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Chapter 205

Meng Fei Ling said, "Brother Li, your father is an expert at finding demonic beasts, so we will listen to you!"

Brother Li smiled humbly, "I just learned a little from my father!"

After the others arrived at the shore, some headed towards the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, while others headed towards other directions. However, Brother Li didn't immediately hurry on his journey. Instead, he looked at the footprints on the lake shore.

Brother Li continued to walk around and after he observed the messy footprints of the demon beasts, he said, "The demon beasts that come out are not very big, they are at most elephants! Magical beasts like the two-headed vulture and the lizard dragon were both spirit beasts. They belong to a certain territory and shouldn't be too easily encountered. We can rest assured!"

Qin Yun and company followed Brother Li and walked along the footprints of the demonic beasts. It had to be said that Brother Li had a lot of experience. Even though the footprints were messy, he was able to distinguish which magical beast the footprints belonged to.

Not long after, they had left the Myriad Star Lake.

"If I remember correctly, there should be a small town up ahead. Without the protection of the city walls, it is bound to be invaded by magical beasts. The people inside should have already left for the big city." Sister Li said in a low voice as she looked forward.

Although there were many magical beasts, this land was also very large. Currently, the magical beasts were scattered all over the place, so it wasn't that easy to encounter them.

"I thought that I would run into a magical beast the moment I came out!" Qin Yun looked at the barren land that was covered in claw marks. Indeed, a large group of demonic beasts had passed by this place before.

Brother Li said, "Although the majority of the demon beasts are not very intelligent, after forming a group, under the orders of a leader, they will know how to cooperate. Our targets are the lone magical beasts or the magical beasts that are out on patrol! We cannot face such a huge group of magical beasts unless we understand the situation of the magical beasts and then sneak in to assassinate them."

Qin Yun was secretly astonished at the unity of the magical beasts!

Meng FeiLing did not understand any of this and could only follow Qin Yun and Li couple.

More than two hours later, a small town appeared in front of them.

From a distance, he could see that the small town was a mess and many houses had been destroyed.

The small city was near the Star Xuan Wu Academy, so it was relatively prosperous. The houses were all several stories tall and the streets were very wide. If the magical beasts were hidden, it would be impossible to find them from afar.

"There are magical beasts inside!" Brother Li's face darkened as he whispered.

"Many?" Meng FeiLing seemed to be excited as she asked.

Brother Li shook his head, "I'm not sure!"

Meng FeiLing said, "I'm flying in the air. Let's go over and see what's going on!"

Just as she was about to fly up, she was stopped by Sister Li.

"FeiLing, if you go like this, it will be too risky. What if there is a flying magical beast? I'll go over!" Sister Li said.

Qin Yun took out the Puppet Silver Lion and said with a smile, "I'll let this Puppet go over. I'll be able to see anything the Puppet sees. It's very safe."

When Brother Li and his wife saw the beautiful Silver Lion Puppet, they were slightly surprised. They had also heard that Qin Yun had a Puppet Silver Lion but they had never seen it with their own eyes.

"Little Brother Yun, can you refine a Flying Puppet Eagle for me in the future? Whatever you want to do, I'll agree to it!" Meng Feiling pulled Qin Yun's hand as she said softly and tenderly.

"If I have an eagle totem, that shouldn't be a problem. To forge a puppet, I need totem inscriptions." Qin Yun also wanted to forge a flying puppet but there was no flying beast totem.

Meng Feiling said with a charming smile, "When I find it, you must help me refine it. When the time comes, you can have me do whatever you want..."

Her martial spirit was the Eagle martial spirit. If she could obtain the eagle totem, her strength would definitely increase by leaps and bounds.

Qin Yun released his Puppet Silver Lion and entered the small town. Soon, he saw a three-eyed tiger wolf behind a large house!

The tiger wolf had the head of a wolf, the mouth of a tiger. it's entire body was covered in gray patterns.

"We've been discovered!" Qin Yun could not help but shout before hurriedly controlling the silver lion puppet to run out.

Brother Li quickly said, "Prepare to fight!"

The Puppet Silver Lion's running speed was also very fast. After running out of the small town, the five to six meter long Three-eyed Tiger Wolf also rushed out and quickly caught up to the Puppet Silver Lion.


After the Three-eyed Tiger Wolf roared, it leaped up and threw the Silver Lion puppet onto the ground. Then, it bit down on the wolf's neck with it's sharp teeth.

In just a few moves, the puppet's silver lion head was bitten off!

Qin Yun and company were stunned. This magical beast was too savage!

"My Puppet Silver Lion was created using a very strong material but it was destroyed in just a few tries. These magical beasts are all very powerful." Qin Yun said through gritted teeth before controlling the silver lion puppet to self-destruct.


After the Silver Lion Puppet exploded, the Three-eyed Tiger Wolf was sent flying!

"Attack!" Big Brother Li took out a three section rod and flashed past like the wind.

Meng FeiLing also took out her long whip and flew in the air towards the three-eyed tiger wolf.

As for Sister Li, she took out a palm-sized bow. Under her control, the bow suddenly grew in size. It could be big or small but it was also very precious.

She jumped into the air and pulled the bowstring, using her Vajra inner strength to form an arrow. After pulling the bow open, the bowstring trembled and the arrow formed from inner strength shot out from the bowstring, instantly flying over 1000 meters and landing on the head of the Three-eyed Tiger Wolf.

