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Chapter 277

Qin Yun followed the guard through a garden filled with flowers. As he walked along a long corridor that was built on top of a pond, he saw Meng Feiling. She was by a fake mountain on the shore as she spoke loudly to a few middle-aged men.

Meng FeiLing was wearing a blue suit with her long hair tied behind her waist. Her elegant figure was extremely attractive. At this moment, her charming face was filled with anger as she argued with a few middle-aged men.

"I already said, without my consent, you all are not allowed to wander around the Duke's Palace! If you want to go anywhere, I'll arrange for someone to accompany you! It is not proper for all of you to just randomly run around in the Duke's Mansion!" Meng Feiling shouted.

"Little girl, we are the Inscriptionists responsible for protecting your capital, please show us some respect!" A well-dressed middle-aged man dressed in red sneered "If you don't apologize to us, you'll have to take responsibility if any problems occur in this city!"

Meng FeiLing said angrily, "Ha! It was all your fault! You ran around the mansion and humiliated the maids there! This is not your home, you can't afford to be arrogant here! If you want to talk about apology, it will be to apologize to my Duke Palaces' maidservants!"

The middle-aged man was slightly angry as he shouted, "You want me to apologize to the servants of your manor? You must be insulting us! Aren't they just maidservants? It's her fortune that I like her. You must know that we are all Intermediate Inscriptionists; our statuses are very high!"

With a belly full of anger, Meng FeiLing continued to argue with these few middle-aged men.

Qin Yun found it somewhat strange and asked the guard beside him, "What's the matter with these Inscriptionists? Have they always been like this? "

The guard said, "The Inscription Master responsible for our Demon Imperial City has gone missing. That's why we hired a new batch of Inscriptionists to come over. Although they were only Intermediate level Inscriptionists, their skill level is not bad and they had a lot of experience in maintaining formations. Except, their attitudes have always been rather bad, as they've bullied the maidservants of our Duke's Mansion a few times before. The young miss had tolerated them for a long time but today, she can't stand it any longer, so she started quarreling with them!"

Qin Yun rubbed his chin and asked, "Are these Inscription Masters new?"

The guard nodded, "We recruited them seven days ago! Because there were magical beasts attacking the city from time to time, the defensive formation had to be checked frequently. Since the outside world was currently so chaotic, it was not easy to find the Inscription Masters. Even if their characters were vile, we could only tolerate it. If there was no Inscription Master team to protect the big formation, the entire city would be in danger."

"Alright, you can go back now!" Qin Yun said.

After the guards left, Qin Yun walked through the corridor and came to the side of the fake mountain.

The angry Meng Feiling did not notice Qin Yun behind her. Instead, it was the middle-aged inscriptionists that saw Qin Yun coming.

"You, as a servant, really lack discipline! you are just casually coming over!" The red-clothed middle-aged man shouted at Qin Yun. Having been insulted by Meng FeiLing in such a disgraceful manner, he could only vent his anger on Qin Yun.

Meng Fei Ling turned her head and was pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face. She shouted, "Qin Yun, why have you come?"

"I was just passing by, so I came to visit Sister FeiLing!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

Meng FeiLing looked at the middle-aged Inscriptionists and said with a sneer, "You guys really have guts. This is the crown prince of the Tian Qin Empire!"

The red clothed middle-aged man did not take it seriously and mocked, "So what? He had been expelled from the Star Xuan Wu Academy, so it is obvious that the academy didn't value him at all. So what if he's the crown prince? His safety here still depends on us! If we do not protect the Great City Barrier Formation, he would not dare to stay here for long!"

"The Tian Qin Empire has been invaded by the magical beasts, causing all the cities to be in danger. Other than wasting the resources of the empire, what else can the crown prince do? He had some decent abilities but could he guarantee the safety of an entire city? Only we can guarantee the safety of a city!" Another middle-aged man also ridiculed loudly.

"He seems to be an Inscription Master too! However, he is still only a beginner level Inscription Master, so it is difficult for him to reach the intermediate level. It has to be said that a middle rank spirit formation is extremely difficult. At most, he can refine some middle rank spirit inscriptions or refine some crappy middle rank spirit artifacts."

"Yeah, with his sloppy appearance, if he go into closed-door seclusion and study, his hair would probably be white and he wouldn't be able to become an intermediate level inscription master!"

"In this day and age, the Crown Prince is no big deal. As inscriptionists who can guarantee the safety of an entire city, we are much more respected than you, the Crown Prince!"

The middle-aged inscriptionists constantly taunted Qin Yun and did not put him in their eyes at all.

Meng FeiLing looked very angry but she couldn't refute them. She also knew that the Demon Imperial City's grand formation needed protection at all times, otherwise, it would be easy for the magical beasts to break through.

"Are you really Intermediate Inscriptionists?" Qin Yun asked with a faint smile.

"Of course!" The red clothed middle-aged man said proudly: "My name is Xia Yusen, you can ask for my name! Amongst the intermediate inscriptionists, I can be ranked in the top five. There are some intermediate level Inscription Masters but compared to me, their level is far too inferior!"

At this moment, Meng FeiLing did not say a word because she knew that Qin Yun was very strong in the Dao of Inscription. Just the fact that he refined a Spirit Storage artifact was something that many people yearned for.

