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Chapter 255

Following that, Qin Yun helped Du Gui make many things. They were all stones. He only busied himself late into the night and finished the work that Du Gui needed to do for a month.

Du Gui was amazed because he felt that Qin Yun was not only at the beginner level.

Indeed, Qin Yun is now a high-ranked inscriptionist.

Late into the night, Qin Yun did not go to rest. Instead, he walked out of the Star Xuan Wu Academy and flew in the sky above the Myriad Star Lake.

Originally, when the Myriad Star Lake was very calm, it was like a strange mirror. When the sky was full of stars, the Myriad Star Lake was also full of stars. It was very beautiful.

But now, the Myriad Star Lake was no longer calm but filled with surging waves all day long. The surface of the lake undulated up and down, never calming down.

Qin Yun used flame cloud steps to fly up as he looked at the entire Myriad Star Lake from ten thousand meters up in the sky.

He had also heard from Qi Meilian that although the Myriad Star Lake had surged, it would be very beautiful in the star-filled night sky if one looked down from high up in the sky.

"I can't see the stars at all. The light spots on the surface of the lake are moving everywhere." Qin Yun frowned. The scene he saw was not beautiful at all. It could be said to be unsightly.

He believed in her and felt sure that she would not speak carelessly.

"Could it be that what Little MeiLian saw was different from what I saw?" Qin Yun hovered high in the sky and continued watching.

He observed it very carefully, staring at it intently. After more than two hours, he suddenly realized that no matter how the stars in the sky moved, the starlight on the lake surface did not seem to have changed.

For example, the moon reflected on the surface of the lake was moving at a speed slower than the sky by about an hour. At this moment, the waves on the lake's surface fluctuated, making it difficult to reflect the light of the stars and moon in the sky. However, the entire Myriad Star Lake could still reflect following this pattern.

When Qin Yun realized this, he suddenly had a very strange feeling.

The Myriad Star Lake was far more mysterious than he had imagined.

"Little MeiLian must have seen the extremely beautiful Myriad Star Lake. Why is that?" Although Qin Yun noticed that the churning Myriad Star Lake was indeed very strange at night, he was unable to see the beauty that Qi Meilan had mentioned.

He floated in the air, thinking.

"Could it be because Little Mei Lian's mental power is different? So what she can see, ordinary people can't?" Qin Yun suddenly thought of this. Qi Meilian was so innocent and sweet. Although she had experienced many painful things, she was always optimistic and cast her worries to the back of her mind.

Qin Yun suddenly suspected that Qi Meilan's martial spirit was a unique martial spirit that made people lose their memories. That was because Xie Wufeng and company had seen that martial spirit before but they could not recall it.

"Do I have to put aside all distracting thoughts and keep my heart as still as water in order to be able to see the beauty that little MeiLian has seen?" Qin Yun pondered to himself before closing his eyes. He allowed himself to enter an ethereal state.

His mental energy was very strong and he could control his mind very well.

After he felt that he had entered a very good and calm state, he opened his eyes and saw that the starlight of the Myriad Star Lake was resplendent.

Qin Yun's entire heart was stunned by the incomparably beautiful Myriad Star Lake. He wanted to ignore everything to enter the beautiful sea of stars and soar there.

"This is a diagram. I wonder what this diagram is? It can form an array and there are many strange inscriptions connecting them!" Qin Yun was extremely sensitive to inscriptions. He could immediately tell them apart.

Under the bright light, there was a huge array in the Myriad Star Lake.

"One hundred and eight nodes, their distribution is very precise, corresponding to multiple stars in the sky! This kind of formation is similar to the one on the Soul Guiding Star Peak. It's just that the formation doesn't have any hidden patterns."

Qin Yun's major discovery made him take a deep breath. He had some doubts as to whether this star array was built naturally for stars or not.

He quickly took out a piece of paper and recorded all of the unknown marks on it.

He did not know what use the Star Formation was but he was extremely interested and wanted to explore it.

Because this Star Formation was too huge, he could not record that much in one night. At dawn, he could only go back and rest and come back when it was dark.

In the following month, he would come to the top of the Myriad Star Lake every night to record this huge array. Only after a full month did he manage to record everything.

"Right now, I have no way of setting up such an array!"

Qin Yun looked at the gigantic beast skin. The strange engravings were extremely complicated and dense. They connected and interweaved with many other points. It gave him an incomparable headache.

He could only use the pen to draw on the beast skin. If he wanted to carve it, who knew how long it would take.

In the middle of the Myriad Star Lake was a small island, so this circular star array was empty in the middle.

"The middle part is empty but this formation is complete. It's really strange!" Qin Yun looked carefully at the beast skin and realized that the engravings were very profound as they bypassed the island in the middle.

"Perhaps, this is not just a simple star array formation!" Qin Yun once again carefully looked at the strange engravings on the array.

