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Chapter 330

Hearing that, Palace Head Yang immediately became anxious, and said in a low voice, "Ah Long, that is a dao tool! Because of the damage, it has dropped to be a Xuan Artifact."

"It's fine!" Xiao Yanglong smiled indifferently and passed the Sun Moon Profound Bowl to Lan Huayu. "If I lose, I'll give this bowl to Qin Yun!"

Although no one knew what the Sun Moon Profound Bowl was, seeing Palace Master Yang being so anxious, they knew that it was something even more precious than the Blue Spirit Profound Armor.

Palace Chief Yang gave it some thought and felt that Qin Yun had no chance of winning. Hence, he felt reassured. In order to ensure that the evidence would be clear, he handed the Blue Spirit Profound Robe to Lan Huayu.

Although Lan Huayu had a good relationship with Qin Yun, everyone knew that he was a very fair person. Therefore, they were at ease.

"No one is allowed to use weapons or armor in this martial arts competition!" Lan Huayu said, "If someone uses it, I can find out! I hope that you will stop right there..."

Xiao Yang Long laughed: "Stop when you point it out? Isn't this too much of a child's play! Since we're going to fight, then let's be straightforward. Let's fight to the death!"

"So what if I lose? That's what it is! I, Xiao Yanglong, have participated in so many martial arts competitions but I have never lost one. If I am defeated, living would be meaningless to me!"

Yang Shiyue really wanted to go up and persuade Qin Yun. However, when she saw Qin Yun's terrifyingly calm appearance, for some reason, she suddenly felt relieved.

"A life and death battle is a life and death battle!" Qin Yun had no objections and readily agreed.

Lan Huayu sighed and said, "That's good. At that time, the array formation will activate and you will be unable to leave. No one will be able to enter until the outcome is decided!"

Palace Head Yang and the few elders hurriedly walked down from the battling platform with gleeful looks on their faces.

Xiao Yanglong was also somewhat excited at this moment, both his fists were trembling slightly and he appeared very excited!

This was because defeating Qin Yun would not only make him famous, he would also be able to obtain Qin Yun's precious items.

Lan Huayu also left the dueling platform. Standing on top of an array pillar, he gestured for Qin Yun and Xiao Yanglong to walk to the edge of the dueling platform.

The battling platform was built in the plaza and was still very big. It was enough for a big battle!

The two of them were separated by dozens of meters, making their final preparations!

Everyone stood up and looked at it seriously.

Those who had watched Qin Yun's martial arts competition had a deep impression of his strong willpower!

Although they knew that Qin Yun would lose, they did not think that Qin Yun would lose that quickly. Furthermore, they wanted to see how long he could last.

Everyone was well aware of Qin Yun's intentions for challenging Xiao Yanglong.

It was to stop this marriage!

Yang Shiyue was forced to marry, everyone knew that Xiao Yanglong had many tricks up his sleeve, he must have used some despicable method to achieve his goal.

Even though Xiao Yanglong had entered the Martial Dao Realm very early, he was still at the first level of the Martial Dao Realm, making it difficult for him to break through.

However, it was still much stronger than a regular martial dao practitioner.

The most powerful aspect of a martial dao practitioner compared to a martial body practitioner was the ability to utilize the power of the Great Dao!

Xiao Yanglong looked at the sky. The nine suns had yet to rise up into the sky, so he said to Lan Huayu, "Elder Lan, it's almost noon, let's begin the martial competition at that time! That is also the time when the nine suns are the most abundant in spiritual energy!"

"Sure!" He also hoped that Qin Yun would be able to make more adequate preparations during this period of time.

Xiao Yanglong smiled confidently as his body suddenly flickered with a golden light. A ball of golden light suddenly surged out of his dantian and soared into the sky.

Seeing this golden ball of light, everyone suddenly thought, this is a Martial Spirit!

A Gold rank Sun Martial Spirit!

Xiao Yanglong's martial spirit was actually a martial spirit bestowed by the heavens!

The people below the stage all sucked in a breath of cold air!

This was a Sun Martial Spirit that was on par with the Moon Martial Spirit. Although it was a Gold rank, it was even rarer than a Moon Martial Spirit.

Everyone felt that Xiao Yanglong's Gold Sun Martial Spirit could be compared to Yang Shiyue's Violet Gold Moon Martial Spirit!

Qin Yun looked extremely grim as well. He had never expected that the martial spirit Xiao Yanglong had been hiding was also a martial spirit bestowed by the heavens.

Lan Fengjin was initially not very worried about Qin Yun but now that she saw Xiao Yanglong's Gold Sun Martial Spirit, she immediately felt somewhat uneasy.

Xie Wufeng raised his head, looked at the small golden sun and said in a deep voice: "Brother Yun facing Xiao Yanglong, the pressure is even greater now, I hope he can endure it!"

Zhuo Chuan sighed, "I really didn't think that Xiao Yanglong's talent would actually be so terrifying as well!"

Xiao Yanglong's Gold Sun Martial Spirit had already completely shocked everyone present!

Qin Yun's glabella was condensed as he felt the terrifying power of the sun!

"Qin Yun, Yang Shiyue is your teacher but you do not know how to respect your teacher. You covet her beauty and want to take her for yourself! This kind of idea that would cause problems for you and you will be struck by lightning from the heavens!"

Xiao Yanglong laughed coldly, "Furthermore, even though you know that she is my fiancee, you still hid your true strength and pretended to be pitiful."

"You are so young, yet you are so sinister and despicable. You clearly have YueLan as your wife but you have different intentions and fall in love with your own teacher. How despicable!"

"Xiao Yanglong, stop speaking nonsense and shut up!" Qin Yun was instantly infuriated as he roared.

Many people in the audience were pointing and sneering at Qin Yun. After all, it was a matter that couldn't be forgiven!

