine anything in the future!"

Hong Mengshu was also dumbfounded. Before this, she had also warned Xiao Yuemei to not cause trouble.

Xiao Yuemei coldly snorted: "You old foxes, you must be planning to take the blade back and leave it there for a year before coming back to collect the purple coins!"

"You guys are completely unable to repair this blade but you don't dare to say it out in front of so many people. Furthermore, you are planning to swindle Dreaming Pig Sis's purple crystal coin, you bunch of old liars!"

Hong Mengshu thought about it carefully and felt that it was possible. She didn't know what to do.

The white robed old man was also furious, "Little girl, you have to get to the bottom of this! We've said it before, we aren't confident in repairing it. We'll have to give it a try!"

"We are only Intermediate level Xuan Inscription Masters. Even if we are, we can't guarantee that we will be able to recover well!"

"We are the Xuan Inscriptionists, is there a need to lie to her about those Purple Crystal Coins?"

Xiao Yuemei was born with a straightforward character and hurriedly said: "You all are insatiably greedy, you have just found an opportunity to earn some money!"

Those few Inscriptionists couldn't wait to smack Xiao Yuemei to death.

However, this was the Divine Inscription Palace. Killing people here and even killing a silly little girl, wouldn't be good if word got out.

The Spirit Masters were indignant, accusing Xiao Yuemei of being a petty person.

"Little girl, quickly leave. How dare you insult our Xuan Inscription Grandmaster!"

"Our Xuan Inscriptionists can craft a Xuan Artifact, that's a million purple coins. Is there a need to swindle these two hundred thousand purple coins?"

"Some Xuan Artifacts are seriously damaged and are indeed difficult to repair. This is also normal!"

"A girl who knows nothing about Xuan Artifacts but her mouth is full of nonsense!"

When Qin Yun saw Xiao Yuemei being attacked in such a manner, he was slightly displeased. He immediately said, "Everyone, you are all Inscriptionists. You can naturally tell that the inscriptions on the Mystic Moon Saber are severely damaged!"

"You guys don't have the corresponding Dark lines, so it's impossible to fix. So why are you saying you are not sure?"

This caused the people in the hall to instantly fall silent!

With just a glance, Qin Yun could tell that the Mystic Moon Saber was badly damaged in the Dark lines. It could be said that it was impossible tp repair.

However, these Xuan Master Inscriptionists were all ambiguous and didn't say that they were unable to repair it themselves.

On one hand, they didn't want Hong Mengshu to look down on them and on the other hand, like Xiao Yuemei said, they wanted to take advantage of this situation.

Hong Mengshu looked at Qin Yun with some surprise. Qin Yun had never even touched her blade but he knew so much.

She suddenly understood why the Inscription Masters in the palace said that they had no time to help her repair the Mystic Moon Saber.

Seeing that the Inscriptionists were unable to say anything, Xiao Yuemei laughed and said: "My brother is right, why aren't you guys saying anything? You actually lied to us ignorant people!"

"Brat, you're right! There are a lot of damages on this blade. Under normal circumstances, it's impossible to repair it!" The white-clothed old man said: "However, if we have those damaged Xuan marks in our possession, that is possible!"

The others also nodded in agreement.

"Brat, you only know a little! We have mastered many Xuan marks. If they match up well, then we can repair it well!" An old man mocked, "Don't pretend that you don't understand me. I am a Xuan inscription Master!"

"The damages on the Mystic Moon Saber are all in the Moon Marks and they are Ancient Moon Marks! How could you have one?" Qin Yun's words once again silenced the hall.

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