His Mental Force was obtained through training with the Nine Yang Divine Spirit. It allowed him to have a high level of comprehension towards the mystery of inscription. Therefore, he was able to see some of the more special aspects.

"There are eight lines that are exactly the same. They go from eight directions through nine nodes and extend to the empty space in the middle. Only these eight lines have no nodes at the end and all point to the middle."

Qin Yun looked at the eight lines and had the faint feeling that these eight lines were guiding people to the center of the Myriad Star Lake.

"Could this be a map?" At this moment, he was in a state of confusion. He didn't know if this was related to his own guess.

Because in the legends of the Myriad Star Lake, there was a dragon bull at the bottom of the lake, carrying the entire island.

"Do you really want me to take a look?" Qin Yun looked at the star chart on the table. His heart suddenly thumped as he thought of the pitch-black and bottomless lake. His heart was immediately filled with fear.

Facing a powerful magical beast and a powerful enemy, he had never felt such fear!

He swallowed his saliva and stared at the few lines on the star map. He gritted his teeth and said, "I'll go then. It might have something to do with the Martial King Lan Xiao. If I really find out some secrets, it will allow me to gain a better understanding of the Blue Spirit Star Palace."

Qin Yun cultivated the Star Yang Heart Scripture, which belonged to the Martial King Lan Xiao. It was also because he cultivated the Star Yang Heart Sutra that his mental strength improved by leaps and bounds, allowing him to gain a better understanding of the various inscriptions.

After making his decision, Qin Yun immediately acted.

Right now, he was a martial artist at the ninth level Martial Body realm and also possessed great strength. He felt that even if he met with a giant beast at the bottom of the Myriad Star Lake, he would still be able to deal with it.

Many people had probed the bottom of the Myriad Star Lake but did not come across any terrifying gigantic beasts. This made Qin Yun feel more at ease.

After Qin Yun made his preparations, he left the Star Xuan Wu Academy and flew to the shore. After it became dark, he would search for the eight routes in the sky. When he found the closest one, he dove from the shore.

The first node of the route was very close to the shore. He wanted to find the first node and see if there was any sign of this route under the lake.

Cultivators at his level could absorb the spiritual energy from the water through their skin to get air and not breathe for a long time.

At night, the bottom of the lake was pitch black. Nothing could be seen.

Qin Yun relied on his memories to constantly dive into the region and swim around in search of anything special.

He did not know how much time had passed but the pressure from below was extremely great. If his body was not strong enough, it would be impossible for him to dive that deep.

"Is there no bottom to the Myriad Star Lake?" Qin Yun remembered that he had dived for several hours. Although it was already dawn, it was still pitch-black down there.

After continuously diving for more than ten hours, he suddenly discovered something strange.

Although the Myriad Star Lake was rough, only the surface movements were big. In the deep water, it was still terrifyingly calm.

And now, Qin Yun could sense a trace of warmth beneath the ice-cold lake. Immediately, he swam along with it.

"It's the undercurrent. At the bottom of the lake, there appeared an undercurrent for no reason and it's very warm!" Qin Yun was overjoyed. He felt that he had found the starting point of the route.

Afterwards, he followed the stream of warmth and swam forward.

In the depths of the Myriad Star Lake, it was extremely cold. It was like ice water. If Qin Yun did not have the Lightning Fire inner core, he would have no way of resisting this cold.

And now, in that warm current, it was as if he was soaking in extremely comfortable hot water. Moreover, in that warm current, there wasn't any sort of strong pressure, that made him relax very easily.

"There is indeed something hidden under the Myriad Star Lake but it is not easy to be discovered!" In the warmth of the underwater current, Qin Yun could sense that it was extremely tiny. It could only accommodate one person. In such a gigantic lake, it was difficult to discover it, hidden deep within.

If he hadn't seen the eight routes from the star map, he wouldn't have known the general direction and it would have been difficult to find this warm undercurrent.

Qin Yun swam along the undercurrent as he silently estimated the distance.

"There's a node up ahead!" He made a good guess and quickly swam out of the first section of the undercurrent and into the icy lake. If he didn't know the route, he wouldn't know how to find the undercurrent.

Fortunately, he clearly remembered that route. He quickly found a second section of warm undercurrent and continued forward.

Even if someone were to stumble upon this undercurrent, without the route map, it would be impossible to find the next one.

Qin Yun swam along the dark stream at the bottom of the lake for a few hours. Finally, he reached the final node. There were many boulders in front of him. It was a gigantic stone pillar that supported the tiny island that the Star Xuan Wu Academy was on.

This pillar had also been investigated by many people but no one had been able to find anything. The reason for that was because according to the legends, there was a strange power deep within the stone pillars that prevented people from continuing to dive deeper.

As for Qin Yun, when he reached the final node, he felt a slight suction force pulling him downwards. It was also an undercurrent that flowed straight down.

Qin Yun followed the warm undercurrent and continued diving. The process was extremely easy.

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