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Chapter 166 - Qi Yu

Qin Yun heard the familiar names on the ranking board but he still had some doubts. "There must be quite a number of eighth or ninth level students in the three Xuan Level Martial Academies. The wealth rankings should belong to those eighth or ninth level students. As for Qi Yu and Qin Zhengfeng, they are only at the seventh level Martial Body realm, right?"

Xiao Yue Mei replied: "Qin Zheng Feng and Qi Yu, they both acquire a large amount of Xuan points through the assessment and missions. The main reason was that they often managed to get the best ranking in the assessment! And eighth or ninth stage students, if they meet a genius like my elder sister or Yang Shiyue during the assessment, they will receive very little Profound Points."

Qin Yun answered with a "Oh" and nodded. "Looks like the ones ranked at the top are the strongest amongst those of the same level! And there must be someone behind them to help them complete a lot of missions."

Xiao Yue Mei curled her lips and said: "Right now, I am at the 7th level Martial Body realm and I have many competitors. Qi Yu and Qin Zheng Feng are my strongest competitors."

Qin Yun had expected that the competition within the Xuan Level Martial Academy would be very brutal. Most of the resources would be monopolized by the strong.

They flew through the air, through the first mountain and slowed to land on the ground.

In this sort of place where powerful demonic beasts roamed frequently, if one didn't have powerful strength, it was easier to become a target by flying in the air.

Just as they landed on the ground, they sensed a faint, cold aura coming from behind them.

Xiao Yue Mei was a very vigilant person. After sensing the weak aura, she suddenly pulled Qin Yun and dodged to the back of a large tree at an extremely fast speed.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Just as they dodged, a few arrows shot over. They all entered the ground with great force. If they were hit, they would definitely be seriously injured.

"Who's ambushing us?" Qin Yun said softly.

"It's an assassin! They must have followed us here." Xiao Yue Mei frowned: "Only assassins of this profession can follow us here without being discovered by Teacher Du."

Qin Yun knew that he had many enemies and it was not surprising for assassins to come to assassinate him. However, he still had to figure out who had come to kill him!

"Qin Yun, Meng Fei Ling stop dodging! I am a martial artist at the eighth level martial body. With your strength, you have no chance of winning at all." A hoarse shout came from behind him. The voice had been altered so that no one could recognize him.

These two assassins both had a cultivation base at the eighth level Martial Body realm!

Qin Yun and Xiao Yue Mei revealed looks of surprise but they were not afraid at all. Especially Xiao Yue Mei. Her face was filled with excitement, as though she had met a good prey.

Xiao Yue Mei's voice was as sharp as a thread as it reached Qin Yun's ears. She said, "Brother, there's no need to fear such assassins. They should be old men. Their martial spirits and spirit veins are nothing much."

"These two fellas treated me as the demoness and they even looked down on us! So, as long as I catch them off guard, they will definitely be caught off guard. Just wait a moment and cooperate with me."

Xiao Yue Mei had just cultivated to the Vajra Bone and had already wanted to try out the power of the 7th level Martial Body.

When Qin Yun saw how experienced she was in such matters, he let her take command.

The two assassins were getting closer. Although their steps were light, there was still some sound of footsteps coming from them.

After getting close, Xiao Yue Mei jumped out from behind the big tree and shouted, "I am Xiao Yue Mei, you dare to kill me, the Tian Xiao Empire will not let you off! Tell me, who sent you here?"

The two killers wore black masks and wore black clothes, revealing only their eyes. Borrowing the weak moonlight, they clearly saw Xiao Yue Mei's appearance, and their eyes were filled with surprise and purple.

"Xiao....Xiao Yue Mei!" One of the assassins said in shock.

Just as he finished speaking, Xiao Yue Mei unleashed her most powerful Spirit Concentrating Killing Technique and used her most powerful mental force to attack her opponent!

To the extremely large number of people, if they were not prepared for a mental power attack, it would be hard to guard against it. Even if it was the 8th level Martial Body, they would be instantly taken by surprise.

The two eighth level Martial Body assassins were hit by the mental power attack, causing their heads to spin and their eyes to become blurry.

Xiao Yue Mei took out the Moon Soul Sword and used her mental power to send the sword flying. Qin Yun quickly arrived behind another black-robed assassin and stabbed him a few times with his short sword.

One sword stabbed into the heart, the other sword stabbed into the dantian's inner yuan and the meridians in the entire body, completely cutting off the way the opponent circulated his internal energy.

Xiao Yue Mei did the same, stabbing into the assassin's vital points, not giving him the chance to retaliate.

"Princess Yue Mei, you can't kill us!" An assassin shouted in fear.

Xiao Yue Mei laughed coldly: "You are assassins, how can you be so afraid of death?"

Qin Yun could tell with a glance that these people were extremely wary of Xiao Yue Mei. If not, they would not have been so shocked when they saw her.

Xiao Yue Mei came to the Star Xuan Wu Academy and entered the Bone Refining Formation with Qin Yun. There were not many people who knew of this.

The two assassins had been following them from afar. They knew that Qin Yun and Meng Fei Ling had a good relationship, so they mistook Xiao Yue Mei for Meng Fei Ling.

"Who are you people? Did you come to kill me?" He had to find out who had come to kill him so that he could take revenge in the future.

