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Chapter 229

Palace Head Xi's words made the old woman very angry.

"Now that they are all dead and the dead are losers, let's just forget about it!" Palace Lord of the Western Palace smiled faintly. "The Eastern Palace should celebrate. Now, only you have the hope of recruiting Qin Yun. If we accept him as a disciple of Blue Spirit Star Palace, then there won't be so many things happening in the future."

Qin Yun's talent did indeed make the four palace masters envious.

Previously, Shui YiHui had invited Qin Yun to join them but he had been rejected. Therefore, they had no choice but to give up.

"Someone seems to have instructed those four disciples. Don't you want to investigate it thoroughly?" Nangong's Palace Master smiled.

"Who can command them? Let's forget about this matter. I'll go back and rest." After speaking, the Palace Lord of the West Palace hurriedly left.

The other three palace masters naturally knew that he was avoiding this matter because everyone knew that it was Xiao YangLong who had done it.

Qin Yun and company quietly recovered from their injuries.

The person who recovered the fastest was not Qin Yun but Xue Ziye. Many people were puzzled as to why she could recover so quickly.

After she recovered, she went out on patrol.

Soon, Qin Yun and company would also be able to recover. After leaving this place in a state of abundance, the four of them would once again disappear into the crystal wall.

The fact that they could not see the four of them disappointed everyone. They could only wait for Qin Yun to appear the next time he fought a magical beast.

"Brother Yun, I really didn't expect that you would suddenly break through." Murong Daren was still shocked. "And your martial spirit is that powerful?!"

Qin Yun smiled. "There's no other way. If I didn't break through, we would die."

Xue Ziye's purple eyes flashed and said in a low voice: "Leader, thank you, otherwise... otherwise, I might have died a horrible death!"

"Since you called me captain, I will be responsible to you, so there's no need to thank me!" Qin Yun smiled calmly. "You guys had planned to sacrifice yourselves to let me escape. It should be me thanking you."

Xue Ziye nodded and revealed a faint smile. This beautiful smile disappeared in a flash and was caught by Qin Yun.

"Oh right, after I broke through, my mental force increased a little! I noticed that at the place where we killed the enormous black tiger earlier, there is something that emitted the fluctuations of spatial spirit marks." Qin Yun said with a frown.

"What could it be? A storage spirit artifact? Why don't we go back and take a look?" Murong Daren asked excitedly.

"No, that place has gone through a great battle and has many remnants of auras. Not only will it attract other magical beasts, it will also attract other teams. For the sake of our safety, we better not go over there." Although Qin Yun found it strange, he did not put it to heart.

Xue Ziye said, "We have to hurry and kill the magical beasts. Before that, we've already wasted a lot of time."

They would have to return to the main gate of the Blue Spirit Star Palace when night fell. But now, the energy absorbed by their Xuan Bead wasn't enough. They didn't know if they could secure first place or not.

First place, one could get a hundred million Xuan points, which was extremely valuable!

Murong Daren smiled and said, "Brother Yun is now at the eighth level martial body. If we join hands, we can easily kill a ninth level magical beast. As long as we can find it, we can easily kill it."

As Qin Yun walked, he released his mental energy to investigate. Suddenly, he felt another spatial ripple.

Puzzled, he whispered, "Strange, I can sense the fluctuations in space. There are magical beasts over there too."

Murong Daren thought for a bit, then he smiled and said, "Spatial fluctuations, it's a Spatial Spirit Artifact. Aside from being used as storage space, this Spirit Treasure also has the ability to transmit sound and images! And it is where there are magic beasts or fighting, could it be that someone is secretly observing us?"

"It's extremely possible!" Qin Yun's face was filled with shock as he whispered, "Our battle from before could have been witnessed by someone!"

"Really? This is it. My handsome and elegant self has been seen by others as a mess. I won't have the face to meet anyone in the future." Murong Daren cried out in grief.

Xue Ziye mumbled, "If it's really like this, then it's a bit embarrassing!"

"Whatever, let's talk about it when we get back. What we need to do now is to kill a few more Magic Beasts and ensure that we can get first place. Each of us will get one hundred million Xuan points."

Qin Yun quickened his pace and rushed to the gigantic boulder that was dozens of meters tall. There, the demonic beasts were hidden.

After they went over, many shadows suddenly appeared on top of the huge rock. They were actually a group of flying demonic beasts that could use the body of an eagle.

"It's a flying magical beast!" Murong Daren hastily waved the fan in his hand and released a violent stream of air that blew away the five Eagles that were swooping down.

The Eagle was affected by the chaotic airflow and could not fly smoothly. However, the Vajra inner strength that Murong Daren unleashed was able to hit the Eagle accurately in the chaotic airflow.

"Should we fly up?" Xue Ziye looked at the hundred meter high sky and asked.

She and Huo Zhong aren't able to reach high altitude but they could unleash a bit of power on the eagle.

"No need! These magical beasts specialize in flying, so if you guys were to go up, you would be in danger. We'll just have to attack from the ground. Qin Yun took out his spirit essence saber and released his Thunderfire Martial Spirit. He infused it into the body of the saber before casting Imperial Spirit Art. He controlled the blade to fly up.

Upon mastering the Imperial Spirit Technique and reaching rank eight martial body, one could attach their Martial Spirit to a Spirit Artifact, causing it to become even more powerful.

