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Chapter 274

Having good eyesight, Qin Yun had long seen the people in front of him. They were all heavily injured and had a weak blood vitality. Moreover, there was a thirteen or fourteen year old girl among them. Her white dress was full of blood stains.

When Qin Yun saw that his fifth uncle was about to attack, he rushed over and said coldly, "Look carefully before making a move. Don't kill the innocent. The people in front are all injured, what do you all have to worry about?"

Upon hearing Qin Yun's words, the other two were extremely unhappy.

If they had not sensed Qin Yun's terrifying aura, they would have definitely retorted. Although they did not say anything, they did not give Qin Yun any face.

Qin Yun knew immediately that these two middle-aged men were definitely of high status in the Lin Family. They were most likely foppish noblemen used to being arrogant when they were young.

The rushing group took advantage of the moment to stop and rest.

The few people in front were all ninth level Martial Body cultivators with heavy injuries. Four elders and a young girl seemed to have escaped from the city and engaged in a bitter battle with the Magical Beasts.

"Don't worry, I mean no harm!" When Qin Yun saw the elders, their face were filled with hostility. He immediately said, "I'm from the Divine Inscription Palace!"

When the elders heard Qin Yun say that he was from the Inscription Palace, they felt a lot more at ease. When they saw how young Qin Yun was and how strong he was, they believed him.

A young person at the ninth level Martial Body realm could only be raised by a power like the Divine Inscription Palace.

"We are severely injured and I'm afraid we can't go any further! Young Hero, I hope that you can take good care of little Hong'er. She is my granddaughter and we are the only ones left in our family." An old man with his arm cut off said with a sorrowful expression.

Qin Yun looked at Hong'er and wiped the blood off her face. Then, he took out two sets of light inscription equipment and said, "Seniors, each of you need to take a moment to stabilize yourselves because you are injured!"

When the Lin Family saw the two sets of light inscription equipment, their eyes lit up and at the same time, they felt displeased. This was because they were also injured but Qin Yun had not taken it out to treat them.

It had to be known that the light inscription equipment could quickly heal wounds. It was a very precious spirit artifact that many martial practitioners dreamed of.

The members of the Lin Family were very clear on the value of light inscription equipment but this young man in front of them had two sets!

"Thank you, Young Hero!" The old man with a broken arm hurriedly said in excitement.

The reason why Qin Yun did not use the light inscription armors on the Lin Family was mainly because they were extremely arrogant. Earlier, he had killed the demon wolves and saved this group of people. Amongst them, only Lin Yin walked up in gratitude. The others were too busy splitting up the demon wolves' flesh.

He didn't have a good impression of the Lin Clan. It was only because of Lin Yin and the fulfillment of the Inscription Palace's obligations that he agreed to escort them.

As for the four injured elders in front of him, their attitudes were all very good.

Furthermore, they were willing to give up their lives for the girl. This moved Qin Yun greatly.

Soon, the injuries of the four elders were much better and they looked to be in high spirits.

"Thank you, big brother!" In the end, Hong'er put on the Light Inscription Equipment and healed her injuries. Then, she returned the Light Inscription armors to Qin Yun.

Hong'er had two braids, a round face and a pair of large watery eyes. She was pretty and charming and even though the white dress she wore was filled with blood stains, it did not affect her liveliness and beauty.

"You're welcome. In the future, you have to practice martial arts well and protect these grandfathers!" Qin Yun smiled. It reminded him of Qi Meilian. She was also so innocent.

Little Hong'er immediately nodded her head, revealing a sweet smile.

The members of the Lin Clan were all expressionless and cold. It was obvious that they were not acting in a friendly manner.

"Young Master Yun, our Lin Family members are slightly injured. Can you lend us the two sets of light inscription equipment? We will use our own crystal coins to replenish the energy of the light inscription equipment." Lin Yin walked over and asked in a low voice, her eyes full of pleading.

Qin Yun scratched his head and said, "About this... My light inscription equipments can't be replenished with crystal coins. I need to inject Vajra internal force. Just now, I gave it to these seniors to use but they've already used up all of it. If you want to add more, it will take at least two to three days."

Lin Yin glanced at her fifth uncle and bit her lips. She whispered, "We can wait here for a few days and wait for you to replenish the energy of your light inscription equipment! Moreover, these old men will need to be treated for a few days."

"Alright then!" Qin Yun nodded and took out his light inscription equipment to replenish the energy within.

He didn't want to lend it to the Lin Clan. They clearly needed light inscription equipment but they weren't willing to ask for it themselves. Instead, they asked Lin Yin to borrow it.

The thing that annoyed Qin Yun the most was that these fifth and sixth uncle were obviously not good people. Their attitude is vile to the extreme and they are also extremely arrogant.

The place they were at was a dark green grassland. There was a small river not far away and the environment was pretty good.

This was because on the plains, even if a magical beast appeared, they would be able to quickly discover it.

The Lin Family set up their tents. Their tents were dozens of meters away from Qin Yun.

As for Qin Yun, he was in the same location as Little Hong'er and company.

The old men's surnames were Ding, they were the four brothers.

Little Hong'er's grandfather is the eldest brother, his name is Ding Yi, he is the head of a small family. Because they were close to the city gate, when the magical beasts charged in, the Ding Clan was the first to suffer.

