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Chapter 343

Qin Yun had wanted to visit the Divine Inscription Palace because Xiao Yuemei and Xiao Xuanqin were in the Imperial City's Divine Inscription Palace.

However, Qin Long told him that Xiao YueMei and Xiao XuanQin had both left for the Martial Desolate.

They had gone with Zhuo Chuan.

Zhuo Chuan, Duan Qian and the others also left for the Martial Desolate. Naturally, Xiao Xuanqin and Xiao YueMei followed along as well.

And Meng feiling too, was on the road with them.

"Sigh, they have all gone to the Martial Desolate land! I would like to take a look as well!" At that moment, Qin Yun was on his way to the Star Xuan Wu Academy.

When he arrived at the Star Xuan Wu Academy, he saw Du Gui.

Du Gui had aged and lost his momentum. Thus, he did not go to the Martial Desolate land but chose to stay here instead.

Qin Yun and Du Gui chatted for a while before he learned that Qi Meilian and her mysterious teacher had headed for the Martial Desolate Land.

Initially, he had also wanted to visit Qi Meilian. Now, he could only hope that she would be able to safely go to the Desolate lanf.

When Qin Yun left the Star Xuan Wu Academy and flew past the Myriad Star Lake, he could not help but think of his sister, the Grand Preceptor, who was hiding down below.

He stood in the air above the Myriad Star Lake, looking at the waves that would occasionally rise up, then looking at the nine suns in the sky, then looking at his wrist.

"The Nine Suns Divine Soul, the Grand Preceptor's elder sister, the daughter of the Witch and the Immortal Graveyard, what kind of secrets are hiding?"

Qin Yun felt that he would soon be heading for Martial Desolate Land. It was unknown when he would have sufficient strength to enter the mysterious Immortal Graveyard.

"The Queen Mother's soul is in the Immortal Graveyard! As long as I enter and retrieve her soul, I can revive her!"

Qin Yun thought back to what Xie Qirou had said and felt secretly excited in his heart.

He also knew that if he wanted to enter the Immortal Graveyard without a hitch, he needed to be very strong!

Even Zi Qingcheng of the Spirit realm didn't dare to carelessly explore the Immortal Graveyard, let alone the Martial Dao Realm!

Qin Yun rushed back to Blue Spirit Star Palace. He needed to quickly open the second bead of the Nine Yang Divine Spirit and see what was inside. Would it be able to help him obtain greater strength?

After walking for half a day, Qin Yunfei finally arrived at the entrance of Blue Spirit Star Palace!

However, as soon as he arrived, he sensed that the Blue Spirit Star Palace's defensive array had been broken!

"What's going on?" Qin Yun's heart jolted as he hurriedly flew towards the East Palace's Inscription Gate.

The moment he entered the Eastern Palace, he felt several powerful auras!

It was the aura of the Spirit realm!

Qin Yun was immediately alarmed. The auras of the Spirit realm were filled with violent killing intent.

It was currently afternoon and the nine scorching suns were very hot. However, the Eastern Palace was shrouded in a wave of chilling murderous intent!

"Sister Lan!"

Qin Yun looked at the cave on top of Silver Mountain. Seeing the stone door closed, he felt a lot more at ease.

He was tied up by Zi Qingcheng and the stone door automatically closed behind him.

And even though Lan Fengjin was inside, she couldn't come out.

Just as he flew towards the silver mountain, a wave of killing intent suddenly attacked him!

"They are warriors of the Spirit Martial Realm, they are actually still in the East Palace!"

Qin Yun did not know what was going on as he hurriedly used Teleportation Meteor to speed forward at an extremely fast speed.

"Qin Yun, you won't be able to escape!" An aged voice with a wild laughter resounded like thunder.


A powerful force suddenly fell from the sky, transforming into a golden bolt of lightning. It landed on Qin Yun's body and struck him down!

After Qin Yun was struck, his body felt as though it was being torn apart by a numbing force. Even though he was wearing the Blue Spirit Profound Robe, he could not withstand the powerful lightning energy!

