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Chapter 227

An elder from the Blue Spirit West Palace sneered, "This kind of battle is unavoidable. Survival and competition are both cruel and a type of experience for them! Qin Yun and company were even able to kill Class 9 Magical Beasts, so they are naturally able to deal with the four students at the eighth level Martial Body realm. Therefore, open the door or something else, forget about it, they can deal with it."

The Blue Spirit West Palace had enmity with Qin Yun and it was a huge enmity. They would obviously not help Qin Yun at such a critical juncture.

Lan Fengjin was enraged and immediately rushed towards Xiao Yanglong. Luckily, a few elders managed to pull her away.

When Sun Jinhao and company realized that it was Qin Yun, they hurriedly surrounded them.

Qin Yun's voice contained a hint of anger as he said coldly, "Sun Jinhao, what are you doing here?"

Xue Ziye had consumed a lot of energy just now, so she couldn't recover that quickly. Their team has one less person and they had no chance of winning against Sun Jinhao, who was at the eighth level Martial Body.

"What is it? Of course it's to let you understand the cruelty of the competition. You just killed a magical beast of the ninth step, right? They are powerful but in front of us, you are nothing more than ants." Sun Jinhao's eyes were full of ruthlessness and everyone could see that he was filled with killing intent.

Sun Jinhao had been smacked twice by Qin Yun in front of many people. It had humiliated him greatly.

Whenever he thought of this, a strong hatred would surge within him.

"Qin Yun, today, I will make your life worse than death! Don't expect anyone to come save you. In the wilderness, even if you die, you will be considered killed by magical beasts." Sun Jinhao burst into laughter.

A red-clothed youth at the eighth level Martial Body suddenly attacked. The long saber in his hand hacked towards Huo Zhong.

Huo Zhong was infuriated. He waved his long rod and swept it towards the youth.

The long rod contained a huge amount of energy and suddenly swept across, creating a storm and breaking that youth's long blade.

That terrifying power shocked many people. He was actually able to take the inner strength of the 8th level Martial Body head-on!

Murong Daren was also under attack. He waved his fan and shot out a few strange red balls of air towards the young man's body, which then ignited into a flame.

Sun Jinhao was stunned for a moment. He had not expected the seventh level martial body to have such terrifying power. However, he was not worried at all because their power could crush his opponent.

Qin Yun had just taken out a talisman when Sun Jinhao's fists overflowed with two balls of white-gold flames. They transformed into two tiger heads as he used his Vajra Martial Spirit's inner strength.

Sun Jinhao's fists turned into a golden-white tiger, giving out a terrifying roar. A domineering aura then turned into a gale, gushing out!

"You guys be careful and don't injure Xue Ziye, otherwise we won't have any more fun tonight. Hahaha!!" Sun Jinhao laughed obscenely.

Qin Yun was infuriated when he heard Sun Jinhao's words. He never expected the four of them to have such dirty thoughts. Xue Ziye, who was resting on the ground, was so angry that her face was flushed red. Her purple eyes seemed as if they were about to spew purple flames.

Thump, thump, thump …

Sun Jinhao, who was standing a distance away, rushed over quickly like a ferocious tiger. The Tiger Head Fist was the most fearsome of them all. As they roared furiously, a terrifying aura gushed out from them.

Qin Yun threw the Body Securing Talisman in his hand. A transparent wave of air exploded as it enveloped Sun Jinhao.

Sun Jinhao, who was in the middle of running, suddenly froze. It was as though the earth had sucked him in, rendering him unable to move.

Following that, Qin Yun threw out another fire talisman, enveloping Sun Jinhao.

"It's the Body Securing Talisman!" Shui YiHui shouted in shock, "How does he know about these spirit marks? This is a very special spirit mark! That Sun Jinhao is dead for sure."

It was actually an extremely rare Body Securing Talisman, causing a commotion in the plaza. Xiao Yanglong's expression became even uglier.

At the same time, Huo Zhong and Murong Daren, both of them threw out Body Securing Talismans and locked down their enemies.

Everyone was staring intently at the crystal stone wall, watching the intense battle inside. They could almost see the result!

After throwing out the fire talisman, Qin Yun charged into the flames. Using explosive force, he punched Sun Jinhao in the head. After making him unconscious, he extracted the platinum fire tiger martial spirit.

"Ahh!!!" Sun Jinhao screamed miserably, while everyone could only see flames. They had no idea what was going on inside.

After the flames disappeared, Qin Yun had already succeeded. He took out his saber and used the six style Wind Slayer. He used a powerful purple flame when he slashed.

With a few 'shua shua' sounds, he hacked out continuously. It contained a purple flame within it. At the same time that Sun Jinhao was chopped into eight pieces, his corpse was also burnt to ashes!

After Qin Yun killed Sun Jinhao, he threw out a Body Securing Talisman to stop the man in black who was charging at Xue Ziye.

When the man was frozen, Xue Ziye immediately threw out her pair of sickles. Several blade shadows flashed and countless wounds appeared on the man's body.

Qin Yun tossed a fire talisman over and burned the black-robed youth to ash.

The battle between Murong Daren and Huo Zhong had also ended. The two young men at the eighth level martial body had died a miserable death.

Four young martial artists at the eighth level Martial Body realm were not even able to withstand a single blow. After being attacked by three martial artists at the seventh level, they died even faster than rank 8 magical beasts.

