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Chapter 165 - Bone Refining Formation

Qin Yun had made great progress from morning to evening. Through the Immortal Soul Jade, his control over his mind and primordial spirit's power had become more fluid and he could perform better.

He secretly controlled a small knife. It could fly for hundreds of meters, easily cutting off a branch and easily drilling into the trunk of a big tree.

However, it was not strong enough to deal with demon beasts and evil beasts.

The Starsun Treasure Tree was illuminated as red as fire by the setting sun.

At the entrance to Qin Yun's cave, Du Gui and a red-clothed girl just appeared.

Du Gui shouted, "Young man, your little lover is here."

Qin Yun, who was in the room, frowned when he heard this. He did not know who the little lover Du Gui was referring to was. He hurriedly walked out and saw Xiao Yue Mei, who was grinning happily.

He cried out in alarm: "Yue Mei! Why are you here?"

Du Gui smiled and said, "To enter the Bone Refining Formation. I have the Bone Refining Formation in my hands, so I'll just have to find a place for you to set it up. Let's set it up inside this big tree! I'll go arrange it, the two of you wait for me here!"

After Du Gui left with a smile, Xiao Yue Mei walked in with a charming smile.

She casually sat down on a table, grabbed a fruit from the table and started to eat it.

Xiao Yue Mei was wearing a red dress with a long whip tied around her neck. Her cute little mouth was constantly biting onto that large pear.

Qin Yun said, "Yue Mei, why is the bracelet of holding I gave you in Xiao Yanglong's hand? And it was even broken by this bastard!"

"It was Xiao Yanglong who snatched it away! Hmph... hmph... he is jealous that my storage bracelet is better than his and he is also jealous that you have a good relationship with Teacher Yang Shi Yue. I was just saying that Teacher Yang took care of you, so he flew into a rage and took away my storage bracelet and even broke it."

When Xiao Yue Mei mentioned this matter, she was very angry.

She also knew about Qin Yun's test. She asked softly, "Brother, are your twin martial spirits truly gone?"

Qin Yun raised his left arm and said with a smile, "I've moved them here. I'm fine!"

Hearing that, Xiao Yue Mei was very happy and she giggled: "That's great, Xiao Yanglong this turtle, he actually thinks that you're useless! His precious Ah Kai, on the other hand, died miserably. That was a loyal dog that he trained with great effort and died beautifully! "

"Take it carefully, don't let it get robbed again!" Qin Yun took out the repaired storage bracelet and handed it over to Xiao Yue Mei.

"Thank you brother!" Xiao Yue Mei giggled and happily took it and immediately dripped blood into it.

At this time, Du Gui also ran up and told them that the Bone Refining Formation was ready. He then brought them to a tree hole that was over 800 meters tall. The tree hole was very spacious and quiet, as big as a hall.

After Qin Yun and Xiao Yue Mei entered, Du Gui activated the Bone Refining Formation and hurriedly left.

The Bone Refining Formation was a combination of a flag and a rune stone array. The energy contained within it had also been specially refined, so its overall structure was very complicated.

Qin Yun had initially wanted to test if he could replicate it but after coming in to take a look, he decided to give up. Then, he began cultivating inside the Bone Refining Formation.

Xiao Yue Mei absorbed the energy released by the Bone Refining Formation and said excitedly: "Big brother, I am confident that I can enter the 7th Layer Martial Body!"

Qin Yun gave it a try and discovered that the energy of the Bone Refining Formation was extremely strange. It permeated straight into the bones and went straight for the tempering of the bones.

Xiao Yue Mei continued: "Big brother, I heard that Qin Zheng Feng is about to break through to the eighth level Martial Body realm. You have to hurry and catch up with this bastard, don't let him marry my big sister."

"Mm. I will do my best to break into the 7th level Martial Body before their engagement." Qin Yun closed his eyes and relaxed his body. He began absorbing the energy of Bone Refining Formation to temper his bones.

Xiao Yue Mei asked: "Brother, didn't something happen to your purple gold fire martial spirit? What's the problem? "

"My purple gold fire martial spirit was too hungry and it went to hibernate because of it. I need to integrate with a powerful Martial Spirit in order to feed it. I wonder where to find a suitable Martial Spirit." Qin Yun said helplessly.

Xiao Yue Mei pursed her lips and rolled her eyes, thinking for a while, then said: "Brother, after we finish training in the Bone Refining Formation, we will enter the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range together and look for the Martial Spirit. My Mirror Martial Spirit might be able to sense a good martial spirit."

"Alright!" Qin Yun knew that he could not drag this matter on any further or it would constantly restrict his strength.

In order to obtain greater strength, he had to enter the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range to search for Martial Spirit.

At this moment, Qin Yun and Xiao Yue Mei were absorbing the power of Bone Refining Formation very seriously!

Xiao Yue Mei is very confident in herself. If everything went smoothly, she would be able to enter the seventh level Martial Body realm, which is something to be happy about. She is only fourteen years old but she would already be a seventh level Martial Body cultivator.

The energy within the Bone Refining array was very precise. After a month, the array formation stopped operating!

Xiao Yue Mei closed her eyes and calmly sat on the ground with her legs crossed. Waves of faint golden mist seeped out from her red clothes.

When Qin Yun opened his eyes, he saw a faint golden mist emanating from her body. He was pleasantly surprised.

In this state, it meant that all the bones in her body had become Vajra Bones!

To cultivate the Vajra Bone was to reach the seventh level Martial Body realm!

"Yue Mei is indeed powerful. After she wakes up, she will be a martial artist at the seventh level Martial Body realm." Qin Yun was secretly delighted.