The power of the Spirit realm was so terrifying!


Qin Yun was struck down from the sky!

He landed on the flat ground below the mountain, just outside the entrance to the trial path of the Inscription Gate.

Just as he landed, an elder dressed in dragon robes appeared. He stomped his foot forcefully on Qin Yun's chest.

This old man was a martial artist from the Dragon Fist Spirit Sect and he was at the Spirit Martial Realm!

Qin Yun was heavily stepped on. He felt as though his heart was about to shatter. Thankfully, he had the Vibration Dao Core in his heart to withstand the impact!

"Haha, let's see how you can still act so arrogantly now! You actually killed someone from our Dragon Fist Sect!"

The elder in the golden dragon robe grinned fiendishly. "Qin Yun, do you know who I am? I am the Sect Leader of the Dragon Fist Sect. Even that bitch Zi Qingcheng is not my match! You shouldn't expect her to come and save you either!"

Qin Yun endured the pain and said angrily, "Old fellow, you better kill me immediately. Or else, in the future, I'll definitely make you die miserably!"

"Hahaha... Did you hear that? This little brat actually said that he will make me die a miserable death!" The Sect Leader of the Dragon Fist Sect instantly laughed loudly.

At this time, many people walked out. Among them, there were two at the Spirit realm and there were more than twenty at the Martial Dao realm!

In addition, there were also several hundred martial artists at the eighth or ninth level of the Martial Body realm!

So many people had actually come with the Dragon Fist Sect!

Since the Blue Spirit Star Palace had been taken in by the Violet Spirit Star Palace, many disciples had fled.

Many of the Inscription Masters had gone to other forces, causing the entire Blue Spirit Star Palace to become empty. The great array was also left unguarded.

As for the Violet Spirit Star Palace, they couldn't spare any effort to take over either, which was why such a situation had occurred.

After all, the Blue Spirit Star Palace had collapsed and was of little value.

"No one can save you!" The Sect Leader of the Dragon Fist Sect laughed. "You can't escape!"

Just as he finished this sentence, a few blue-robed old men suddenly appeared and rushed over!

"Elder Shui!" Qin Yun could not help but shout loudly when he saw Shui YiHui and company's desperate expressions.

"Qin Yun! You are the only hope for Blue Spirit Star Palace!" Shui YiHui's eyes were bloodshot. "To be able to see a disciple of the Inscription Sect, I'll die with no regrets!"

"Qin Yun, we will do our best to save you!" An old man shouted.

The Dragon Fist Sect Master laughed disdainfully, "You old fellows must have had enough of living, right? I'll send you all on your way!"

"Elder Shui, you..." Qin Yun's eyes could not help but turn red. He was touched by the spirit of Shui YiHui and his elders.

Even Lan Chen had given up on Blue Spirit Star Palace!

However, the elders of the Eastern Palace like Shui YiHui were struggling to hold on.

For many years, they had been anticipating the day the Blue Spirit Star Palace would rise to prominence.

The Blue Spirit Star Palace had once flourished in the past and that was only because of the existence of the Inscription Gate.

Now, the Inscription Sect finally had a successor. This gave them hope!

Therefore, Shui YiHui and the others had staked their lives for the sake of holding onto the hope that they had held onto for so many years!

Shui Yihui and the others were only in the Martial Dao Realm. In front of the Spirit Martial Realm, they couldn't even withstand a single blow.

However, just as they were about to rush over, the dantian in their bodies suddenly swelled up and flew out towards the Sect Leader of the Dragon Fist Sect!

The Dragon Fist Sect Leader and the others who had been looking down on them could not help but change their expressions when they saw the few flying Dao cores!

The self-detonation of a Dao Core might not be a big deal but it wasn't a small one either.

With his cultivation of the Spirit realm, although he would not be injured, he would more or less be in a very sorry state.

Furthermore, all the Dao cores flew to the group of Martial Dao Realm and Martial Body Realm cultivators.

