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Chapter 32 Celestial Lion Totem

Yang Shiyue took over from President Zhang and waited patiently outside the door. She was constantly paying attention to Qin Yun's signs of life.

The fact that Qin Yun was able to soak in the Heavenly Lion Lake for many days showed that he had great potential. This made her secretly pleasantly surprised.

Another three days passed. Qin Yun spent a total of ten days in the Celestial Lion Pool!

On the tenth day, Qin Yun finally crawled out of the Celestial Lion Lake.

He turned his head to look at the pool. The water in the pool was originally blood-red, but now it had become extremely clear.

"I wonder how many days have passed?" I actually fell asleep! " It was very comfortable for him to be soaking in it, and he slept soundly.

If others were to find out that he had slept for ten days in the Celestial Lion Pool, no one would believe him.

Everyone knew how terrifying the Heavenly Lion Lake was, because it was also known as the Heavenly Lion Lake!

In the history of the Hua Ling Martial Arts School, there were a few students who could not bear the pain and fainted in the pool. Even their bones were melted.

Qin Yun picked up his clothes and was about to put them on when he suddenly realized that there were many purplish-gold lines on his left arm. Furthermore, it looked very familiar.

When he looked carefully, he was shocked and shouted, "This is … The Heavenly Lion Totem? "

The reason why it felt so familiar was because there were many similar Heavenly Lion totems on the walls and on the floor when they passed through the corridor.

"Wasn't it just a bath and a nap? Then, the Celestial Lion Totem appeared, but not too ugly. " Qin Yun used his hand to feel it as though it had grown out from his skin.

He was extremely puzzled. He did not know if the Heavenly Lion Totem Stone would have any effect on him.

"Whatever, if I am found, just say that I drew it myself!" He was worried that if he told others the truth, people would think that he was an evil person and say that he cultivated evil arts or something like that.

What he did not know was that he had been submerged in the Heavenly Lion Lake for ten days.

After putting on his clothes, Qin Yun inspected the Celestial Lion Pool and obtained the results.

With a thought, he controlled his inner Qi to spin at a very fast speed. The inner Qi he released instantly flowed through all his meridians and into his bones.

"This is great, I have opened up all the meridians!" He laughed with great satisfaction.

All of his meridians were cleared, and his luck was extremely smooth. His inner Qi could be reached according to his will.

In a battle, this was an advantage.

After the tempering of the Heavenly Lion Spring Water, his body had become tougher and stronger.

"I can execute the Fire Cloud Steps in an instant!" He tried out his Qing Gong and found that he could quickly circulate the inner Qi of his Qing Gong.

The thing that made him most excited was that his elemental energy could release silk-like strands of internal energy while rotating at top speed.

"Is this inner strength?" I actually managed to cultivate it just like that! " Qin Yun was pondering over this earlier and had Yang Shiyue teach him how to cultivate inner force.

Cultivating inner strength meant that he could inscribe mysterious patterns and begin learning the Dao of inscriptions!

Yang Shi Yue was outside the Heaven Lion Lake, her beautiful face was full of worry, as she anxiously walked around.

Suddenly, the stone door of the Celestial Lion Lake opened!

Qin Yun, who was brimming with energy, had just walked out when a fragrant wind blew over him. It was a fragrance he was familiar with!

Seeing the stone door open, Yang Shiyue quickly walked over. She wore a simple and elegant yellow dress, and a trace of worry could be seen within her beautiful and elegant eyes.

Qin Yun had thought that it was Dean Zhang who was waiting for him. Now that he saw Yang Shiyue, he was very happy.

He looked around and asked, "Teacher!" Why are you here? Where's the dean!? "

"You … Are you okay? " Yang Shi Yue frowned and asked anxiously.

"Of course I'm fine, I even managed to cultivate inner strength!" Then, he opened his palm and forced out a faint purplish-gold thread.

When Yang Shiyue saw that strand of inner force, she was so shocked that it was as if her heart was set ablaze!

Cultivating inner strength was no small matter. It was equivalent to half a step into the sixth level of the Martial Body realm!

