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Chapter 237

Lan Fengjin was waiting for Qin Yun outside. When she saw him come out, she hurriedly walked forward and asked, "How was it? Did you succeed in making the Inner Yuan into Vajra Inner Core? "

Qin Yun shook his head. "there was a problem with my Martial Spirit before, so I managed to come close to succeeding."

"Ai, don't be discouraged. The Energy Consolidating spirit Pill is still very useful. Right now, you are only a bit away from reaching the 9th level Martial Body realm. This can already be said to be very fast." Lan Fengjin patted Qin Yun's back.

"Sister Lan, I'm going to participate in the high-level inscriptionist's exam. Give me the simpler high-grade spirit arrays and spirit marks so I can practice. This way, I can pass it safely." Qin Yun said.

"Sure!" Lan Fengjin smiled and then began to teach Qin Yun how to make simple high grade spirit talismans and spirit arrays.

After mastering it, Qin Yun went to look for Zhuo Chuan.

Zhuo Chuan was in his study. When he found out that Qin Yun had come to find him, he rushed to the hall. When he saw Qin Yun, he hurriedly asked, "Are you at the ninth level martial body?"

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Soon. Perhaps it's because something went wrong with my Martial Spirit before that I haven't broken through yet!"

Zhuo Chuan nodded: "That's good, I'm worried that the Energy Consolidating spirit Pill is ineffective."

Qin Yun said, "It's effective, the results are still very good. Oh right, Great Elder, I've come to take the high-level inscription master exam. When do I start?"

"Are you taking the assessment now?" Zhuo Chuan was given a fright. However, when he thought of the fact that Qin Yun was able to forge the Royal Grade Bone Steel, he felt that it was nothing.

Qin Yun said with a chuckle, "Yes. If i am a high-ranked Inscription Master, what kind of treatment would I receive in the Divine Inscription Palace?"

"the treatment would definitely be much better! As long as you have the time, I can guarantee that you will be able to earn a lot of crystal coins here." Zhuo Chuan said, "Also, you can entrust us to help you find the pills and materials you need. If you don't have enough crystal coins, we can help you pay up."

"Great Elder, I want a few more Energy Consolidating spirit Pill. Can you help me get them?" Qin Yun asked. He still had two inner yuan to transform into Vajra inner core. If he consumed the Energy Consolidating Spirit Pill, he would be able to complete it very quickly.

Zhuo Chuan frowned and said: "It is possible but you will need one or two years to obtain it! After all, this is a Royal Grade Spirit Pill and is not something that can be refined that easily."

If not for Zhuo Chuan, no matter how many crystal coins Qin Yun had, he might not have been able to obtain the Energy Consolidating spirit Pill.

"If you are ready, you can start the assessment of the high level inscriptionsit right now! Originally, if you were an Intermediate Inscription Master, you would be able to take the Advanced exam but your situation is a bit special. You can refine Royal Grade Bone Steel, so I'll make an exception and directly let you take the Advanced exam." Zhuo Chuan said.

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Then, I'll have to thank Great Elder. I'm ready to begin the assessment anytime!"

Zhuo Chuan led Qin Yun to the examination room. There were many forging hammers and furnaces that could be used to take exams with, either use the equipment provided by the Divine Inscription Palace or his own.

Qin Yun only used his own Hammer. He used the rest of the items from the Divine Inscription Palace.

"To pass the high-level inscriptionist's test, one must be able to refine high-grade spirit talismans, high-grade spirit artifacts and high-grade spirit arrays." Zhuo Chuan said.

"Sister Lan has already told me." Qin Yun nodded.

Zhuo Chuan smiled and said: "That's good. You can start crafting the talismans now. Do you want me to provide you the talisman paper?"

Qin Yun shook his head and took out a piece of talisman paper. This talisman paper was also not an ordinary one. It had been soaked in beast blood and then refined.

As long as he met the criteria for the examination, everything would be fine. Therefore, Qin Yun could only use this talisman paper to create talismans. It was relatively simple and did not take much time.

What Qin Yun created was a fire talisman but he did not use his own high-grade spirit mark. Instead, he used ordinary fire spirit mark. These spirit marks were taught to him by Lan Fengjin.

After Zhuo Chuan saw this, he smiled and said, "If you use these ordinary spirit marks, aren't you afraid that your fire talismans will not meet the requirements?"

"I want to reach the standard. If I can create a high-grade fire spirit rune, won't that do?" Qin Yun asked curiously.

"Not at all! Even if you draw a few sets of spirit marks and make high-grade spirit talismans, it won't be enough if you don't have enough power." Zhuo Chuan smiled and said, "Do you want to change to another spirit mark now?"

"There's no need. I feel like I can use ordinary spirit marks to create even more powerful talismans." Qin Yun was extremely confident in himself. This way, he could see his true level.

The talismans he created seemed extremely formidable because he used high-grade spirit marks. If it was made from ordinary spirit inscriptions and it's power was also considerable, one would be able to see the level of an Inscription Master.

Zhuo Chuan nodded. He was also anticipating how powerful Qin Yun would be if he were to use ordinary spirit inscriptions to forge talismans. Many Inscription Masters were rather unwilling to accept Qin Yun when they mentioned him. They believed that Qin Yun had mastered high-grade inscriptions, which was why he was able to forge powerful spirit talismans and spirit artifacts.

In the high-level inscription master exam, one had to make talismans that had a certain amount of attack power. Only by doing this could one directly measure the strength of the talismans.