The saber flew into the air and was guided by a purplish golden lightning bolt on Qin Yun's arm. It did not completely separate it'self from Qin Yun's body. This way, the Martial Spirit within the blade could constantly absorb the inner energy.

Murong Daren had beaten up the eagle as it scurried about. After Qin Yun raised his saber, he easily cut off the wings of the eagle.

"Peng!" The eagle landed on the ground and made a loud noise. Huo Zhong and Xue Ziye quickly went over and killed the eagle.

The five Eagles were Class 8 Magical Beasts. They fell one after another when they were slashed by Qin Yun's saber.

In just a moment, the five Eagles landed on the ground and Huo Zhong and Xue Ziye took out their magic cores.

After absorbing the energy from the magic core, Qin Yun hurriedly went to search for other magical beasts.

"The Class 8 Eagle is a very difficult demon beast to deal with. Because it can fly in the air, it's very good at ambushing. Who would've thought that it would be killed in an instant!" An old teacher looked at the crystal wall and exclaimed.

"Qin Yun has advanced to the eighth level Martial Body realm. It's faster to kill demonic beasts for him now!"

"Look, they encountered a Class 9 Magical Beast! It's a Six-Winged Mantis! It was this guy who killed quite a few of the Level 9 martial body disciples!"

"This is going to be troublesome. The Six-Winged Mantis is extremely terrifying and it's flying speed is extremely quick. Even a team with a cultivation of the 9th level Martial Body might not be able to take it down."

Everyone could see a black-armored mantis that was as tall as a human flying at high speed towards Qin Yun and company. It had a pair of frightening pair of scissors that could easily cut off a person's body.

Qin Yun knew that the red mantis that suddenly flew at him was extremely strong. However, it was at least a Class 9 Magical Beast. Immediately, he took out a Medium Grade Body Securing Talisman and threw it at the quickly approaching mantis.

The flying mantis was pinned behind and immediately fell to the ground!

Following that, Qin Yun controlled the saber to slash at the red mantis's head. Murong Daren unleashed Vajra Inner Qi from afar. He constantly struck the red mantis on the head.

The power of the Body Securing Talisman diminished and Xue Ziye had already gone over. The pair of scythes quickly flew over and cut off the mantis' wings. Huo Zhong then leaped over and mercilessly struck the mantis' head when he landed.

Qin Yun took out the Giant King Spirit Hammer and descended from the sky. The hammer's head smashed down like a meteor. He used the Six Style Forging Dragon, the Fallen Star Stance!


The huge hammer landed on the praying mantis's head and the Alchemy and Berserk Marks were activated. A scorching hot power burst out, smashing the mantis' head into ashes and splattering it everywhere.

Huo Zhong and Xue Ziye, who were at the side, were blown back more than ten meters by the heat wave. Their bodies were flushed red from the heat and dripping with sweat. Their hearts were filled with fear from the scorching heat.

When the Blue Spirit Star Palace disciples saw Qin Yun exterminate the Six-Winged Mantis with a single strike, they were shocked to the core!

With a strike of his hammer, the mantis' hard armour was reduced to ashes. This kind of power was shocking to the extreme. One had to know that Qin Yun was only at the eighth level martial body!

Shui YiHui was alarmed as he said, "Qin Yun's alchemy marks should be top grade spirit marks in order to produce such a strong heat power that can instantly melt the bones of a Class 9 Magical Beast. This kid, his martial spirit has returned to normal. With that hammer just now, it is enough to forge the materials needed for a top grade spirit weapon! Maybe he can refine a top grade spirit weapon."

To be able to refine an Inferior Grade Spirit Weapon at the age of sixteen, it was already shocking to the heavens! As for Qin Yun, he might be able to forge top grade spirit artifacts! This was something that no one could accept.

Although no one was sure if Qin Yun was able to forge a top-grade spirit artifact, they were certain that the Giant King Spirit Hammer in Qin Yun's hand was a high-grade spirit artifact!

Being able to refine a high grade spirit weapon at the age of sixteen could be considered to be very heaven defying!

In the next few hours, everyone watched as Qin Yun led his team and effortlessly beheaded Class 8 and 9 Magical Beasts one after another. He obtained dozens of Class 8 Monster Cores, as well as a few Class 9 Monster Cores.

Such frightening battle power made many ninth level martial body martial artists feel ashamed!

As the sky darkened, Qin Yun and company left the barren mountain and returned to the entrance of Blue Spirit Star Palace.

There were already many teams at the entrance of the Blue Spirit Star Palace. They were all more or less injured and most of them had returned very early.

When Qin Yun and company returned, they did not suffer any injuries. However, they appeared somewhat exhausted.

"Qin Yun, what have all of you gained? How many Class 8 Magical Beasts were killed?" A youth asked with a smile.

"Just a few dozen!" Murong Daren said with a smile, "We are too weak. We can only kill a few Class 9 Magical Beasts. What level we could get with that?"

Not too far away, a man heard this and sneered, "Murong Daren, don't joke with me. Let alone a Class 9 Magical Beast, even Class 8 Magical Beasts aren't easy to deal with. How many Class 9 Magical Beasts can you kill?"

The man had a good relationship with Sun Jinhao and company. He detested Qin Yun and company greatly and said with a smile, "If Brother Sun killed a Class 9 Magical Beast, we would believe him, but you? Hahaha... All you know how to do is boast!"

"I'm sorry but your Big Brother Sun is not coming back!" Qin Yun smiled.

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