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Chapter 365

Even after so long, Qin Yun had not managed to form a second life mark. This left everyone astonished.

"It looks like Qin Yun's life mark is very strong!"

"The stronger the Life mark, the more energy you will need to create it! I have truly underestimated his lineage! "

"Speaking of which, there seem to be very few cultivators with only one spirit vein! In the records, it didn't seem to have appeared before!"

"I've carefully thought about it and indeed, this kind of thing has never happened before. Is that a sign?"

Everyone fell into silence!

In their memories, there were cultivators with one spirit vein. However, there had never been anyone that had reached the Martial Dao Realm. Perhaps they had never heard of such a person.

Hong Yan frowned as he looked at Qin Yun and said softly, "Sect Master Wei, with his single spirit vein, he managed to step into the martial dao realm. This....could this be the legendary thing?!"

Wei Zhongzheng gave Hong Yan a look and told him not to say anything more.

When Jiang Zhihu heard this from the side, he was also secretly surprised but he didn't ask any further.

Since Hong Yan was born in the Martial Kingdom's royal family, he had naturally heard of many legends. Now, he suddenly understood why Wei Zhongzheng wanted Qin Yun to enter the Nine Extinction Gate!

Very quickly, two days had passed!

And the great formation had no intention of closing!

The Xuan realm elders standing on the pillars shouted at Grandma Ye, "It has already been two days and his second life mark has not been formed yet. Isn't this abnormal?"

"You guys continue! No matter what the path is, we have to help him form his second life mark!" Grandma Ye continued, "This is one of the things that must be done by the Xuan Ying Society! Otherwise, I will not be able to explain it to the Mighty Heaven King Sect!"

The old man at the Xuan Martial Realm, who was helping Qin Yun, was cursing in his heart because Qin Yun was like a bottomless pit that could not be filled no matter how hard he tried.

Qin Yun sat in the middle of the dueling platform. Through the massive array, he channeled the energy that entered his body into three Dao cores.

He had to control the amount he introduced, so that all three of his Dao cores would be at the same speed.

For example, the Nethersun Dao core required the most energy, so he had to channel more energy into the Nethersun Dao Core.

As for the Thunderfire Dao Core and Vibration Dao Core, they required a bit less.

If a Dao Core could form a second life mark in advance, then the formation would stop.

By doing so, Qin Yun was able to form a second life mark out of three Dao Cores. Now, it was a great opportunity and he had to make good use of it.

Only the Elders of the Nine Extinction Profound Gate had no complaints and their faces were full of joy. Qin Yun was a disciple of their Nine Extinction Profound Gate. It would take him a long time to form the second life mark, so he must be very powerful.

Another half a day passed. Many people in the Spirit realm started to complain because more than half of their energy was used up.

"Grandma Ye, that Qin Yun kid is too strange! Why don't we just forget about it, we have to go home!" someone shouted.

"That's right, if this goes on, we'll be exhausted!"

"I wonder how long it will take? This has never happened before!"

Especially the old Xuan realm cultivators who hated Qin Yun to the core. They felt extremely depressed.

They wanted nothing more than for Qin Yun to die, yet they had no choice but to do their best to help Qin Yun create a life mark!

Granny Ye also felt that it was a bit strange. She was walking back and forth as if hesitating as to whether or not she should interfere and close the great formation.

Qin Yun heard the complaints of many people at the Spirit Martial Realm and the Xuan Martial Realm. He also felt that if this carried on, it might come to an end.

"I have the Thunder and Fire Martial Spirits! I have two Martial Spirits, so I have two Dao Cores!" Qin Yun quickly said, "Seniors, it's been hard on you. Just a little more and I'll be able to condense two Dao Cores to create my second life mark!"

What? Two Dao Cores!

The people on the pillars were also dumbfounded!

Many people could not help but curse in their hearts!

Two Dao Cores required two life marks! This was not as simple as adding up all of them together!

The surrounding crowd was filled with a wave of discussions!

A dual martial spirit, dual Dao Core and even a martial artist with one spirit vein, this was simply inconceivable!

Now, everyone understood that Qin Yun's martial spirit was not the Thunderfire Martial Spirit. Instead, it was the Thunder and Fire Martial Spirits. It was not a dual attribute martial spirit!

This kind of dual martial spirit was very rare, so the cultivation of a Dao Core also consisted of two Dao Cores!

It was the equivalent of a person. They needed to cultivate in two different ways and that consumed a lot of resources and time!

Qin Yun had three Martial Spirits but he could not reveal his Vibration and Dark Sun Martial Spirits. He split the Thunder Flame Martial Spirit to confuse everyone!

"Qin Yun is only nineteen. How did he manage to cultivate a Dual Dao Core? Moreover, he only has a one spirit vein!"

"Even with nine spirit veins, it's still not that fast!"

"What is the background of this guy? He shouldn't have too much background, otherwise he wouldn't have been captured and sacrificed!"

"He's already so happy to be able to enter the Nine Extinction Profound Gate, he shouldn't be born into a great family!"

"Could it be that he popped out from a rock and as he just popped out, he also got Dual Dao Core?"

"The Nine Extinction Profound Gate has picked up a treasure!"

"Hahaha, those Xuan sects that refused to accept Qin Yun as their disciple might even regret it their intestines!"

Everyone was very interested as they discussed this matter.

Hong Yan's eyes widened. He realized that the hidden strength in Qin Yun's body was truly terrifying.

If the people here knew that Qin Yun was a high-ranked Inscription Master, they would definitely exclaim once again.

