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Chapter 320

Qin Yun looked at the puppet and clenched his fists tightly, as though he was facing a great enemy.

This puppet was different from the previous one. It gave off an inexplicable sense of oppression!

Qin Yun looked at the stairs that led up to the third level. If a Blue Spirit Saint was strong enough, they could also come to this level.

If he were to fight against the puppets at that time, he would be helping a saint ascend to fifth floor. He did not want to see this happen.

The Puppet guarded the stairway to the fifth level as it looked at Qin Yun without moving. His body was filled with a powerful energy that could fight at any time.

"This puppet is extremely powerful. I don't know much about it and I have no way to make a move on it!" Qin Yun gritted his teeth and finally decided to make a move.

His fist flashed with light as it overflowed with flames. With a step, he arrived in front of the Puppet!

The Flame Light Fist struck out, causing a scorching, fiery light to burst out.

What Qin Yun did not expect was that the puppet's attack speed was very fast. In a very short period of time, it had struck out with a palm to meet his fist!


The fist and palm collided, creating an air current that scorched the entire battle room.

Qin Yun was forced back more than a dozen steps. His fist was bleeding from the pain. He was extremely astonished. The strength of the puppet was beyond his imagination!

His had used inner qi!

However, after the blow was sent out, it was actually blocked by the opponent's palm!

What was even more frightening was that the Puppeteer didn't even budge an inch while he was forced back.

"The fourth puppet is already this strong. I wonder what the puppet above is capable of!" When Qin Yun thought of the higher-ups, he secretly took a deep breath.

The puppets on the higher levels would definitely be stronger!

"This puppet only defends when I attack, which makes me feel a lot less pressured!" Just as Qin Yun heaved a sigh of relief, he saw the puppet standing at the staircase suddenly disappear.

The puppet was attacking at high speed!


Qin Yun was caught off guard as the puppet that suddenly flew over gave him a ruthless push!

His body seemed to have been catapulted violently away, crashing against the wall of the martial arts training room.

Although Qin Yun's entire body was in pain, he was able to react in time. The moment he was sent flying, he left the spot rapidly!


The Puppet chased after him and slammed it's palm on the wall, causing a loud rumble!

The palm power that had surged out was like a violent storm, dancing chaotically in the competition room.

"This guy used the power of the Lightning Element!" At the same time that Qin Yun felt alarmed, he used his light inscription equipment to heal his injuries. Then, with a shake of his fists, he charged forward and unleashed Tsunami Art, sending out nine shockwaves.

The puppet's attacks were very compact. It charged at Qin Yun in succession but was repelled by the Tsunami Technique's nine shock waves!

He was forced back to the wall by the shock waves and was still being hit by the shock waves.

Qin Yun's injuries had recovered significantly!

He quickly flew over and displayed the Hanshan Style. He ruthlessly flipped the tall and sturdy Puppet Man onto the ground and then used the Thousand Horse Palm to hit the Puppet several times in a row.

The puppet lying on the ground suddenly burst out with explosive lightning. A few bolts of lightning pounced like a viper and struck at Qin Yun's body!


Qin Yun was struck by the violent bolt of lightning. His body felt pain as he let out a low roar. He was also sent flying backwards and crashed into a wall.

The puppet had been bombarded repeatedly but it did not slow down because of this and it's reaction was still the same as before.

After it stood up, it charged at Qin Yun like a bolt of lightning. it's palms were like two gigantic axes as they jumped with electric threads, ruthlessly slashing at Qin Yun's shoulders.

Qin Yun did not have the time to dodge the strike. However, his body instinctively surged out shock waves and nether sun inner force, which gathered on his shoulders.


Qin Yun fell to his knees from the strike. Although his shoulder was in pain, he did not sustain any injuries.

If it were not for the two powers of Vibration and Nether Sun, his arms might have been severely injured.


Qin Yun roared and conjured the Heavenly Lion's Roar, condensing his mental power into it. At the same time, he used Spirit Concentration Kill Technique, accompanied by a shockwave.

What drove the puppet was the internal mental energy!

When refining puppets, the mental force storage area would usually be strengthened to withstand the mental force attack.

However, Qin Yun's close-range attack mixed with the shockwave penetrated the puppet's body, causing a certain degree of damage to the strand of mind energy.

Qin Yun stood up abruptly and used the Heavenly Lion Fighting Dragon Claw through the arm of the Heavenly Lion!

He rushed towards the stupefied Puppet and used the Six Style Wind Slayer Technique!

The Puppet's body was extremely strong. It was worthy of being refined using Royal Grade Bone Steel!

Qin Yun only needed to use one move to know that the Heaven Lion Fighting Dragon Claw was unable to break through the powerful defense of the puppet.

He also hurriedly switched to the Six Style Forging Dragon!

He clenched his fist tightly. The Heavenly Lion totem tatoo on his left arm glittered brightly. Coupled with the bloodline of the Heavenly Lion in his body, this arm made it even more terrifying!

Clenching his fists tightly, a golden-purple lightning bolt suddenly flashed out towards the puppet's head, striking it like a thunderbolt!


A flash of lightning accompanied by a loud explosion shook the entire battling room!

The head of the puppet was struck so hard that it caved in. Cracks appeare, and the energy within began to flow out!

