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Chapter 312

Fifty small blue tents were set up on the field. After they were set up, the middle-aged men quickly left the field.

Lan Huayu said, "These tents are all small sealing arrays. You guys enter, then I'll open the seal formation from the outside. You all will need to break out of the sealing circle within an hour and furthermore, you all must not break the sealing circle!"

Breaking out of the formation within an hour is a very short period of time.

Many high level Inscriptionists found it difficult.

Of course, they had never tried it before, so they had no idea how difficult it was.

If it was truly difficult, then no Senior Inscriptionist would be able to pass the competition.

"Alright, according to the previous ranking, the top fifty will enter the tent first!" Lan Huanyu said.

In the previous round of the competition, Qin Yun and Lan Fengjin had both placed in the top fifty. They had each entered a tent.

"This sealing formation is much more powerful than I thought!"

The moment Qin Yun entered, he could immediately sense the structure inside the sealing array.

In this sort of sealing formation, one would feel extremely pressured.

After all, being trapped in such a small space would give others a difficult feeling to breathe and it would also give one a great mental pressure.

In this sort of environment, it was extremely difficult for one to concentrate on breaking through the array.

"Let's begin now!" Lan Huayu shouted and the seal formation began to activate.

As soon as the formation was activated, all the Inscription Masters inside were in the same mood. They were all a bit frightened, worried that they would be forever sealed inside.

"Only by breaking through the formation within an hour can you enter the fourth round!" Lan Huayu's voice sounded.

Qin Yun sat in the tent. It was blue inside and there was no spiritual energy. However, he could hear the sounds from outside.

"This round of competition is really difficult. Who knows, maybe there'll be less than 30 people who can enter the fourth round!"

Qin Yun frowned as he probed the sealing array with his mind energy.

"Brother Yun... I can break the formation!" Mo Mo suddenly shouted.

Qin Yun suddenly recalled that the fairy had this ability because she could sense the hidden inscriptions.

The difficulty of breaking this formation was that you couldn't see the hidden inscription.

If one knew the array's bright lines and dark lines like the back of their hands, they would be able to accurately understand the array's meridians and then break the array's energy channels, causing the array to stop and successfully break the array.

"Mo Mo, what are you going to do? Will you be showing me the Dark lines?" Qin Yun carefully released the fairy. He was inside the array, so no one outside could see him.

"No, I have a special ability. It can paralyze the energy transmission meridians of the array and cause the array formation to temporarily fail!" As she spoke, her green eyes overflowed with a faint green glow.

"Wait!" Qin Yun hurriedly shouted.

Mo Mo immediately stopped and asked suspiciously: "Brother Yun, what's wrong? I can break this formation immediately and let you out!"

"I just came in. If I leave immediately, people will suspect me!" Qin Yun said with a smile, "You can begin breaking the array when it's about time!"

Mo Mo hurriedly nodded, "Alright, I'll go in first!"

Qin Yun placed the fairy into his storage space and took the opportunity to observe the array as he attempted to break it.

He closed his eyes and concentrated on inspecting the formation.

Not long after, he could clearly feel the fluctuations of the Nine Yang energy but it was very weak.

"The spirit inscription meridians of this formation are continuously absorbing the nine suns' spirit energy from outside. The mental energy that I have cultivated with the Nine Yang Divine Spirit is extremely sensitive to the energy of the nine suns, so I was able to sense it."

Qin Yun never expected that he would be able to discover the essence of the energy transmission. In other words, he had already touched the crux of breaking the array.


He immediately used his mental energy. It practically turned into several threads that poured into the spirit inscription meridians that were channeled with energy and sealed them.

The sealing process also required a bit of time.

Qin Yun proceeded rather smoothly. After less than an hour, he had successfully blocked the sealing array's energy channeling to it's meridians!

The sealing array instantly lost it's effect. He opened the tent from the inside and was surprised to see many pairs of eyes looking at him!

He himself was greatly surprised because he was the first Inscription Master to break out of this formation!

Originally, the fairy could have broken the array faster. However, he did not allow the fairy to move. Instead, he was already fumbling around by himself. He did not expect to be the fastest to break the array!

"'re the first one!" Lan Huayu said in shock, "How can you be that fast? Generally speaking, the time it would take for a high level inscription master to display his full potential is around an hour!"

"I don't know what's going on either. I could easily sense the energy channeling meridians formed by spirit marks in the array and then went to seal them up!"

Qin Yun scratched the back of his head and said with a smile, "Senior Lan, is there a problem with my tent? I can actually feel the energy channeling meridians of spirit inscription so easily!"

None of the onlookers understood what was going on and only a few Inscription Masters knew what was going on.

Zhuo Chuan said, "The energy channeling meridians of spirit patterns are very secretive and very difficult to block. Normally, arrays have quite a few meridians and they are very difficult to find. "

Lan Huanu inspected Qin Yun's tent and said with absolute certainty, "There's no problem with this array formation. Maybe it is because you have cultivated the Primordial Spirit Vein that your perception has become very strong!"

