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Chapter 183

It was night now and the area was dark. Qin Yun had used the Black Sun Martial Spirit's unique inner force to hide himself in the darkness. He called this power Shadow inner force.

As long as the light was dim, he would be able to conceal himself.

At this moment, he was walking down the path of the forbidden palace in search of Xiao Yue Mei.

The Forbidden Palace was very large and there were a few large courtyards inside.

Qin Yun wandered around the dark Forbidden Palace for nearly an hour. He still could not sense the aura of the martial dao realm and had no way of knowing where Xiao Yue Mei was imprisoned.

He was standing in a dark hallway and thinking, "Could it be that this isn't the Forbidden Palace?"

Suddenly, two large men came with lanterns in their hands. Qin Yun immediately flew into the sky and hovered at the top of the passageway.

"Xiao Yue Mei is being held in the Heavenly Court... Isn't it just a silly little girl?" A burly man said in disdain.

"This Xiao Yue Mei has killed a person at the eighth level Martial Body realm. We are only at the sixth level. we will be killed in three moves from her!" Another man said.

"She is indeed powerful but it is enough to send two 9th layer Martial Body cultivators to watch over her. To actually send someone of the Martial Dao Realm, isn't that just too exaggerated!"

As the two patrolling men spoke, they left the corridor.

Qin Yun was secretly alarmed. He was also very surprised that Xiao Yue Mei was imprisoned in the Heavenly Court.

The Heavenly Court is the most mysterious place within the Forbidden Palace. It is also the only place with many formations protecting it. It is generally used to imprison powerful people.

Xiao Yue Mei had a Martial Dao Realm guard, she didn't need to be locked in there!

When Qin Yun thought about it, he understood that Xiao Yue mei was Xiao Yuelan's sister and her only weakness. If not, she would not have obediently cooperated with the engagement ceremony.

He thought to himself, "In order to marry Xiao Yue Lan, the Tian Xiao Empire has really put in a lot of effort! What kind of benefits did you get?"

Although he had never been to the Heavenly Court, he had read about the Forbidden Palace in the books in the palace and had a slight impression of it.

In the night sky, a large thick cloud floated past, blocking the full moon and causing the earth to become much darker.

Qin Yun came to the entrance of the Heavenly Court. It was pitch black with no lights at all!

The entrance to the Heavenly Court was made of stone. The two doorposts were engraved with inscriptions that formed a formation. As long as someone passed through, it would trigger the formation and cause a commotion.

If they descended from the sky into the courtyard, they would trigger the formation as well.

Qin Yun merged himself into the darkness. Using his own knowledge of the inscriptions, he entered the yard without triggering the array formation.

After entering, he immediately felt the aura of the Martial Dao Realm.

"So it was hidden by the formation. No wonder I couldn't sense it before." When Qin Yun sensed the powerful aura, he took out Soulshake Powder.

He had already taken the antidote. Even if he touched the poison powder of the Soulshake Powder, he wouldn't be poisoned.

Arriving here made him a little nervous, because this was his only chance! If he failed, he didn't know if he could save Xiao Yue Mei in the future.

Inside the yard, Qin Yun saw a room with its windows opened. The aura was coming from inside, and it seemed to have the aura of Xiao Yue.


A crisp sound rang out. It was the sound of a slap on the face!

"Little bitch, you actually dared to insult me, I'll smash your mouth to pieces! I've wanted to teach you a lesson for a long time, to actually kill so many of Long'er's trusted aides and destroy so many of my Tian Xiao Empire's geniuses. I'll torture you to death, you little slut!"

The one who spoke was a lady and her voice was cold and venomous.

Qin Yun was astonished because there was a high chance that the woman was the Empress of the Tian Xiao Empire!

The Empress of the Tian Xiao Empire was not only powerful but extremely powerful.

Qin Yun never expected that Empress Tian Xiao was in the Martial Dao Realm!

At this point, he finally understood why the Tian Xiao Empire despised the two sisters Xiao Yue Mei and Xiao Yue Lan.

This was because their talents were extremely high and their appearances were exceptionally beautiful. If they didn't marry out, it was extremely likely that Xiao Yanglong's position would be threatened in the future.

Furthermore, their two sisters' mothers was the sworn enemies of Empress Tian Xiao when she was still alive, so she had secretly instigated Xiao Yang Long to sell them at the highest price possible, no matter the cost.

This way, the Queen of Tian Xiao could let out a sigh of relief because she had succeeded in selling the daughter of her enemy and the benefits from that were her son's!

"Vicious, you're the same kind of trash as Empress Ye!" Qin Yun did his best to suppress his anger to prevent it from leaking out.

Xiao Yue Mei was constantly being beaten up but she could only groan in pain because she was very clear that the more she screamed, the happier Empress Tian Xiao would be, so she had to hold it in!

Qin Yun carefully came to the window and hurriedly scattered the bag of soul fragments into it. Then, he hid outside the window.

"Who? This is... Soulshake Powder, Xiao Xuanqin, you damned bitch!Ahhhhh!" The Queen's sharp voice rang out. She thought that Xiao Xuanqin had come because only she had the Soulshake Powder.

Qin Yun did not enter immediately. After all, his opponent was in the Martial Dao Realm. He would need to wait for a period of time.

