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Chapter 250

In the arena, there were quite a number of Blue Spirit Star Palace members. They were very familiar with the qi explosion technique, so it was very quickly apparent that Qin Yun had used it just now.

Very soon, the news of Qin Yun using the Qi Explosion Technique spread throughout the entire arena. It dispelled everyone's doubts.

Yang Shiyue heaved a sigh of relief and smiled at Qin Yun before returning to her seat in the audience seating. As for the following matters, Lan Fengjin could handle them.

Qin Yun's usage of his explosive force technique had reached perfection. This was the most shocking thing.

Everyone knew that if one was able to master a martial skill to the limit, it was extremely likely that it would explode with a strength that surpassed one's own cultivation.

For example, when Qin Yun did not use his inner supreme force previously, he only used his vajra inner strength with Sixth Style Forging Dragon. He could try to use inner supreme force with Six style Forging Dragon because of his high level of understanding of the ability, however, it would cause great harm to his body.

Now, Qin Yun had the Heavenly Lion's arm, so he could withstand a strong force.

"According to the verification, Zhou Zhonghui is dead. As a disciple of the Star Xuan Wu Academy, Qin Yun has violated the rules of the arena and will be imprisoned for fifty years." An old man from the dojo walked over from Zhou Zhonghui's side.

The elder from NanGong was infuriated as he said to Qin Yun, "Is fifty years enough for it? We must kill him!"

"You old fart! If you did not encourage Zhou Zhonghui to swallow my totem, I would not have killed him! Was it wrong for him to devour my totem? if not why is it wrong for me to counterattack? Fuck you!" Qin Yun cursed at the elder.

The elder was even angrier. Just as he was about to fly into a rage, he heard Lan Fengjin say, "Qin Yun is my student. If he were to be imprisoned, mentor might not be able to obtain the Heaven's Pride Academy's reward. That's why I'm willing to use five hundred million crystal coins to redeem him."

"You!! You!!" The Nangong elder had never expected Lan Fengjin to help Qin Yun. However, he could only look at Lan Fengjin and was rendered speechless.

"Although you have used five hundred million crystal coins to redeem him, Qin Yun has finally killed someone. Therefore, he will need to be locked up for at least ten months!" The manager of the arena said in a serious tone, "This is mainly to warn him that he can't go breaking laws again."

"Ten months? Ten months?" Qin Yun spread out his hands with an indifferent expression.

The group of old men from the Blue Spirit Nangong were heartbroken. They had lost a disciple with a totem tattoo and had lost a chance to obtain new one and study them both.

And this was all thanks to this Qin Yun!

Many people were rejoicing at their misfortune. The Blue Spirit Nangong had originally wanted Zhou Zhonghui to seize Qin Yun's totem but now, they had failed to steal the chicken and even lost their lives. Such a heavy loss had made the Blue Spirit Nangong's heart ache for many years.

The people from the Blue Spirit Nangong could only watch in indignation as Qin Yun was escorted away by a few large men. The Blue Spirit Star Palace was able to control the Lin Xuan Wu Academy and the Tian Xuan Martial School but they could not control the Star Xuan Wu Academy.

The main reason was because the strength of the Star Xuan Wu Academy was unfathomable. The Blue Spirit Star Palace alone was not a match for the Star Xuan Wu Academy.

The dungeon Qin Yun was imprisoned in was at the bottom of the arena.

He was locked in a separate stone room with a length and width exceeding ten meters. This was enough for him to set up the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array.

The door to the stone room could only be opened from the outside. With all sorts of enchantments blocking the way, it would be difficult for even a martial dao practitioner to escape from here.

Outside the stone door, there were also Martial Body Level 9 cultivators. They walked around, constantly patrolling the area day and night.

Qin Yun laid out the hide of the Nine yang Spirit Convergence Array. He had refined it with Lan Fengjin and had not used it many times. Now, he could finally make good use of it.

Ka ka ka … The stone door was suddenly pushed open.

Lan Fengjin and Xue Ziye walked in. Lan Fengjin was wearing a relatively tight blue dress, not concealing her voluptuous body at all. Her long braids hung down from her chest all the way to her waist.

On the other hand, Xue Ziye was wearing a purple dress. Although there was no smile on her face, her eyes were very gentle.

"Are you here to pay me a crystal coin?" Qin Yun hurriedly stood up and walked over. He asked with a smile.

"yeah right!! We had to pay five hundred thousand crystal coins each." Lan Fengjin looked at the surroundings and laughed, "How is the environment here? Do you want someone to accompany you?"

"Are you staying with me? This is great!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

"Dream on!" Lan Fengjin laughed, "You should cultivate properly here. After ten months, we need you to make a comeback."

The Heaven's Pride Academy would conduct an examination at the end of the year. If one performed the best, their teachers and students would receive generous rewards.

And with Qin Yun's current strength, he was considered extremely powerful in the Heaven's Pride Academy. With him around, it was not surprising that Lan Fengjin would be able to obtain her ranking at the end of the year.

"Don't you have any conscience? Can't you accompany me here? I'm very lonely!" Qin Yun looked dejected as he said with a bitter face.

"Do you want me to stay here and take advantage of you?" Lan Fengjin took out a large box and said with a smile, "This is a dessert I made. You can take your time to taste it."

Xue Ziye also took out a box of snacks and passed it to Qin Yun. With great difficulty, she squeezed out a smile and said, "Qin Yun, in ten months time, we will meet again. At that time, I will also become very strong!"

