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Chapter 275

When Qin Yun entered, he held a bone talisman tightly because he knew that there was a Martial Dao Realm elder inside. It was also because of this that the Lin Clan was so arrogant.

"Isn't it just teasing this little girl? What's the big deal, it's her fortune that I've taken a liking to her." When Fifth Uncle saw how infuriated Qin Yun and Ding Yi were, he sneered.

These words infuriated Qin Yun even more. He said solemnly, "Uncle Ding, bring Little Hong'er out!"

Ding Yi and the other four elders immediately brought Ding Hong'er out of the tent. After they left, Qin Yun withdrew from the tent.

Just as Qin Yun walked out of the tent, the Lin family followed closely behind.

Especially Lin Yin, who followed behind Qin Yun and apologized profusely, begging for his forgiveness.

As for the rest of the people from the Lin Clan, their faces were filled with sneers. They were especially so for the red-robed elder of the Martial Dao Realm. When he looked at Qin Yun, his eyes were filled with greed.

"That little girl's background is not bad. Just marry me." Fifth Uncle smiled sinisterly as he walked over.

The red-robed elder was an elder of the Lin Family. He stood in front of the Lin Family with a sinister smile on his face.

"What are you doing!" They could now see that because the Lin Clan had an elder of the Martial Dao Realm, they had become extremely arrogant.

"What is it? To fuck your granddaughter, of course! Hahaha..." Fifth Uncle smirked and glanced at Qin Yun. "Why? Are you angry but what can you do? Although you are from the Divine Inscription Palace, you are only at the ninth level Martial Body realm! I will deal with this little girl first, then I will teach you a good lesson!"

Qin Yun had a spirit essence saber and two set of light inscription equipment. These were very expensive items. When the Martial Dao Realm elder heard that Qin Yun had these things, he decided to kill Qin Yun and Ding Yi.

"If you take one more step forward, don't blame me for being impolite!" Qin Yun looked coldly at his fifth uncle and said coldly.

"You didn't see the situation clearly, did you? Even if you ten of you are at the ninth level Martial Body realm, you are still not our match! You should kneel down and beg us for mercy right now."

With a sinister smile on his face, Fifth Uncle walked towards Ding Yi. His face was full of lust, scaring Ding Hong'er to the point that her face was full of fear.

Qin Yun suddenly took out spirit essence saber. The blade shined with a cold light and it's killing intent made the members of the Lin Clan look terrified.

As for Fifth Uncle, he continued walking towards Ding Hong'er with an evil smile on his face.

Lin Yin hurriedly pulled Qin Yun and whispered, "Young Master Yun, don't do anything foolish. The situation now is extremely unfavorable for you. You should cooperate with them!"

The red robed elder laughed loudly and said: "Ol 'Five, let that little girl help our Lin Family produce more children, let our Lin Family flourish, haha... with me here, I can guarantee that they won't even be able to touch your clothes!"

Lin Yin tightly held onto Qin Yun's arm. She was worried that he would attack!

As for Qin Yun, he was enraged to the extreme. His face was filled with killing intent as he said with a deep voice, "I was really blind to save all of you bastards! A bunch of bastards who repay kindness with enmity!"

"You were the one who saved us, what the hell does that have to do with us? If you want to go all the way, give us your saber and those two sets of light inscription equipment, hahaha!! " The Sixth Uncle laughed complacently.

"I will send you on your way!" Qin Yun's cold voice was filled with endless anger. It was accompanied by a strong killing intent that surged in all directions.

The saber in his hand suddenly flew out of his hand and flew towards Fifth Uncle like an icy cold ray of light!

With a whoosh, a cold saber light flashed and Fifth Uncle's head tumbled to the ground. A stream of blood flew into the air.

The wicked fifth uncle of the Lin Family had been killed by Qin Yun!

All the members of the Lin Clan were stunned!

That Fifth Uncle was a martial artist at the ninth level Martial Body realm. Although his body was slightly injured, it was unlikely that he would be instantly killed by others!

"Fifth... Fifth Uncle..." Lin Yin's eyes were filled with shock as she stared at her fifth uncle's head.

The red-robed elder was alarmed. He never expected Qin Yun's saber to be so fast. Furthermore, it flew over without any warning and beheaded fifth uncle!

"If you kill a member of my Lin Family, I will make you suffer a fate worse than death!" The red-robed elder was infuriated as he charged at Qin Yun. The other members of the Lin Clan also charged at Ding Yi and company.

Qin Yun ran to the side and threw out a Top grade body securing talisman that froze the red-robed elder who was coming at him!

The moment the red-robed old man was stopped by the Body Securing Talisman, he was extremely shocked and knew that it was a very strong talisman.

Qin Yun controlled his saber and with a few swoosh sounds, he cut off the red-robed elder's legs and feet. Then, with the Giant King Spirit hammer in hand, he performed the Six Style Dragons Forging!

The falling hammer was like a thunderbolt as it stirred up a violent storm of thunder. It caused the ground to quake as it shook. Such power left everyone in the area in horror!

A young man at the ninth level Martial Body actually had such power. It had already exceeded everyone's imaginations!

"Don't kill me! I have a magical beast crystal egg, I can give it to you!" The red-robed elder was after all in the Martial Dao Realm. He did not die after suffering such a crazy attack from Qin Yun. However, his injuries were extremely severe. His four limbs had been cut off, his inner core had cracked and his meridians had shattered.

"Take it out, I can spare your life!" Qin Yun said coldly.