"Aunt, is that you? That evil woman is lying on the ground, unable to move!" Xiao Yue Mei weakly shouted but from her voice, one could hear her emotional voice.

"Xiao Xuan Qin, you slut, you must clearly understand the consequences of your actions. You are now wanted by the three empires and the Blue Spirit Star Palace. If you make another move against me, you will die miserably." Tian Xiao Queen said anxiously, her voice was filled with fear.

The room was dark. After Qin Yun entered, he took out a luminous pearl to illuminate the room. Hurriedly, he placed an antidote pill into Xiao Yue's bloody mouth.

"Brother, it's you! You're still alive!" The weakened Xiao Yue Mei immediately opened her eyes wide, her face filled with disbelief, looking at the handsome and slightly mature face in front of her.

"Yue Mei, you suffered because I couldn't come earlier!" Qin Yun caressed the wound on her face with a pained look as he took out a suit of light inscription equipment for her to wear.

"As long as you are still alive, I am willing to suffer!" Xiao Yue Mei was already crying. She had been tormented by Empress Tian Xiao for so long but she had not cried. When she saw that Qin Yun was still alive, she could not help but cry.

"Don't cry, heal your wounds properly!" Qin Yun smiled and wiped the tears off her face.

Queen Tian Xiao is lying on the ground, she is fat and disgusting. She is too ugly to look at, no wonder she didn't dare to turn on the lights, she was definitely afraid of looking at Xiao Yuemei's beautiful face and being provoked.

She looked at Qin Yun with a look of horror. The person who had come was not Xiao Xuanqin. It was the Qin Yun that everyone believed to be dead.

Qin Yun squatted down and said with a smile, "You are Xiao Yanglong's mother? Like mother, Like son! Speaking of which, Xiao Yang Long is very handsome but you look like this, is he your biological son? Did you really carry him here!"

"Qin Yun, why is a demon like you not dead yet?" When Empress Tian Xiao asked that question, Qin Yun had already placed his hand on her abdomen.

"Because only when a demon like me is alive can I deal with more demons like you. That's why the King of Hell allowed me to live." Qin Yun said with a smile, he started extracting her martial spirit with Soul Refining Technique.

"Ah... What are you doing? You're taking my martial spirit away!" The Tian Xiao Queen was extremely terrified.

Xiao Yue Mei stood at the side and widened her eyes in shock. Her eyes were filled with excitement because Qin Yun had mastered the art of soul refinement!

After the Martial Spirit was extracted, it turned out to be a white-gold ball of air that could suddenly grow larger.

"Yue Mei, what is this Martial Spirit?" Qin Yun did not know Empress Tian Xiao so he asked hastily.

"It's the Platinum Giant Martial Spirit!" Xiao Yue Mei was much better now, she hurriedly took out her Mirror Martial Spirit to look at it and then copied the Giant Martial Spirit into her mirror.

"Great, I can refine it into my Giant King Spirit Hammer!" Qin Yun exclaimed as he stored the martial soul into the Soul Sealing Pearl.

"Brother, you've learned the soul refining technique, you're really amazing!" Xiao Yue Mei lay on Qin Yun's back as she giggled happily. She seemed to have forgotten the pain from being tortured by Empress Tian Xiao.

After the Tian Xiao Queen's Martial Spirit was extracted, the pain she felt made her want to die. Moreover, she was in the Martial Dao Realm. Without her Martial Spirit, her inner force would gradually dissipate, just like a cripple.

"You evil demon, you will get your retribution!" Empress's face contorted in pain. She could only curse at Qin Yun now.

Xiao Yue Mei walked over and stepped on the Tian Xiao Queen's fierce face, sneering: "You are so vicious, the one who deserves retribution is you, look, don't you feel that you are being retorted to?"

Suddenly, an aura could be felt.

Qin Yun sensed the powerful aura and immediately killed Empress Tian Xiao and threw her corpse into his storage space!

He quickly carried Xiao Yue Mei on his back and jumped out of the window, avoiding all the formations and traps as he hurriedly left the Heavenly Court.

"A Martial Dao Realm expert has arrived!" Qin Yun was alarmed.

Within the Tian Qin Imperial Palace, there were actually people of the Martial Dao Realm. Moreover, this aura made him feel somewhat familiar.

"It's the Empress's father!" He suddenly recalled that this person was Empress Ye's father, the family head of the Ye family, Ye Chang Chao!

The Ye Family of Empress Ye was powerful. His elder brother, Ye Qingfeng, was at the peak of the ninth level Martial Body, just a step away from the Martial Dao Realm. If he had not been killed by Qin Yun, he might have already stepped into the Martial Dao Realm.

As for Queen Ye's father, he had long entered the martial dao realm and had always coveted the Emperor's authority. Now, he had finally succeeded!

When Ye Chang Chao arrived at the Heavenly Court, he saw the complete mess and the remnants of the Soulshake Powder. He closed his eyes and sensed something. Then, he chased in the direction Qin Yun had left in.

He was a very cautious person, so he sprinkled some of the special powder he had refined in the courtyard.

After entering, Qin Yun ran into the scented powder but did not discover it. After leaving the yard, it remained the same. As such, it had been tracked by Ye Chang Chao.

As the fragrance was too faint, he needed some time to discover it. He found it strange as well because after tracking Qin Yun's route, he realized that the route did not lead him out of the forbidden palace but into it's interior.

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