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Chapter 33 Power of the Blood Soul

Qin Yun scratched his head and said with a smile, "Teacher, I won't hide this from you either … Back then, Grand Preceptor elder sister taught me a few mystic patterns, so I want to learn them now! "

Yang Shiyue was secretly delighted as she took Qin Yun's purple coins. She nodded and said, "Since you have the mysterious patterns, that's great. I'll help you buy the materials now!"

When Qin Yun saw Yang Shi Yue leave, he returned to his room and took out an oddly patterned bamboo scroll.

One of the scrolls was《 Thirty-six Spirit Tattoos》. When he practiced the Spirit Tattoo, he was able to draw it with a brush very skillfully for a period of time.

Qin Yun carefully looked at the spirit pattern in his hand and pondered over it. He thought to himself, "I've read a book and it is said that the more complex the spirit pattern, the stronger it is." However, the engravings on Wei Xuankun's blue sword were only a few simple strokes. The blue sword was also very fragile. Could it be that the level of a Spirit Treasure crafting master crafting method was at this level? Wei Xuankong is actually treating it as his lifeblood! "

More than two hours later, Yang Shiyue returned with a stack of papers for Qin Yun.

"Fifty crystal coins per piece. There are a total of a hundred of them. In addition, the carving knife is worth five thousand crystal coins!" Yang Shiyue placed a box in front of Qin Yun and asked in surprise, "Can you really do it without someone to guide you?"

"Let's give it a try first!" Qin Yun placed a piece of paper flat on the table and picked up the carving knife.

The carving knife was like a pen made from spirit copper. The tip of the knife was very small, with only a small dot on it. The cold light was dazzling.

The hilt of the saber was shaped like a cylinder, and it had strange spirit patterns carved into it that allowed it to smoothly absorb the power of the Blood Soul.

"It's better to use a pen to draw spirit inscriptions to create spirit talismans!" She wasn't proficient in spirit inscriptions, so she only had a simple understanding.

"It's fine to use a carving knife to draw talisman markings, but it will test your strength!" My final goal is to refine weapons, so I will use a carving knife to practice the best from the beginning. " Qin Yun closed his eyes as he recalled the inscriptions he had practiced in the past few days.

Previously, he had only used a brush to draw on paper, but now he needed to force out Qi and blood. He needed to merge his Spirit Power and Qi into the Blood Soul Power, and then condense it onto the tip of the carving knife.

Yang Shiyue sat to the side with her hand on her cheek. Her eyes widened as they moved. She looked like a curious baby as she looked at Qin Yun's carvings.

When Qin Yun saw her expression, he could not help but feel delighted. He didn't expect that the usually strict and cold Teacher Yang would have such an adorable side.

He closed his eyes and brewed a feeling. Then he opened his eyes and frowned. He focused his mind, controlling his blood energy and mental energy to enter his Dantian and fuse it with his internal force.

All the meridians in his body had been opened, and he could smoothly condense the blood and soul energy!

A moment later, he tightly gripped the carving knife. A drop of blood-red water leaked out from the tip of the knife. It was as red as blood!

Seeing that drop of blood that contained pure energy, her pretty face was filled with surprise, and she hurriedly said: "How did you do that? This is the power of the Blood Soul! "

"Without the guidance of a inscription teacher, it is difficult to fuse the blood qi, spirit energy, and inner strength together. "Even with the guidance of a master teacher, you still need to cultivate a cultivation technique in this aspect!"

Qin Yun smiled as he shook his head and said, "I don't know why I condensed the power of my bloodthirsty soul! In short, I have succeeded, but I haven't fully mastered it yet. Teacher, look. After the Blood Soul Force entered the carving knife, it became very unstable. "

Yang Shiyue also saw Qin Yun's hand trembling incessantly. If this carried on, it would be impossible for him to inscribe the spirit lines on the symbol paper.

Qin Yun felt very helpless. He could only dissipate the power of his Blood Soul and said, "This will take some time to get familiar with! I'm going back to my room to practice! "

Yang Shiyue looked at him with encouraging eyes, rubbed his head, and said with a smile: "Work hard, with your perception, you will definitely succeed! In the past few days, I have been helping you read the Wind Slaying Arts and annotating it to make it easier for you to understand and learn it more easily. "

"Thank you for your hard work, teacher!" Then, he returned to his room and practiced inscribing.

Back in his room, he gathered his soul power and channeled it into the blade.

However, his hand was still trembling. The main reason was that a large amount of Blood Soul Power had been poured into the carving knife, making it difficult for it to calm down.

Qin Yun pondered as he thought to himself, "Could it be that the power of the Blood Soul is too strong?" "My internal force is only condensed from fire elemental energy, it has not yet passed through the vibration!"

Since he had stepped into the fifth level of the Martial Body realm, the black vibration elemental energy was much more profound and terrifying, so he would not use it lightly!

After trying for a few hours, he finally found the reason.

It was mainly because the power of the Blood Soul was not gentle enough. It was also because the blood energy, spirit energy, and inner force were not uniform.

After that, he started to try again and again, and before long, he reached a point where he could fuse them into one, so that the three would be even.

At this moment, the sky was about to brighten.

"I'm going to rest first. It's exhausting to condense the power of my Blood Soul!" Qin Yun had reached a difficult point and was very happy. He jumped onto the bed and quickly fell asleep.

Even though he had only slept for a short period of time, he could absorb the nine suns' spiritual energy through the Nine Suns Spirit, allowing him to quickly regain his spirits!

As per usual, as long as Yang Shiyue was here, he would be able to eat the delicious breakfast prepared for him by the beautiful teacher every morning.

Although these things could not bring him energy earlier on, but it could give him a spiritual boost and help him cultivate even more excitedly!

After breakfast, he hurriedly returned to his room and continued practicing spirit tattoos.

"I will definitely succeed today!" Qin Yun was filled with confidence as he picked up the carving knife.

Soon, he gathered a small amount of Blood Soul Power on the tip of his blade. His hands became very steady.

"Alright, begin the inscription!"

Qin Yun was delighted as he steadily held the carving knife and began carefully inscribing on the paper talisman.

The tip of the blade did not need to touch the talisman. It only needed to let the drop of Blood Soul Power touch the talisman paper.

At this moment, Qin Yun was using a brush to easily draw a spirit pattern on a piece of white paper!

"Fire Mark, it's an attribute spirit pattern!" At this point in time, the painting is only part of the Dark Mark! " Qin Yun recalled what he had learned from the books.

The so-called Dark Mark means that the spirit lines carved will not appear.

If he was carving in front of many people, he could release a light barrier with his carving knife. Once the dark barrier was complete, he could put away the light screen.

The main purpose of the Dark Mark was to prevent it from being stolen.

"The parts of the dark lines look messy, but they are the core of everything, and they are also the hardest part!" After Qin Yun finished drawing the Dark Mark, he watched as it mysteriously disappeared before starting to draw the Inscription again.

Bright markings were visible markings, and they were also quite beautiful. Generally speaking, they were similar to pictures.

The bright lines that Qin Yun had inscribed were like a blazing flame. They were extremely sharp and threatening. As he seriously gazed, he couldn't help but feel fear, and he could feel the mysterious charm within the diagram.

Seeing that he had finished drawing the bright lines, he could not help but sigh.

Previously, when he drew the talisman on the paper, it seemed to be dead. But now, it was inscribed with the power of the Blood Soul. It was vivid and lifelike.

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