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Chapter 219

Lan Fengjin picked up the talisman and nodded in satisfaction.

She took out the magical beast crystal egg and smiled, "This is your reward. Also, don't tell anyone about this talisman and don't leak out this set of inscriptions. Otherwise, I will tell everyone about your secret crush on Yang Shiyue."

Qin Yun smiled bitterly. "Don't worry. I won't leak it out. When are you leaving?"

"When you recover, I'll return to Blue Spirit Star Palace!" Lan Fengjin said, "The reason I entered the first town was also to find an Inscription Master to help me craft the talismans. I didn't expect to meet you here."

Qin Yun looked at the demon beast crystal egg beside him. He was delighted. He had a total of seven demon beast crystal eggs as well as many Class 8 and 9 beast cores.

He calculated, the total amount could be exchanged for six hundred million Xuan Points.

Four hours later, he regained his strength. Lan Fengjin also changed into a neat blue skintight suit. This was the uniform of the Blue Spirit Star Palace but the belt on her skintight suit was gold.

"I can't see your thighs, I'm a little disappointed." Although the current Lan Fengjin was tightly wrapped, she still exuded a valiant and coquettish aura.

"Damn brat, you only know how to look at my thighs!" Lan Fengjin laughed and kicked him away. "Let's part ways here. I really can't bear to part with you. Sister Lan, I will miss you. I'll miss your long legs too." Qin Yun said with an evil smile.

Lan Fengjin gave a humph of her own as she rolled her eyes at him before walking out of the cave.

As it was still daytime, Qin Yun did not dare to travel alone. Therefore, he waited until night.

At night, he used his Shadow Power and hid in the darkness, returning to the Star Xuan Wu Academy.

On the way, Qin Yun passed by a few cities and noticed that the city walls were crumbling. There was aura of a spirit beast emanating from them, so he knew that these cities had large magical beast hordes.

Magical beasts needed to eat people to increase their strength. Taking down an entire city was a huge granary for magical beasts.

"If humans are united, there is no need to be afraid of a powerful magical beast horde." Qin Yun recalled his experiences in the first town and knew that he had killed a horde of demonic beasts.

At the edge of the Myriad Star Lake, many students were gathered and waiting for the Star Xuan Wu Academy's ferry. Usually, they would go there in two hours, day and night.

When Qin Yun arrived, many students recognized him and discussed softly.

"Qin Yun has done a lot of mischief. From the looks of it, he probably doesn't know, does he?"

"The Tian Ling Empire has just declared themselves to be an empire, yet the crown prince was killed by him. This is a deadly feud."

"Everything is a mess! Why did he go and kill the crown prince?"

"I wonder if it will implicate our Star Xuan Wu Academy!"

When Qin Yun heard that, he was alarmed. He did not understand how the Tian Ling Empire knew he was the culprit.

After finding out about this, he didn't wait for the ferry anymore, instead, he used the Fire Cloud Step and crossed the Lake from high altitude to the center of the island.

"That group of people saw our appearances last time. After their crown prince and Yin Sheng died, they started investigating this matter. If they had investigated, they would have found out that Sister FeiLing and the others had returned to the Star Xuan Wu Academy early. I am the only one who is still in the first town."

After a careful analysis, Qin Yun inferred the reason why the Tian Ling Empire believed that he had done it.

As soon as he entered the Star Xuan Wu Academy, he immediately returned to the Star Sun Treasure Tree.

Du Gui was outside the Starsun Treasure Tree, arranging the fallen leaves.

"Teacher!" Qin Yun rushed over and shouted.

When Du Gui saw Qin Yun return, he said with a smile, "Qin Yun, tell me honestly, were you the one who killed the crown prince of Tian Ling Empire?"

"Yes! I was going to kill Yin Sheng but that crown prince caught me and said that he was going to kill me and raise his name, so I killed him." Qin Yun curled his lips.

Du Gui nodded and said, "Since that's the case, then it's your personal grudge. The Principal has also asked Meng FeiLing and the rest about it and they understand the ins and outs of the matter. This is the first mistake that the Tian Ling Empire makes against our students, so you do not have to worry about this matter. Our Star Xuan Wu Academy will not hand you over but you need to be careful when you go out."

With magical beasts rampaging outside, they would definitely pay attention to the situation outside. It was not easy for the Tian Ling Empire to seek revenge, so Qin Yun did not put it to heart.

"Teacher, I got a lot of good things, I can probably exchange for six hundred million Xuan Points!" Qin Yun chuckled.

Hearing that, Du Gui was so shocked that he put down the big leaf in his hand and shouted: "Really? What is it? "

Qin Yun followed Du Gui into a cave and took out a magical beast crystal egg and many cores. It left Du Gui grinning from ear to ear.

Du Gui took a few deep breaths in shock and asked, "Kid, how did you get the demon beast crystal egg? Seven of them!"

"I got lucky and joined a pretty strong team. This team teamed up with the other teams and then I took advantage of them to get it." Qin Yun said with a chuckle, "Teacher, help me find someone you know at the Xuan point store. I want to use these to secretly exchange for Xuan Points. I can't let anyone know that I have seven Magical Beast Crystals Eggs!"

Du Gui nodded with a smile and said, "That's not a problem but the matter of you possessing six hundred million Xuan Points is not so easy to conceal. Have you thought of a good excuse?"

