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Chapter 368

Qin Yun, Jiang Zhihu and company flew for more than half a day on a boat that was flying very fast. They entered the hot desert sky.

The desert was full of sand and from time to time there would be a sandstorm.

And in the desert, there were all sorts of powerful beasts.

This desert was very vast and it would take several months to cross it.

The small boat was flying above the desert and it was not affected by the sandstorm but from time to time, huge birds and beasts would fly by.

Fortunately, there was a very strong Xuan realm aura inside the boat and those birds and beasts did not approach.

"This ship is a Royal Grade Xuan Artifact. I infused a lot of energy into it and now I can finally use it!" Wei Zhongzheng forced out a smile. His injuries were too severe and he wouldn't be able to recover in a short period of time.

An elder standing outside the boat shouted, "It's almost at the Nine Extinction Profound Gate!"

Qin Yun and Jiang Zhihu hurriedly left the cabin of the boat and came outside to look in front.

In the endless golden desert, there were nine huge golden pillars that reached a hundred meters in thickness. They formed a circle and stood several thousand meters tall in the middle of the desert.

At a height of more than a thousand meters from the nine golden pillars, there was a huge circular platform that was several thousand meters wide.

The platform was surrounded by nine pillars and was placed in the middle. Looking from a distance, it was very shocking!

Qin Yun had previously thought that the Nine Extinction Profound Gate was built on a mountain or it could even be considered a gigantic city. Who would have thought that it would be placed in the middle of the nine pillars?

"These nine gigantic pillars are the Nine Extinction Array and they can absorb the Nine Yang Energy! To be able to defend against powerful attacks, the Nine Extinction Profound Gate would be very safe inside! The small city that we're holding in the middle has also not been broken through for thousands of years!" The Third Elder said proudly.

The slightly plump Second Elder said proudly, "Even Martial Kings are unable to break through the Nine Extinction Formation. All those king level sects want to learn this formation but many years have passed and none of them are able to!"

As the boat approached, Qin Yun saw the incomparably gigantic golden pillar. There were many, many strange engravings on it. Furthermore, it was extremely complicated!

Qin Yun watched in rapt attention.

From the Inscription Gate, he had obtained quite a few star and moon marks and these marks were incomparably complex.

However, the engravings on these Nine Extinction Array Pillars were much more complicated than the stars and moon marks.

"Are these Sun Marks?" Qin Yun took a deep breath and exclaimed.

"That's right!" The Second Elder was shocked, "Xiao Yun, I didn't think that you would actually know some of the Dao of Inscription. How rare!"

Qin Yun had star and moon marks but no Sun runes.

"Second Elder, are there many Inscription Masters in the Nine Extinction Profound Gate?" Qin Yun asked.

"Not much, just me!" The Second Elder sighed: "There were originally two more Inscriptionists but they were both killed. I wonder who killed them!"

A Xuan sect only had one Inscription Master, that was an extremely small number.

"Second Elder, does our Nine Extinction Profound Gate have a Sun Inscription Inheritance?" Qin Yun asked as he looked at a gigantic pillar.

The Second Elder shook his head and said, "If our Nine Extinction Profound Gate had a Sun Inscription Inheritance, there would definitely be many Inscription Masters who would come to seek refuge! But I heard that there was one a long time ago and it was lost for some reason afterwards!"

The boat passed by a huge golden pillar and upon closer inspection, it was even more shocking!

"The Sun marks on it are really profound!" Qin Yun found it hard to imagine what level of Inscription Master it was.

"I am only an Intermediate level Inscription Master! To be able to carve this kind of Sun Mark, one must be a higher level Xuan Rank Inscription Master!" The Second Elder's face was also filled with longing as he looked at the golden pillar.

Qin Yun was now a high-ranked Inscription Master and now, he could become a Spirit rank inscription Master. He needed to refine a top-grade spirit artifact.

Qin Yun did not know about the subsequent levels of the Inscription Masters. He needed to go to the Divine Inscription Palace to figure out how to be tested.

After the small boat arrived here, it slowly flew into the huge platform, which was also a small city.

There were also many disciples below who raised their heads to look.

The Second Elder replied, "Although this place is huge, there are only a few hundred disciples here! Sigh, our Nine Extinction Profound Gate is gradually declining, I wonder how we can revive it!"

The Nine Extinction Profound Gate of the past was once glorious and enormous; it had declined now.

Jiang Zhihu asked, "Second Elder, why is the Nine Extinction Profound Gate in decline? You guys are so good, you should be able to recruit quite a few good disciples!"

"It's mainly because back then, five of our seniors in the Xuan realm died one after the other! After that was the inscription masters' mysterious death. Later on, many of the excellent disciples of the Spirit realm and Martial Dao realm were killed while they were out." When the Second Elder mentioned this, his face was filled with shock and anger. His eyes also revealed a trace of fear.

At this time, the Great Elder walked out. His skinny face was filled with fatigue. His cultivation was at the peak of the Spirit realm. So, he was responsible for stabilizing Wei Zhongzheng's injuries on the road.

Great Elder replied, "There was once a period of a few hundred years and it was as if our Nine Extinction Profound Gate was cursed. Many disciples and elders who went out, died! This also caused many people to be unwilling to enter the Nine Extinction Profound Gate. In these past two hundred years, the situation has gradually improved and none of the disciples have ever been killed! "

Qin Yun said with a frown, "First Elder, there must be a conspiracy behind this. Have you found any clues?"