A Primordial Spirit Vein could allow a spirit vein to leave the body along with the primordial spirit.

Spirit veins were the most sensitive to energy. If one were to simply release their power to investigate the formation, they would be able to quickly sense the energy that was channeling from the meridians.

Qin Yun secretly thanked Huo Zhong. It was because of the soul jade Huo Zhong had given him that his usage of his primordial spirit constantly improved.

He did not know what it meant that he had been the first to come out.

He'd thought that the other Inscription Masters would be able to come out within an hour.

But now, after he came out and waited for a while, there was still no movement from the tents on the field!

"Is that sealing formation really that powerful?" Qin Yun had been staring at Lan Fengjin's tent, hoping that she would hurry up and come out.

"Very powerful. Even I, under the condition that I don't destroy the tent, won't be able to come out as quickly as you!" Lan Huayu said, "Of course. After I familiarize myself with this sealing array formation, it will be much easier to exit!"

Even though he was familiar with it, it wasn't that easy.

This was because the energy that flowed through the meridians of these sealing arrays could be changed. When they were being set up, the Inscription Master could pick any energy meridian they wanted.

Thus, the energy channels within the fifty tents here were all different.

An hour was almost up and finally, there was an Inscription Master out!

The Inscription Master that came out was wearing a blue robe. He was an old eccentric inscriptionist from the Blue Spirit Star Palace. When he came out, he couldn't help but feel secretly pleased with himself when he saw that many tents were closed.

When he saw Qin Yun standing at the side of the arena, it was as though he had seen a ghost. He was given a fright.

Qin Yun, this little demon, had actually appeared earlier than him!

This old man snorted lightly and then walked over to Lan Huayu's side.

Following that, more and more Inscription Masters came out from the tent. There weren't many of them, only eight!

An hour had passed. Even the Inscription Masters that hadn't broken through the seal sealing array formation had been eliminated!

Qin Yun could not help but frown because Lan Fengjin had failed to appear!

Many people felt that it was a great pity. Lan Fengjin, one of the few young female inscriptionists, had actually lost here!

Lan Huayu walked over and opened the tents one by one, allowing the Inscriptionists to come out.

Lan Fengjin also knew that she had lost and walked out in disappointment.

The moment she came out, she was overjoyed to learn that Qin Yun was the first person to run out.

She had taken Qin Yun as her master and was even more certain that she had not taken the wrong master. At the same time, she felt proud for her master!

"Awesome, as expected of my...Hehe!" Lan Fengjin came to Qin Yun's side and pinched Qin Yun's arm as she said with a smile.

"I never expected you to lose in the third round!" Qin Yun said with a sigh, "I thought you would be able to reach the final round and compete with me!"

"Hmph, are you mocking me?" Lan Fengjin snorted lightly.

"Of course not!" Qin Yun smiled. "Sister Lan, you are still young. Your future is limitless!"

When everyone saw Lan Fengjin's defeat, they secretly admired Lan Huayu as well. He hadn't cheated in secret and hadn't helped his granddaughter through the third round. It was not as vile as the martial arts competition.

Lan Fengjin was also very clear on her level. Being able to reach such a level was already pretty good.

This was because many of the old high-ranked Inscription Masters had also been eliminated here, so there was nothing to be embarrassed about.

Qin Yun had successfully made it into the fourth round.

After that, the remaining fifty Inscription Masters entered their tents and started to break the formation.

After an hour passed, there were already fifteen people who managed to escape from this group of Inscription Masters.

In this third round of the competition, there were only 25 people who could advance!

Qin Yun had guessed that there were more than thirty people. It was less than he expected.

After the competition ended, Qin Yun, Lan Fengjin and company returned to the grove.

After returning, Qin Yun saw Yang Shiyue flying nimbly in the woods, performing an excellent movement skill.

"It's the Mysterious Star Steps. However, the footwork is very messy and her breathing is not smooth. She is learning it right now." Lan Huayu saw this from afar and said.

"This Mysterious Star Steps is rather difficult to control. Different people would have different footwork after they learn it. This is a movement technique with a different personality!" Zhuo Chuan laughed.

Huo Zhong, Murong Daren, and Xue Ziye were the ones who had obtained the Mysterious Star Steps. They had started to learn it very early.

Qin Yun had also asked them. The methods they learned were indeed different.

Yang Shiyue flew over and politely greeted Zhuo Chuan and Lan Huayu, the two seniors.

"Miss Yang, you are Qin Yun's mentor. Before the fourth round begins, you have three days to give him guidance, right?" Lan Huayu asked.

The fourth round of the martial arts competition would begin in three days.

This was because in the third round of the killing array smelting trial, many martial artists were injured. They would need at least several days to recuperate.

Yang Shiyue nodded: "I'm not sure what the fourth round's competition is but in short, the difficulty will only increase. The last round will definitely be a match that many people look forward to!"

"Your Blue Spirit Saint Palace is so stingy. There were no rewards at all in the two matches of the third round!" Qin Yun smirked. "It's obviously that difficult but why isn't there a reward? How stingy!"

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