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Chapter 242

Gao Hu raised his gigantic axe and at the instant he cleaved down at Qin Yun, the referee hurriedly attacked as well.

However, Qin Yun was even faster. His powerful Heavenly Lion arm was already leaping with golden purple electric threads as it transformed into a terrifying lion claw.

This was, the Heaven Lion Fighting Dragon Claw!

As soon as Qin Yun's Heavenly Lion Fighting Dragon Claw appeared, he immediately executed the Six Style Wind Slayer Fist. Suddenly, countless terrifying lion claw shadows appeared and enveloped Gao Hu in a frenzy.

With a few 'shua shua' sounds, Gao Hu, who was holding up the huge axe, was cut down by the Heavenly Lion Fighting Dragon Claw. A bloody mist was created and even the huge axe was smashed into pieces.

Following that, Qin Yun punched out in anger. His fist flashed with a blinding light as it produced a scorching flame that landed on the pile of debris on the ground!


The battling platform suddenly shook. The entire arena shook from this punch. The dull sound of the punch even shook the entire Star Xuan Wu Academy!

The referee came over but Gao Hu was reduced to nothing. Along with the fragment of the gigantic axe, he was reduced to ashes by Qin Yun's Flame Light Fist.

The old referee was also stunned!

He was at the ninth level Martial Body realm and was not bad in every aspect. Even though he had used his fastest speed to rush over, he could not stop Qin Yun. Furthermore, he could feel Qin Yun's terrifying strength from a close distance!

Qin Yun's expression was calm as he said indifferently, "He suddenly used a weapon to break the rules. It put my life at risk, so I had no choice but to finish him off quickly!"

Everyone had seen what kind of person Gao Hu was. He had cursed at his opponent's family with vulgarities and even used underhanded methods. He had been attacking Qin Yun for a long period of time, so it was normal for him to be retaliated against in a frenzy. He was so infuriated that he took out his weapon to hack at Qin Yun.

No one knew that Gao Hu was holding the axe that Qin Yun had thrown over.

Back then, Gao Hu had been attacked by Qin Yun's Spirit Concentration Kill and had fallen into a semi-unconscious state. After that, he had his mind controled to grab the gigantic axe tightly and hack at Qin Yun!

As the purple-gold flame was blocking the way, no one was able to see what was happening inside. They could only see the scene of Gao Hu raising his gigantic axe to hack at Qin Yun after the purple-gold flame disappeared!

"I'm not breaking the rules, am I?" Qin Yun looked at the old referee and said with a frown, "He was the one who violated the rules of the tournament first. Therefore, I should not have been punished for killing him!"

A few elders hurriedly walked over and began to discuss with each other.

Moments later, the old referee shouted, "Gao Hu violated the rules of using his weapon in the competition. Qin Yun attacked his opponent with all his might in order to protect himself. As the circumstances are special, he did not violate any rules by injuring or killing his opponent in the arena as a student of the Star Xuan Wu Academy."

"Furthermore, Qin Yun has obtained victory in this martial arts match!"

No one had come back to their senses. The scene of Qin Yun using the Heaven Lion Fighting Dragon Claw to eliminate Gao Hu was still playing in their mind. It was just too terrifying.

Especially those people who had constantly cursed Qin Yun as a coward. At this moment, their hearts were palpitating with fear and they did not even dare to look at Qin Yun!

Because of the insults he had given to Qin Yun's family, Gao Hou had been reduced to nothing. The last bit of his ashes had been blown away.

Today, the arena was going to be closed for a long time. The final battle was something that many people would never forget. On the way out, they would continuously discuss.

Qin Yun returned to Heaven's Pride Academy and came to the building by the river. He stood by the door, waiting for Lan Fengjin.

A moment later, he saw a tall blue figure appear in the distance. It was Lan Fengjin, who was wearing a skin-tight blue outfit. She was quickly approaching.

"Two million Xuan Points and you got it just like that. Not bad!" Lan Fengjin said with a smile before entering the building to let Qin Yun rest.

Qin Yun sat down and drank the tea that Lan Fengjin had poured for him.

Lan Fengjin said in a low voice, "It seems a little strange at the end. That guy's swinging of the giant axe is too slow. Did you do something to him?"

Qin Yun finished his tea and said with a smile, "Sister Blue, I gave him that axe!"

When Lan Fengjin heard this, she was stunned for a moment. Then, she immediately understood what was going on. She giggled and praised, "You're amazing!"

"I have a total of three million Xuan Points now. If I were to challenge seven intermediate warrior, I would be able to challenge high level warrior Zhou Zhonghui. When that time comes, this move would definitely not be effective! Zhou Zhonghui comes from the Blue Spirit Star Palace and he uses that mental attack and has unknown martial spirit. With such a terrifying martial skill, it will be very difficult to deal with him." Qin Yun's expression turned slightly solemn.

Lan Fengjin nodded, "That's right, Zhou Zhonghui's power is unfathomable. It is said that his internal energy is almost able to turn into a Vajra inner core! Otherwise, he would not have been able to use the Earth Realm martial art, Absolute Soul Palm!"

"Also, his mental strength is very strong! However, he rarely uses his mental power in battles. According to rumors, he has always hidden the strength of his mental power and his goal is to catch others off guard."

Qin Yun took a light breath and held the teacup tightly. He said softly, "If the other party also uses Mental Energy, it will be troublesome! Maybe by then, I'll be doomed to a dead end."

"I understand the rules of punishment in the arena. If you kill someone on the battling field, you will be sentenced to fifty years. This is the highest penalty that your Star Xuan Wu Academy has set for you!"

