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Chapter 226

In Blue Spirit Star Palace, there were many eighth and seventh level martial body youths. When they saw Qin Yun and company kill the scorpions, they sighed with emotion.

Qin Yun and company took out the magic cores from the scorpion and took out their Xuan bead. They were able to absorb the energy from the two Stage Eight magic cores at a very fast rate. It was completed in a few moments.

"Two magical beasts have just died. The nearby magical beasts will definitely be able to smell death coming their way. Who knows, they might even arrive soon!" Qin Yun said, "We have to leave quickly."

Xue Ziye said coldly: "It's too late, the herd of beasts has arrived! Run or fight?"

The monster horde was indeed fast and there were a lot of them. There were more than 30 of them and all of them were brown colored Spiked Wolves!

The Spiked Wolf wasn't large and was considered small for a magical beast. It was only about two meters long and one meter tall. However, it's body was covered in dense spikes, and was very frightening.

After the agile wolf came over, it did not howl. Instead, it's footsteps were light and graceful. The moment it saw a human, it would pounce over in a flash!

"The leader is a Class 8 Magical Beast, the rest are Class 7. We can handle them!" As Qin Yun spoke, he charged forward with the Giant King Spirit Hammer in his left hand.

With a groan, the sleeve of his left arm suddenly burst open, revealing strong muscles. The Heavenly Lion Totem Mark on his left arm also appeared, emitting a purple glow. Flames and lightning continued to spill out from the skin of his arm.

The most frightening thing was that Giant King Spirit Hammer suddenly became very big!

Inside Blue Spirit Star Palace, Tian Xuan Martial School's Guo Cheng saw this and shouted in shock, "Giant Soul Transformation! How did Qin Yun obtain the true Giant King Spirit Hammer with a Giant Spirit inside? A true Giant King Spirit hammer needs to be merged with the Giant Martial Spirit in order for it to suddenly become huge."

"This can be considered a top grade spirit weapon!" Lan Fengjin said with a frown. She had seen Qin Yun's Giant King Spirit Hammer but she had not discovered the Gian Spirit inside.

When the people in the plaza heard Guo Cheng's words, an uproar broke out. Qin Yun possessed a top grade spirit artifact at the seventh level martial body. This was something they could only look up to!

It had to be known that many Martial Dao Realm cultivators did not have top grade spirit artifacts. Generally speaking, high grade spirit artifacts were already very good.

Qin Yun, who was in the midst of battle, had always believed that his Giant King Spirit Hammer was at least a high-grade Spirit Treasure.

"Get ready!" Qin Yun growled and raised the gigantic hammer. He faced the ground and used Tsunami Technique. He released a violent tsunami of power and charged the berserk spirit mark.

Tsunami Technique is a top grade Xuan Rank martial art. It is one of the strongest martial arts techniques under the Earth Realm.

Qin Yun's perception of martial arts was extremely high. He had already mastered Tsunami Art to it's mastery stage, allowing him to produce seven shockwaves.

Tsunami Skill turned the inner strength into violent waves, which rippled out and forced the charging wolves to retreat. Quite a few of the spikes on their bodies were broken by the shockwaves.

After the Thorny Wolf was attacked by the Tsunami Technique, it no longer had it's previous ruthlessness and ferocity. Moreover, the energy within it's body was also shaken until it became chaotic. It was unable to use it's strongest power for a moment.

"Attack!" Qin Yun shouted.

Huo Zhong and Xue Ziye had already rushed up.

Huo Zhong's long staff descended and smashed the head of an Wolf.

Xue Ziye's pair of scythes flew out. When they were retracted, the skulls of two Wolves rolled on the ground.

In the distance, Murong Daren was staring intently at the thorny wolves that had recovered their strength. As soon as the thorny wolves approached Qin Yun and company, he would use his inner strength to break their limbs.

The gigantic hammer in Qin Yun's hand was also extremely terrifying. None of the Thorny Wolves that were struck by the hammer survived. They were struck until their bodies cracked and died.

It had to be said that Xue Ziye, a martial body level 8 martial artist, was extremely powerful. She was the one who killed the most. In a short period of time, she killed half of the Spiked Wolves.

After a short while, the pack of wolves were all killed.

Watching them kill the pack of wolves' disciples of blue spirit palace let out another wave of sighs. Even the instructors thought that Qin Yun and company would be escaping after distracting the wolves but they never expected that in the blink of an eye, most of the wolves were dead.

"With Brother Yun around, things have always gone smoothly." Xie Wufeng smiled slightly. He had killed ferocious beasts with Qin Yun before and it was just as easy.

"It seems that their efficiency is a lot higher than that of the four teams with the eighth level Martial Body realm." Hou Xingfeng smiled.

Xiao Yanglong's expression was a bit ugly because his small team still had not appeared. This meant that they had not found any demonic beasts.

On the crystal walls surrounding the square, the images of other squads battling with magical beasts gradually appeared. Some squads were excellent, while others were average. Not only were they unable to kill the magical beasts, they even fled with injuries.

Multiple teams began to search for demonic beasts. Qin Yun and company had also disappeared from the crystal wall. They would only reappear when they engaged in battle with the demonic beasts.

An hour later, Qin Yun and company appeared once again on the crystal wall of Blue Spirit Star Palace's plaza. This time, they were facing a gigantic black tiger.

The tiger's entire body was covered in thick, stiff skin. It had a luster similar to that of black metal and it's mouth revealed four sharp, sword-like teeth. it's eyes shone with a deep green light and when it roared, the lines on it's body flashed with red light.

"This is a Class 9 Magical Beast, Black Ember Tiger!" Yang Shiyue shouted softly, a little worried.

