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Chapter 206

However, Qin Yun and company were not the only ones thinking of entering the first town. The students of the other academies knew that there were teams sent by various forces to hunt the magic beasts and obtain the magic cores as well.

Now, everyone had said that they temporarily did not know what the use of magic cores were. Qin Yun felt that the elders from the Star Xuan Wu Academy definitely knew something. If not, they would not have collected so many magic cores.

A look of worry appeared on Sister Li's face as she looked at the group that had entered the town at an extremely fast speed. She whispered, "It seems that not only do we have to face powerful magical beasts, we have to face other hunting squads."

Each of the Xuan Academies was here for magic cores. A single magic core could be exchanged for a large amount of Xuan Points, if they could directly snatch them from someone else, those greedy people would definitely take action.

They can do anything for greed.

"Let's not care about that for now. Let's go in first and then talk. We are not ordinary people. Unless we meet a person with a cultivation of the 9th level Martial Body realm, we will not be so easy to deal with." Big brother Li is extremely clear about the strength of his squad.

In order to obtain Xuan points, he had to take a risk.

After resting, they immediately entered the first town!

As soon as he entered, a strong smell of magical beast rushed over!

This smell was unique to magical beasts and it wasn't horrid either. It was a very special kind of smell, one that was similar to mud.

"Many houses have been destroyed, some have gone through great battles and there aren't even any ruins!" While Big Brother Li was walking, he was also looking at the destroyed beautiful houses.

Because there were a lot of people here, all sorts of houses were built very high, all of them taller than a few floors.

Meng Fei Ling said, "This is the outer region. Although this region is far away from the center region, it is also the easiest to evacuate. There shouldn't be many magical beasts outside."

There were a lot of feces and furs left behind by magical beasts on the ground. This meant that a large amount of magical beasts had rushed into the first town.

Qin Yun and company were very slow. They did not rush into the compound like the small team from before.

If they walked slowly, they would be able to clearly sense the situation around them and avoid an ambush. After all, these magical beasts all had a certain amount of intelligence. If they encountered an ambush in groups, they were extremely likely to die here.

Half a day later, they had already entered a deeper area. If they wanted to pass through the first town, they would need to travel a long way.

"Right up ahead, there are several Class 8 Magical Beasts. Should we make a move?" Big brother Li suddenly said. He didn't know how he had sensed it.

Qin Yun released his mental force to investigate. Indeed, he could vaguely sense the auras of the five demonic beasts. However, they were extremely thin. It was impossible to detect without specially checking.

While he was admiring Brother Li's perception, he was also shocked by the magical beast's concealment ability. It could be said to be extremely good. Even with his strong mental strength, he was unable to sense it.

"If the five Class 8 Magical Beasts were to attack together, we might not be able to defend against them. How about we give it a try and see if we can break them apart." Qin Yun said.

"My wife, when I charge over, you will immediately fly into the air and shoot out five arrows. You must hit those five magical beasts! This way, I can take advantage of the fact that the magic beasts were hit and attack them ruthlessly! FeiLing and Qin Yun make your move depending on the situation. Be careful, we'll attack those fleeing demonic beasts."

Brother Li told them the battle plan he had in mind.

Qin Yun and Meng FeiLing nodded.

"Everyone, you have to believe that if anything is wrong, remember to run! There are a lot of magical beasts here, so we are not afraid of failure this time. As long as we don't injure our bodies, we will be able to earn a lot."

Brother Li sternly warned Qin Yun and Meng Feiling. He was worried that the two youngsters would not want to waste such an opportunity and would not let it go.

"Got it, I will definitely remember Brother Li's words." Qin Yun said.

"Big Brother Li, don't worry!" Meng FeiLing smiled sweetly.

Big Brother Li smiled at them and nodded. Then, he rushed towards the few tall buildings in front of them.

Sister Li immediately took to the air as Qin Yun and Meng FeiLing flew over as well.

Sister-in-law Li, who was floating in the air, suddenly saw a few two to three meter long black demon wolves jump out. She hastily pulled the bowstring and in just two seconds, five arrows shot out!

The arrows that were shot out were all condensed out of the Vajra inner strength. It was extremely overbearing and they could even hit the head of a wolf accurately!

Five black demon wolves were hit in an instant, making them howl and roll on the ground.

Qin Yun secretly admired Sister Li's strength. She had played the bow well. He suspected that she had a archery martial soul. If not, she would not have reached such a superb state.

Brother Li, Qin Yun, and Meng FeiLing each dealt with a demon wolf. The moment they went over, the demon wolf got up and received a thunderous strike from them.

Especially Qin Yun. He wielded the Divine King Spirit Hammer, which was close to a high-grade spirit artifact, as he used the Six Style Forging Dragon to ruthlessly strike the wolf's head. With just a few blows, the wolf head exploded.

Arrows were very quick and accurate. Although they could not burst the wolf's head, they were enough to temporarily prevent magical beasts from attacking. If their heads were severely injured, they would be staggered in every aspect.