Lan Fengjin said, "However, you can reduce the penalty by one year paying ten million crystal. If you want to avoid punishment, you have to pay five hundred million crystal coins! However, even if I have to take out 500 million crystal coins, you still have to symbolically stay in prison for a few months!"

"Damn it!" Qin Yun cursed in a low voice, "In order to get rid of that bastard Zhou Zhonghui, I have to spend several hundred million crystal coins?"

Lan Fengjin sighed, "You can choose not to kill him, it's just crippling him. As long as he's still alive, you'll only be sentenced to twenty to thirty years of imprisonment. It's only worth two to three hundred million."

"Sister Lan, what is Zhou Zhonghui's martial spirit?" Qin Yun asked.

"I don't know either. I heard it's a legendary martial spirit!" Lan Fengjin thought for a moment and said, "Such a secretive Martial Spirit, it should be a strong legendary Martial Spirit."

When Qin Yun heard about the legendary martial spirit, he could not help but be moved. If he had defeated Zhou Zhonghui in the martial arts competition and drawn out the legendary martial spirits, he would have made a huge profit.

"What are you going to do now?" Lan Fengjin asked.

"Sister Lan, how many crystal coins do you have left?" Qin Yun thought for a moment and decided to make his preparations.

"I only have 300 million. If you want to kill Zhou Zhonghui, I will lend you this crystal coin for now and then raise 200 million crystal coins for you!"

Lan Fengjin was not stingy to Qin Yun. Just by the fact that Qin Yun was a young high-grade Inscription Master and had mastered many powerful high-grade spirit marks, she would definitely be able to reap greater rewards than the several hundred million crystal coins in the future.

Qin Yun scratched his head and said with a smile, "I'm really sorry. I borrowed three hundred million crystal coins from you before and now, I've used up all your remaining crystal coins!"

He was also secretly shocked. Lan Fengjin was actually so rich! She must be a rich second-generation, something like that!

"You already called me Sister Lan, can I not help you? Moreover, Zhou Zhonghui clearly knew that Huo Zhong, Murong Daren and Ziye were my students, yet he actually attacked so viciously. This is also a provocation of my, Lan Fengjin's, dignity. So you must teach him a lesson. Let him know that the consequences of provoking me, Lan Fengjin, are very serious." After Lan Fengjin finished speaking, his face was also filled with anger.

She, Lan Fengjin, is a saint in the Blue Spirit Star Palace. She is young and at the Martial Dao Realm.

Zhou Zhonghui definitely knew this. Not only did he not give her face, he even went as far as to injure her students. If this wasn't provocation, then what was?

Qin Yun said, "That fellow seems to be Nangong's treasure. Would it cause Nangong to chase after me if he were to be killed?"

Lan Fengjin sneered, "You don't have to worry, what's wrong with Nangong? In the future, when you enter Blue Spirit Star Palace, they won't dare to do anything to you."

"Qin Yun, if you really want to fight with Zhou Zhonghui, I'll give you my all if you win!"

Qin Yun stretched his waist and yawned. "This is a must. I'll go rest first. I'll continue my challenge tomorrow!"

He also wanted to become a High Level warrior as soon as possible so that he could not only challenge Zhou Zhonghui but also earn Xuan points in the high level arena. Xuan Points were of great use to him, this was the only way he could quickly earn Xuan Points right now.

Early the next morning, Qin Yun changed into a set of tight black clothing. After coming out of his room, he did not see Lan Fengjin. However, there was a table full of delicious food.

"I really didn't expect that a wild woman like Sister Lan could have such a gentle side to her!" Qin Yun rubbed his hands as he walked over to the table with a smile. He was eating a snack from the table.

He suddenly thought of Yang Shiyue. When he was at the Hua Ling Wu Academy, as long as Yang Shiyue had nothing else, she would prepare breakfast for him.

"I wonder how Teacher Yang is doing in the Blue Spirit Star Palace. She should be living a good life now that she's a saint!" As Qin Yun ate, he thought to himself, "Teacher, wait for me for another two years. I'll definitely defeat Xiao Yanglong. Then, you won't have to worry about marrying this scum."

Qin Yun suddenly saw a slip of paper pressed beneath a plate. When he picked it up to take a look, he could not help but feel delighted because Xue Ziye was almost done recovering!

"Ziye's marital spirit is very mysterious. The last time I investigated, I only knew it was a Purple-Gold martial spirit. As for what marital spirit it is, I couldn't tell at all!" Qin Yun ate a pastry and recalled Xue Ziye's strange purple gold martial spirit.

He had expected Xue Ziye to take a few days to recover but it hadn't even been two days, during the time he and Lan Fengjin went to the arena.

"It's good that she's able to recover. I wonder how Old Huo and Murong are doing!" Qin Yun only knew that they had been treated at the Star Xuan Wu Academy before being brought back to Blue Spirit Star Palalce.

Qin Yun quickly finished the breakfast on the table before hurrying to the arena. He paid a hundred thousand crystal coins for the elder to arrange his opponent.

By now, all the students of the entire Star Xuan Wu Academy knew that Qin Yun had registered to become a warrior and had won two consecutive rounds in the arena to become an intermediate warrior. This made many students extremely interested and they had come early to purchase admission tickets to the arena.

The arena was soon filled with people and the admission fee was exceptionally high.

Many people entered the arena and were somewhat worried that Qin Yun would not appear today. However, they quickly learned that Qin Yun had appeared in the arena and was waiting to arrange an opponent.

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