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Chapter 164 - Nine Yin Spirit

After obtaining the bracelet of holding, Meng Fei Ling was extremely happy. She smiled tenderly as she thanked Qin Yun. If Qi mei lian was not here, she might have acted even more intimately with Qin Yun.

She asked, "Little Yun, although your Inner Yuan is gone, looking at your current free and easy appearance, you should be fine, right?"

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Sister Fei Ling has good eyesight. I'm fine, just relax! Would you like to come up and sit with me?"

"I won't be going. I still have a lot of things to do! Little Mei Lian just came back, so she should be free."

Meng Fei Ling took out a card and handed it to Qin Yun. "There are two hundred thousand crystal coins in this card. Take it first. I'll give more to you after I earn more crystal coins in the future."

Qin Yun did not retract it as he revealed a mischievous smile. He said with a chuckle, "Sister Fei Ling, didn't you say that you would repay me with your body? Now you pay me crystal coins, isn't that a bit too distant?"

Meng Fei Ling pouted and scolded, "You little rascal... When did you become so bad? Alright, I will repay you with my own body in the future. Don't make me wait too long!"

She gently licked her lips and looked extremely seductive. She touched Qin Yun's face and stuffed the crystal card into his hand. With a giggle, she flew away.

Qi Meilan smiled lightly and said, "Brother Yun, Sister Fei Ling treats you so well. Many boys in the Star Xuan Wu Academy have been treated very badly by her. Therefore, no one would dare to bully me here."

Qin Yun embraced her slender waist and said with a smile, "Let me bring you up for a seat!"

He used his mental force to lift himself up and even with Qi Meilan in his arms, he could easily fly up. He did not feel that his spiritual force was running out at all.

If this was before, it would have been difficult to do. Unless they used a spiritual treasure, just like Xiao Yue Mei who was riding her sword. However, that would require him to cultivate the [Divine Imperial Technique] to the Small Success Stage.

Soon, Qin Yun brought Qi Mei Lian to a tree hole that was more than three hundred meters high from ground.

Qi Meilan did not enter. Instead, she sat at the entrance of the tree and watched the beautiful scenery of the Star Xuan Wu Academy. Those adorable big eyes were unwilling to even blink as they flickered with light, enjoying the beautiful scenery before them to their heart's content.

Qin Yun sat beside her. As he looked at her innocent and sweet smile, he felt elated. It was as though he had returned to his carefree childhood.

"When I was young, Brother Yun also took me to climb trees. Now, the tree you brought me up is taller and bigger, which means that Brother Yun is becoming stronger." A happy smile was plastered all over Qi Mei Lian's face.

Qin Yun suddenly thought of something and asked, "Little Mei Lian, do you know about the Immortal Graveyard Diagram?"

Upon hearing this, Qi Mei Lian immediately nodded her head. She then opened her eyes and closed her eyes. Her long eyelashes trembled a few times, and a white light appeared on her palm. A handkerchief slowly emerged from her palm.

She said seriously: "This is the Immortal Graveyard Diagram. My mother said that Brother Yun's mother had one, Sister Yue Lan and Sister Yue Mei's mother had another."

Qin Yun held her hand and led her into the hall. Then, he took out his immortal graveyard diagram and spread it out on the table.

Upon seeing it, Qi Meilan said, "My Immortal Graveyard Diagram was originally that big but after I bled a drop of blood, it became a handkerchief. After that, all the meridians in my body were opened up. The rate at which I absorbed spiritual energy is several times faster than before."

The reason why she revealed these secrets was because she had absolute trust in Qin Yun.

Qin Yun said, "Xiao Yuelan should also be improving herself by leaps and bounds through the immortal graveyard diagram! Little Mei Lian, you must keep this a secret. Don't let anyone else know about this. "

Qi Meili nodded, "Yes, mother said that I can only tell Brother Yun about this. Oh right, Big Brother Yun, when will you and Big Sister Yue Mei get married?! I heard that the Tian Xiao Empire is against this matter and I do not wish for you to be separated. It took a lot of effort for you to find such a good wife!"

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Silly girl, Yue Mei may be about the same age as you but she's a very cunning little girl. She's just pretending to be good to me, so that she can get away from her brother and avoid being married off by the Tian Xiao Empire."


Qi Meilan was astonished and slightly frowned as she thought about it. She seemed to be able to understand Xiao Yue Mei's actions.

Her face was full of worry as she said softly, "The empress of Tian Qi wants to marry me off too. A while ago, she sent the crown prince to find me and arrange for me to meet those people. She said that she wants them to look at me. Fortunately, Big Sister Fei Ling stopped them and told teacher, they wouldn't dare to come."

The crown prince of Tian Qi was also in Star Xuan Wu Academy!

Qin Yun's expression immediately turned gloomy as he said, "Don't worry. They won't dare to bully you here! Do you remember Xie Wufeng? His teacher is the Vice Principal here and Xie Wufeng is also my big brother."