Just as Qin Yun was about to execute the second form, the puppet struck back with a palm strike at Qin Yun's abdomen!

Qin Yun roared and retreated a few steps back. He felt as though his body was being ravaged by a violent bolt of lightning. It was as though he was about to be torn apart!

After slapping Qin Yun, the puppet fell to the ground. It seemed to be damaged and could not move!

"This thing, it actually counter-attacked right before it died!" Qin Yun hurriedly used the light inscription armor to release the recovery spirit energy to stabilize his injuries.

He had internal and external injuries. If he did not have the protection from both the Nether Sun and Vibration powers, he would have been torn to shreds by the puppet.

He wasn't in a hurry to enter the fifth floor, as the puppet above him was even stronger. He was already at the fourth floor, so he was confident that he could make it to the next round.

The elders watching from the ninth level were shocked by Qin Yun's strength. They were moved!

However, while he was recuperating, Qin Yun suddenly sensed someone approaching!

In the sparring hall on this level, there were two flights of stairs that led up. One of them was the one Qin Yun had ascended earlier.

The other one was from another martial arts room!

The one who came up was a man wearing a golden-blue armor. His appearance was average and his face was proud. He was a Saint of the Blue Spirit Realm!

When he saw Qin Yun recuperating, his eyes turned sinister and filled with joy.

This saint was the one who had framed Qin Yun and said that Qin Yun had stepped on his foot!

His name was Huang Yukun. To be able to become a Saint of the Blue Spirit World, he definitely wasn't weak.

"Qin Yun, your strength isn't bad. You came to the fourth level very early and defeated the puppet here!"

Huang Yukun smiled sinisterly as he walked over and looked at the damaged Puppeteer.

"You can go to the fifth floor!" Qin Yun said indifferently.

"To be honest, I've been here before. If I want to deal with the Puppet on the fourth floor, I'll have to risk my life. Therefore, if I go to the fifth floor, I won't be able to defeat the puppets there. In fact, if I go there, I might even be seriously injured or even killed."

Huang Yukun came in front of Qin Yun. His eyes were filled with malice as he continued saying, "Qin Yun, oh Qin Yun. I never expected that you would fall into my hands!"

Qin Yun was alarmed as he hurriedly said, "Private duels are not allowed here!"

"Who said that there is no such rule! Since he didn't mention it, he was only allowed to not kill the opponent! This is a martial arts competition, fighting and such is very normal!"

Huang Yukun smiled sinisterly as he took out a light blue bead from his storage pouch and injected energy into it. No one knew what he was doing.

As he infused energy into the light blue bead, he suddenly raised his leg to sweep at Qin Yun. When it struck Qin Yun's left cheek, a purplish-gold mist burst out. It was filled with the aura of a beast.

Qin Yun was injured internally and externally, so he would not be able to recover quickly. With such a sweep, he was sent flying into a wall.

Huang Yukun laughed maniacally as he charged at Qin Yun with a few vicious kicks. He kicked Qin Yun to the point where his face was bruised and he was struggling on the ground.

"You beast, I won't let you off!"

Qin Yun bellowed angrily. The veins on his forehead bulged as his entire body burned with rage.

"You cursed at me!" Huang Yukun was infuriated as he stepped heavily on Qin Yun's face, preventing him from saying a word.

Lan Huayu was in a secret chamber on the ninth floor. As he saw this scene, he wanted to rush out but he was stopped by several elders from the Saint Palace.

"Huang Yukun violated the rules. Did you not see that?" Lan Huayu said angrily.

"No, it is possible to compete in the tower!" An elder of rather high status smiled faintly. "If you save Qin Yun, then he will not be able to enter the next round! Do you think he would let you save him?"

"Qin Yun can't win. He can run by himself, so you don't have to worry!"

"He's a disciple of our Western Palace, so even I'm not worried. What are you worried about?"

Lan Huayu's face was gloomy as he coldly said: "Do you really think that I don't recognize the pearl in Huang YuKun's hand? That's an ancient totem orb!"

"You have a few with you. I believe you gave them to the Saints to plunder Qin Yun's Heavenly Lion totem when they met him, right?"

"Lan Huayu, what do you plan to do?" That old man from the Saint Palace with a very high status chuckled sinisterly and said: "No matter what, we won't let you pass!"

Lan Huayu was enraged to the extreme, "Fine, since you do not put me, the Inscription Master, in your eyes, then after the event, I will leave the Saint Palace and explore the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range. I will no longer care about the matters related to the Saint Palace's Inscription!"

His words caused the faces of the elders to change.

It could be seen that Lan Huayu was still very important within the Sacred Palace.

"Old Lan, if we can get our hands on the totem tattoos, we will definitely study them together with you. This is a great thing for the whole of our Blue Spirit Palace, why are you doing this? For the sake of an outsider like Qin Yun, we have to give up such a great opportunity?"

"That's right! Totem marks! If we can master them, our Blue Spirit Star Palace will definitely become stronger. Then, we'll be able to return to the Martial Desolate land and defeat our enemies!"

Suddenly, Qin Yun's shout was heard. Everyone looked at a mirror on the wall!

They saw Huang Yukun stepping on Qin Yun's face as he used the Totem Extraction Pearl to absorb the totem on Qin Yun's arm!

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