"I've thought it through. Just say that I exchanged my storage spirit artifacts for a large amount of magical beast cores or something like that. That should be reasonable, right?" Qin Yun would rather let others know that he had a large number of demon beast cores than to let them know that he had a demon beast crystal egg. If not, he would be in deep trouble.

"Let's go!" Du Gui was overjoyed to see his student obtain so many Xuan Points. He brought Qin Yun and flew straight to the bustling district in the middle of the Star Xuan Wu Academy.

In the middle of the Star Xuan Wu Academy, in the hall of the Xuan Point Store, many people were queuing up, exchanging the small amount of beast cores in their hands for Xuan Points.

Du Gui recognized some acquaintances and immediately entered a VIP lounge. Not long after, a fat old man dressed in a red luxurious suit arrived.

"Old fatty, I brought you a huge business deal. How are you going to thank me?" Du Gui said with a proud smile.

"Is this Qin Yun? I've heard a lot about you!" The fat elder chuckled and clasped his hands at Qin Yun.

"Hello, elder fatty!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

This fat old man was an honorary principal of the Star Xuan Wu Academy. His name is Pan Dawei and he was responsible for the main business of the store. He was a very well connected person and was also very powerful.

Pan Dawei invited Qin Yun to take a seat with a smile and asked, "What big deal? Just say it directly!"

After Qin Yun took out a large pile of items, Pan Dawei's beaming face immediately froze. He looked at the items on the ground in shock.

"Seven demon beast crystal eggs, how did you get them? Even if it's a team of martial dao practitioners, it's not that easy to get a demon beast crystal egg!" Pan DaWei quickly jumped up from his chair and touched the magical beast eggs.

"I got lucky and picked them up." Qin Yun said with a smile, "Elder fatty, calculate it for me. How many Xuan Points are there? And please keep it a secret for me, don't mention that I've acquired so many magical beast crystal eggs."

"Good! I want to see how many Xuan Points I can exchange for you." Pan Dawei was extremely excited as he counted the beast cores.

Even he was shocked by the number of Class 8 and 9 Magical Beast Cores. He could not believe that a young man at the seventh level Martial Body would be able to obtain so many Magical Beast Cores.

"A total of six hundred one and a half million, hand over your Xuan Point Crystal Card!" Pan Dawei took a deep breath and took out an octagonal disk.

Qin Yun placed the Xuan point crystal card on a golden octagonal disk. Pan Dawei dripped his blood on the card and disc before swearing an oath. It was mainly about what was in the transaction and who he was trading with.

After he was done, more than six hundred million Xuan Points appeared on Qin Yun's Xuan point crystal card.

"The Xuan Points List will be refreshed once a month. If you don't want to be on it yourself, use your Xuan Points as soon as possible." Pan Dawei chuckled, "The next time there's a deal like this, you can enter this VIP lounge by yourself. Someone will come to inform me to come see you."

Du Gui laughed, "Fat old man, how are you going to thank me?"

"I'll treat you to a meal." Pan Dawei laughed: "Why don't we go now? Qin Yun, you come along as well!"

"Elder fatty, I want to exchange for the Vajra Spirit Marrow, how much can I exchange for it?" Qin Yun asked.

Pan Dawei thought for a moment and said: "As long as you have more than two hundred million Xuan Points in your Xuan Crystal Card, you can use one hundred million Xuan Points and ten million crystal coins to exchange for it. You can exchange for five bottles of Vajra Spirit Marrow in total now but if your Xuan Points are less than two hundred million, you won't be able to exchange for any more."

"I'll exchange it now!" Qin Yun said as he took out a Xuan Point Crystal Card and a Crystal Coin Card.

Pan Dawei took out five golden bottles that were the size of a small wine jar. He accepted Qin Yun's crystal coin card and Xuan point crystal card and operated them. Then, he allowed Qin Yun to permeate his mental force into the two cards before completing the transaction.

Qin Yun still had four hundred million crystal coins on his card. He only had a little more than a hundred million Xuan points left.

After the trade was completed, he wanted to rush back and try out the Vajra Spirit Marrow but he was asked by Du Gui and Pan Dawei to go for a drink.

Initially, he did not want to go. However, upon thinking that Du Gui and Pan Dawei were both doyens of the Martial Arts Academy, he felt that he could get some of the secrets of the Star Xuan Wu Academy from them, so he followed them.

There was a Mysterious Star Restaurant right next to the store. It was opened by Pan Dawei. Therefore, Qin Yun did not hesitate to eat and drink to his heart's content. Du Gui had the same personality as him, so he didn't even use his chopsticks. He only used his hands to quickly grab some food and stuffed it into his mouth.

Pan Dawei laughed and scolded: "Old man Du, are you possessed by a hungry ghost? Seeing you eat like this is embarrassing."

Du Gui replied, "It's rare for an old iron rooster like you to treat me to a meal. If I don't eat to the full, then I'll be letting myself down."

Qin Yun had experienced what it meant to eat with no regards for one's life. Du Gui was one.

"Fatty Elder, you've been at the Star Xuan Wu Academy for so long. Have you heard of any legend about the Academy? Every time I pass by the star lake, I would be scared by the calm and dark lake surface, always feeling that there's something scary down there." Qin Yun asked.

Pan Dawei suddenly became serious and said: "Beneath the Myriad Star Lake, there is a dragon bull sealed like a mountain. It has the body of a bull, claws and mouth of a dragon, the horns, ears and the eyes of a bull. Our island is built on this dragon bull."

"Is this true?" Qin Yun widened his eyes in shock.

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