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Chapter 259

Entering into the canyon, a wave of cold gusts of wind blew over, emitting whistling sounds, gloomy and terrifying. The most terrifying thing was that within the gorge, there was a gigantic black shadow. It was an enormous wild boar that was a few meters tall.

Xiao Xuanqin brought Qin Yun and carefully avoided the resting wild boars. Since it was very dark here, they could not see what the wild boars looked like. They only knew that they were huge.

Up ahead, there was a powerful aura of magical beasts. That was a spirit beast!

This large magical beast horde had two spirit beasts!

Xiao Xuanqin was initially very nervous but when she thought of holding Qin Yun's hand, for some reason, she calmed down and carefully bypassed an extremely large wild boar.

That huge wild boar was a spirit beast!

When Qin Yun passed the horde of magical beasts, he could sense from the aura that the demonic beasts were in a very good state. They were uninjured.

There were no injured magical beasts here, so something must have attracted them.

Xiao Xuanqin was extremely careful as she led Qin Yun past the spirit beast.

And in front of them, there was another spirit beast. However, it was fast asleep, which made Qin Yun and Xiao Xuanqin feel a lot more at ease.

Qin Yun had carefully investigated earlier but did not discover any beast crystal eggs. He felt somewhat disappointed. There were two spirit beasts here, one male and one female. Normally, there would be a beast crystal egg.

Finally, Xiao Xuanqin brought Qin Yun safely through the gorge and came to the foot of the gigantic mountain. They stood in front of a large stone door.

"And now? Do you need a key? " Qin Yun asked. He looked at the gigantic stone door but could not find the keyhole.

"Hmm, you only need to touch the key to open the stone door, However, there will definitely be a big commotion. We must move quickly. Once inside, we must immediately close the stone door." Xiao Xuan Qin said.

"Alright!" Qin Yun took out the black key and gently touched the ten-meter-tall stone door.

Ka ka ka!

The stone door began to move before slowly opening. It emitted a loud sound that echoed within the valley.

A wild boar was awoken from it's slumber and let out a series of howls. All the giant boars woke up and looked towards the mountain. The wild boar that was close to the mountain crazily rushed towards the stone door, causing the mountains on both sides to tremble.

Xiao XuanQin clenched her teeth and released a ball of inner strength that contained a large amount of inner strength, smashing into the entrance of the canyon, causing the mountains on both sides to shatter, falling down many large rocks and blocking the entrance.


The wild boar's momentum was great as it knocked away all the rocks that were in it's way.

"It's done!" Qin Yun pulled Xiao Xuanqin through the crack in the door.

After entering, Qin Yun used the key to touch the gigantic stone door. The stone door slowly closed behind him.

After the two of them entered, they kept their distance from the stone door, worried that if it didn't close it in time, the wild boars would get in.


The stone door finally closed. Following that, rumbling sounds could be heard from outside as the wild boars crazily rammed into the stone door.

Xiao Xuanqin heaved a long sigh of relief as they finally entered the interior of the Tomb.

"This stone door is so powerful that even spirit beasts are unable to break through it." Qin Yun exclaimed.

The interior of the Tian Xiao Imperial Tomb suddenly became bright. They could only see that it was a very spacious hall. It was decorated with dazzling splendor, like a luxurious imperial palace.

But it was empty, nothing.

"Who's here?" Xiao Xuan Qin sensed the aura of another and immediately shouted.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh! A group of people flashed over. There really was someone inside!

The group of people that suddenly appeared were all wearing golden armor. They were all very sturdy. There were a total of eleven people, one was in the Martial Dao Realm the rest were all at the ninth level Martial Body.

"Xiao XuanQin, how did you get in? Is there a letter from His Highness the crown prince?" The leading tall and sturdy old man coldly asked, "No matter what, the key to the Imperial Tomb won't be given to a woman. You must have stolen the key to enter here, right?"

"Xiao Qiong, I never thought that Xiao Yanglong would actually arrange for you to guard the tomb. I truly thought wrongly of you. You're a great general, you're actually willing to stay in this kind of place." Xiao Xuanqin coldly said.

Qin Yun had also heard of Xiao Qiong. He was a great general of the Tian Xiao Empire and his relationship with Xiao Yanglong was very good.

Xiao Yanglong probably made Xiao Qiong stand guard here two or three years ago, probably because he was worried that Xiao Xuanqin would get the key.

Xiao Yanglong had been on his guard against Xiao XuanQin the entire time.

"That was His Highness the crown prince's brilliance. He had long since predicted that you would covet Tian Xiao imperial tomb, so he had arranged for us to guard here!" Xiao Qiong laughed loudly. "As long as we capture you, we'll be able to obtain the key. At that time, we'll be able to leave."

Xiao Xuanqin and Qin Yun's fingers were still locked tightly together. She gritted her teeth and blamed herself for being careless.

Of the enemies in front of her, she could only deal with Xiao Qiong. Furthermore, there were ten others at the ninth level Martial Body realm. It would be extremely dangerous for Qin Yun to face them.

"Aunt Xiao, don't worry and deal with that old man. I will be fine." Qin Yun used his other hand to pat the back of Xiao Xuanqin's hand to make her loosen her grip.

Xiao Xuanqin glanced at him and saw the confidence in his eyes. With a smile on her face, she slowly let go of Qin Yun's hand.