Following that, she quickly pulled back the bowstring and shot three arrows in succession. Each arrow hit the three-eyed tiger wolf!

However, the Three-Eyed Tiger Wolf was extremely tenacious. Although it's entire body was covered with blood, it was still incomparably ferocious. It let out a soul-stirring howl.

Brother Li charged forward with all his might and in about 10 seconds, he closed in on the Three-eyed Tiger Wolf. Then, he swung his staff and swung it at the head of the incoming Tiger Wolf.


The three section staff landed on the head of the tiger wolf, emitting a very strong wave of inner strength!

The giant three-eyed tiger wolf was sent flying several dozen meters away by this and landed heavily on the ground! The moment it landed, Sister Li shot another arrow!

Meng FeiLing also dropped down and the long whip in her hand condensed the Vajra inner strength. "Pa Pa Pa", she hit the body of the tiger wolf in the air, heavily hitting it, making it sink into the ground, unable to get back up.

After Big Brother Li came over, Meng Fei Ling stopped her whipping and rested at the side. At the same time, Sister Li had already prepared her bow and arrows, ready to attack again.

After Brother Li finished his beating, Qin Yun rushed over and shouted, "Let me do it!"

Following that, he raised the Giant King Spirit Hammer and used the Six Style Forging Dragon against the three-eyed tiger wolf. After only four hits, the tiger wolf's head was smashed into pieces.

"It's finally dead! Take out the magic core and let's see how much it weighs!" Brother Li said. He was secretly astonished by Qin Yun's terrifying hammer technique.

Meng Fei Ling and elder sister-in-law Li floated in the air, guarding the surroundings against any magical beasts that might exist in the town.

Brother Li took out a knife and sliced apart the magical beast. He found a bead and weighed it in his hand. After weighing it, it weighed eight kilograms!

He handed the magic core to Qin Yun. "A magic core weighing eight kilograms. This is a Class 8 Magical Beast. It can be exchanged for a million Xuan Points."

The couple had promised Qin Yun that they would need to kill 200 Class 8 Magical Beasts in order to gather 200 million Xuan Points for Qin Yun. Thankfully, it was not that difficult to kill.

"Beast bones and beast skins are pretty good but because of the proliferation of magical beast corpses, they aren't very valuable." Brother Li said.

This was of great value to Qin Yun. After his tempering, it was a pretty good material for forging artifacts. He had taken away the corpse of the demonic beast.

"Vice Principal Xia Yuan said before that the cores of magical beasts are all the same size but their weights are different! The core of a Class 9 Magical Beast weighed nine Jin, while the core of a Spirit Magical Beast weighed a hundred Jin! From this, we can see just how strong a Spirit Beast is." Sister Li said as she slowly descended to the ground.

Qin Yun looked at the fragments of the Silver Lion puppet and felt his heart ache. He could only refine a better one in the future.

"There shouldn't be any other magical beasts in this town! Otherwise, we would have realized long ago." Brother Li said.

Soon after, the four of them went in and there were many traces of magical beasts. The house was badly damaged and there were no other magical beasts.

"Could it be that because of the distance between here and the Star Xuan Wu Academy, the Magic Beasts don't dare to stop?" Meng Fei said.

Brother Li looked in one direction and said, "It should be so! Looks like we can only go to that place."

"The first town?" Sister Li said.

Brother Li nodded.

The first town was a very large town. It was originally a small town, it gradually grew to become very large. This first town had no walls and it's position was not under the control of the Three Great Empires or the other small countries. It was far from the large cities and was not near the powerful martial institutions.

"Alright, let's go to the first town to take a look!" Qin Yun also agreed.

They immediately rushed towards the first town.

The first town is in an area where the Tian Xiao Empire and the Tian Qi Empire intersected. It is also near the Cloud Dragon River.

The town spanned hundreds of thousands of meters across and it is very large and messy. The people who gathered there were all criminals or from families that failed to seize power.

There were many powers inside as well. After the magical beast horde appeared, many people in the first town thought that they could deal with the magical beast horde together. They just didn't expect that the magical beast horde was so strong that tens of thousands of people had become food for the magical beast horde.

After two days of traveling, Qin Yun and company arrived at a bare mountain peak. They looked towards the first town in the distance.

At first glance, there were countless houses arranged in a messy and dense manner, as far as the eye could see.

At many places in the first town, black smoke rose and flames burned, causing large areas of houses to collapse. The sky was covered with a thick murderous aura and the entire town was filled with an aura of death. This first town had completely fallen.

"Along the way here, we met a few magical beast hordes. Fortunately, we didn't enter their core territory, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to arrive here safely!" Brother Li looked at the First Town and said, "In the First Town, there must be many other territories owned by magical beasts. We need to be extra careful when entering."

Qin Yun and company nodded. He recalled the times when he passed by the territories of the demonic beasts and felt a lingering fear. The moment he stepped into the domain, he could sense a terrifying aura. It was a warning from a spirit beast.

If they did not leave their territory, a large group of powerful demonic beasts would appear. Qin Yun and company had been chased down by the horde of demonic beasts. Thankfully, they were fast enough to escape their pursuit.

"Look, there are six people over there. They just charged in!" Meng Fei Ling saw six people running on the ground, quickly entering the first town.

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