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Chapter 185

If Xiao Yue Mei did not appear with Qin Yun, everyone would think that she had been rescued by Xiao Xuanqin and would thus only add fuel to the fire.

Qin Long urged, "You guys leave the secret passageway first, I want to stay here!"

Qin Yun had many things he wanted to tell his father but now was not the time. He could only leave the secret passageway with Xiao Yue Mei.

Late night. The Divine Inscription Palace was extremely quiet.

Xie Wufeng and the others were not in the Divine Inscription Palace. They all returned and followed their elders and teachers to the palace to take up residence so that they could prepare for the wedding ceremony.

Only Duan Qian was in the Divine Inscription Palace. When he saw Qin Yun bring Xiao Yue Mei back, he was extremely surprised.

Duan Qian hurriedly arranged for Xiao Yue Mei to stay on the most secret floor of the Divine Inscription Palace. This would ease Qin Yun's worries.

Duan Qian was rather curious as to how Qin Yun had saved Xiao Yue Mei but he did not ask.

Xiao Yue Mei was often abused during this period of time. Now that she was saved, she had a good rest and fell into a deep sleep.

Qin Yun and Duan Qian were in a secret hall.

"Grandpa Duan, what kind of people are attending that engagement ceremony?" Qin Yun was more concerned because Qin Long would be coming as well. If the person was very strong, he was afraid that Qin Long would be unable to hold him off.

Duan Qian said, "Amongst those who have come, the Blue Spirit Star Palace should be the strongest. There should be a few martial dao cultivators coming over. It is said that they will also conveniently discuss the matters within the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range."

"Emperor Tianqi and Emperor Tianxiao's sickly self are both in the palace of the Tianqin Imperial Palace. Most of the major families in the three empires are still in the imperial city. They will enter the imperial palace in two days."

When Duan Qian saw Qin Yun's expression filled with worry, he smiled lightly. "There's no need to worry. Great Elder Zhuo Chuan is also inside. The last time he found out that you had died in the Forbidden Land, he was depressed for quite a while! So, he will definitely help you this time!"

His expression suddenly became cold as he said, "Last time's auction was to sell the Soulshake Powder. Our Divine Inscription Palace was almost deceived. This must be the Blue Spirit West Palace's scheme. We will settle this debt with them."

"You rest first! When you are ready, you can go to the palace to attend the wedding. With our help, you will definitely not be persecuted."

Qin Yun nodded and returned to his suite.

After returning, he soaked in the bath and thought back to what happened in the Imperial Palace. He could not help but feel excited.

"Father is back!" Qin Yun closed his eyes as he felt relieved.

Emperor Tian Qin, who was thought to be severely ill, had finally appeared and even stepped into the martial dao realm.

After closing his eyes, Qin Yun hurriedly opened them because he remembered the dragon-shaped scar on Qin Yun's right cheek.

"What' with the scar on royal father's face? Could it be...."

He suddenly thought of something and looked at the Heavenly Lion totem tattoo on his left arm.

"The scar on royal father's face, could it be a dragon totem?" Qin Yun sat in the bathing pool. His eyes were widened and his face was filled with shock.

After he had recovered from his shock, he was secretly happy in his heart. If this was true, then his father's strength would definitely be extremely powerful.

The next morning, Qin Yun woke up from his bath. His injuries had also mostly healed.

In the secret passage, a layer of skin on his back was cut off by Ye Chang Chao's terrifying inner force. Fortunately, it was not too serious and he recovered in one night.

"Tian Xiao Empress's Giant martial spirit can let me refine it into the Giant King Spirit Hammer! As for Ye Chang Chao's Purple Gold Thunder Martial Spirit... I don't know how to use it for now but if Grandma Qiao was here, I would be able to find some way. Maybe I could get her to help me refine the Purple Gold Thunder Martial Spirit into the Heavenly Lion's arm."

It wouldn't be easy to obtain a good martial spirit because those who possessed a good martial spirit all had high statuses and great strength. They wouldn't die so easily.

And in the past few days, Qin Yun had obtained most of his high-grade martial spirits!

Of course, if this method of his was known by everyone, he would definitely be regarded as an evil demon.

Inside the secret chamber, Qin Yun carefully led the golden-white giant martial spirit into the mid-grade Giant King Spirit Hammer.

In the art of soul refining, there was a method to fuse a martial spirit into a weapon. As long as one could master it, they would be able to do so very easily.

"Fortunately, this Giant King Spirit Hammer is forged with top grade spirit iron. Otherwise, it would have been extremely difficult for it to withstand this Giant Martial Spirit."

He happily gripped the Giant King Spirit Hammer and activated the Giant Martial Spirit inside of it. Suddenly, the hammer became bigger!

Originally, the entire hammer wasn't even half a meter long. After it grew larger, the handle would be more than a meter long. The hammer would also become larger and the weight of the hammer would be more than 5000 jins!

"This is the real Giant King Spirit Hammer!" Qin Yun hurriedly controlled the hammer to return to it's original state as he rejoiced in his heart.

He happily walked out of the secret room, left his suite and arrived at Duan Qian's floor.

Duan Qian opened the door. When he saw Qin Yun, he said, "I was just about to look for you. This could be a huge blow to you. I hope you are prepared."

"What is it?" Qin Yun said with a frown as he walked into a hall.

