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Chapter 218

Qin Yun did not immediately agree. Instead, he first asked for a clear explanation, "Tell me what you need help with. I'll do my best!"

Lan Fengjin looked around before pulling Qin Yun into a warehouse.

There was a lot of wine in the warehouse. Lan Fengjin was sitting on a large vat as she took out a stone slab and placed it on her wheat coloured thighs. She then crooked her finger at Qin Yun, indicating him to come over.

After Qin Yun passed by, he saw many strange engravings on the stone slab.

"This is a set of inscription!" Lan Fengjin said.

"If this is a set of inscriptions, then they are very close to Xuan inscriptions. They should be top grade spirit inscriptions or royal grade spirit inscriptions!" Qin Yun squatted down and stuck his head in front of her to take a careful look.

Lan Fengjin gave a faint smile, "Good eyesight, these are Royal Grade Spirit inscriptions! The entire inscription along with the Dark lines are here. What I need your help for is to make this set of spirit inscriptions into a talisman."

Qin Yun was also somewhat excited as he said, "Sister Lan, can you tell me what spirit inscription it is? Making spirit talismans is not difficult, but I can't guarantee that you'll be satisfied! I can only carve a single set of spirit inscriptions on it. At the very most, it would be a top grade spirit talisman and not a king grade spirit talisman."

The grade of the talisman was determined by it's power and difficulty. The most intuitive method was to carve a set of spirit marks. Generally speaking, the more groups a spirit marks talisman had, the stronger the strength of the spirit talisman would be and the material required would be more demanding.

The Medium Grade Body Securing Talisman that Qin Yun had forged before was very close to high-grade spirit talismans. If he were to carve another set of Body Securing Mark, it would be a high-grade talisman but it would be much more difficult.

Lan Fengjin chuckled, "I can't tell you what kind of spirit inscription this is for now. You just need to help me make one! After you succeed, I'll give you my magical beast crystal egg as compensation."

"If you give me all the Dark Lines, even if you don't tell me, I can test it out in the future." Qin Yun held up the stone slab and said with a smile.

Lan Fengjin laughed, "Without the special talisman paper that I provided, you won't be able to make a talisman out of these spirit inscription! The main purpose of this set of spirit inscription is to set up a formation to make talismans, so it cannot be used for artifact forging."

"For the demon beast crystal egg, I'll help you refine it!" Qin Yun did not ask any further. After all, he had the set of spirit inscription. He would definitely be able to figure it out in the future.

Lan Fengjin smiled sweetly and said, "Don't be discouraged either. If there is a chance in the future, I will tell you about the effects of this set of spirit inscription."

Qin Yun took out a piece of beast skin and began inscribing it on the beast skin with a knife. This was to familiarize himself with the royal grade spirit inscription. Only after he was familiar with them would he be able to officially make it.

"You want to make it here?" Lan Fengjin asked.

"En!" Qin Yun nodded. He had obtained the thirty-six spirit inscriptions. The inscriptions within were only high-grade. They were neither top grade nor king grade.

Now that he had come into contact with a Royal Grade spirit inscription, he was extremely excited.

Learning to master top grade and king grade spirit inscriptions was an extremely important stage. Only after mastering it well would one be able to inscribe it when learning inscriptions in the future.

Qin Yun was only at the seventh level Martial Body realm. As for learning higher quality inscriptions, he needed to be at higher Martial Body realm, eighth or ninth.

Now, he'd already mastered most of the high grade spirit marks. Top grade and Royal grade spirit inscriptions are extremely rare. Finding one at this time was an extremely rare opportunity to learn them.

Lan Fengjin said in a low voice, "You can't do it here. This is the second district where many spirit beasts appear. Let's leave the first town first, you should familiarize yourself with this set of spirit inscriptions first."

"Sister Lan, what is your background? These are royal grade spirit inscriptions, are you from the Divine Inscription Palace?" Qin Yun asked. From what he knew, only the Divine Inscription Palace and Blue Spirit Star Palace possessed such a level of inscriptions.

"No, don't ask!" Lan Fengjin gave a mischievous smile as she nudged Qin Yun with her knee.

Qin Yun curled his lips and out of nowhere, pinched Lan Fengjin's thigh.

"Aiya, you stinking brat!" Lan Fengjin giggled, "You're so dishonest!"

She giggled as she rubbed her thigh against Qin Yun's face.

"Sister Lan, if you keep teasing me like this, I won't be able to calm down and familiarize myself with the spirit marks." Qin Yun sighed. Although Meng FeiLing was a charming demoness, she usually restrained herself quite a lot.

Lan Fengjin, on the other hand, was wearing a sexy outfit that exposed her long legs and navel. She looked strong, sturdy but also had some charm to her. What Qin Yun never expected was that the valiant and charming beauty was very coquettish.

"Little brat, don't think that I don't know. You're always staring at my thigh!" Lan Fengjin laughed coquettishly.

"The main thing is that you dress too boldly. Are you usually like this?" Qin Yun sat on the ground next to a wine vat. Lan Fengjin sat beside him on the wine vat, swinging her mesmerizing long legs.

When Lan Fengjin saw Qin Yun seriously inscribing the spirit marks, she said with a smile, "That's not true. I only wear it when I came out to play! Speaking of which, a girl like Xiao Yuelan is your wife, why aren't you being honest. With a beauty like her in your family, why would you care about others?"