In this month, he had also cultivated his bones to a faint golden color.

He discovered that since he had the Black Gold Divine Heart, when refining the Vajra Bone, he needed even more Bone Refining energy in order for the bone to turn into a golden metal and emit a faint golden Bone Qi.

It was not because the Black Yellow Heart Meridian slowed his speed but to refine an even stronger Vajra Bone, which consumed more energy than others. This meant that the Vajra Bone he cultivated in the future was far more powerful than anyone else's.

Xiao Yue Mei's body suddenly surged with a dense golden fog. She opened her eyes and a golden light flickered in her eyes. The powerful golden bone energy made Qin Yun tremble.

"Hahaha, I broke through! I'm a martial artist at the 7th level Martial Body realm!" Xiao Yue Mei laughed happily: "Big brother, let's go to the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range right now!"

At this moment, Du Gui also flew up and entered the tree hollow. He had come to collect the Bone Refining Formation. He had to take it back and use a very complicated technique to store energy before he could reopen it.

"Why are you guys going to the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range? It's very dangerous in there... oh, little girl, you're at the seventh level Martial Body realm!" Du Gui said in surprise when he sensed the Golden Bone Qi coming from Xiao Yue Mei.

"I want to go to the Cloud Dragon Mountain to practice! Teacher Du, you don't have to worry. With me protecting your student, he will be fine." Xiao Yue Mei patted her chest and said confidently, looking like a big sister trying to protect her little brother.

Du Gui said, "That's fine too. Last time, when you were hunting ghost beasts in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, you achieved such a good result. I'm not afraid that something bad will happen to you."

With Du Gui's permission, Qin Yun brought Xiao Yue Mei back to his tree cave.

He wants to refine the Evil Suppression Talismans inside. This time, he wanted to refine a few more Talismans that could deal with powerful ghost beasts.

After a few days of preparation, Qin Yun and Xiao Yue Mei changed into black evening attire before leaving the Star Xuan Wu Academy with Du Gui at night.

To prevent others from finding out, Du Gui was very careful on the way out. He sent them out of the Star Xuan Wu Academy.

The Cloud Dragon Mountain Range was very large. Qin Yun and company entered the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range from the direction of the Star Xuan Wu Academy.

The Cloud Dragon Mountain Range of the Hua Ling Wu Academy was in the northeast and the Blue Spirit Star Palace was also in the northeastern part of the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range.

Entrance of the Three Xuan Academy was directly north of the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range.

On the side of the Star Xuan Wu Academy, however, was the northwest direction.

Therefore, the Cloud Dragon Mountain that Qin Yun and Xiao Yue Mei were going to was a very unfamiliar place.

Du Gui flew with them in the sky and in the middle of the night, they arrived at the mountain range outside the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range.

There were layers upon layers of mountains in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range. Every time Qin Yun came outside, he would feel an inexplicable sense of oppression.

"The Ghost Beasts have also arrived at the northwest region of the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range. You should be careful after entering." Du Gui warned.

"I got it, teacher!" Qin Yun nodded seriously.

Du Gui patted Qin Yun's shoulder and said, "You can go in. As your circumstances are unique, I will fight for you so that you will be exempted from this semester's examinations. I will allow you to proceed with the normal examinations like the other students next semester."

After bidding farewell to Du Gui, Qin Yun and Xiao Yue Mei flew to the mountain in front of them.

"Brother, you can't take the examination like a normal student. It's truly a loss!" Xiao Yue Mei steadily flew on her sword, her eyebrows knitted as she spoke.

Qin Yun was puzzled and asked, "How do I lose? Isn't that fine?"

Xiao Yue Mei snorted: "Passing the exam, what's rewarded is the Xuan Point reward, which can be exchanged for cultivation techniques, pills and training in various arrays. Under normal circumstances, only through an assessment can one receive a large amount of Xuan Points as reward."

When Qin Yun first arrived at the Three Xuan Academy, he had already learned of a new type of reward : Xuan Points. Furthermore, the Xuan Points pattern had already existed for a very long time in the Xuan Grade Martial Academy.

He asked, "Are there any other ways to obtain Xuan Points? For example, if I can forge artifacts and help forge spirit artifacts, that should be possible, right? "

"Well... I don't know. Xuan Points are common in the three Xuan Level Martial Academies. You can go to the Xuan Palace to apply for a Xuan Point Crystal Card!" Xiao Yue Mei took out a transparent Xuan Point Crystal Card and placed it in her palm. When she penetrated into it with mental energy, it revealed 'one hundred thousand' she had one hundred thousand Xuan Points.

"One hundred thousand Xuan Points, should it be more or less?" Qin Yun asked.

"Less than that. Even exchanging for top quality spirit pellets requires at least a million Xuan Points. I probably had a total of nine million Xuan Points, so I spent all of them." Xiao Yue Mei stuck out her tongue: "There's a Xuan Point List that counts the Xuan Points of the various Xuan Rank students. The one with the highest number is that turtle Xiao Yang Long, hmph!"

Xiao Yanglong was Xiao Yue Mei's half-brother but she did not have any feelings for this big brother and hated him to the extreme. The last time Xiao Yanglong stole her bracelet of holding, she was so angry that she almost started fighting.

"Xuan point wealth list? Interesting!" Qin Yun said with a smile, "Then who's the second ranked person?"

"The second is your Teacher Yang Shi Yue! The third is my sister, the fourth is Crown Prince of Tianqi Qi Yu and the fifth is Qin Zhengfeng." Xiao Yue Mei said.

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