"Ziye, thank you!" Qin Yun took the box and immediately thanked her.

"Damn brat, you still don't thank me? I was very serious about making these dessert." Lan Fengjin snappily snorted.

"Thank you, Sister Lan!" Qin Yun said with a smile, "By the way, if you have the time, help me take care of Qi Meilian. She's my good sister. I'm worried that she will be bullied because of me. I'll trouble you!"

"No problem, we're leaving!" Lan Fengjin waved his hand at Qin Yun and led Xue Ziye out of the stone door.

"Oh right, if Murong and Old Huo come back, don't let them see me. It'll waste crystal coins." Qin Yun shouted.

The stone door had already closed. Qin Yun held two large boxes and walked happily to the center of the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array.

He opened the blue box, picked up a piece of food and praised, "Sister Lan is such a wild woman but she can actually make pretty good snacks. Not bad at all!"

He had eaten two of Lan Fengjin's and two of Xue Ziye's, each with their own specialties.

"It's better to keep it. After all, i am going to be locked up for ten months. I'll have to save some food." Qin Yun kept the two boxes and closed his eyes. He concentrated his mind on the Nether-sun inner core to investigate the Dragon Tiger totem Martial Spirit.

"This Martial Spirit is very special and cannot be used like other Martial Spirits. How should I use it?" When he tried to sense it seriously, he was shocked to find that this Martial Spirit contained inner supreme force.

This sudden discovery made Qin Yun ecstatic. He then controlled the Nether-sun Inner Core to rotate as he dissolved the energy from Dragon Tiger totem martial spirit. Not long later, a tiny bit of internal supreme force was produced from the martial spirit.

Right now, he was in need of inner supreme force. He still had two martial spirit's inner yuan that were waiting to transform into a vajra inner core.

"This totem martial spirit's inner qi may be able to transform the inner yuans into becoming vajra inner core!" Qin Yun was secretly delighted as he hurriedly channeled the strand of Internal Supreme Force into his heart's inner yuan.

The Vibration Inner Yuan and Nether-sun Inner Core had very strong self-defense capabilities. Zhou Zhonghui's Absolute Soul Palm did not work on Qin Yun. It was because of the Nether-sun Martial Spirit and the Vibration Martial Spirit that he erupted with a protective inner strength to defend against the power of the Absolute Soul Palm.

Because he had the Internal Supreme Force from the Dragon Tiger Totem Martial Spirit, Qin Yun was extremely excited. He refined the Martial Spirit every day and absorbed the Internal Supreme Force into his heart so that he could refine the Vibration Inner Yuan in his heart.

During the process of absorbing the inner Qi, it also seemed very lively and the absorption speed was very fast.

Qin Yun felt that the Dragon Tiger Totem Martial Spirit was similar to the Energy Consolidating Spirit Pill as it contained an absurd amount of inner supreme force. It could allow him to transform an inner yuan into a vajra inner core. The only difference was that it would take a long time to completely digest the energy from totem spirit. Unlike the Energy Consolidating Spirit Pill, which would only take a few days.

Two months had passed as Qin Yun sat on the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array. His heart was beating rapidly as a faint golden glow condensed on his skin where his heart was.

For the past few days, he had been sitting motionlessly in the middle of the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array, carefully refining his totem martial spirit. His hair was long and he had a beard but he didn't feel it.

Qin Yun, who was sitting cross-legged, suddenly lay backwards on the ground. Ripples of air surged from his chest. The energy waves passed through his body and reached the ground, causing the earth to tremble slightly.

The entire arena began to shake slightly.

The fighters in the arena had good perception, so they quickly discovered it.

The Martial Dao Realm experts at the arena also felt it was strange because they did not know how it happened.

The vibrating power that Qin Yun's body exuded was extremely strange. Without any aura, it constantly produced tremors from afar, causing the ground to shake slightly.

"So, the Vibration Martial Spirit needs to be combined with inner qi to have a significant effect." Qin Yun, who was lying on the beast skin, opened his eyes. The shockwave also came to a halt.

His madly beating heart had also become slow.

"I have successfully turned vibration inner yuan into a vajra inner core. I have another inner core now!" He sat up with incomparable excitement and pressed his hand to the ground. Then, he activated his Internal Supreme Force and released a vibrating power through his Vibration Martial Spirit.

The vibrating power penetrated through the thick stone slab and entered the deep ground, before exploding forth from within.

The last time, the arena was only slightly shaking but now it was shaking violently.

If it was the slight tremble from before, it would only cause the water in the basin to ripple. But now, the water in the basin would splash out.

The dungeon that Qin Yun was in trembled the most.

"Enough. If this goes on, I'll be discovered!" Qin Yun chuckled as he retracted the power of vibration.

Now, he finally experienced the terror of this legendary martial spirit!

The people in the arena were all wondering why the island had been shaken. This was because there had never been such a commotion. If it was produced by a martial arts competition, then the arena would be very loud.

However, there was no big commotion at all in the arena.

Qin Yun, who had created an earthquake, was lying on the soft surface of the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array. He looked at his heart because he felt that his heart was somewhat different now.

He did not know if he was going to look but when he saw what it was, he was shocked! That was because on the surface of his heart, the dragon tiger totem tattoo has appeared!

Originally, he had thought refining the Dragon Tiger totem was a pity because a totem was gone just like that!

But now, the totem mark was still there, drawn on the surface of his heart!

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