"Xiao XuanQin, I never thought that you would actually like this kind of young man." Xiao Qiong laughed out loud and the pike in his hand suddenly thrust out, shooting towards Xiao XuanQin's throat like a ray of light.

Xiao Xuan Qin was ashamed and angry, she dodged this fatal stab and then took out a zither. Her fingertips moved the zither strings and created a sound wave.

"You are also in the Martial Dao Realm!" Xiao Qiong was shocked. He struck out with a strong palm towards the incoming sound wave, releasing a thick inner energy that scattered the sound wave. He urgently shouted, "You guys go capture her little lover. I'll deal with this woman!"

Qin Yun had already run to the other side with a relaxed expression. He possessed three Vajra inner cores. He had accumulated a lot of Internal Supreme Force within his inner core.

The hall was too small and Qin Yun was quickly forced into a corner.

"Heh heh, Xiao XuanQin's little lover, seems like he is quite handsome. No wonder she has set her sights on him! Right, Xiao Xuanqin, this mature and coquettish woman, what is the taste? We had wanted to viciously ravage her for a long time but who would have thought that a little kid like you would take her." A burly man with a hideous face was filled with lust as he spoke in vulgar language.

The other burly men were immediately secretly jealous. Their eyes were fierce and filled with a strong killing intent.

Nearby, Xiao Xuanqin was engaged in a battle with Xiao Qiong. She had been paying attention to Qin Yun the entire time. When she heard these words, she felt even more embarrassed and angry but she was more worried!

She was worried that Qin Yun would not be able to defeat any of the big men!

Qin Yun, who had been forced into a corner, remained calm. He said with a faint smile, "You do not know who I am? My name is Qin Yun and I am your Princess YueLan's husband, the crown prince of the Tian Qin Empire. If YueLan were to know that you have been so rude to me, you will definitely suffer a fate worse than death."

"However, you met me because of your luck. I will give you a quick death."

After saying that, Qin Yun threw out a Body Securing Talisman to freeze the ten men that had gathered in front of him!

His Body Securing Talisman could only stop a martial artist at the ninth level Martial Body for two to three seconds. However, when martial artists fought to the death, even if they were frozen for an instant, it would still mean defeat! Defeat meant death!

After Qin Yun released the Body Securing Talisman, the Heavenly Lion's arm shook and a Heavenly Lion's Dragon Claws appeared!

He did not use Internal Supreme Force but only used the Thunder Flame inner core to release the Vajra inner strength and unleash the six style Wind Slayer!

Wind Slasher, Wave Breaker, Mountain Splitter!

The moment the three moves came out, the Vajra inner strength exploded like a thunderous explosion. Waves of violent winds howled out with astonishing momentum. It was like the roar of a huge wave or the collapse of a tall mountain! In an instant, the ten men were sliced into several pieces, their blood splattering everywhere.

"Auntie Xiao, I'm done. Hurry up!" Qin Yun, who was in the corner, chuckled as he shouted.

Xiao Xuanqin was also alarmed by Qin Yun's earlier move. She finally relaxed and was secretly delighted.

Xiao Qiong glanced at the cut up corpses on the ground and felt as if he'd seen a ghost. He hadn't thought that this seemingly harmless, handsome young lover would actually be so terrifying. He'd been too careless.

Qin Yun took out his spirit essence saber and used Imperial Spirit Art. Controlling the saber, he flew over and hacked at Xiao Qiong.

"Do you know how formidable Auntie Xiao's little lover is now?" Qin Yun chuckled as he controlled the saber to slash back and forth.

Xiao Qiong was an old martial artist after all and his cultivation was definitely stronger than Xiao Xuanqin's. He could barely suppress Xiao Xuanqin but now that Qin Yun had attacked, he was distracted.

Now, not only was he injured by Xiao Xuanqin's strange sound waves, he was also occasionally slashed by Qin Yun's saber.

Qin Yun approached Xiao Qiong bit by bit. Xiao Xuanqin knew that Qin Yun was helping her, so she used her strongest internal energy to strum the zither and shot out sound blades. The golden armor Xiao Qiong wore was in tatters.

Xiao Qiong bellowed and charged at Qin Yun. He cursed, "Little bastard, I'll perish together with you!"

"Qin Yun, be careful!" Xiao Xuanqin cried out in alarm.

Qin Yun had already condensed a strong amount of mind energy. When he saw Xiao Qiong charge at him, he immediately executed Spirit Concentration Kill and struck the long-gathered mind energy at Xiao Qiong's head.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Xiao Qiong emitted a painful cry as he abruptly stopped in his tracks and roared while covering his head with hands.

Xiao Xuanqin struck down at the zither strings, releasing a purplish-gold sound blade from the zither. The purplish-gold vajra inner strength contained a large amount of internal energy!


When the sound blade entered Xiao Qiong's head, it exploded with a strong sound wave, causing his head to explode into a pool of blood.

Qin Yun also rushed over and took out Xiao Qiong's martial spirit. When he saw it was a gold spear martial spirit, he said with disdain, "It's a trash martial spirit again. No wonder Xiao Yanglong arranged for him to be here to guard the tomb."

Xiao Xuan Qin could not help but laugh: "For many people, the gold weapon martial spirit is considered very good!"

"Auntie Xiao, is your little lover good?" Qin Yun asked with a chuckle.

"Don't say that again in the future, otherwise I'll get angry!" On Xiao Xuan Qin's beautiful oval face, an intoxicating crimson red appeared as she softly snorted.

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