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Chapter 366

Qin Yun had cultivated a second life mark and was at the second level of the martial dao realm. He was definitely stronger than before.

Hong Yan had previously thought that Qin Yun would be able to match up against him. Now, he was extremely sure that he did not have the confidence to defeat Qin Yun.

Qin Yun walked down from the dueling platform and came to Wei Zhongzheng's side. He asked with a frown, "Sect Master, how is your situation?"

"It's not bad, I should be able to withstand a palm strike from one of them!" Seeing that Qin Yun broke through, Wei Zhongzheng said with a gratified smile, "You don't have to worry. I'll definitely make it through!"

Even though Wei Zhongzheng said something, everyone could see his pale face. His injuries were still very severe.

The fifteen people at the Spirit Martial Realm had consumed a lot of their energy in order to create a life mark for Qin Yun.

Wei Zhongzheng arrived at the battling platform and said to the fifteen martial practitioners, "You can come and fight me!"

If Qin Yun did not have his Life mark created, with one person in the Spirit Martial Realm hitting Wei Zhongzheng, it would have definitely caused his injuries to worsen.

At this time, much of their energy had been consumed. Even if they wanted to hit Wei Zhongzheng very hard, they wouldn't be able to produce much energy!

"That Qin Yun kid is really good at scheming!"

"Wei Zhongzheng doesn't need to suffer so much!"

"Those guys in the Spirit realm should be very depressed!"

Everyone looked at Wei Zhongzheng on the battling platform and felt that Qin Yun's scheme was very good.


A warrior at the Spirit Martial Realm yelled as he rushed over and struck Wei Zhongzheng with his palm.

Wei Zhongzheng's expression changed as he took two steps back.

"Humph!" Seeing that Wei Zhongzheng was fine, the middle-aged man snorted in annoyance.

Soon after, more than a dozen other warriors of the Spirit Martial Realm walked up and threw a heavy palm at Wei Zhongzheng!

Wei Zhongzheng's injuries had far exceeded Qin Yun's expectations.

Even though he was being attacked by more than ten exhausted warriors of the Spirit realm, he was still unable to withstand it and vomit out a large mouthful of blood.

Qin Yun and Jiang Zhihu hurriedly went to support Wei Zhongzheng.

"There's still one more palm! As long as I take this palm, this matter will be considered to be in the past!" Wei Zhongzheng took a few deep breaths and then looked at the old man at the Spirit Martial Realm and shouted, "Come!"

Wei Zhongzheng had been hit by the palms of the three Xuan realm cultivators earlier, leaving him with serious injuries.

"I am at the peak of the Spirit realm. If I strike with all my might, I will definitely heavily injure you. I might be able to completely cripple you!" The old man laughed complacently: "If I cripple your Nine Extinction Profound Gate's Sect Leader, I will definitely become famous!"

The old man had purposefully come up for the last fight so that he could have some time to rest and recover a bit more.

The strength of the peak of the Spirit realm was much worse than the Xuan Martial Realm. However, the power of a palm strike with all one's might was still very terrifying. What's more, Wei Zhongzheng was seriously injured.

Qin Yun thought for a moment and suddenly said, "Let me take the final palm for Sect Master. How about it?"

When everyone heard this, they were immediately moved.

Although Qin Yun had only stepped into the second level of the Martial Dao Realm, the difference between him and someone at the peak of the Spirit realm was huge.

Even though the peak of the Spirit realm cultivator was exhausted, it was not a problem for him to cripple Qin Yun with a single palm.

"Well, I'd love to!" The old man quickly replied and laughed.

"Xiao Yun, you go down!" Wei Zhongzheng shouted in a low voice: "Are you crazy? You have just stepped into the second level of the Martial Dao Realm. Don't let anything go wrong! "

Qin Yun said to the Elders from the Nine Extinction Gate, "Elders, help the Sect Master down. If he continues to take this beating, our Nine Extinction Gate will become a Spirit grade sect!"

Only Wei Zhongzheng was at the Xuan realm in the Nine Extinction Gate. If he continued to be injured and was unable to recover his peak strength, it would be equivalent to the Nine Extinction Gate not having any powerful Xuan realm backing.

To be demoted from a Xuan sect to a spirit sect was an extremely shameful thing. He also thought that he would be bullied by many of his enemies!

Even though Wei Zhongzheng was unwilling, he was still pulled down by a few elders.

The elders were also exhausted. They were all willing to help Qin Yun block that palm but the old man was unwilling.

"Qin Yun, you caused the disappearance of our Mystical Sword Mountain's Sect Master. If he really doesn't return. Do you know what that means?" The old man's body slightly trembled, emitting waves of cold Qi.

The old man at the peak of the Spirit realm was from the Sword Profound Mountain!

Qin Yun laughed coldly, "Since he is not coming back, it means that those who covet his position can finally become Sect Master! At that time, the new Sword Profound Mountain's Sect Master will definitely thank me in his heart!"

Granny Ye also activated the great array to prevent it from spreading to the surroundings of the battling platform.

"You!!" The old man's expression changed and he quickly shouted, "Watch my palm!"

Qin Yun had already prepared his defense!

He combined the attribute dao power released from the three dao cores and spread it all over his body.

"You're finished!" The elder grinned fiendishly as his palm landed on Qin Yun's heart.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The sound of the palm strike shook the air in all directions. It was incredibly shocking!

