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Chapter 168 - Forbidden Area

When Xiao Yue Mei saw the person in front of her, she shouted, "My aunt is here too!"

Amongst the ten or so people in front, there was a girl wearing a blue dress. She had a noble temperament, had a mature charm and her beautiful oval face was full of sternness. When her beautiful eyes saw Xiao Yue Mei, they were shocked and angry.

Xiao Xuan Qin floated up, bringing a burst of cold air as she flew over, her face full of frost: "Yue Mei, why are you here? Who is this man?"

"He is Qin Yun!" An elder shouted. This was a teacher of the Tian Xuan Martial School.

Qin Yun's presence astounded the dozen or so people.

"Quick, seize Qin Yun!" A young man in an ornate red armor shouted.

This youth was Qi Yu. His long, thin, fair face was filled with a dark ruthlessness. It was because it was Qin Yun who had destroyed his and Xiao Yue Mei's good fortune.

When Xiao Yue Mei saw this, she hurriedly came to a stop and stood in front of Qin Yun with her arms spread wide. He was a student of the Star Xuan Wu Academy... "Qi Yu, if I tell the Star Xuan Wu Academy about this, you will definitely be expelled!"

Xiao Xuanqin coldly said: "Yue Mei, why are you still together with him? Hold on... You have the aura of metal bones on you and you've stepped into the seventh level Martial Body realm? "

When Qi Yu and the others heard this, their expressions all changed!

The 14 year old Xiao Yue Mei was also at the 7th level Martial Body realm.

"That's right, I just broke through!" Xiao Yue Mei said with a tender voice, "Aunt, you are not allowed to attack Qin Yun. Otherwise, I will ignore you!"

"I won't do anything to him but I can do something to you, right?" With a wave of her jade-like hand, a blue light appeared and enveloped Xiao Yue Mei. After that, she retracted her hand and pulled her over.

Xiao Xuanqin was over thirty years old and was a martial artist at the ninth level Martial Body. She was not weak, so it was easy for her to suppress Xiao Yue Mei!

Qin Yun noticed that the situation was amiss and hurriedly threw out a few fire talismans. They exploded into a violent flame before taking advantage of the chaos to dash forward.

The people here were mostly at the ninth level Martial Body. They were naturally not afraid of Qin Yun's fire talismans and quickly dispersed. They formed a large circle and surrounded him.

Qin Yun rushed to the side of the green brick building and was immediately surrounded.

Qi Yu's voice was harsh as she shouted, "Qin Yun, why aren't you staying in the Star Xuan Wu Academy? You actually came here to throw away your life! Xiao Yanglong hates you so much, if I kill you, he'll definitely be very happy, hahaha"

Xiao Yue Mei was furious, she immediately struggled and said with a voice full of resentment: "Qi Yu, if you dare make a move on my brother... Even if I, Xiao Yue Mei were to risk my little life, I will still slaughter your entire Tianqi Empire to the point where there will not be a shred of blood left on the floor. If you don't believe me, give it a try! "

Qi Yu looked at Xiao Yue Mei who was enveloped in blue light. He couldn't help but grit his teeth and clench his fists. Xiao Yue Mei's potential to enter the 7th level Martial Body at the age of 14 was as terrifying as Xiao Yuelan's. They were both talented enough to reach Martial Dao realm at a very early age.

There were not many martial dao cultivators in the Tian Qi royal family. If they were to be avenged by a martial dao practitioner, their country would be exterminated.

"Aunt, you're actually hanging out with a dog like Qi Yu, I've misjudged you! I don't want to bother with you anymore!" When Xiao Yue Mei saw that Qin Yun was surrounded and in trouble and that she could not help him, she felt extremely infuriated.

Xiao Xuanqin had never expected that she would have such sincere feelings for Qin Yun after seeing Xiao Yue Mei grow up.

Just as Xiao Xuanqin was about to go save Qin Yun, an elder from the Tian Xuan Martial School suddenly struck out at Qin Yun!


Qin Yun was struck by the palm strike of the ninth level martial body. His body was sent flying backwards, crashing into the stone door of the bluestone house. The moment he was thrown into the stone door, it immediately closed.

After the old man finished fighting, he began to laugh out loud.

"Old bastard, you... What did you do?" Xiao Yue Mei roared.

"Little girl, clean your mouth!" When the old man was publicly scolded like this, he was now very angry as he coldly spoke.

"Old bastard, old bastard, your entire family is worse than pigs and dogs..."

The furious Xiao Yue Mei started to curse, causing the surrounding people to be dumbfounded.

This was because in their eyes, Xiao Yue Mei was a relatively cold and aloof girl, yet at this moment, she was actually speaking such vulgar words.

Of course, Xiao Xuanqin knew Xiao Yue Mei's true personality. Looking at her resentful eyes, she knew that she would be hated from now on.

"He's been locked up in our Tian Qi forbidden area. Besides my royal father, no one else can release him." Qi Yu sneered, "If you want to save him, then go find my Imperial Father!"

"Old bastard, my brother has no enmity with you, why did you send him to the forbidden area? I know your name, just you wait, if I don't take this revenge ten times more, I, Xiao Yue Mei will definitely be struck by lightning and die with ten thousand arrows piercing my heart, all of you just wait!"

Xiao Yue Mei's beautiful eyes were already red, the resentment on her body was extremely dense and Xiao Xuan Qin who was behind her couldn't help but perspire.

"Xiao Xuan Qin, scram, I don't want to see you ever again!" Xiao Yue Mei's voice became ice-cold, her eyes full of ruthlessness, full of dense hostility, very much like her older sister Xiao Yue Lan's.

"Yue Mei... Calm down!" Xiao Xuan Qin shouted.