Ding Yi and company hurriedly came behind Qin Yun.

When the Lin family saw their elder in such a state, they did not dare to approach Qin Yun. Fear was written all over their faces.

The red-robed elder wailed as he took out two magical beast crystal eggs from his storage spirit artifact.

Qin Yun kept the demon beast crystal egg and kicked the red-robed elder's body at the Lin Clan.

"Quickly kill this little bastard. With your strength, you will definitely be able to take them down!" After the red-robed old man was caught by the Sixth Uncle, he angrily roared: "Whoever can kill him, I will give him my Spirit weapon and even make him the head of the Lin Family!"

The members of the Lin Clan were extremely excited by the red-robed elder's words as they charged at Qin Yun and company.

"Attack!" Ding Yi had been suppressing his anger for a long time. Now that he saw that he no longer had to fight against the Martial Dao Realm cultivator, he rushed forward.

They were all old martial artists at the ninth level Martial Body realm, so their strength was naturally stronger than the middle-aged martial artists.

As for Qin Yun, he planned to control the saber and attack the members of the Lin Family from afar.

Just as he was about to make his move, he suddenly heard an "Ah!". It was Ding Hong'er's voice.

Qin Yun suddenly turned around to look at Ding Hong'er, who was behind him. He saw that she had been caught by Lin Yin!

Lin Yin held a dagger against Ding Hong's red neck and shouted, "A Yun, quickly hand over the magical beast crystal egg you just obtained. And your saber, storage spirit artifact and light inscription equipment!"

Qin Yun gritted his teeth. Although he had been on guard against Lin Yin, he had never expected her to suddenly go overboard. This was something he had never expected.

"Lin Yin, I've really underestimated you! I did see that you were not a kind person but I didn't expect you to be even more ruthless than I imagined!" Qin Yun sneered.

Ding Yi and company, who had just launched their attacks, were extremely anxious. They hurriedly retreated to Qin Yun's side.

The members of the Lin family rushed over and surrounded Qin Yun and the four elders. They looked extremely pleased with themselves.

"Little girl, well done! Get that kid to hand over everything! " Although the red-robed old man was heavily injured, he was extremely excited at that moment.

"Ah Yun, if you don't hurry up and throw the item over, I will strip this little girl of her clothes!" Lin Yin's face was full of viciousness.

"Big brother, don't worry about me. Quickly bring grandpa and the others away!" Lin Hong'er stubbornly shouted, "Just go!"

"Shut up!" The Sixth Uncle angrily walked over and slapped Ding Hong'er's face.

Although Ding Hong'er had been slapped, she did not cry. She looked at Qin Yun with a resolute gaze, hoping that he would leave quickly.

Qin Yun was so infuriated that blood dripped from his heart. Gritting his teeth, he threw his saber at them.

Lin Yin saw the saber at her feet and shouted in joy, "Sixth Uncle, pick it up and let me have a look!"

The Sixth Uncle revealed a look of jealousy as he picked up the beautiful saber and handed it to Lin Yin!

Everyone knew that this saber was very strong. It could fly out and kill Class 9 Magical Beasts.

Everyone in the Lin Clan thought that as long as they obtained this saber, they would be able to easily kill a Class 9 Magical Beast!

Lin Yin had just grasped the handle of the saber when she suddenly felt a majestic mental force flood into her body, instantly pouring into her head, causing her vision to darken and her body to feel powerless.

Ding Hong'er hurriedly broke free from Lin Yin and rushed at Qin Yun's location!

Sixth Uncle's reaction was fast. He immediately reached out to grab Ding Hong'er but suddenly, with a slash of his spirit essence saber, Qin Yun chopped off the Sixth Uncle's hand!


The Sixth Uncle cried out in pain!

As he was shouting, his head was cut off by the saber!

Ding Hong'er finally ran back and threw herself into Ding Yi's arms.

"Leave them to me!" As Qin Yun spoke, he brandished his saber and charged towards the crowd!

When the Lin Family clansmen saw the saber flying towards them, they fled in all directions and let out terrified cries.

No matter how fast they were, they couldn't be faster than flying saber.

With screams of pain, the Lin Family clansmen fell one after another. All of them had been severely wounded by the spirit essence saber.

Lin Yin was only at the seventh level martial body. Furthermore, she had failed to guard against Qin Yun's mental attack and was knocked unconscious.

When she woke up, she saw their bloody Lin Family clansmen everywhere and she cried out in fear.

"Young Master Yun, don't kill me, don't kill me! I'm just a whore, You can do whatever you want to me. Don't kill me, don't kill me..." Lin Yin's face was covered in tears as she wailed, begging for mercy.

"Hmph, kill you? I don't even like dirtying my saber!" When Qin Yun thought of how Lin Yin had tricked Ding Hong'er to play with her and how Lin Yin had threatened him with Ding Hong'er earlier, a surge of anger surged up from his heart.

When she saw Qin Yun's raging anger, Lin Yin hurriedly shouted, "You are from the Divine Inscription Palace. We are under the protection of the Inscription palace. You cannot kill us!"

The red-robed elder shouted as well, "Your Divine Inscription Palace is a major power. You actually killed innocent people!"

"You are not innocent! You are all villains!" Qin Yun said with a sneer as he took out a talisman.

At this moment, a group of people appeared in the distance!

As the red-robed old man saw this, he shouted out in pleasant surprise, "It's the elite guards of the Divine Inscription Palace! We are saved!"

Zhuo Chuan came. He led more than ten elite guards and hurried over!

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