The Dragon Fist Sect's headmaster and the other two were at the Spirit realm. Naturally, they had to go and block it. Otherwise, of the disciples that they brought, not even half could return and they would be heavily injured!

The Dragon Fist Sect's Sect Leader and the rest of them, who were at the Spirit Martial Realm, had no choice but to abandon Qin Yun and protect their disciples.

Qin Yun was already shocked by Shui Yihui and company's feat as tears welled up in his eyes!

"Elder Shui, I, Qin Yun, have let you down!" He roared.

After releasing the Dao Cores, Shui YiHui and the others lay flat on the ground. Only Shui YiHui was still alive but he was also about to die.

He smiled at Qin Yun. "It's up to you whether you can pass this stage or not. We've lived enough. We are satisfied as we can see a disciple from the Inscription sect!"

Qin Yun gave a deep roar and activated his strongest mental energy. He used the Imperial Spirit Technique to retrieve the dying Shui YiHui and store him in his storage space.

Then, he used the Imperial Spirit Technique to prop up his injured body and rushed to the trial path.

All of this happened too fast. No one could have imagined that Shui YiHui and the others had the courage to cut off the body from the Dao core. That would be extremely painful!


Those few exploding Dao Cores destroyed most of the buildings within the Blue Spirit Star Palace!

The violent waves gradually weakened. Thick clouds were still shrouding the skies above the Blue Spirit Star Palace. Dust danced in the air, accompanied by lightning bolts.

The Blue Spirit Star Palace had been reduced to ruins. Only the silver mountain still stood tall, it's silver light as firm as a fortress.

The three Spirit Martial Realm Cultivators of the Dragon Fist Sect let out a sigh of relief. If they had been any slower, none of the disciples would have survived.

A few hundred disciples were enveloped by the energy shield formed by their immense strength, preventing themselves from being injured by the explosion of the Dao cores.

"Those old fellows actually wanted to drag our disciple down with them before they died!" The Dragon Fist Sect Master scolded angrily, "That brat, Qin Yun, is running towards that mountain cave!"

The entrance to the road of trials was still pitch black, like an evil big mouth.

After entering, he would no longer be able to leave.

"Headmaster, should we chase after him?" An old man said, "We can't just let him run away like this! This guy's potential is very terrifying, won't he come back to take revenge on us in the future? If I knew earlier, I would have killed him!"

The Dragon Fist Sect Leader coldly snorted and said, "Are you blaming me for not getting straight to the point and not getting rid of him immediately? What do you know? The value of capturing Qin Yun alive is extremely high! You saw it too. Those old fellows have detonated their own Dao cores to protect Qin Yun. You know how valuable he is!"

"The Inscription Sect's Silver Mountain. It was once the glory of the Blue Spirit Star Palace. It once made the Blue Spirit Star Palace a Xuan sect!"

"Later on because no one else was able to pass the trial, the Inscription Inheritance gradually disappeared. Now, Qin Yun has passed the trial. This means that he can cause Blue Spirit Star Palace to rise to prominence once again!"

"As long as we capture him alive and think of ways to obtain his inscriptions, our Dragon Fist Sect can also become a Xuan sect in the future!"

The old man nodded his head, "Sect Leader's eyes are really far-sighted... So what do we do now? This Mountain is famous for it's toughness. We will definitely not be able to break it. Could it be that we will have to enter the trial's path?"

"Wait! I don't believe that he won't come out!" The Dragon Fist Spirit Sect sneered, "The rest of our people are attacking the Violet Spirit Star Palace right now. Once we take down the Violet Spirit Star Palace, we will be the hegemon of this borderland!"

Qin Yun entered the path of trials but the array formation did not attack him.

With the Sect Leader's jade in his hand, he could easily pass the trial.

"These guys actually attacked the Violet Spirit Star Palace! No wonder that fat bun Zi Qingcheng didn't come!" Qin Yun heard the words from outside on the trial ground.

He was temporarily safe on the road of trials.

As he ran towards the top of the mountain, he activated the tree totem and light inscription to heal his wounds.

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