"Shut up!" Xiao Yue Mei shouted frantically, her voice tearing out the throat, her body releasing a strong mental force, causing everyone to feel dizzy.

After Xiao Yue Mei broke free from Xiao Xuan Qin, everyone was shocked and immediately tried to defend.

She knew that she could not beat the people here, so she hurriedly flew away on her flying sword.

Xiao Xuan Qin glanced at the old man and said coldly: "You've caused trouble! Rashly attacking and sending Qin Yun into the forbidden zone is your problem!"

The elder said angrily, "Who knew that the girl would be so protective of Qin Yun!? Wouldn't it be something many people would want to do if we were to completely defeat Qin Yun?"

Qi Yu said, "I want to completely destroy Qin Yun but I definitely can't do it in front of Xiao Yue Mei. Otherwise, you have to kill Xiao Yue Mei to prevent her from avenging him!"

Just now, he wanted to make a move but when he heard Xiao Yue Mei's words that were filled with killing intent, he immediately stopped.

Xiao Xuan Qin sighed, "You all have just seen how Yue Mei treats me, right? Ever since she was young, she had always listened to me the most, but this time, it has become like this. I have to quickly bring her back to the Tian Xiao Empire so that others can look after her."

She quickly rose into the air to chase after Xiao Yue Mei.

The old man laughed coldly: "What is there to be afraid of? Isn't she just a little girl? If she didn't return to the Tian Xuan Martial School and the Tian Xiao Empire, where could she go? If she wants to continue to become stronger, then she must go to these two places!"

"I've been hated by her as well. It's all Qin Yun's fault!" Qi Yu said angrily as she looked at the blue brick house. "We came here in order to obtain the Soul Refining Technique but now we have put Qin Yun inside. With someone as a companion, the Mad Soul Demons would definitely not cooperate with us!"

A middle-aged man said, "In short, this is not a bad thing. Qin Yun will never be able to come out again. This fellow's existence is a great threat to us. Even though his inner yuan has been destroyed, the spirit inscriptions he holds in his hands are of great importance to the Divine Inscription Palace. In the future, he will be able to cause quite a bit of commotion if he relies on the Divine Inscription Palace."

"The Soul Refiner Fiend has been trapped inside for more than two hundred years, tortured by loneliness. It's extremely likely that he would compromise with us and hand over the Soul Refining Art if we could get someone to go in and relieve his boredom. Our plan has failed this time!"

"Let's go. We'll come back after Qin Yun dies inside."

"Qin Yun won't live for long. The soul fiend will definitely eat him alive."

Everyone left, but Qi Yu's thoughts were heavy. Just now, he could feel Xiao Yue Mei's boundless hatred, a hatred as deep as a sea of blood and it had left a very deep impression on him.

At the entrance of Blue Spirit Star Palace's Eastern Palace, Xiao Yang Long walked around with his hands behind his back as if he was waiting for someone.

Not long after, Xiao Yue Lan and Yang Shi Yue, who were wearing blue dresses, walked out with cold faces. When they looked at Xiao Yang Long, their eyes were filled with disgust, they hated him a lot.

In Xiao Yang Long's eyes, there was hatred in his heart. If it wasn't for Yang Shi Yue's talent, he would forcefully arrange a big wedding and now he could only endure it.

"What is it?" Xiao Yue Lan coldly said.

Xiao Yanglong also said with a cold face, "Yue Mei has disappeared. Other than Aunt, she has the best relationship with you. She's now falling out with her aunt. This time, the matter is very serious, unlike before when she was just showing a little temper."

"You stole her Spirit Artifact, so I will settle this debt with you!" An invisible killing intent suddenly surged out, causing Xiao Yanglong to unconsciously take a few steps back.

"Yue Mei disregards the benefits of the Tian Xiao Empire by being together with Qin Yun, it is only her punishment!" Xiao Yang Long said coldly and also released a terrifying aura. He was a martial dao practitioner.

"Then go find her yourselves!" After Xiao Yuelan finished speaking, she turned around and was about to leave.

"Qin Yun was sent to a forbidden zone by a teacher of the Tian Xuan Martial School. It was because of this matter that Yue Mei was angered. Aren't you worried that she might do something else? " Xiao Yanglong's words caused Yang Shiyue's eyes to tremble.

Xiao Yue Lan stared blankly, then sneered: "That would be for the best. Don't think that Yue Mei is a easily bullied little girl. She's fierce, even I have to admit defeat!"

Yang Shi Yue sighed faintly. "Qin Yun has already fallen to such a state. Why are they pestering him without letting him go?"

She followed behind Xiao Yuelan, her heart heavy as she walked towards the Eastern Palace Hall!

"Qin Yun, it's a good thing that you have been sent to the Forbidden Area. Otherwise, I would definitely have made you suffer a fate worse than death!" Xiao Yanglong clenched his fists tightly, blood dripping from his heart.

Xiao Yue Mei had broken through to the 7th level Martial Body. With this level of talent, it was enough to make the Tian Xiao Empire pay attention to her. But now she had disappeared. The entire Tian Xiao Empire was shocked.

If he blamed her, Xiao Yanglong would also have to take some responsibility because he stole Xiao Yue Mei's storage bracelet, causing him to plant the seeds of anger in her heart long ago.

And of course, the most anxious one was Xiao Xuanqin. She was the same as Xiao Yuelan; she clearly understood this little girl's personality. She was the kind of little witch who was born to be extremely evil. When she steeled her heart, she completely didn't know what was important.

The most frightening thing was that her strength was not weak, her mental strength was very strong and she also practiced the Divine imperial Art and the Spirit Concentrating Killing Technique, which were powerful spiritual force attacks.

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