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Chapter 228

Qin Yun's group only had one martial body of the eighth level. The other three were all of the seventh level. They had no chance of victory against four old martial body experts of the ninth level.

The disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace looked quietly at the gigantic wall of crystal stones. They felt a sense of regret as they watched Qin Yun and company bleed from head to toe.

Qin Yun could have escaped but for the sake of his friends, he had chosen to stay behind and engage in a bloody battle.

The old martial artist laughed gleefully while Qin Yun and company cried out in pain. It was constantly transmitted over, causing everyone's hearts to palpitate with fear.

Xie Wufeng trembled as he saw this. He released a powerful killing intent that enveloped Xiao Yanglong. It was as though once Huo Zhong, Murong Daren and Qin Yun died, he would attack Xiao Yanglong without a care for anything else!

Yang Shiyue, who had stepped into the Martial Dao realm, had a cold and stern expression. When she saw Qin Yun being ravaged by a few senior cultivators, she felt pain in her heart. She had also decided that if Qin Yun was truly dead, she would not let Xiao Yanglong off.

Lan Fengjin was already at the main gate and it would take some time before they could open the gate. If they really couldn't save her student, she would definitely make a move against Xiao Yanglong.

Xiao Yanglong stood in his original spot, enveloped by several waves of terrifying killing intent, causing him to be unable to move and covered in cold sweat. Although there was no conclusive evidence, everyone knew that this matter definitely had something to do with him.

The battle came to an end. Qin Yun was covered in wounds as he lay on a rock. He could no longer keep his eyes open. He was the one who was the most injured. Huo Zhong and the other two weren't that injured but they were beaten up to the point where they couldn't fight back.

"Qin Yun, you seem to be loyal to your friends. Earlier, you could have run but you did not. Now, you regret it, right? Hahaha..." An elder grabbed Xue Ziye and placed her in front of Qin Yun. He said with a sneer, "I'll give you some time to consider whether or not you want to hand over the Spirit marks. If you don't want to, then I can only do it in front of you!"

"We'll take turns doing her, hha hha..." The faces of these blue robed warriors were full of evil laughter.

In the distance, the disciples and Elders of Blue Spirit Star Palace were watching with faces full of shame and indignation! The four old practitioners had already completely lost face for their Blue Spirit Star Palace. They were actually planning on raping an injured woman like this.

"West Branch, it's not unreasonable for our Blue Spirit Star Palace to decline if all of you are scum like this!" Lan Fengjin was thoroughly angry. She was a woman, so she naturally couldn't keep her calm when watching something so vile. Moreover, it was a few powerful old martial artists.

All of the Blue Spirit Star Palace disciples fell into silence. This was because there were many martial arts instructors in the square and they were not from Blue Spirit Star Palace.

Du Gui laughed coldly, "Your Blue Spirit Star Palace has truly lost face. They even dare to call themselves a martial arts Holy Land!"

Qin Yun was already in a semi-conscious state. Although he knew that they were going to attack Xue Ziye, he, who was seriously injured and exhausted, could not stop them. He could not even speak.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Xue Ziye suddenly cried out in pain, her entire body swelling up.


The Star Palace's plaza burst into an uproar.

"She's about to self-destruct. she doesn't want to implicate Qin Yun."

"What an admirable woman! Those old thugs are too evil!"

"Even if the door is open now, it's already too late to get there."

"What a pity. A young genius girl is going to die just like that!"

Everyone was regretfully discussing.

The semi-conscious Qin Yun could feel the energy in Xue Ziye's body expanding. It was obvious that she was about to self-destruct.

"Stop her!" An old man also noticed and cried out in alarm. He quickly channeled his Qi into Xue Ziye's body to prevent her from exploding.

Qin Yun was heavily injured and the light inscription equipment he was wearing was secretly healing him. After Xue Ziye was stopped, she was no longer able to self-detonate.

If those elders could not obtain the Spirit Marks from Qin Yun, they would definitely rape Xue Ziye. This was something many people did not wish to see.

Qin Yun closed his eyes tightly as he communicated with the three Martial Spirit's in his body. He yearned for great strength so he could only place his hopes on the breakthrough of his martial spirit.

If his martial spirit could recognize his effort and improve it'self to become the Vajra Martial Spirit, then he would be able to enter the Martial Body Level 8!

Unknowingly, Qin Yun felt three streams of consciousness. It was the consciousness that came from his Martial Spirit's.

The Vibration Martial Spirit, the Dark Sun Martial Spirit and the Thunder Fire Martial Spirit. These were the three Martial Spirit's in his body. They all gave him a kind of feeling, an extremely uneasy feeling!

Martial Spirit's had their own thoughts. They understood their master very well. Now that they had such an uneasy feeling, it was clear that they though Qin Yun could not give them much security.

"Why? I'm the one who made you strong in a short period of time! Do you still not approve of me? Do you know how much pain I've endured in order to protect you and make you strong? You are the source of my power. I cherish you more than anyone else but you distrust me so much!"

(TL NOTE : yes yes that age old power not recognizing master amusing and thrilling, right?.. after a billion times...not at all!!!)

Qin Yun felt extreme distrust from his Martial Spirit's and was immediately infuriated. He shouted angrily in his heart, "Forget it, since you do not trust me, what use do I have of you? Back then, I, Qin Yun, only had one Spirit Vein and I still managed to endure it. I do not need a Martial Spirit and I can still live."