After Duan Qian closed the door, he sighed lightly and said, "There was a piece of news that came out from the palace that Qin Long had suffered internal injuries for many years because of Qi deviation. He had passed away long ago! The reason why it was publicly announced today is to let the crown prince, Qin Zhengfeng, ascend to the throne after the wedding ceremony!"

Qin Yun was deep in thought. He was certain that Empress Ye and company knew that Xiao Yue Mei had been rescued and that the whereabouts of the two Martial Dao Realm cultivators, Queen Tian Xiao and Ye Changchao, were unknown. That was why they had made such a decision.

Duan Qian noticed that Qin Yun was deep in thought. He whispered, "Qin Zhengfeng has the support of the Blue Spirit Nangong and is preparing to marry Xiao Yuelan. Therefore, all the forces in the Tian Qin Empire acknowledged him as a young emperor."

"No matter what, I will definitely go there then!" Qin Yun's tone was calm, which caused Duan Qian to be slightly surprised.

Qin Yun knew very well that his father was not dead. Furthermore, he was well hidden in the secret passageway to the imperial palace of the Tian Qin Palace.

In Tian Qin Imperial City, every hotel and teahouse was in an uproar. They were all waiting for the latest news.

This was a rare event and experts were gathering within the imperial palace. If something big were to happen inside, they would immediately know.

For example, today, the news of Emperor Tian Qin's death had spread, shaking the entire Tian Qin Empire.

The spectators in the imperial city found it somewhat regretful that Qin Yun had died in a forbidden zone. He could not participate in the engagement ceremony or there would definitely be a great show to watch.

Even though they could not see it in the palace, it was still quite good to hear the fastest news here.

Two days had passed and Xiao Yue Lan and Qin Zheng Feng's engagement ceremony was finally about to begin.

Early in the morning, in the teahouse and inn, everyone was drinking and eating while waiting for news from the imperial palace.

Many people speculated that something else might happen during the engagement banquet. First of all, Xiao Yue Lan didn't want to marry, so the Tian Xiao Empire captured Xiao Yue Mei to threaten her.

Furthermore, Xiao Yuelan possessed the secret of the Immortal Graveyard Diagram and also possessed the Purple Gold Dragon Martial Spirit. Her cultivation was at the eighth level Martial Body realm and was far above Qin Zhengfeng in every aspect.

Therefore, everyone guessed that there would be other people who would want to marry Xiao Yue Mei and they would offer generous conditions to the Tian Xiao Empire.

The main street was over a hundred meters wide and it led from the city gate to the main entrance of the palace. On both sides were high-end shops of high quality.

As there were too many warriors from all over the country watching the show, these shops had no choice but to place their chairs on the street, leaving only a ten-meter-wide path.

Under the light of the morning sun, the entire Tianqin Avenue seemed to be covered in a layer of faint golden light.

The streets were bustling with activity. Warriors from various countries were gathered in groups of three to five. Some of them were strong group of close friends. They all gathered at tables, chatting and drinking, chatting and talking, causing the streets to be filled with joy.

Suddenly, a flickering silver lion appeared at the city gate, startling many people.

Upon closer inspection, it was clear that the lion was not real. Rather, it was made of metal. Everyone immediately recalled that it was a puppet beast!

On the silver lion puppet sat a handsome youth. He wore a white robe and his features were handsome and his features were firm and unswerving. His skin color was dark but his eyes were sharp and bright, black and white.

Qin Yun looked confidently at the palace door in front of him. The puppet, a silver lion, roared before charging down the main road towards the palace door.

There were many cultivators sitting on both sides of the Avenue. Many of them recognized Qin Yun's handsome face. He looked much more mature than the last time they had seen him.

The last time they saw Qin Yun was during the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Competition.

A huge commotion immediately broke out on the Tianqin Avenue!

This was because Qin Yun had appeared!

"It's Qin Yun! He actually did not die!"

"Is it really Qin Yun?" "Are you sure?!"

"I'm sure. Although there's some change on his face, I remember it clearly. Especially that pair of eyes full of fighting spirit, I will definitely not forget it!"

"He's 16 years old now, so it's normal for him to look like that. But he died in the Forbidden Area!"

"He's actually riding a puppet beast? Did he refine it himself? I remember, he's just a beginner inscription master!"

"Meteorite fell on the forbidden grounds holding the Soul Refining Demon. It was only a few days after Qin Yun was locked in the forbidden grounds that the meteorite fell. Who knows, he might have obtained the Soul Refining Art from the Soul Refining Demon!"

"If that's really the case, then it's too scary!"

The scene became even more lively as people started discussing all at once.

At the gates to the imperial palace, Qin Yun rode on his silver lion puppet and was stopped by a guard.

"I'm Qin Yun, the fifth prince. Is it impossible for me to return to my own home?" Qin Yun said coldly. With his cold and sharp gaze, he looked at the guards who were at the sixth level Martial Body realm.

The guards had obviously met Qin Yun and were astonished. They did not know if they should let him go.

Just as they sent people to report the news, Qin Yun controlled the puppet, a silver lion and charged into the middle hall.

Sounds of noise came from the hall. Many respected and powerful warriors were in the hall.

Qin Yun had previously heard from Duan Qian that there were thirty-two thousand people participating in the engagement banquet.

The main hall of the Tian Qin Palace was very big, it's length and width was over a hundred meters, it was more than enough to accommodate these people.

Suddenly, someone ran into the noisy hall and shouted, "Qin Yun is here. He's still alive!"

The magnificent hall suddenly quieted down!

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