"Qin Yun, have you forgotten Xiao Yanglong's warning? He told you to never approach Princess Yue Mei again." When the assassin said this, he was viciously slapped by Qin Yun.

Then, Xiao Yue Mei slapped him again, and scolded: "Shut up!! that turtle, Xiao Yang Long, you want to restrict others from getting close to me? Did Xiao Yanglong ask you to come?"

The two assassins didn't say anything more.

Xiao Yue Mei squinted, her eyes revealed a fierce look and laughed coldly: "That's fine, I'll let you have a taste of our Tian Xiao Empire's ten great tortures!"

Her words were very effective, causing the two assassins to tremble.

"It was Prince Qi Yu! He sent us! He had previously told us that as long as we have the chance to meet Qin Yun, we must capture him alive! The crown prince said that Qin Yun had tainted Princess Yue Mei and that he must be punished. Furthermore, we must force him to hand over the spirit marks in his hands." An assassin said.

Qin Yun's face was immediately filled with rage as he said with a deep voice, "That bastard Qi Yu. I haven't even seen him since I entered the Star Xuan Wu Academy. He wants to kill me. Just you wait!"

Xiao Yue Mei said: "Big brother, don't be angry yet, maybe these two people are lying!"

When the two assassins heard her call Qin Yun "Brother", they were secretly surprised.

"Is what you said true?" Xiao Yue Mei laughed coldly, her appearance was extremely frightening, causing the two assassins to shiver.

"Absolutely!" An assassin said.

"Humph!" Xiao Yue Mei snorted, pressing her hand on their heads, then pouring her mental force into them, they felt like their heads tore apart.


The two assassins cried out in pain.

After she stopped, the assassins that were kneeling fell to the ground.

"Tell me everything you know!" Xiao Yue Mei said coldly and then stuck out her tongue playfully at Qin Yun with a sweet smile.

Qin Yun was secretly astonished at Xiao Yue Mei's abundant experience in interrogation. He felt that she definitely did such things frequently.

"We were just around here. When we saw that Qin Yun was with a woman, we thought it was Meng Fei Ling before following him over. We never expected that the woman would be Princess Yue Mei, you.... "

"We really are Qi Yu's men! Qi Yu had built a group of several dozen assassins in this area. Their main goal was to assassinate his opponent at Star Xuan Wu Academy and to help him accomplish his mission of killing evil beasts so that he could earn Xuan points."

"Half of the Xuan Points he receives are earned for him by us."

"Because Princess Yue Mei and Qin.... Young Master Qin was together, Qi Yu and Xiao Yanglong were both extremely angry. Because they had already discussed this matter. Qi Yu said, if Princess Yue Mei were to successfully marry him, then let us help Xiao Yanglong earn a hundred million Xuan points as a repayment!"

An assassin tremblingly said.

Qin Yun and Xiao Yue Mei looked at each other and were extremely astonished.

Xiao Yue Mei was not only shocked, she was also angry, gritting her jade teeth as she scolded Xiao Yang Long and Qi Yu.

"How strong is that team?" Xiao Yue Mei asked coldly.

"Other than us, there are two other assassins at the eighth level Martial Body realm. Everyone else is at the seventh level Martial Body realm. We were recruited by Qi Yu from the Tian Qi Empire."

The assassin wailed, "For the sake of our honest reply, let us live!"

Xiao Yue Mei said: "Where is your team? As long as you tell me, I can spare your lives!"

The two assassins spoke at the same time and told Xiao Yue Mei and Qin Yun the exact location. It was in the cave in the mountain in front of them.

Qin Yun took out his Puppet Silver Lion and carried the two assassins. He had them point the way to that place.

When the assassins saw Qin Yun's Puppet Silver Lion, they were even more frightened. Only now did they realize that everyone had underestimated Qin Yun's strength. This was because being able to refine a puppet beast itself meant that one was able to grasp extremely profound and domineering inscription techniques. One was destined to become a grandmaster Inscriptionist.

Late at night, they traversed the dark forest.

An hour later, Qin Yun and Xiao Yue Mei finally saw the cave. A thousand meters away, it was hidden by a patch of grass. However, if they looked closely, they could see a hole.

Xiao Yue Mei used her mental energy to check that there were a lot of people inside and nodded, "You are right, there are indeed a lot of vicious people inside."

"Princess Yue Mei, you promised us that you would spare our lives!" The killer said.

"Don't worry, I won't kill you!" Xiao Yue Mei smiled, her smile shocked the two assassins, they suddenly felt a deep pain in their heads and then they lost consciousness.

"I heavily injured their heads, they will become two idiots in the future!" Xiao Yue Mei giggled at Qin Yun and said, "Brother, do I keep my word?"

"You little girl, seriously.... I'm a little afraid of you now!" Qin Yun pinched her pretty face and said with a smile.

Xiao Yue Mei snorted: "That bastard Xiao Yanglong, you actually planned to sell me to Qi Yu in exchange for a hundred million Xuan points! I will definitely not let them off!"

The reason why she did not let Qin Yun interfere in the interrogation was to vent the anger in her heart.

Qin Yun looked at the cave that was more than a kilometer away as he whispered, "Someone has come out!"

Xiao Yue Mei also looked over and stomped her feet, cursing in a low voice: "It's Qi Yu, that tramp!"

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