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Chapter 359

Xiao Yuemei kissed Qin Yun's face and giggled. She scampered off, disappearing in an instant to her free and easy days.

Hong Yan did not speak much along the way. After all, he had lost to Xiao Yuemei several times, so he was unable to raise his head.

Now that Xiao Yuemei had left, he said: "Uncle Qin, just what is your background? This girl has a very good relationship with you!"

"She's a little sister I know! She is so naughty!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

"Not only is she mischievous, she is cunning! Moreover, she is very strong. She's not a princess, I've been fooled by her!" Hong Yan could not help but curse in a low voice.

He was also grateful to Qin Yun or else he would not have been able to get back those things.

Hong Yan knew where the Black Tortoise Mountain was. Xiao Yuemei had told him to bring Qin Yun there.

"Uncle Qin, I'll tell you first! If you want to participate in the selection, you have to be under forty years old!" Hong Yan said, "You're over 200 years old, right? Why are you joining in?"

Qin Yun said with a frown, "Are they able to tell my true age? Are they really that powerful?"

On the outside, Zi Qingcheng looked like a twenty-something-year-old girl but after living for such a long time, he couldn't tell at all.

"You don't know, those guys have a special tool that detects a person's age! I don't know the specifics either. We'll be able to see it once we get there!" Hong Yan smiled.

In the Martial Desolate land, the area near the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range was the Northern Region. There was a very famous mountain there called Black Tortoise Mountain.

This mountain was very high and from afar, it looked like a pillar that rose straight into the sky. Reportedly, it was over a hundred thousand meters high.

On the highest peak, it was sometimes cold and sometimes hot. It was also known as the land of ice and fire.

Qin Yun and Hong Yan had travelled for nearly ten days before they finally saw Black Tortoise's mountain!

"It's really high!" When Qin Yun saw this from afar, he could not help but exclaim in surprise.

"At the peak of the mountain, there is an extremely powerful king level sect!" Hong Yan looked at the mountain with a bit of yearning: "My father told me that he would do his best to send me to a king level sect!"

A king level sect had the same level of strength as a Martial Kingdom. The most powerful aspect of it was that they had many martial arts legacies.

If a Prince of a Martial Kingdom could enter one of those king level sects, he would be able to learn even more martial arts. This was also a way to increase his strength.

"We're not interested in Xuan sect. Our targets are king grade sects!" Hong Yan laughed complacently. "After a period of time, I will become a disciple of a king level sect! At that time, I will definitely celebrate and invite you to our Hong Wu Country!"

"No problem!" Qin Yun felt that being able to enter a Xuan sect was already a good thing.

If ordinary people wanted to enter a king level sect, they would have to perform well within a Xuan level sect before being sent inside.

There weren't many king level sects and there were only seven in the entire Martial Desolate.

And there were dozens of Xuan sect!

At the foot of Black Tortoise Mountain, there was a huge flat area where a huge battling platform with a width of two to three hundred meters was built.

The battling platform was surrounded by 981 array pillars that were over 10 meters tall. It was a place where one could engage in an extremely intense battle!

Not too far away from the martial stage, there was a great hall. Registration was going to take place within that hall.

When Qin Yun and Hong Yan arrived, it was already the last day.

They quickly entered the main hall to register.

It was completely empty and all the participants had already registered. At this moment, they were setting up their tents and resting at the foot of the mountain.

Every five years, there would be one to two thousand martial dao realm cultivators participating in the Xuan sect's selection.

Those who were under forty years old and had stepped into the martial dao realm were all people with decent qualifications and were recognized by the various great Xuan sects.

"I want to sign up for the selection meeting!" Qin Yun walked to a counter and said to an old lady.

The old granny took out a disk and said with a kind smile, "Put your hand on the disc, I will test your age!"

Hong Yan stretched his neck as well. He too wanted to know Qin Yun's true age.

In his heart, Qin Yun was a hundred year old man!

After Qin Yun placed his hand on it, the word "nineteen" appeared on it. It made Hong Yan look at Qin Yun with a look of shock. His eyes were as big as an egg!

"To step into the Martial Dao realm at the age of nineteen, this is not bad at all!" The old granny chuckled, "But you still have to pass the selection before you can see your true strength!"

"My name is Qin Yun!" Qin Yun said.

"Good, here is your participant identity jade tablet. It costs 10,000 purple coins to sign up!" The old granny said.

Qin Yun felt a pang in his heart as he gave ten thousand purple coins. He took the jade token and placed blood on it to confirm its ownership.

Hong Yan followed Qin Yun out of the hall. They did not speak along the way.

Others only knew that Qin Yun was a Martial Dao Realm cultivator but Hong Yan knew that Qin Yun was a high-level Inscription Master!

He knew very well that Qin Yun was nineteen years old. It was rare for him to have such accomplishments in the Martial Desolate land!

"Uncle Qin..." Hong Yan felt that it was strange that he had been calling Qin Yun an old man for so long. He hurriedly changed his words, "Brother Yun, you are really very young! You are actually a high-grade Inscription Master!"

Qin Yun smiled. "I never said that I'm an old man. It's because you think so!"

Hong Yan clasped his hands at Qin Yun and said, "I was wrong! Don't worry, with your strength, you will definitely be able to infiltrate a Xuan sect!"

