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Chapter 321

When Lan Huanyu saw this, he sighed in despair.

"Ha hha, we're about to succeed! We'll have our totem tattoos soon!" An old man said happily.

They all looked at the image in the mirror, also somewhat nervous.

Qin Yun's anger reached its peak. He knew that there were many people watching but they did not stop them!

As soon as he thought about it, he knew that this was someone from the Blue Spirit Star Palace conspiring to seize his totem tattoos.

At this moment, he could clearly feel that his totem tattoo was being pulled out!

This process was extremely painful. It was as if the arm of a Heavenly Lion had been pierced by a thousand needles!

He was in so much pain that he couldn't do anything. His mind was in disorder and his injured body was too exhausted to fight back.

He secretly hated himself for not fighting back just now.

He hadn't thought that Huang Yukun would actually have something that could remove a totem tattoo.

"I am sorry, Heavenly Lion Totem. I am truly useless. I have failed to live up to your acknowledgment! But I promise you, as long as I am still alive, I will definitely avenge you."

Qin Yun screamed in his heart.

Just as he was in despair and grief, his arm suddenly shook and flashed with a purplish-gold light.

"This is... the Vajra Martial Spirit had left my body!" Qin Yun did not know why, but the Heavenly Lion's Arm could actually escape by itself.

One must know that in normal times, one had to control it with mental force in order to release it!

The martial spirit of the Heavenly Lion's Arms was a ball of lightning and fire intertwining together. After running out, it charged towards Huang Yukun!

Huang Yukun hadn't expected this and was struck on the head by the Martial Spirit the moment he saw it.

That mass of martial spirit seemed to be very angry. It rushed towards Huang Yukun's head and actually rushed into his body!

"Ahhhhhh!!!" Huang Yukun screamed as the light blue bead in his hand fell to the ground.

Without him activating the pearl, the totem tattoo gradually returned to Qin Yun's arm.

Qin Yun's pain lessened as his mind gradually stabilized. He hurriedly controlled the light inscription equipment to heal his injuries. At the same time, he concentrated his mind in preparation to use the Spirit Concentration Kill Technique!

The martial spirit that had entered Huang YuKun's body flew out and returned to Qin Yun's arm.

Just now, Huang Yukun's face had been twisted in pain from the Thunder Flame Martial Spirit's attack!

He roared angrily and even took out a weapon as he charged at Qin Yun!

"Go to hell!" Qin Yun bellowed coldly as he sent out the gathered mind energy through the Spirit Concentration Kill Technique. Two beams of white light shot out from his eyes as they struck at Huang Yukun.

After Huang Yukun was hit by the Spirit Concentration Kill, he immediately lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

Qin Yun released all the Internal Supreme Force from the three inner cores in his body and condensed it into the arm of Heavenly Lion. Through explosive gas, he struck at Huang Yukun!


After a loud blast, Huang Yukun's body exploded into a cloud of red mist!

Even his armor had been shattered into many small pieces, scattered all over the training room.

The group of elders watching the competition were all dumbfounded as they looked at the mirror on the wall in shock!

They had thought that Huang Yukun would be able to continue suppressing Qin Yun. Who knew that after Qin Yun recovered, he would unleash such a terrifying force!

Qin Yun was already severely injured. Forcefully using the Qi Explosion Technique made him even more exhausted. He could only lie on the ground and use his weakened mind to channel the power of the light inscriptions to heal his body.

Lan Huayu said with a laugh, "Huang Yukun is courting death. Did you see how much love the Heavenly Lion Totem Tattoo has for Qin Yun? It can even use martial spirit to protect it's master!"

"I want to take down Qin Yun!" An old man shouted angrily.

"Qin Yun did not violate the rules! If you dare to take him down, I will fight you to the death here!"

Lan Huayu's cold voice was filled with killing intent as he took out two blue talismans.

Seeing the blue talisman in his hand, the old man's expression changed and he quickly took a few steps back.

"Xuan talisman!"

Lan Huayu sneered, "What? You guys are afraid of death too?"

None of the elders spoke a word.

Huang Yukun was already dead and in their eyes, their lives were even more precious. There was no need for them to risk it all for a dead person.

"Huang Yukun is a Saint. The Grand Palace Master will definitely investigate his death!" Lan Huayu said with a sneer, "Have you thought about what to do?"

"Huang Yukun used his weapon to attack the injured Qin Yun. Qin Yun used his mind energy to retaliate. This is Huang Yukun's fault." The Palace Master of the West Palace lightly said.

The other old men all nodded.

Lan HuaYu coldly snorted and said, "You guys really can take it easy!"

He was secretly afraid. Qin Yun had nearly been finished just now.

Just now, Lan Huayu had also wanted to rush out and fight!

However, he still had some concerns. When he saw the close connection between Qin Yun and the totem tatoo, he no longer had any concerns. He vowed to protect Qin Yun.

Even he thought that Qin Yun's totem tatoo was not normal, he thought it could even be a dead totem.

But just now, he had personally seen the totem soul come out and protect his master. This meant that the totem soul was filled with spirituality. This was also the totem soul that was in the best condition!

Qin Yun leaned against a corner of the wall and closed his eyes. He quietly allowed the power of light inscriptions to heal him.

He did not know what would happen if he killed Huang Yukun, so he was too lazy to think about it.