"You little devil …" "What a freak!" Yang Shiyue was finally relieved and couldn't help but smile like a flower as she gently said: "You stayed in there for ten days, aren't you afraid of the pain? The Heavenly Lion's Spring Water is as hot as molten iron. Most people can only last one day! "

Qin Yun was also very surprised. "I never expected it to take ten days!" Does it hurt? I don't feel it! It's rather comfortable, since I've already fallen asleep inside! "

Comfortable? Moreover, he had fallen asleep. Yang Shiyue was dazed for a moment, and was shocked in her heart. She said in a low voice: "Let's go back and talk!"

Yang Shiyue brought Qin Yun and hurriedly left the Heavenly Lion Holy Land …

During these ten days, Qin Yun's astounding performance in the Heavenly Lion Martial Meet had spread throughout the entire Heavenly Qin Empire.

The matter of him soaking in the Heavenly Lion Lake for ten days would also cause a huge sensation!

Many people in the Hua Ling Wu Academy could only sigh inwardly because they wanted to befriend Qin Yun. However, Qin Yun was not only a thorn in the Queen's side. He had also formed a huge enmity with Wei Xuankun. Therefore, the moment he made friends with Qin Yun, he had to oppose the Empress and Wei Xuankun.

Furthermore, not only had Qin Yun injured Wei Xuankun, he had even broken the spirit sword forged by his father, Master Wei. This was undoubtedly a provocation of Grandmaster Qing Wen!

Wei Xuankun's father would definitely not let this matter rest.

Everyone had a consensus that Qin Yun was likely to be beaten to death the moment he left the Hua Ling Wu Courtyard!

Spiritual Martial Force Academy, a quiet and pleasant bamboo forest. Qin Yun was sitting beside a stone table in a pavilion. He opened his palm and released his strongest internal force, allowing Yang Shiyue to test his strength.

"Teacher, why am I fine even after soaking in the Celestial Lion Lake for ten days?" Qin Yun found this unbelievable.

Yang Shiyue said: "The Heaven Lion Pool is called a spring, but it was actually made from the blood of a mysterious lion! The Heavenly Lion Spring Water was of the fire attribute, it was very likely that … You have the Purple Gold Fire Martial Spirit, so you won't feel pain! "

Qin Yun could only accept this explanation. Then, he asked, "Teacher, on the day of the martial arts competition, did you have something to do?"

Mentioning this matter, Yang Shiyue's face was full of displeasure. She tenderly snorted: "It's still that reason, there's someone secretly playing tricks on me, wanting to transfer me away so I can stay away from you!"

Qin Yun immediately realized that it was the empress and company's scheme. Previously, Principal Zhang had hinted at this matter.

Yang Shiyue was furious, she snorted and said: "Entering the Martial Arts Academy for around a month will mean that the freshmen will have to go out to gain experience! That's why on the day of the Heavenly Lion Martial Meet, I went to look for the Headmaster and had him approve of our class not going out. "

"It's a pity that you've been disrupted by a group of people. Two of the elders firmly opposed this, saying that you've obtained so many resources and that you need to go out and train in order to verify your strength! And he even asked me to let go and let you join any class. "

When Qin Yun heard that he was going out, he was filled with anticipation. He asked, "How many more days before I go out?"

Yang Shiyue poured a cup of water for Qin Yun and said, "There are about ten days left. With Teacher accompanying, there will be some safety guarantees. At that time, I will also be by your side."

Qin Yun nodded and said, "Teacher, can you help me buy some paper talismans? And buy a carving knife! "

He took out ten purple crystal coins and handed them over. This was equivalent to ten thousand crystal coins, and was enough to buy a lot of blank talisman paper.

The first step to learning strange inscriptions was to create spirit runes to familiarize yourself with drawing spirit patterns.

The talisman paper had been soaked in demonic beast blood and was washed with spirit liquid. The talisman paper contained spirit energy. If one were to carve strange patterns on the talisman paper, it would have a special effect.

Yang Shiyue asked in surprise, "Why buy the talisman?"

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