When the disciples in the plaza saw the Black Ember Tiger, they all cried out in alarm. It was because not long ago, there was a disciple at the ninth level Martial Body who was eaten by a Black Ember Tiger.

This Black Ember Tiger was the shadow in the hearts of many disciples.

Qin Yun and company knew that the gigantic tiger in front of them was a Class 9 Magical Beast but they were confident that they could kill it!

The moment the Black Ember Tiger appeared, it first pounced towards Xue Ziye because the Qi she released was the strongest.

"Second Brother Murong!" Qin Yun shouted. Murong Daren hurriedly conjured a ball of light made from his inner strength and sent the black tiger flying.

Following that, Qin Yun controlled his spirit essence saber to slash down at the head of the Black Ember Tiger.


The saber chopped down, unexpectedly producing a crisp sound. It did not cut into the tiger's head!

"It's very sturdy!" Qin Yun hurriedly shouted in shock, "Everyone, retreat! Stay away from the black tiger!"

Xue Ziye, who was the closest to the Black Tiger, her eyes turned purple, the scythe in her hand was enveloped by a purple glow. The tip of the scythe suddenly flew out and hooked onto the Black Tiger's forelimbs.

She pulled back the scythe's sickle, wanting to cut off the tiger's forelimbs but the tiger's thick skin was too hard to cut.

"Xue Ziye, be careful!" Qin Yun saw the Black Tiger pounce at her with a bellow and immediately shouted. Following that, he stepped on the Flame Cloud Steps and flew over.

"It's up to you!" Xue Ziye gave a light shout and the blade of the scythe flashed with a purple light, releasing a threatening aura.


The two scythes that had hooked onto the tiger's forelimbs were finally retracted. At the same time, they had also snapped off the tiger's forelimbs!

The Black Ember Tiger that had pounced over suddenly dropped to the ground and let out a roar of pain. It opened it's large mouth and bit at Xue Ziye.

Murong Daren, who was standing some distance away, unleashed a ball of inner strength into the tiger's mouth and sent it flying again.

In order to cut off the front limbs of the tiger, Xue Ziye had used a lot of strength, which consumed a lot of energy.

Lan Fengjin let out a sigh of relief, "They should be able to take down the Black Ember Tiger successfully. This is a Class 9 Magical Beast and yet it was beaten into such a sorry state. Are you really suspecting that this is a Class 9 Magical Beast?"

The other disciples also had the same thought. However, they could tell that the Black Tiger's flying speed and various types of power were extremely difficult to deal with.

Therefore, when they saw that the Black Tiger had it's forelimbs cut off, they cried out in disbelief. They were all amazed by Xue Ziye's strange purple energy.

"Third Huo, Second Murong, protect Xue Ziye. Leave the rest to me." Qin Yun took out the Giant King Spirit Hammer and instantly leaped onto the head of the Black Ember Tiger.

After the Hammer's Giant Martial Spirit was activated, the hammer instantly became huge!


When Qin Yun's hammer struck down, it exploded with purple flames that produced rolling thunder. This was the first move of the Six Style Forging Dragon, Thunder Tremor!

After being hit, the Black Tiger gave a deep roar and a crack appeared on it's head!

Immediately following that, Qin Yun struck the second strike, Forging Dragon Second move!

The rumbling sound of thunder seemed to resound through the clouds, setting off a gust of wind. When the hammer descended, the thunderous roar even shook the clouds.

The head of the Black Tiger was smashed to smithereens by this strike, it's entire head exploded!

With just two strikes, he had completely annihilated the Black Tiger. Such a terrifying power left many Blue Spirit Star Palace disciples dumbstruck.

"What a terrifying hammer technique. It should be a Xuan Level martial art. He has practiced it to the Mastery Stage!" Lan Fengjin was also astonished. She realized that her understanding of Qin Yun was still too little.

Yang Shiyue understood this hammer technique the best and knew how terrifying the Six Style Forging Dragon was. Currently, Qin Yun had only cultivated it to mastery, so his might would be even more terrifying if he reached perfection and above.

Qin Yun took out Black Ember Tiger's core. Just as he was about to use a Xuan bead to absorb it, a few figures suddenly appeared. They were Sun Jinhao and three youths at the eighth level Martial Body.

Qin Yun immediately rushed to Xue Ziye's side to protect her.

Murong Daren and Huo Zhong also held their weapons and stood in front.

Most likely, Sun Jinhao and the others had come here to kill them for their goods.

In the square of Blue Spirit Star Palace, Xiao Yanglong saw this scene and clenched his teeth. He couldn't wait to leave Blue Spirit Star Palace and stop Sun Jinhao.

Lan Fengjin looked coldly at Xiao Yanglong and asked, "That's your student, to actually want to rob someone else's things. Truly shameless."

"Qin Yun beating Sun Jinhao previously was just a grudge between them. It has nothing to do with me! Even if Sun Jinhao wanted to snatch Qin Yun and company, it wasn't because I told them to. They were the ones who decided." Xiao Yanglong quickly tried to clear up the relationship.

With so many people watching, if Sun Jinhao really did harm Qin Yun and company, Xiao Yanglong would not be able to protect them.

Yang ShiYue looked towards Shui YiHui and asked anxiously, "Elder Shui, are you guys not going to go out and stop them?"

Shui Yi Hui shook his head and said, "It's not that we don't want to go out but the door is tightly shut. It will take time to open it. There are so many magical beasts outside and each time we open the gate, we have to have four palace elders working together."

The other coaches, who were on good terms with Qin Yun, frowned as they cursed Sun Jinhao and company's actions. At the same time, they asked the elders from the four palaces open the door as they went out to prevent the clash.

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