Qin Yun was sent flying as he constantly spat out blood. He crashed into the transparent array wall before landing on the ground.

"Hahaha... I am not dead! " Qin Yun lay on the ground as he laughed.

Everyone had been worried for Qin Yun just now. They were worried that he would be killed with a single palm strike!

But now, hearing his excited laughter, he knew that his injuries were not serious!

"Then I'll kill you!" The elder was immediately infuriated as he charged at Qin Yun.

Everyone turned pale with fright. They never thought that the old man would actually be so ruthless!

Wei Zhongzheng roared and rushed towards the battling platform!

Granny Ye hurriedly closed the array as well but she was still a little too slow. The furious elder had already leaped over and gathered a powerful ball of energy in his hand to strike at Qin Yun.

If Qin Yun was only hit once, he could survive it!

However, if a warrior at the peak of the Spirit realm used a martial skill, he would be unable to block it.

The elder was also exhausted but it was more than enough to kill Qin Yun.

When Qin Yun saw that the other party was about to kill him, he was extremely alarmed and furious. He immediately shouted loudly!

In front of him, a ball of fire suddenly burst out and a gigantic cauldron appeared!

The old man's raging fist also landed on that cauldron!

Seeing this cauldron, those experts that had been to the immortal tomb were all incomparably shocked, exclaiming out in shock!

That was the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron! This was an ancient Dao item!

This cauldron had been obtained by Jian Xuanzi but it was now in Qin Yun's hands!

Then, there was only one possibility. Jian Xuanzi had been killed and it was even Qin Yun who had killed him!


The old man's fist struck the Cauldron, causing a strong backlash. His entire body was enveloped in flames and he couldn't help but take a few steps back.

Qin Yun immediately rushed over and controlled the Cauldron to float before smashing down at the elder!


The old man was caught off guard. His head was smashed by the Cauldron and directly shattered!


Qin Yun controlled the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron and smashed down at the elder once again!

The Dragon Suppression Cauldron exploded and sent out a wave of purple gold lightning fire, burning the old man to ashes!

Qin Yun was alarmed when he saw this scene. He never expected the Cauldron to be so powerful!

A warrior of the Spirit Martial Realm, who was caught off guard, was smashed to death in two moves!

Of course, the old man at the Spirit realm who was killed had already consumed a lot of energy.

Furthermore, he had just struck the Cauldron with his fist. The backlash had damaged his body and caused him to completely lose his ability to resist. That was why he had died.

If they were energetic, even if they were at the ninth level of the Martial Dao Realm, they would be able to deal with Qin Yun and the Cauldron!

Granny Ye, who was closing the array, was stunned by what happened on the stage!

Everyone was the same as they stared in a daze at Qin Yun and the Dragon Suppressing Cauldron!

Qin Yun had actually killed a warrior at the peak of the Spirit Martial Realm!


After everyone recovered from their shock, they burst into exclamations!

"Qin Yun, you killed a disciple of my Sword Profound Mountain!! You are courting death!" An old man at the Xuan Martial Realm said angrily.

"Everyone saw what happened just now. He wanted to kill me first, so I was forced to counterattack!" Qin Yun calmly stored the Cauldron.

Everyone believed that the old man was in the wrong!

The elder could not kill Qin Yun after hitting him with a palm strike. He continued attacking Qin Yun out of indignation.

It was just that he did not expect Qin Yun to have such a powerful Dao item and he was so exhausted, that was why he was killed!

The great array was closed. Qin Yun hurriedly came to Wei Zhongzheng's side. The other Xuan realm elders also rushed over.

"Qin Yun, let me ask you. Is that the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron? Where is the Sect Leader? That is something that the headmaster obtained. How could it be in your hands?" The old man from the Sword Profound Mountain asked in anger.

"I don't know where he is. In short, after I escaped, this cauldron flew over to find me and acknowledged me!" Qin Yun said.

According to the diagram of the ancient Dao item, the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron was an ancient Dao item. It was extremely powerful but now, it had been obtained by Qin Yun!

"Our Sect Leader obtained the Cauldron first, no matter what the reason is, it belongs to our Sword Profound Mountain, you better return it quickly!" The elder looked angrily at Qin Yun. "If you don't return it, you will be snatching away our Sword Profound Mountain's Dao artifacts!"

It was extremely likely that Jian Xuanzi was already dead but in the eyes of the old man, the life and death of Jian Xuanzi was no longer important.

Qin Yun said with a cold laugh, "Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron is something Jian Xuanzi got first! Not bad! But, this cauldron has already accepted me as it's owner, so it belongs to me!"

"Otherwise, with my ability, I won't be able to subdue such a Dao tool! In other words, Jian Xuanzi abandoned the cauldron, then when the Cauldron chose me, it has nothing to do with Jian Xuanzi anymore!"

Everyone felt that this made sense!

Using a Dao weapon wasn't easy. One would need to undergo refinement to be able to subdue it.

If he couldn't get the approval of the dao tool, then he wouldn't be able to control it.

Even a person in the Spirit realm would need several years to control a Dao Artifact.

The proficiency of Qin Yun in controlling the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron could be seen by anyone. He had already reached the realm of fully controlling the Dao artifacts!

And if this happened, then it was most likely the Dao Artifact that acknowledged the owner!

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