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Chapter 345

Qin Yun was very thankful for the great formation of the Inscription Gate. It had made it so that these people were unable to counterattack!

He walked towards an old man at the Spirit realm and just like before, took out a Dao core!

"You … A demon like you will be hunted down by tens of thousands of sects in the Martial Desolate land! Taking out a martial artist's dao core is something that a famous sect wouldn't tolerate. You would be wanted by a myriad of sects!" The old man screamed.

By his side, the Sect Leader of Dragon Fist looked as though he had aged several decades. He said sinisterly, "Qin Yun, if word of this were to spread, you will be considered a member of the demonic path!"

"Hmph, with your actions, did you get the ire of a famous sect? No. In that was the case, then the so called righteous sects are no good either! You bunch of bastards have slaughtered quite a few disciples of our Blue Spirit Star Palace!"

"If the illustrious sects want to protect you, then are there any differences between them and the Devil Sect?"

Qin Yun sneered as he went for the third Spirit Martial realm!

After a series of screams, Qin Yun took out the last spirit realm Dao core!

The disciples of the Dragon Fist Sect were immediately filled with despair and fear!

Their previous flaunting had all disappeared without a trace.

The might that they displayed when they massacred the disciples of the Blue Spirit Star Palace had already been obliterated by despair.

The three warriors of the Spirit realm had enormous strength after a thousand years of cultivation. They could do many evil things and bully the weak. But now, all of that was ruined!

"You all should have experienced what is called retribution!" With a cold expression, Qin Yun looked at the Dragon Fist Sect Master.

They had committed too much evil but they had never encountered any sort of revenge, so they never thought they would fall head over heels!

With a cold expression, Qin Yun walked towards the Martial Dao Realm cultivators. There was a sudden wave of wails and howls!

"Qin Yun, let us go!"

"We only killed a few Blue Spirit Star Palace disciples, is there a need to do this to us?"

"At most, we can capture a few hundred slaves for you!"

"Those Star Palace disciples are all trash at the 6th or 7th level of the Martial Body. Yet you want us to use our Martial Dao Realm lives to pay you back? You are insane!"

"We will be your slaves. Don't take away our Dao cores!"

Qin Yun said coldly, "It looks like all of you still do not know your faults!"

With that, he took out a Dao core, causing the old man to cry out in pain.

The other cultivators were desperately begging for their Dao cores!

"Sister Lan, you can begin!" Qin Yun shouted at the mountaintop.

He saw Lan Fengjin flying down from the top of the mountain with a long sword in her hand.

She dashed into the crowd, wildly brandishing her longsword and slashed madly at the disciples of the Dragon Fist Spirit Sect.

At this time, the three brothers who had hidden themselves also rushed out.

After they obtained Qin Yun's consent, they went to kill the disciples of the Dragon Fist Sect!

"Rest assured, after I get rid of you, I'll deal with the rest of your sect!" Qin Yun said to the dying Sect Master before sending a palm strike over.

"Ahhhhhh!!!" That headmaster screamed as his soul left his body.

The other two at the Spirit Martial Realm had their faces contorted in fear. They regretted attacking the Blue Spirit Star Palace and regretted attacking Qin Yun!

"You guys should leave as well!" Qin Yun used the Heaven Lion Fighting Dragon Claw. With a few swipes and slashes, he killed the two elders of the Spirit Martial Realm.

Following that, he rushed towards those in the Martial Dao Realm and used the Wind Slayer Six Styles, using his lion claws to continuously slash at them!

Qin Yun recalled the deaths of the elders that had saved him. Instantly, killing intent surged as he mercilessly slashed.

Beneath the Mysterious Silver Mountains, cries of fear enveloped the area. However, it only lasted for a short while before it came to a halt!

The Dragon Fist Spirit Sect. Three warriors of the Spirit Martial Realm, more than twenty Martial Dao Realm and hundreds of Martial Body Disciples were all killed at the foot of the Mysterious Silver Mountain.

When Qin Yun returned to the hall, he controlled the array to retract it. As for Lan Fengjin and the three brothers, they were incinerating the corpses below!

"Elder Shui, all the villains who attacked our Blue Spirit Star Palace are dead!"

Qin Yun looked at Shui YiHui, who was sitting on a chair. He felt very sad.

Shui YiHui was extremely weak, he could not hold on for more than a few days!

"That's good, that's good..." Shui YiHui was also very happy. His wrinkled face was full of smiles.

Qin Yun thought of the Dao cores he had taken out and immediately said, "Elder Shui, you do not have a Dao core. That is the reason why you have become like this. How about I put the core I obtained into your body?"

"This... I don't know if it's okay or not but I'll give it a try." Shui YiHui laughed. "Do whatever you want. This can help you increase your experience in this area too!"

Qin Yun took out those Martial Dao Realm cultivation pills.

With Shui YiHui's body, the amount of power he could endure was only at the Martial Dao Realm, so he could not use a Spirit Martial Realm's Spirit Core!

"These Dao cores are all connected to Master's soul. They contain the spiritual energy of many different masters. The energy within these Dao cores is also very murky."

After inspecting it, Qin Yun frowned. He first extracted the martial spirit's from the Dao cores one by one. Most of them were golden-platinum martial spirit's.

Shui YiHui's martial spirit was originally a water martial spirit and a platinum water martial spirit at that!

Qin Yun took out the furnace and filled it with all the Martial Dao Realm cores.