The two of them did not set up a tent. They only took out their chairs and sat down. They would begin the selection test tomorrow at dawn!

At the foot of the mountain, everything was enveloped in a very tense atmosphere.

In the Martial Desolate Land, there were also many martial arts families of various sizes.

If these aristocratic children wanted to become even stronger, they could only enter those sects to cultivate.

Of the two thousand martial arts cultivators, only twenty to thirty of them would be able to enter a Xuan sect!

No one knew what the selection test was about but it couldn't be a martial arts competition.

Although there was a martial arts arena there, it was close to two thousand martial arts realm cultivators. It would take a lot of time before one could participate in the martial arts competition.

Daybreak had arrived and all the candidates were standing on the battling platform.

The person in charge of the selection examination was the old granny who registered and people here called her Grandma Ye.

Grandma Ye was wearing a set of light silver armor and looked very spirited. She was a martial artist at the eighth level of the Martial Dao Realm. She was a very amiable and kind old lady.

She floated in the air and said, "The selection process is very simple but to enter a Xuan sect through the selection process is not easy!"

"You need to go to 70,000 meters high in the Black Tortoise Mountain. There are a lot of condensed Profound Ice there. You need to draw out the Profound Ice Qi, pour it into that jade tablet and fill it up before coming back!"

"The first sixteen people who return here the fastest will be selected by the Xuan sect!"

Everyone looked at the peak of Black Tortoise Mountain. The place where the ice was frozen was the region filled with the aura of black ice.

It was not easy to get to that place!

"Do you understand now? Then hurry up and go now! Be careful. If you cannot endure anymore, don't try to show off. You will die!" After Grandma Ye finished, she shouted, "Begin!"

After the start of the battle, many of the warriors quickly performed their movement skill and flew to the mountain.

Only when they approached the mountain wall did they discover that there was a strange, cold stream that was constantly approaching them.

If one wanted to fly up, they would have to endure the strong cold current. Going up would require a massive amount of energy.

Qin Yun gave it a try and felt that it was not easy to ascend. The energy consumption was very fast and he was definitely unable to persevere against the level of a Xuan Ice Aura.

He had climbed up the mountain walls and arrived at the place where the ice was congealed.

As he climbed up, the cold current would not affect him too much. However, he could not climb up that fast.

Nearly two thousand Martial Dao Realm cultivators were at the very front of the group. This group of martial artists was the strongest.

Amongst these people, it was easy to tell how skilled they were.

Qin Yun was relatively at the front.

Looking from afar, there were a lot of small dots climbing up the gigantic Black Tortoise Mountain. The few hundred people ahead of them were the fastest!

In the end, only sixteen people would be able to enter a Xuan sect, making them extremely competitive.

"With my current speed, I will need at least one or two days to get to the place where the ice is formed!" Qin Yun looked up and hurriedly increased his speed.

In order to obtain a more stable ranking, he had used 80% of his strength to desperately climb.

A day had passed and it was now night. At the peak of the Black Tortoise Mountain, it was extremely cold.

There were originally nearly 2000 martial artists that had climbed up but now there were over 1000 of them that had fallen down. Some of them had even been severely wounded!

Even at night, Qin Yun constantly climbed up. This was because there were more than two to three hundred people around his height. If he stopped, he might fall behind.

Any martial arts practitioner who could reach this height would have a similar level.

Qin Yun took a look and realized that many of them were in their thirties or near forty. They were people who had long since stepped into the Martial Dao Realm. They also had all sorts of equipment and were well-prepared.

Some warriors even had pills to eat!

"I have to be faster! The night is very cold and the speed of many people has slowed. I have the blood of the Heavenly Lion, so I am not afraid of the cold!"

Qin Yun's sudden increase in speed astounded many experts.

They had originally thought that everyone would feel the same cold at night and that their speed would be about the same.

But now, there were more than a dozen warriors who had suddenly increased their speed and were rapidly climbing up the mountain wall against the cold current that was constantly pressing down on them.

Qin Yun never expected that there were many experts here. They could only maintain the same speed as everyone else during the day and increase their speed at night, widening the gap between them!

The cold night was hard to bear.

The martial practitioners on the mountain cliffs couldn't help but cheer when they saw the rising of the nine suns.

In just one night, there were more than a hundred people who could not hold on any longer and slowly descended the mountain.

There were dozens of people climbing at the top and they were all quite far away from each other. Moreover, the wind and snow were blowing, so they couldn't see each other.

"This brother...can you come and help me? I am feeling very uncomfortable right now. Give me some inner strength and let me endure through. This way, I will have the strength to go down and not fall to my death!"

A man wearing a leather jacket shouted to Qin Yun, who was a short distance away.

They were at a height of several tens of thousands of meters. The cold current was getting stronger and stronger and if they fell down, even if they didn't die, they would at least be seriously injured.

Qin Yun thought for a moment before slowly moving his body over.

"Bro, I am the grandson of Luo Xuan City's City Lord, Xing FeiKe! I am really happy to be able to meet you!" When Xing Fei saw Qin Yun approaching, he hurriedly said with a smile.

"Nice to meet you!" Qin Yun smiled politely.

Just as he walked over, Xing Fei, who wore a smile on his face, suddenly threw a punch at him!

(TL NOTE : he really fell for that?? really?? after experiencing all the trouble he fell for this?)

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