"Then may I ask Master Xia, what is the highest level of spirit equipment that you have refined?" Qin Yun asked, "I'm also an Inscription Master. How about we compete?"

Xia Yusen was an Inscription Master and had heard of Qin Yun forging a powerful spirit artifact. For example, the Giant King Spirit Hammer is extremely powerful. It was said to be close to a high-grade spirit artifact. However, he did not believe that Qin Yun had refined it himself. He believed that there was definitely someone secretly helping Qin Yun.

As for the storage pouch that Qin Yun had forged, he had rather acknowledged it. However, the storage bag was not a Spirit weapon for combat, so it could not be used for comparison.

"I know, you have a pretty good Giant King Spirit Hammer. However, everyone knows that you didn't refine this Giant King Spirit Hammer yourself and you have no proof that you refined it yourself. If you bring out this Giant King Spirit Hammer to compare, I will naturally lose." Xia Yu Sen sneered.

Previously, when Qin Yun and Lan Fengjin had gone to the Grand Hall, he had been able to forge Royal Grade Bone Steel on the spot.

Originally, this was a very sensational matter but at that time, the high level Inscription Masters present had concealed it and didn't announce it. They were mainly worried that they would be laughed at.

Therefore, Xia Yusen did not know of this matter. That was why he looked down on Qin Yun so much.

Qin Yun took out his spirit essence saber and said with a smile, "How about I use my saber instead of the Hammer? My saber's grade isn't high; it's almost a middle grade spirit weapon. Take a look!"

Xia Yusen and the others took the saber and looked at it before nodding their heads. Although there was no expression on his face, he was secretly surprised in his heart. This was because the saber was crafted very well. The overall level was very high.

"The best item I can forge is my Vajra Shield. If your knife can leave a mark on my flying sword, then I will willingly admit defeat!" Xia YuSen took out a golden shield and placed it in front of him.

Xia Yusen was at the Martial Dao Realm. With this type of cultivation, he could infuse the power of a Martial Dao Realm cultivator into the round shield to strengthen it's defensive capabilities.

Qin Yun was only at the ninth level Martial Body realm. Even though the weapon in his hand was a Top Grade Spirit Artifact, it was not that easy to leave a mark on the round shield.

"Little Brother Yun, don't compete with them! This guy is at the Martial Dao Realm. It's not fair that a spirit artifact becomes stronger in his hands!" Meng Feiling stepped forward to pull Qin Yun, worried that he would be tricked by the other party.

"It's alright, I will definitely win!" Qin Yun smiled.

Xia YuSen laughed: "Crown Prince, even if you lose it doesn't matter. After all, the gap between us is too big. Right now, I'm only letting you experience the power of an intermediate level Inscription Master. to let you have a clear understanding of your own weak refining skills."

"Master Xia, are you ready? Now that I'm ready, I'm going to cut it!" Qin Yun said with a smile. He was not provoked in the slightest by the mockery in the other party's words.

"Arrogance is a common ailment of all you noble and pampered children. Fine, today I will teach you a lesson and let you know that there is no limit to abilities!" Xia Yusen laughed proudly, "Come on, hack my Vajra Shield!"

He grabbed the round shield and placed it in front of him, silently injecting his martial dao realm power into it. It evenly spread throughout the round shield and formed an energy shield, secretly protecting the round shield.

Qin Yun released the power of the nether sun and infused it into his saber. Then, he executed the Slashing Wind and Thunder move as he slashed ruthlessly at the round shield.

When Xia Yusen and company saw Qin Yun slashing down at them, they were alarmed to the point that their expressions changed drastically. This power was truly terrifying. It was not something that a martial artist at the ninth level martial body could release!

Meng Fei Ling was also stunned by Qin Yun's power. She knew that Qin Yun was at the ninth level Martial Body realm but she never expected him to be so terrifying!

At the instant Qin Yun slashed down, the water in the pond violently trembled as it churned.

Following that, a strong gust of wind blew, bringing along a bolt of lightning that struck the blade of the saber!

With an explosive crackling sound, the spirit essence saber seemed as if it were about to split open the earth, revealing the Vajra Shield in Xia Yusen's hand!


The saber hit the round shield and created a blinding light. The loud sound caused the water in the pond to splash up. The gale that erupted blew down a few trees on the side of the pond.

Qin Yun sheathed his saber and smiled lightly. "Master Xia, your Shield is not a Vajra!"

Xia Yuesen's shield was slightly trembling but his Vajra Shield was actually cracked in half and had many cracks appear on it. It looked like it was about to be destroyed!

Meng FeiLing suppressed the shock in her heart and said with a smile, "This Vajra Shield is too weak. If it wasn't for Xiao Yun holding back his strength, you might have been chopped to death just now!"

"This... This does not count!" Xia YuSen saw that his precious shield had been broken and flew into a rage and shouted: "You're being shameless, you deliberately released all the strength in your body into your blade, destroying my Vajra Shield! You owe me my Vajra Shield!"

Qin Yun said with a smile, "You were the one who looked down on me and promised to compete with me. Who told you to forge such a weak shield that could not withstand a slash from me? Who can you blame? Also, you just channeled your power into the shield, so don't blame me for using my power to slash at your Vajra Shield!"

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