This thought made the other three Martial Spirit's even more uneasy and they all started to tremble.

"Since you all aren't willing to break through, then what do I need you all for? Since you all have not seen me cultivate so arduously, I can only bid you farewell." The soul refining techniques Qin Yun learned also had a method to give up his martial spirit.

When the three Martial Spirit's sensed Qin Yun's strong conviction to discard them, they suddenly burst forth with a holy golden light!

Qin Yun was about to use Soul Refining techniques to give up on his martial spirit's but he never expected that the three martial spirit's would evolve into Vajra Martial Spirit's!

In the instant that the Martial Spirit evolved, the inner strength of the three yuans also improved, becoming extremely strong.

The dark yellow meridians in his body also burst with powerful healing power. Combined with the light inscription equipment, his injuries recovered very quickly.

"Qin Yun, have you thought it through?" An elder came over and kicked Qin Yun twice as he asked coldly.

Qin Yun closed his eyes and sensed the spirit essence saber at a distance. Following that, he controlled the saber to fly over.

"What is it?" Noticing that there was movement, the elders turned around and realized that a saber was flying towards them.

Qin Yun raised the Heavenly Lion's arm and with a whoosh, a purplish golden fiery lightning bolt surged from his arm. It connected with the saber that was flying at him.

The saber immediately flashed with a purple gold light. Wrapped in purple gold thunder and fire, it flew towards the two old men!

"It's the aura of the Vajra Martial Spirit. It's wrapped around the saber. What's going on?" An elder noticed Qin Yun raise his arm and suddenly thought of something.

"Hurry up and knock him out!" An old man in the distance shouted, "This kid has cultivated his Vajra Martial Spirit!"

Just as the elder beside Qin Yun was about to attack, the spirit essence saber transformed into a purplish golden lightning bolt that pierced the elder's chest before flying towards an elder beside him and beheading him.

Qin Yun leaped up and threw a high-grade Body Securing Talisman at the two stunned elders!

The two old men had only moved about ten meters before they were stopped by the Body Securing Talisman!

Under the control of Qin Yun's powerful Mental Energy, the saber that was infused with the Purple Gold Thunder Fire Martial Spirit shot out like a bolt of lightning, piercing through an elder's head in the blink of an eye.

Under the control of Qin Yun's Imperial Spirit Art, the saber is like a bolt of lightning. Not only is it fast, it had a terrifying might!


In the blink of an eye, the spirit essence saber hacked down on the last elder's body, crushing him into pieces. It's power was so domineering that it was shocking.

Qin Yun stood up and panted as he wiped off the blood on his body. The cracks on his skin were truly healing rapidly. He hurriedly helped Xue Ziye to her feet.

Not far away, Murong Daren and Huo Zhong could also slowly get up, their faces full of shock!

Qin Yun had singlehandedly killed four ninth level martial body old men. Furthermore, it had happened in a few seconds!

In the square of Blue Spirit Star Palace, everyone was dumbstruck. They stared at the crystal wall without saying a word.

This was especially true for those of the Martial Dao Realm. They looked as if they had seen a ghost!

"He... He has broken through to the eighth level Martial Body. He just broke through and then... his vajra Kong Martial Spirit is already attached to his weapon!" Hou Xingfeng took a deep breath and exclaimed.

"The martial spirit of the Purple Gold Thunder Flame! Didn't he only have the Purple Gold Fire Martial Spirit? And it seems to be above the Heavenly Lion's Arms!"

"There's only one possibility. Back then, he had his martial spirit in his dantian transferred to his arm and the Heavenly Lion's Arm awakened his Thunder martial spirit!"

The Heavenly Lion's Arm that was regarded as the totem of death actually possessed the Thunder and Fire Martial Spirit, causing many people to be in an uproar!

"Eighth level Martial Body realm! He is only sixteen years old right now! Furthermore, he only used more than a year's time to advance from the second level to the eighth level Martial Body realm!"

This was the most shocking thing!

"Impossible, this is impossible! His arm was dead and he didn't have a totem soul! Why did it suddenly awaken?"

"Sixteen years old, eighth level Martial Body. Inscription Master. Possessing the Heavenly Lion Totem and mastering a large number of rare inscriptions. He is simply a monster!"

The entire square in the Star Palace was in an uproar!

Blue Spirit Star Palace's Western Palace, Nangong and Northern Palace had initially concluded that Qin Yun did not have a totem soul. Now, they regretted their decision. If they could obtain such a talent, then their overall strength would greatly increase.

Lan Fengjin, who was at the entrance, was relieved when she saw how Qin Yun had killed the few elders.

In the plaza of Blue Spirit Star Palace, on top of a tall tower, the Palace Masters of the four palaces were all here. They had all witnessed the process of Qin Yun's breakthrough and were moved. They were astounded.

Eastern Palace Lord was a tall and thin old woman dressed in a loose blue robe with the word "East" written on the back. She said with a sneer, "Head of the West Palace, it's time to clean up your family. If not for Qin Yun's sudden breakthrough, the four old beasts would have definitely done such vile thing."

The Western Palace Master was an old man. he said lightly, "Those four disciples are thinking for the Blue Spirit Star Palace's sake in order to force them to reveal rare spirit marks. It's just that their methods are a bit extreme but their intentions are good."

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