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Chapter 19 Celestial Lion Pool

After Yang Shiyue left, Qin Yun began practicing the Flaming Cloud Steps.

He closed his eyes and digested the knowledge related to the Flaming Cloud Steps in his mind.

The martial arts grandmaster's explanation and what Yang Shiyue had explained afterwards were extremely obscure and floated in Qin Yun's mind in a complicated manner.

But strangely, as he gradually organized them, they started to brighten up.

"So that's how it is!" Qin Yun opened his eyes and smiled. He suddenly felt enlightened.

After that, he started to circulate his Qi according to what he had learned from it.

Moments later, Qin Yun suddenly sensed a hot stream of air in his body. The airflow grew hotter and hotter, more and more numerous.

Not long after, he felt that his body had become much lighter.

"To use the Fire Cloud Steps, I need to quickly reach this state. Right now, I'm still too slow."

After finishing his cultivation, Qin Yun gave it another try. It would take about thirty seconds. If he were in a battle, he would not make it in time.

"Looks like I need to practice again and again!"

Now, he only practiced the portion of inner qi, and it was one of the inner force martial skills.

As for external techniques, it was an exquisite footwork technique. Only by combining it with internal techniques and displaying it together could one master internal techniques. Only then could one be considered to have entered the rudiments.

Yang Shi Yue only returned at noon. She only brought Qin Yun lunch before leaving in a hurry. It was unknown what she was doing.

After Qin Yun finished his lunch, he continued practicing the Flaming Cloud Steps and began circulating his Flaming Cloud inner Qi.

In the afternoon, the nine suns were scorching the earth.

Under the hot sun, Qin Yun's upper body was covered in sweat.

Right now, he could release the inner Qi of the fire cloud in fifteen seconds, making his body become lighter, but he still felt that it was not enough.

"I need to be able to release the Qi of Qing Gong within three seconds. Only when I have reached this level will it be useful in battle."

He could only constantly circulate his inner Qi and practice.

The more intense the sunlight, the more abundant the nine suns' spiritual energy was. Qin Yun used the Nine Yang Divine Spirit to absorb a large amount of Nine Yang Energy into his body. It could rapidly replenish his energy and prevent him from feeling exhausted.

If it was anyone else, they would not be able to keep up with the constant movements of their inner Qi, and would not be able to replenish their inner Qi.

After an afternoon of tough training, not only was Qin Yun more familiar with the fire clouds' inner Qi, he was also more proficient in controlling his inner elemental energy.

"Now, I can release the fire cloud's inner Qi within ten seconds. I wonder what level it is at?" Qin Yun wiped his sweat and sat down to rest.

It was already evening. As he looked at the nine mysterious and beautiful sunsets, his gaze became distant …

The power bestowed to him by the nine suns made him full of reverence towards this world. At the same time, he was also filled with a strong curiosity and the desire to explore.

"What does the Nine Suns Spirit have to do with the Nine Suns?" Qin Yun thought to himself as he looked at the nine round red sun that had descended.

Yang Shiyue brought back dinner, which was the meat of a nutritious beast, as well as a variety of dishes made from medicinal herbs. There was even meat soup.

"Teacher, what happened at the Heavenly Lion Martial Meet?" After Qin Yun washed his hands, he came to the table with a smile.

"The registration will begin tomorrow. It will officially begin in five days." Yang Shiyue took out the dishes from the big wooden box, "You can eat it yourself, I've already eaten it."

"Teacher, where did you go today?" I haven't seen you all day. " Qin Yun asked as he began eating.

"The Hua Ling Wu Academy intends to transfer me away and assign you to a different class." Yang Shiyue sighed and said, "They think it's a waste for me to only teach one student."

When Qin Yun heard this, he could not continue eating. He did not want to part ways with Yang Shishi.

Yang Shiyue smiled at Qin Yun and said, "Don't worry. I was talking to Dean Zhang about this today and he agreed to let me finish this semester of yours." After I finish my term as a teacher, I may leave. "Therefore, I will let you lay down your foundations during this semester. From now on, it will all be up to you."

Qin Yun was somewhat relieved, but he could not help but feel melancholy. After a semester, he would have to part ways with Yang Shi Yue!

Yang Shiyue asked: "How is your Fire Cloud Steps going? It's hard to learn, right? This kind of martial skill is much more difficult to learn than inner force mental cultivation. "

Qin Yun was worried that his improvement could not satisfy his teacher. He said with a stutter, "I … I can only use the fire cloud's inner Qi to make my body lighter. I haven't learned any footwork yet. "

After Yang Shiyue heard this, her face was shocked, and she smiled: "Not bad! I'm going to rest. You can clean up and leave it here. Oh right, do you have anything you don't understand with your Fire Cloud Steps? "


Qin Yun immediately asked her a few questions. After she finished answering, she returned to her room and told him to rest well. Tomorrow, he would go with her to register to participate in the Heavenly Lion Martial Meet.

Yang Shiyue had instructed Qin Yun to cultivate well, but at night, he did not rest and continued cultivating the Flaming Cloud Steps.

"The Fire Cloud Steps is only a high-grade martial art, but it is extremely profound. I must learn the Divine Transformation realm."

He was weak and had very few martial arts skills. He was not like the others who had a large family supporting them. Therefore, he needed to thoroughly master the hard-won cultivation technique as much as possible.

"The further you go, the harder it gets!" Qin Yun frowned and sighed.

What he did not know was that his mastery of the Fire Cloud Steps was already very fast. From Yang Shiyue's point of view, it would take him at least a month to learn the Fire Cloud Steps.

The sun gradually rose. The morning sunlight was especially gentle, and right now was also the time when the Nine Suns' spiritual energy was at its purest.

When Qin Yun saw the light of day, he hurriedly closed his eyes to draw the Qi into his body, cleansing his body of its fatigue.

He cultivated for an entire night and absorbed an hour's worth of nine suns spiritual energy in the morning. He became very energetic and did not feel tired at all. It was evident how beneficial nine suns spiritual energy was!

Yang Shiyue woke up very early every day. Today, she was wearing a light blue long dress. She was elegant and refined, with an aura like that of an immortal. She had a refined and mature beauty that made Qin Yun slightly entranced.

After Qin Yun had eaten the breakfast Yang Shiyue had prepared for him, they headed for the Hall of Heavenly Lions!

Soon, they arrived at the Sky Lion Hall!

The entire main hall was grand and solemn. In front of the main door, there was a golden lion statue.

They had arrived too early, and the main hall was not open.

Yang Shi Yue looked at the golden lion statue and said: "You can participate in the Heavenly Lion Martial Meet if you're at the fourth or fifth level of the Martial Body realm, but not everyone can pass the exam. If someone wanted to compete in martial arts, he or she is needed to have a certain level of strength. Therefore, we must first pass a simple test. "

Qin Yun saw that the Skylion Hall was extraordinary and felt that it was definitely important to the Hua Ling Wu Academy. He asked, "Teacher, if you win first place in the Heavenly Lion Martial Meet, what rewards will you receive?"

Yang Shiyue walked to the lion statue, looked up at the golden lion statue that was tens of meters tall, and said: "If you win first place, you can enter the Heaven Lion Lake to cultivate!"

"The spring water of the Heavenly Lion is extremely hot and overbearing. It is said that it is made from the spring water of a lion and special spring water. This was a great opportunity to increase his strength. Therefore, you must prepare yourself right now to obtain first place in the lower realms' Heavenly Lion Martial Meet! "

Qin Yun nodded. In his heart, he wanted to be number one right now.

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