"Lord Ding, the city's grand defensive formation was set up by our Divine Inscription Palace. It definitely won't be broken so easily by the magical beasts. Someone must have purposefully closed the great formation and opened the gates to allow the magical beasts to enter the city." Qin Yun said.

Ding Yi and the other elders all nodded. They also knew that the city gate was opened by someone.

"That's true but we don't know who opened the city gates. It was night time and because of the defensive formation and the people from the Divine Inscription palace telling us that reinforcements would be coming soon, we relaxed our guard in the night." Ding Yi sighed in grief and anger. "If not for someone deliberately opening the city gate, our Ding Clan would not have suffered so many casualties."

Second Brother Ding sighed, "In our Ding Clan, there is only Ding Hong'er left!"

He caressed Little Hong'er's head lovingly.

Ding Hong was also very strong. She endured the pain of losing her parents and silently felt sad. She did not cry.

It was night. Ding Yi and company had set up their tents and had let Qin Yun enter with them.

After Qin Yun entered, he gave the two sets of light inscription equipment to them and said, "All of you, continue using them until you fully recover."

Hearing that, Ding Yi was slightly shocked, and whispered: "What about them? There are a few of them and their injuries are not light either!"

"Don't worry about them. They are not good people. I already regret being with them. Do you not know that the moment they saw you, they rushed over to kill you all?" Qin Yun grunted.

When Ding Yi and the others heard this, they all looked at each other with faces full of surprise.

"The Lin Clan is a very influential clan in the city. Due to the lack of contact, we are not clear about the situation of the Lin Clan's disciples. However, we do know that their Lin Family and several other families have conflicts." They did not reject Qin Yun's good intentions and took the light Inscription equipment to heal their injuries.

It would only take a few hours for Qin Yun to fill the energy of the light Inscription equipment. He did not need more than two to three days to deceive the Lin Family.

Not long after, the injuries of the four Ding Clan elders were mostly healed. However, because of Ding Yi's loss of his left arm, it was difficult for him to recover. This made Ding Hong'er very sad.

Late into the night, Qin Yun continued infusing energy into the equipment. The four Ding family elders were sitting cross-legged on blankets with their eyes closed.

Ding Hong'er, on the other hand, lay down on the soft beast skin. She fell asleep amidst her grief and exhaustion.

After dawn, Qin Yun continued refining high-grade Body Securing Talismans in his tent.

As for the four Ding Clan elders and Ding Hong'er, they remained outside to prevent Qin Yun from being disturbed.

Ding Hong'er was out in the prairie, chasing the birds and running back and forth. She was no longer as sad as she was when she was playing.

Suddenly, a red-robed old man flew over from the distance.

This made Lin Yin and the rest of the Lin Family members extremely happy. This was their Lin Family's martial dao elder.

As soon as this elder arrived, he entered a large tent in the Lin Clan.

When Ding Yi saw this, he hurriedly informed Qin Yun of the matter.

When Qin Yun heard this, he was secretly delighted. This way, he would no longer have to escort the Lin Clan.

As for the Lin Family members, they were all waiting for his light inscription equipment, so they planned to stay here.

Qin Yun was inside the tent forging talismans and did not know about what had happened outside.

In the prairie outside, Lin Yin suddenly walked towards Ding Hong'er.

Lin Yin was pretty and she was also very good at talking. Very soon, she became very friendly with Ding Hong'er and they even played everywhere.

Ding Yi and the other four elders felt that Ding Hong'er needed someone to talk to. Seeing that Lin Yin was getting along well with her, they didn't say anything.

Just as dusk fell, Qin Yun suddenly heard a very low cry. He, who was in the middle of creating talismans, hurriedly stopped what he was doing and rushed out of the tent.

"It's Little Hong'er's call, where is she?" Qin Yun looked at Ding Yi outside the tent and asked hurriedly.

"She went to the river with Miss Lin Yin to play!" When Ding Yi saw Qin Yun's panicked expression, he suddenly turned worried.

Qin Yun was sure that he had not misheard. His mental power was very strong. This allowed him to have extraordinary hearing, allowing him to capture weak sounds.

When he found out that Ding Hong'er and Lin Yin were together, he rushed to the Lin Clan's tent.

Ding Yi and the other four elders also followed behind in a hurry.

Qin Yun rushed into the tent at an extremely fast speed because he could sense Ding Hong'er and Lin Yin's auras!

After rushing into the tent, he saw that Ding Hong'er had been dragged left and right by the fifth uncle and his sixth uncle. Her clothes were tattered, while the rest of the Lin Family members were drinking wine and laughing loudly.

Ding Hong'er was already scared out of her wits. She kept on crying. As a weak girl, she was unable to get rid of the demonic claws of the two ninth stage martial artists.

Lin Yin held the wine cup as she blushed. When she saw Qin Yun charge in, her expression changed drastically. She hurriedly walked towards Qin Yun and explained, "Young Master Yun, they are only having fun with Hong'er. Everyone has been frightened by the magical beasts for the past few days. They're just drinking to have some fun.."

When she saw Qin Yun's gloomy and terrifying expression, she could not help but cry. "Young Master Yun, this is all my fault. Please forgive me for not taking good care of Hong'er. This... this was all forced upon me by Fifth Uncle and Sixth Uncle."

Ding Yi and the other four elders were also angry until their eyes were red. They hurriedly rushed over and protected the crying Hong'er.

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