Brother Li was the fastest to kill the demon wolf. After taking care of one demon wolf, he started to attack the other.

Meng FeiLing wasn't bad either and the long whip in her hand could easily send a demon wolf flying.

Under the cooperation of the four of them, five Demonic Wolves of the eighth step were annihilated in just a few moments.

"Be careful!" Brother Li suddenly sensed something and shouted to the sky above Sister Li.

Qin Yun also sensed an energy beam shooting straight at Sister Li.

"Sister Li!" exclaimed Meng Feiling.

A powerful beam of light shot over from afar. It was clear that this was not a magical beast's attack technique but a human!

The moment Qin Yun saw the beam of light, he hurriedly activated his powerful mental force. Using his strongest mental force, he enveloped Sister Li and forcefully pulled her down, narrowly avoiding the beam of light.

The beam of light struck a tall building that was more than ten stories high, causing it to explode into pieces and splatter out many pieces of broken stone.

"Thank you, Xiao Yun, so close!" With a lingering fear in her heart, Sister Li landed on the ground.

"You're welcome!" Qin Yun hurriedly looked in the direction of the beam of light. He was secretly infuriated.

Brother Li said to Qin Yun, "Xiao Yun, go and clean up the demon wolf's corpse first. Let me deal with those fellows."

Qin Yun went over to collect the demonic wolf's corpse into his storage artifact before arriving behind Brother Li.

Brother Li's expression was cold and filled with anger. Because the attack just now had almost seriously injured his wife.

There were six middle-aged men in black armor. The one in the lead looked old, with white hair and wrinkles at the corners of his eyes. This man was two meters tall, tall and strong, with a disdainful look on his face.

The tall middle-aged man sneered at Brother Li and said, "Your luck is pretty good, you actually dodged my attack! Where are you from?"

Brother Li said coldly: "Star Xuan Wu Academy! What did you mean by that? You almost hurt my wife, you have to give me an explanation!"

"Star Xuan Wu Academy?" The burly middle-aged man scanned Qin Yun and company and his gaze landed on the seductive Meng FeiLing.

"We're warning you. We're here first, so hurry up and leave. This is our hunting zone!" The tall middle-aged man looked at the place where the demon wolves were killed and said angrily: "What did you kill? Take it out quickly, it's ours!"

Qin Yun did not know why they were so angry but he could tell that they were all very unreasonable people.

They were all at the eighth level Martial Body realm and there were six of them. On Qin Yun's side, there were only four of them!

"Why should I give it to you?" At this time, Brother Li was also very angry and shouted coldly.

The tall middle-aged man sneered, "You few trash dare to be so arrogant in front of us? Do you know who we are? We are from the Tian Ling Empire and we are all from the Lin Xuan Wu Academy. Our empire has the support of the vice principal of the Lin Xuanwu Academy. A while ago, we were drinking with the vice principal!"

"I'll tell you guys, my name is Yin Sheng, I'm a great general of the Tian Ling Empire!"

Qin Yun was puzzled. Those who dared to call themselves empires were countries with a certain level of strength! He had never heard of this Tian Ling Empire.

It was the same for Meng FeiLing and the rest. However, they knew that the Ling Xuan Wu Academy was supporting the Tian Ling Empire.

"You must be afraid! Our Tian Ling Empire is the newly ascended empire. Quickly hand over the magical beast you killed and we will send you back to the Star Xuan Wu Academy." Yan Sheng mocked. His words were filled with contempt for the Star Xuan Wu Academy.

Although the relationship between the Star Xuan Wu Academy and the other two Xuan Level Martial Academies weren't good, it wasn't bad either.

Brother Li gritted his teeth. If not for the two juniors, Qin Yun and Meng FeiLing, he would have definitely fought with his life on the line against the six middle-aged men.

All six of them had a cultivation base at the eighth level of the Martial Body and all six of them had storage spirit items on them.

"Not good, a large group of magical beasts is coming over. This is the territory of the magical beasts of the wolves, the spirit beast king is coming over." Qin Yun suddenly shouted in alarm. Furthermore, his face was filled with fear.

Spirit beasts were something that could only be dealt with by the martial dao realm. When Yin Sheng and the others heard this, their faces filled with shock!

"Kid, are you lying to us?" Yan Sheng laughed coldly, "In front of me, you still..."


Suddenly, a wolf howl rang out and a terrifying aura enveloped the area. Yan Sheng's expression changed drastically. Without saying anything further, he turned around and started running. His subordinates were also running away with fear written all over their faces.

"Let's go!"

Brother Li's voice was also urgent. He could feel that there was a large group of magical beasts approaching but he was very sure that they were not in the territory of the magical beasts.

"I was the one who lured the wolves here!" Qin Yun ran and said, "A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him! The four of us are no match for them but they don't know our names and we know that guy's name is Yin Sheng."

With how powerful Yin Sheng's group was, if they were to clash head on, they would only end up suffering.

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