Qin Yun often inscribed complex high-grade spirit marks. Now, when he was inscribing ordinary spirit marks, it was extremely smooth and was easily inscribed on a talisman paper. It took him more than an hour to complete it in one go.

"I've finished the production!" Qin Yun looked at the talisman he had created and nodded in satisfaction. "Great Elder, how should I test it?"

"Very simple. Throw this talisman into a special furnace of mine and then cover it with the lid. If your talisman's strength is sufficient, it can move the lid of the furnace." Zhuo Chuan said before taking Qin Yun's high-grade fire spirit talisman.

He threw the Fire Spirit Talisman into his furnace and quickly closed the lid.


A muffled sound came from the inside of the furnace, causing the entire furnace to tremble and the lid was sent flying by a very strong force.


The lid of the furnace fell to the ground, creating a loud noise!

Zhuo Chuan was dumbfounded!

He had presided over many high level examinations. Many of the high grade talismans refined by the old inscriptionists would at most lift the lid of the furnace a little!

As for the high-grade spirit talisman forged by Qin Yun, it blew the cover away!

What surprised him the most was that the high-grade spirit talisman that Qin Yun had created was made using ordinary spirit runes!

"Great Elder... Isn't the lid of your furnace too easy to remove? Or did you not cover it just now?" When Qin Yun saw Zhuo Chuan's look of shock, he asked, "How about I create another Fire Spirit Talisman and test it's new strength?"

Zhuo Chuan sighed in surprise and said: "No need! The fire talisman you refined is very powerful, I can feel it! I really wonder how you forged it!"

"Really?" Qin Yun said with a pleasant smile, "In that case, I've passed the first round of examinations, right?"

Zhuo Chuan nodded.

The reason why the fire talisman that Qin Yun had created with ordinary spirit marks was so powerful was because the power of his Blood Soul was very strong!

One had to know that his internal energy was not simple. It was formed from the Nine Yang Divine Spirit's absorption of spiritual energy. Even though he used the internal energy of thunder and fire, it was still very terrifying.

Moreover, he used mental energy to refine it. It was a fusion of the primordial soul and mental energy and it was much stronger than normal mental energy.

The power of the Blood Soul was a combination of mental energy, internal energy and blood energy. Whether it was Qin Yun's mental energy, internal energy or blood energy, they were all incredibly strong.

"Rest for a bit, then you can start refining a high-grade spirit weapon." Zhuo Chuan said with a smile. His heart was filled with anticipation for the high-grade spirit artifact refined by Qin Yun.

The spirit artifacts refined by the Inscription Master could also see the level of the Inscription Master.

"I don't need to rest!" Qin Yun said with a smile, "Let's begin."

Zhuo Chuan didn't say anything and said: "Alright then, you can refine it slowly. There is no time limit."

Qin Yun was in a hurry to return to the Star Xuan Wu Academy, so he could not slowly refine it.

"Great Elder, I'm still using ordinary spirit inscriptions to refine a Superior Grade Spirit Weapon. Do I need to carry out a test?" Qin Yun asked.

"I don't need a superior grade spirit weapon because whether or not I can unleash the power of a spirit weapon will still depend on the person forging it." Zhuo Chuan shook his head and laughed: "You can start now."

Since there were no other restrictions, Qin Yun felt a lot more at ease.

When he was refining the Giant King Spirit Hammer, he had accumulated a lot of experience. The spirit inscriptions he carved were all high-grade spirit inscriptions and the difficulty of refining them was also very high.

Currently, the high-grade spirit artifacts that he refined were only forged with high-grade bone steel and it would be much easier to inscribe spirit marks.

"I'll refine a saber. This is what I'm best at." Qin Yun only sculpted ordinary solid and Power Storing marks, as well as Berserk Inscription.

As long as five sets of high grade spirit inscriptions were carved on the spirit artifact and the material used was a high-grade spirit material, the weapon refined would be a high-grade spirit artifact. As for whether it was good or bad, it all depended on the spirit marks carved by the Inscription Master and how the materials were forged.

Therefore, spirit weapons forged by famous Inscription Masters were usually very expensive and that was because spirit weapons forged by famous masters could guarantee quality.

There were some Inscription Masters that had just advanced from the Mid Rank to the High Rank. They refined high-grade spirit tools that were very unstable. Some of them were of poor quality and some were not so bad but when compared to famous masters, they were still far inferior.

Qin Yun was currently forging a saber very diligently, especially when forging materials. He was extremely focused on forging high grade bone steel. Even Zhuo Chuan could not help but praise it repeatedly in his heart.

Since he was able to refine Royal Grade Bone Steel, the quality of the high-grade bone steel he forged was the best.

Zhuo Chuan was even more curious about Qin Yun's flames. As someone who had seen much of the world, he naturally knew how powerful the Purple Gold Fire was but not to such an extent. It only took six hours for him to forge a high-grade spirit artifact.

Of course, Zhuo Chuan was only suspicious. He knew that Qin Yun must be hiding some secret that no one else could know.

When Qin Yun smelted the materials, he used the Nether-sun Flames. It had to be known that he had cultivated a nether-sun inner core, so the flames were even more intense.

After he finished making the rough embryo, he began to work on the fine grinding.

After more than two hours, a very sharp and beautiful long saber was completed. Currently, it was only missing the final step of inscribing spirit inscriptions.

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