Qin Yun sighed. "Sister Lan, I've seen many beauties but not many of them are as attractive as you. Your entire body exuded an aura that makes one want to commit crimes. Wearing clothes like this will kill you!"

After Lan Fengjin heard this, she let out a series of refreshing and charming laughter and said, "There are indeed a lot of people who want to harm me, so I am going to take their lives. This is really tiring me!"

"Brat, what kind of feelings do you have for Yang Shiyue? She's also a great beauty, you can't possibly not be moved." Lan Fengjin was also like Meng FeiLing, gently caressing his handsome face.

A handsome and capable youth like Qin Yun was very popular with women, especially a flirtatious woman like Lan Fengjin. If she were to meet him, she would definitely not miss the opportunity to tease him.

"She is my teacher, I respect her!" Having his face touched, Qin Yun felt like he had suffered a loss. He cursed inwardly.

"Stinky brat! I don't believe you!" Lan Fengjin laughed as she scolded him. Then, she took her hand away and said, "Okay, I won't tease you anymore. concentrate on your matters!"

In order to concentrate, Qin Yun took out beast skins and stone slabs and went to a corner to seriously inscribe something.

Lan Fengjin said, "Qin Yun, Yang Shiyue has already stepped into the martial dao realm. In terms of talent, she's about the same as me. Right now, she is Xiao Yanglong's fiancee, so what do you plan to do about the enmity between you and Xiao Yanglong?"

When he heard that Yang Shiyue had stepped into the Martial Dao Realm, Qin Yun fell silent for a few seconds. He was secretly delighted as he said, "I can only work hard to increase my strength and grasp power to change everything!"

"Indeed, only when one is strong enough will one be able to fight against this disgusting fellow, Xiao Yanglong. He did many disgusting things in the Blue Spirit West Palace. He is also a very vicious fellow. He even harmed his own father. There is nothing he can't do." Lan Fengjin had a face full of disgust when she mentioned Xiao Yanglong.

Qin Yun is now certain that Lan Fengjin was from Blue Spirit Star Palace.

He asked, "Sister Lan, which palace are you from? Nangong, Eastern Palace, Northern Palace or Western Palace?"

Lan Fengjin laughed and shook her head, "No, I am from the Saint Palace! Do you want to enter Blue Spirit Saint Palace? The Eastern Palace welcomes you very much. When your performance is good, I can recommend that you enter the Saint Palace and become a Saint!"

"The Saint Palace is truly powerful!" Qin Yun exclaimed.

"Yang Shiyue and your wife Xiao Yuelan have both joined the Saint Palace! They are all my junior sisters, the same master as me!" Lan Fengjin laughed very happily.

Qin Yun could not help but blush as he hurriedly said, "Sister Lan, don't speak nonsense in front of Teacher Yang. It will be very awkward!"

Lan Fengjin giggled and said, "Don't worry, I definitely won't say anything to her. It all depends on how confident you are!"

Qin Yun grunted and asked, "Sister Lan, Brother Xie has also entered the saint palace. Have you heard of him? Xie Wufeng, a sword cultivator!"

When he mentioned Xie Wufeng, the smile on Lan Fengjin's face disappeared and she said seriously, "It's hard to not know who he is, but this guy... I don't know if I should call him a sword fanatic or a sword demon but it is very scary. It is said that in the Saint Palace, under the Martial Dao Realm, he is one of the strongest."

When Qin Yun heard this, he secretly felt happy for Xie Wufeng. After that, he too fell silent and began seriously inscribing spirit marks. He did not know when he would be able to step into the martial dao realm.

Lan Fengjin seemed to be able to read Qin Yun's thoughts as she said softly, "Qin Yun, if you enter the East Palace, with your ability, you will definitely advance by leaps and bounds. Staying at the Star Xuan Wu Academy would be a waste of time."

Qin Yun did not say a word. He had other plans for his stay in the Star Xuan Wu Academy. He firmly believed that there must be some of Martial King Lan Xiao's legacy hidden within the Star Xuan Wu Academy. However, he had yet to find it.

This time, he had earned a lot of Xuan points and decided to inquire about the various secrets and legends of the Star Xuan Wu Academy.

Two days later, Qin Yun familiarized himself with the set of Royal Grade spirit inscription. He was confident that he could use the set of spirit inscription to create a talisman.

The upper area also quieted down and the aura of the spirit beast had already dissipated. Old Tan and company bade farewell to Qin Yun and decided to head to the sanctuary in the first district and join a stronger team there.

Lan Fengjin and Qin Yun left the first town. They did not belong to the first town. After parting ways with Old Tan, they hurriedly left the first town.

They arrived at a forest a few hundred miles away from the first town and entered a cave.

Qin Yun began using the mysterious set of royal grade spirit inscription to make talismans. The talisman paper was provided by Lan Fengjin. It was indeed very special.

While he was inscribing the spirit marks, he could vaguely sense that the talisman contained a suppressed star power.

With Lan Fengjin protecting him, he could feel more at ease making talismans.

After a few days, Qin Yun heaved a sigh of relief as he finally refined a high-grade spirit inscription.

"So tired! What is the use of this talisman?" He only felt that his arm was incredibly heavy. After lifting up the carving knife, he laid on the ground, closed his eyes and panted.

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