Wei Zhongzheng chuckled as he did not expect Qin Yun to have dual Dao Core!

Grandma Ye said, "Everyone, Qin Yun is from the Dual Dao Core Department. I'll have to trouble you then! After all, this is also within reason!"

Qin Yun hurriedly said, "Just a tiny bit more and it'll be fine. Seniors, persist on!"

Upon hearing the words of the other party, the elder, who was standing on the pillar, heaved a sigh of relief.

The old men at the Xuan Martial Realm who had captured Qin Yun as an offering were filled with terror as well.

They were well aware of what the Dual Dao Cores meant. If he could reach the Xuan Martial Realm in the future, killing them would be as easy as cutting grass!

The elders who had previously recruited disciples and rejected Qin Yun because they despised him for his single spirit vein, which let the Nine Extinction Gate take him in, now they were in deep remorse!

Just a little more! But now, another day had passed and the great formation still hadn't closed!

Now, Qin Yun had come up with a new definition of "just a little bit more". Originally, everyone had thought that it would be fine after a little more than half a day.

How was this close!

Qin Yun was trying to appease the seniors so that they would not become impatient because of it.

"Three and a half days have passed, are you all right? I feel like I'm going to be hollowed out!" An old man at the Xuan realm said with a exhausted face.

"Seniors, you have all worked hard! It won't be long before I reach second level martial dao realm, I am just a little bit away!" Qin Yun said again.

Just a little more of your grandpa! Many people at the Xuan Martial Realm cursed in their hearts!

They did not know that Qin Yun had a third Dao Core!

The Nethersun Dao Core was the true bottomless pit!

If they knew, they would have left already!

"It's a pity that the power condensed by this great array can only form the great dao life marks. Otherwise, I would have been able to use it to temper my body!" Qin Yun thought to himself.

He did not believe that the Spirit realm and the Xuan realm could be emptied out so quickly. He was sure that he could continue for a while longer.

The fifteen people that were going to hit Wei Zhongzheng were also on the formation pillars. If they could dig all out, then they wouldn't have much strength to beat Wei Zhongzheng.

The warriors of the Spirit Martial Realm and the Xuan Martial Realm, who were standing on the pillars, were all in a miserable state!

With their cultivations, it was extremely rare for a situation like this to occur when a large portion of the energy within their body had been used up.

Only when they were in a life-and-death battle or when they were in a dangerous situation, could they give up most of their energy!

If they were hollowed out, it meant that their strength would drop greatly. This was extremely dangerous, because it was very easy for them to be killed!

It was not easy for warriors at the Spirit realm and the Xuan Martial Realm to cultivate to this stage. They were afraid of death.

Using half of their energy meant taking away half of their lives.

On the other hand, the Spirit Martial Realm Elders from the Nine Extinction Profound Gate felt that it was nothing. They were helping their own disciples to break through and for them, it was something they were very happy about.

In order to see Qin Yun successfully break through, many people continued to wait.

Originally, they had planned to return early. Who would have known that so many things would suddenly happen?

The fourth day!

Qin Yun still had no signs of a breakthrough!

"Soon, because I have the Dual Dao Cores, the life marks that I have condensed are also very strong! A single Dao Core will take two days to form a life mark and two Dao Cores will take four days." Qin Yun said again.

Everyone nodded in agreement, thinking that he was right!

The faces of the Xuan realm elders were all ugly.

After all, this was something that the King Sect had ordered them to do. As long as they were not asked to die, they had to accomplish it. Otherwise, if the Mighty Heaven King Sect were to blame them, they too would be in trouble.

They had no choice but to continue helping Qin Yun create his life mark!

The fifth day, the sixth day, the seventh day.

Seven days!

The Xuan Martial Realm and Spirit Martial Realm on the array pillars had already shown signs of being hollowed out!

"Seniors, if we continue persevering for a bit longer, I am just a little bit off from it..." Qin Yun said.

Qin Yun had repeated this line many times over the past few days.

On the third day, Qin Yun had said that it was close by a tiny bit. It had already been a few days but he was still short by a tiny bit!

Now, no one believed his lies anymore!

On the evening of the seventh day, the bright red setting sun shone down on the battling platform!


A warrior of the Spirit Martial Realm could not hold on and fell off the pillar!

This warrior who had entered the Spirit Martial Realm had convenient energy storage and was definitely not as good as others!

As for those in the Xuan realm, they seemed quite spirited. At least, they were so angry that their faces were flushed red.

And many warriors of the Spirit realm, even when they were angry, their faces were pale and bloodless. It was obvious that they were very tired!

Suddenly, the battling platform trembled!

Qin Yun was pleasantly surprised as he thought to himself, "This is bad. After the second life mark was formed, the Vibration Dao Core began to emit a vibration power. I have to conceal it!"

With a loud shout, he released the thunder fire from the Thunderfire Dao Core!


Streaks of purplish-gold thunderfire continued to flash out, producing waves of wild thunder!

When everyone saw this, they exclaimed in surprise. That was because Qin Yun had finally formed his second life mark!

The people on the pillars were also relieved!

"This is thunder and fire energy! After the second life mark is formed, the Vajra inner force of the Dao Core will be released and it will become the power of the Great Dao of that attribute!" Someone said, "If it is only the first stage of the Martial Dao, then it can only release the power of the great Dao that has no attribute!"

(TL NOTE : a complete and utter waste of a chapter. who the fuck would waste so much time and not kill him after his continuous nonsense? since when did these garbage people become so nice?)

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