The Head Elder and the Second Elder looked at each other and nodded.

The Second Elder said, "It was discovered by the seniors. When they came back, they were all poisoned. They left us some clues and died!"

"Furthermore, the clues that they have obtained have also been sealed away by the Headmaster! Only the Sect Leader knows what is going on! "

Those clues were confidential, so it was clear that they were very important!

Qin Yun looked down at the Nine Extinction Profound Gate. The buildings there were simple and unadorned. There were wood, stone and iron. There were also many grand palaces and pavilions. However, they looked empty and desolate.

There were only a few hundred people in this huge Nine Extinction Profound Gate. It was truly pitifully few.

There were even tens of thousands of people in spirit rank sects.

However, the Nine Extinction Profound Gate had been well-protected for many years. There were many ancient buildings here that had not been damaged.

The small boat flew towards a big house in the middle of the Nine Extinction Profound Gate and landed in the courtyard of the house.

"Second Elder, I'll leave Xiao Yun and A'Hu in your care. We'll go and treat the Sect Leader!" The Great Elder said.

The Second Elder was the only Inscription Master here. Now that the Nine Extinction Profound Gate and the Sword Profound Mountain had formed an enmity, he had to be on guard against the Sword Profound Mountain at all times in order to protect the formation.

Jiang Zhihu had been poisoned earlier and hurriedly entered the room to recuperate.

As for Qin Yun, he was still in high spirits.

On the way, he had used the tree totem to absorb the Nine Sun Energy, so he seemed to be fine.

In the courtyard, Qin Yun could see the nine golden pillars that surrounded the Nine Extinction Gate.

The Nine Extinction Formation absorbed a large amount of Nine Sun energy, so the energy of the Nine Sun was also very rich.

"Second Elder, what is the overall strength of our Nine Extinction Profound Gate like?" Qin Yun followed the second elder out of the manor and entered a long corridor.

On both sides of the corridor were ponds filled with lotus flowers. Although the Nine Extinction Gate was located in a dry desert, the scenery inside was very beautiful.

The Second Elder said somewhat embarrassedly: "Our four elders are at the Spirit Martial Realm and our Sect Leader is at the peak of the Xuan Martial Realm. Fifty Martial Dao Realm disciples and the rest are all in the Martial Body realm!"

The total strength of the Nine Extinction Gate was indeed a rather awkward existence within Xuan Rank sects.

"Second Elder, you guys are really magnanimous. As the strongest few in the sect, you all actually came out!" Qin Yun could not help but smile.

The Second Elder said, "There's no other way. Over the years, although our Nine Extinction Gate has participated in the Xuan Ying competition, we have never had a single disciple. Therefore, we have all went out this time to let those warriors see our sincerity!"

The Nine Extinction Gate was very big and many houses were empty. Even Martial Body Disciples would have their own small building here.

A small number of people in the sect meant that resources were scarce.

"We will strive to improve the conditions! Not long ago, we were already able to find a purple gold mine in the desert. Once the Sect Leader is ready, we can dig out the reserves!" The Second Elder said.

Qin Yun did not need to ask to know that the Nine Extinction Gate did not have any mineral resources.

The reason why the Nine Extinction Gate could continue to develop was because of the Nine Extinction Formation.

"Xiao Yun, I will have a disciple bring you around here and familiarize you with this place. I need to go and defend this great formation!" The Second Elder said.

He brought Qin Yun to an herb garden.

There were dozens of acres of medicinal fields here and all kinds of spiritual medicines were planted.

In the middle of the medicinal field was an ancient bronze building, two stories high.

The Second Elder came to the foot of the ancient building and shouted, "Wild girl, what are you doing? Come out, a new disciple has come, he's a very handsome young lad!"

"I'm busy and not interested. Arrange for the other senior brothers to receive him!" A low and urgent voice came from inside.

It was because the sound that came from the bronze wall was very soft and could not be heard clearly.

The Second Elder felt awkward for a moment and then shouted: "Wild girl, I am the one introducing him to you! He's very outstanding. He obtained first place in the Xuanying selection and has managed to form his second life mark."

Qin Yun was taken aback. He never expected that the moment he entered the Nine Extinction Gate, he would be introduced to a girl. It was probably to keep him here.

"My heart belongs to someone!" The wild girl's voice sounded again.

The Second Elder sighed in his heart as he looked at Qin Yun. He spread his hands and said with an embarrassed smile, "Xiao Yun, I will have the other disciple receive you!"

"Second Elder, you don't have to worry about me. I can find my bearings myself!" Qin Yun smiled.

As he spoke, the bronze door opened.

A beautiful woman with short hair that matched her shoulders, dressed very ably in a tight red suit, stood at the door as she looked at Qin Yun in surprise!

Qin Yun was dressed in rough black clothes with disheveled hair and a beard. He looked like a wandering cultivator.

However, the woman recognized Qin Yun and shouted in shock, "Brother Yun!"

"Yanying?" Qin Yun was also stunned.

Upon confirming that it was Qin Yun, Yuan Yanying was delighted and excited. She hurriedly pounced at Qin Yun and leaned into his embrace.

The Second Elder opened his eyes wide, his fat face was filled with shock!

He did not expect Qin Yun and Yuan Yanying to be acquainted and on good terms!

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