Right now, he only wanted to climb up to a higher level so that he could obtain a better result and obtain the Life Mark Crystal Jade. This would allow him to be even closer to the Martial Dao Realm.

Qin Yun had the bloodline of the Heavenly Lion. Along with the light inscription and the Black Yellow Heart Sutra, his recovery speed was extremely fast. He had only rested for an hour or so before he was more or less recovered.

At the bottom of the Blue Spirit Profound Tower, everyone looked at the windows on the upper floors.

"Most of the martial artists have already jumped out of the window. They can only reach the third floor. Even those saints aren't a match for the Puppets!"

"Right now, Qin Yun, Ji Kailin and Huang Yukun are still up there. As for the windows on the fourth level, they should all be open!"

The people below the Blue Spirit Profound Tower were not clear about the situation above. They could only guess which floor the warriors had reached through the open windows.

Suddenly, the fifth floor's window opened!

"Someone went up to the fifth floor. Who went up?" An old man exclaimed.

"Is there even a need to ask? It had to be Ji Kailin! Only he can reach the fifth floor. He is wearing royal grade spirit armor!"

"The puppets on the third floor are already very powerful. How powerful are the ones on the fifth floor? I don't even dare to think about it!"

A warrior who had entered the third floor thought back, his face full of fear.

Xiangyu Zu was Ji Kailin's mentor. With a face full of wrinkles, he looked quite pleased with himself. From the looks of it, he was determined to win.

If Ji Kailin could obtain first place, then he could obtain the Body Restoration and Jade Muscle Liquid, allowing him to recover his youth.

Not long after, the sixth floor's window also opened, causing the people waiting below the Blue Spirit Profound Tower to let out cries of disbelief.

The fifth floor puppet was extremely powerful in their eyes but it had been defeated!

He looked at Yang Shiyue and said with a sneer, "Miss Yang, it is possible that Qin Yun will be crippled in the fourth level. He will not be able to go up!"

Yang Shiyue snorted and ignored him.

He smiled even more happily at her displeasure!

At this moment, many people also came over to congratulate Ancestor Yu for obtaining the Facial Restoration and Jade Muscle Fluid.

The old man in charge walked over with a smile and said, "Elder Xiang, the time is almost up. Ji Kailin has won and when the time is up, the elders in charge of supervising the competition will announce the results! Then I'll congratulate you first!"

Xiao Yanglong also walked over with a smile. "Elder Xiang, congratulations on your return to being a youth!"

Xiangyu was the oldest person here. Although he was a rather harsh and sinister person, there were still a lot of people flattering him.

The old men who came to congratulate Ancestor Yu numbered in the tens and the juniors numbered in the hundreds.

"Everyone, tonight, I invite you all to a banquet to witness my return to youth!"

He stood at a very high place and laughed heartily.

At this moment, the palace masters of the four palaces, Lan HuaYu and a few other elders had also floated down from the ninth floor.

"The fourth round of the competition is over!" As an old man spoke, he took out the Jade Muscle Fluid and the Facial Restoration Fluid before slowly walking towards the crowd.

Ancestor Zu smiled merrily and grew slightly excited.

The people next to him were also smiling. As long as he received the prizes, they would immediately flatter him.

However, after that elder came over, he actually went over to Yang Shiyue!

"Miss Yang, Qin Yun has ascended to the sixth level and obtained first place. Congratulations!" The elder passed two small jade bottles to Yang Shiyue.

Xiangyu Zu and the large group of people were all dumbfounded!

Especially Xiangyu Zu, who was extremely embarrassed. He thought that almost everyone believed that he had received a reward and that they had all congratulated him. But now....

The person who had reached the sixth level was Qin Yun!

Yang Shiyue was also somewhat astonished as she received the prize. She felt that it was already very good for Qin Yun to reach the fourth level.

After all, Qin Yun did not have any defensive equipment and his preparations were insufficient.

But who would've thought that he'd actually be able to make it to the sixth level and become number one!

"About that, Protector Zhang... Are you mistaken?" Xiangyu Zu's expression suddenly changed and he quickly asked.

"A total of three people have ascended to the fourth level. They are Qin Yun, Huang Yukun and Ji Kailin!"

"Although Ji Kailin defeated the puppet on the fourth floor, he also suffered some injuries. Not only that, his Royal Grade spirit armor was damaged, so he still hasn't gone upstairs!"

"As for Huang Yukun, he had a conflict with Qin Yun in the sparring room on the fourth level..." when that Protector spoke to here, many people were astonished.

Defender Zhang sighed and said, "Because Huang Yukun had violated the rules and used a weapon in his duel with Qin Yun, he was killed by Qin Yun. Qin Yun was injured as well. However, his recovery speed was very fast and his mental power was very strong. By attacking the puppet with his mental power, he could easily defeat it and help him ascend to the sixth level!"

The weak point of the puppet was actually it's fear of mental energy!

The strength of Qin Yun's mind energy was well-known.

However, Huang Yukun had actually been killed. He was killed just like that!

Just as everyone was at a loss for words, Xiangyu Zu said, "Protector Zhang, Qin Yun's mental power is so strong. It's unfair for him to be able to easily deal with a puppet!"

Xiangyu Zu looked at the two jade bottles in Yang Shi Yue's hands. He was extremely jealous and unwilling.

At that moment, Qin Yun from the sixth level and Ji Kailin from the fourth level had also descended.

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