When Yang Shiyue heard these words, she was so angry that she trembled. She also knew that it wasn't like this.

"Haha!! Qin Yun, from your flustered and exasperated look, it's clear that it's true!" Xiao YangLong laughed loudly: "Today, I will use the power of the Sun Martial Spirit to enforce justice for the heavens and get rid of this villain!"

"You!!" Qin Yun was infuriated to the point of being at a loss for words. It was very difficult to explain such matters clearly.

Xiao Yanglong sneered and said, "Qin Yun, you have dual Martial Spirits! Not bad! But you are still far from Yang Shiyue's martial spirit!"

"Only my Gold Sun Martial Spirit is worthy of her! And she can only pity you, show mercy you, so she treats you well."

Qin Yun knew very well that Xiao Yanglong had married Yang Shiyue in order to use an evil dual cultivation technique to extract Yang Shiyue's Violet Moon Martial Spirit.

That was why he had gone all out to stop it!

This was what he had overheard when he was in the Beastman Mountain Range. Back then, Xiao Yanglong had told Palace Master Yang.

Although he knew, no one would believe him if he told them. Therefore, he could only defeat Xiao Yanglong and stop his evil scheme.

"Qin Yun is truly a scum. Yang Shiyue is so good to him but he actually has evil intentions in his heart!"

"He actually had that kind of thought about his teacher. This is truly unforgivable!"

"He's now a disciple of Blue Spirit Star Palace. This is truly a disgrace to our Blue Spirit Star Palace!"

"Even if he doesn't die after fighting with Xiao Yanglong, I will still have to see him burn himself to death!"

"No wonder Xiao Yanglong wanted to fight to the death with him. So that's the case!"

Many people began to denounce Qin Yun, making him look like a sinner.

And of those who were pointing at Qin Yun, most of them disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace were jealous to death of Qin Yun. Now that they had the opportunity, how could they let it go?

"Qin Yun, Yang Shiyue is mine. You are not worthy of her! After defeating you, she will be mine. I will treat her well!" Xiao Yanglong laughed sinisterly in a low voice.

Qin Yun was so angry that he was trembling. Xiao Yanglong had treated Yang Shiyue as his own cauldron and wanted to destroy her!

Yang Shiyue gnashed her teeth in anger. The damage to Qin Yun's reputation caused her to feel terrible as well.

At this moment, the golden sun above Xiao Yanglong's head became even more intense!

It was noon!

"The martial arts competition begins!" Lan Huayu shouted.

Xiao Yanglong had the Sun Martial Spirit. The reason he waited until noon was also to make his own Sun Martial Spirit stronger.

He had been using the Sun Martial Spirit to absorb the nine suns' spiritual energy and gather it all during this time!

"Qin Yun, I'll kill you like cutting grass!"

Xiao Yanglong smiled proudly as he retracted the Sun Martial Spirit that had gathered all it's energy into his body. His body turned into a golden beam as he shot into the air, avoiding Qin Yun, who was flying at him.

Qin Yun's attack missed!

Xiao YangLong, who was in the air, struck the ground with his palm. A golden palm image pressed down like a mountain, covering the entire stage.


The golden palm came smashing down. It was incomparably scorching and it created a golden fiery sun. The scorching heat penetrated through the great array and turned into a wave of heat that enveloped the entire square!

The dueling platform shook as the red carpet instantly burned to vapour. Qin Yun was enveloped by a thick golden flame!

"Qin Yun has been burnt to death, right? He's really too weak to withstand a single blow!"

"After all, he is only at the ninth level Martial Body realm. It is very normal for him to be killed by Xiao Yanglong in one move!"

"So boring. He died just like that!"

Just as everyone thought that Qin Yun had been killed, a violent blast of air suddenly rose from the ground and charged at Xiao Yanglong!

This was the Tsunami ability that Qin Yun had displayed through his Internal Supreme Force. It combined with the Qi Explosion Technique, Tsunami Technique and the sixth move of Dragon Forging, Heaven Smiting!

Another loud explosion shook the sky!

Xiao Yanglong, who was floating in mid-air, was secretly alarmed. He never expected that Qin Yun would be completely fine!

The Qi shot out like light and struck Xiao Yanglong!

Xiao Yanglong let out an angry groan as he sent another palm down to the ground, once again burning the sun fire!

Qin Yun roared as he stamped on the ground. Then, he executed Tsunami Technique and blasted away the flames!

Qin Yun was completely fine on the battling platform. The flames had failed to harm him!

Qin Yun had awakened a Heavenly Lion bloodline so he was not afraid of fire or ice.

Xiao Yanglong's flames only made him feel very hot, they simply could not burn him!

Xiao Yanglong did not expect that Qin Yun would not be afraid of his flames!

"Don't be arrogant!" At the same time Xiao Yanglong shouted, he fell from the sky like a golden meteor. His palm struck straight at Qin Yun's head.

Qin Yun had also anticipated that Xiao Yanglong would attack. With a fierce shout, he used the Heavenly Lion's Roar!

The scariest thing was that at the same time he shouted, within the sound waves, there were actually purplish-gold bolts of lightning!

Accompanied by the shocking lion's roar, it danced and charged towards Xiao Yanglong!

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" After being struck, Xiao Yanglong let out an angry cry as he was sent flying and crashed into a pillar!

Qin Yun had actually forced Xiao Yanglong to retreat!

The plaza immediately fell silent. They had thought that Xiao Yanglong would crush Qin Yun from the very beginning and end the match with a few moves.

But now, Qin Yun had managed to withstand two attacks and counterattack. It looked like he had gained the upper hand!

"Ah Long, be serious. Use the power of the Great Dao and finish him off quickly!" Palace Head Yang of the Western Palace frowned and shouted.

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