The several hundred disciples and dozens of cultivators in the plaza could not help but take a deep breath.

The furious Lan Fengjin also quieted down. Looking at the flames that were igniting on the crystal wall, she blamed herself for not being calm enough to forget that Qin Yun had an extremely powerful Body Securing Talisman.

Yang Shiyue glanced at Xiao Yue Lan. Seeing her complacent smile, she seemed to be saying : "My man is that amazing."

"Several young experts of the eighth level died just like that. Sigh, what a pity. Qin Yun and company are really ruthless." An elder from the Blue Spirit West Palace said in a regretful tone.

Lan Fengjin sneered and said, "If Qin Yun and company did not kill them, it would be their death. If you opened the door to let me out, you might have been able to stop it. Don't pretend to be nice here!"

The Blue Spirit West Palace elder kept his mouth shut.

After Qin Yun and company killed Sun Jinhao and company, they stood there to rest and recuperate. Lan Fengjin was no longer that worried. That was because Qin Yun and company still had quite a number of Body Securing Talismans on them.

However, at this moment, someone suddenly shouted, "Look, a few people have appeared. They seem to be planning to ambush Qin Yun and company as well!"

When Shui YiHui saw those people, he said angrily, "Those are people from our Blue Spirit Star Palace and are a few old martial artists. Judging from their clothing, they should be from the West Palace!"

Hou Xingfeng coldly said, "I've seen them before. They are indeed from the West Palace. They are in the 9th level Martial Body realm and are responsible for patrolling outside. What are they going to do?"

What for?

Although no one answered, everyone knew that the elders from the Western Palace were definitely there to deal with Qin Yun and company. They might have been watching from nearby.

Xiao Yanglong had enmity with Qin Yun and it was a deep enmity at that. He was the head disciple of the Blue Spirit West Palace and was a young martial artist. He definitely had his own influence in the West Palace.

There was a high chance that these old martial artists at the ninth level were sent by Xiao Yanglong. One reason was because they could help Sun Jinhao and company kill the demonic beasts and the other reason was because they could deal with Qin Yun and company.

Xiao Yanglong's face became even darker, he could only remain silent but in his heart, he was cursing the person who planned this trial. They did not tell him that the students would be monitored while sent here to hunt the beasts.

Qin Yun and company did not know that so many people were watching the battle. Therefore, when they attacked, they would not leave any survivors. They would even remove the traces afterwards.

They hadn't thought that it wasn't just the students who'd come to deal with them but also the practitioners from the Blue Spirit West Palace.

"You must be from the Blue Spirit Star Palace, right? Did you see our fight just now? " Qin Yun looked at a blue-robed elder and asked.

"Indeed, we followed Sun Jinhao and the others because we wanted to help them kill the magical beasts. Originally, we thought that they would be able to easily kill all of you but we didn't expect them to actually have Body Securing Talismans and their decent strength." The blue-robed elder sneered and took out a long blade as he spoke.

"Was it Xiao Yanglong who arranged for you to come? This is cheating!" Murong Daren spat on the ground.

The old man laughed heartily and said, "You ask too many questions. Do you know that you don't have much time left to live?"

Qin Yun suddenly tossed out a Body Securing Talisman. However, the four elders were not immobilized because of it.

"Hahaha, your Body Securing Talisman is useless against us. We are at the 9th level Martial Body realm and we are preparing to enter the Martial Dao Realm. Furthermore, the blue cloaks on our bodies are able to block a certain amount of power." The old man laughed proudly. "Alright, I'll send you on your way now. We'll have an explanation when we get back."

"Captain, leave, don't worry about me." Xue Ziye jumped up from the ground and rushed over.

Murong Daren and Huo Zhong also started attacking with all they had.

"Brother Yun, you go!" Huo Zhong shouted in anger.

"Although you are the captain, you are the youngest. Leave quickly." Murong Daren smiled faintly, as though he didn't want to live anymore.

Qin Yun was stunned. As he held onto the Giant King Spirit Hammer and the saber in his hand, his eyes moistened. He suddenly hated himself. Why was he so weak? If he was strong enough, such a situation would not have happened!

(TL NOTE : why was he so weak?? wuxia/xianxia logic!! require 10 times more resource to level up with excuse that they would be stronger in same cultivation realm but in reality can't even fight 2 level higher within same realm.)

At this moment, he couldn't make a decision. If he ran, then Xue Ziye, Murong Daren and Huo Zhong would all die.

If they didn't run, all four of them would die here!

"Let's go all out!" Qin Yun roared in his heart as his body burst out in waves as he charged forward.

"The two of you, deal with Qin Yun while we handle the three of these. Pay attention, you must spare their lives. we can use these three fellows to force Qin Yun to hand over the spirit marks." The leading old man laughed sinisterly.

Although Qin Yun still had a high-grade Body Securing Talisman, he could only deal with two ninth stage martial artists. Furthermore, he did not have the confidence to succeed.

Right now, he could only use his strongest power to fight!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The furious Qin Yun pushed all sorts of martial arts to their limits as he unleashed balls after balls of terrifying energy. The resulting loud sound was transmitted to the square in Blue Spirit Star Palace.

"Blue Spirit West Palace, why haven't you opened the door yet!" When Lan Fengjin saw this, her eyes turned red and she roared.

Shui YiHui and the other Eastern Palace elders also started to pressure them. The Blue Spirit Star Palace finally agreed to open the door with the other three Palace Elders.

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