Then, he used his powerful mental force to sense the Dao cores.

He needed to get rid of the spiritual energy that was intertwining with the Dao core. Only then would he be able to obtain very pure energy.

Each dao core contained eighty to ninety percent of the original owner's spiritual and soul force. It could not be used, so Qin Yun eliminated all of them.

After he had refined more than twenty Dao cores, there was only a small amount of internal energy left.

Under his control, the twenty or so dao cores would be fused together to form a single dao core. Afterwards, he would use the soul refining technique to fuse the Platinum Water Martial Spirit.

"No trace of the Great Dao..." Half a day had passed after Qin Yun finished refining the cores.

Lan Fengjin and the three brothers watched from the side.

"Master, quickly... Elder Shui can't hold on any longer!" Lan Fengjin urged.

Qin Yun gritted his teeth and placed the dao core into Shui YiHui's mouth.

Then, he used his mental energy to control the dao core to enter his abdomen before guiding the dao core's aura to start beating.

After resting for a period of time, Shui YiHui's spirit gradually recovered.

"Elder Shui, try to control your three great scriptures and establish a connection with the dao core." Qin Yun was slightly delighted as he hurriedly said.

Shui YiHui had almost died just now but now that he could open his eyes, they were no longer cloudy like before. They had become clear, bright and filled with life.

"It's a success!" Da Yao exclaimed.

"Master, you're too awesome. You actually gave Elder Shui a new dao core!" Lan Fengjin was also pleasantly surprised.

Shui YiHui could feel that his body was gradually recovering it's vitality. A pure energy was coming out from his dantian and nourishing his dying body. He could feel that his strength was gradually recovering.

He also tried to control his three great scriptures and link them with the new dao core.

"Sister Lan, Triple Raidants, wait for me here. I'll take a look at the Violet Spirit Star Palace!" Qin Yun said, "The Violet Spirit Star Palace is very powerful. If they were to be destroyed, the borderlands would be occupied by the Wind Spirit Sect and the Floating Spirit Valley. These two sects are no good either!"

Lan Fengjin nodded, "Master, be careful!"

Qin Yun flew from the peak of the Mysterious Silver Mountain to the Violet Spirit Star Palace.

As he flew in the sky and approached the Violet Spirit Star Palace, he sensed a strong aura rising from below and covering the top of the palace.

Qin Yun was no stranger to this aura. It belonged to Zi Qingcheng!

Zi Qingcheng was fighting against a warrior of the Spirit realm!

"Been fighting for half a day?" From high up in the sky, Qin Yun saw that the dozens of kilometers around the Violet Spirit Star Palace were filled with potholes.

Indeed, in front of the main entrance of the Violet Spirit Star Palace, there were hundreds of disciples wearing golden dragon robes.

"There are three warriors of the Spirit realm here too! And it's even three of them at the Elder-level!"

Qin Yun sensed the aura below and said with a frown, "There's only an aura of Zi Qingcheng from the Violet Spirit Star Palace. Could she be fighting three?"

He took a closer look below him. Zi Qingcheng was battling an old man with golden hair.

Every time they made a move, there would be a huge commotion. Violent gusts of wind would be created, as if they could tear apart the heaven and earth.

"The people from the Dragon Fist Sect over here don't seem to know that their sect master has been killed by me!"

Qin Yun looked into the sky and wondered how the situation was going over here. He only saw that Zi Qingcheng was sparring with an elder.

Qin Yun thought of Lan Chen. Back then, Lan Chen had lost in a duel against Zi Qingcheng, so he had lost control of Blue Spirit Star Palace.

He guessed that Zi Qingcheng's match with that old man should be the final battle of the Violet Spirit Star Palace.

A purple-gold light radiated from her back as a purplish-gold great roc flew out from the purplish-gold light, producing a melodious cry.

That was Zi Qingcheng's martial spirit, the Purple Golden Roc!

The purple golden roc spread it's wings for dozens of meters and was extremely huge. After it flew out, it charged like a bolt of lightning towards the old man at the Spirit realm!

That old man was also caught off guard. He didn't expect that Zi Qingcheng would release her martial spirit to fight.

In addition, the Grand Roc's flying speed was extremely fast, like violent lightning!

The Purple Golden Roc flew over and it's sharp beak smashed apart the defensive light barrier that the old man had released!


The old man's body was ruthlessly struck by the purple golden roc. He fell to the ground, creating a deep crater as his body split apart. His treasure armor was also destroyed, lying on the ground unconscious.

Zi Qingcheng gasped for breath as she retracted her martial spirit!

"A guy in the Spirit realm is really strong. The Martial Spirit that she released is actually that terrifying!" Qin Yun was also filled with yearning for such power.

He recalled that Xie Wufeng's sword seemed to be in such a powerful state!

Zi Qingcheng was also tired. She slowly landed on the ground, her round face ice-cold. "You've lost! According to our agreement, your Dragon Fist Sect will be incorporated into our Violet Spirit Star Palace!"

At that place, there were two old men in the Spirit realm. After hearing Zi Qingcheng's words, they both started to laugh loudly.

"We are not sect masters, how could we possibly decide such a thing? Zi Qingcheng, you're too naive!"

A hunchbacked silver-haired old man laughed sinisterly, "I see that you are quite tired now. Do you want to rest in my arms?! Back then, I was a beautiful man who was at the peak of beauty and I once pursued you. You should remember this, right?"

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