Qi Mei Lian was slightly surprised, "Of course I remember. It was brother Xie who persuaded me to come to the Star Xuan Wu Academy. He was kind and took good care of me."

Just as she finished speaking, the handkerchief in her hand suddenly floated up. Then, with a flash of white light, it turned into something as large as Qin Yun's painting of the grave.

After landing on Qin Yun's painting, a light voice suddenly sounded from inside.

"Xiao Yun? Little Mei Lian? Is that you?" The voice was light, graceful and pleasant to the ears. It was Xie Qirou's voice!

"Elder sister Grand Preceptor, it's us!" Qin Yun immediately replied with excitement, "Sister Grand Preceptor, where are you? Did you encounter some difficulty?"

"Sister Qirou, your voice is still as beautiful as ever!" After recovering from her shock, Qi Mei Lian asked.

She had met her when she was a child.

Xie QiRou chuckled, "The Immortal Graveyard Diagram is in your hands, so I'm relieved. I'm safe now and I didn't encounter any problems. You don't have to worry about me!"

Qin Yun immediately asked, "Sister Grand Preceptor, when I went to the Cloud Dragon River a while ago, I encountered a large group of ghost beasts, including the Ghost King. They said that I had the Nine Yang Spirit and would be killed by the person possessing the Nine Yin Spirit. What did this mean? Is there a problem with the Immortal Graveyard?"

"You little fool, don't be fooled! What about the Nine Yin Spirit? How could I kill you?" Xie Qirou giggled and said, "Don't bother with them."

Qin Yun was even more curious now that the Nine Yin Spirit was in Xie Qirou's hands. This made him feel much more at ease.

Qi Mei Lian asked, "Sister Qirou, can we really find the place where the immortal bones were buried through the Immortal Graveyard?"

Xie Qirou laughed. "Of course. However, you don't have enough strength yet! Once you become strong, we'll work together to go to the Immortal Burial Grounds. You must help each other and Xiao Yun, don't bully little Mei Lian. Let's leave it at this, we'll talk about it next time!"

After her voice faded, Qin Yun hurriedly asked a few questions but did not receive a reply.

"It seems like I need to become stronger quickly as well and then go with Brother Yun to the immortal graveyard." Qi Mei Lian said with determination.

Her Immortal Graveyard turned into a small handkerchief and entered the palm of her hand, perfectly merging with her.

"Little Mei Lian, if Crown Prince Qi comes looking for you again, you must tell me." Qin Yun reminded her, "I'll definitely take care of him."

"Got it, Big Brother Yun!" Qi Mei Lian quickly nodded.

Qin Yun carried her on his back as he used Fire Cloud Step and flew high into the sky. He flew out of Treasure Forest and sent her off.

While he was on his way back to the Starsun Treasure Tree, Du Gui suddenly caught up.

Qin Yun asked, "Teacher Du, you're back? What did you talk about after being there for two days?"

Du Gui's face darkened and said, "Big trouble! It's all the fault of the grandson of Blue Spirit Star Palace Saint Leader. Because of the fall of the Star Palace, they've awakened a large number of evil spirits in the Immortal Graveyard."

Qin Yun knew that the appearance of so many anomalies in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range must have something to do with the Blue Spirit Star Palace.

Du Gui's face was filled with rage as he scolded, "What's even more infuriating is that the bastards of Blue Spirit Star Palace are doing this on purpose! They wanted to awaken a large number of evil spirits and by capturing them, guide them to search for the Immortal Graveyard, it truly is a group of bastards. If the evil soul were to flow out through the Cloud Dragon River, the consequences would be unimaginable."

Qin Yun sighed softly. "Is the Immortal graveyard really that attractive to them?"

Du Gui sneered, "The Blue Spirit Star Palace returned to this place after suffering a crushing defeat when they fought with the other sects in the Martial Desolate Land. If they can obtain the items from the Immortal Graveyard, their strength will rapidly increase."

"What will be in the Immortal Graveyard?" Qin Yun asked.

"There's a high chance that Immortal Ascension Techniques, elixirs, immortal artifacts or other things will appear inside." Du Gui said and brought Qin Yun into his tree cave.

Qin Yun only knew that the Immortal Graveyard was a legend that had been around for a long time. It had been around since the time of Martial King Lan Xiao.

After Du Gui made Qin Yun sit down, he said solemnly, "Qin Yun, your mental strength is very strong. If you work hard in this area, you will be able to achieve something! I will now guide you in your cultivation of the Divine Imperial Art! This is the strongest Mental Energy cultivation technique I have."

Qin Yun nodded and began to talk about the difficulties he had encountered while learning the Divine Imperial Art.

When Du Gui heard his question, he revealed a surprised expression and said, "You learn really quickly. Did you teach yourself to do all of this? Your perception is indeed amazing!"

"Xiao Yue Mei is so much stronger than me, she has already mastered the Divine Manipulation to the small success stage." Qin Yun said with a smile.

"This girl has a Mental Power Martial Spirit, it's normal for her to be so fast! That day, during the Mental Power Test, she didn't use her full power. What a cunning girl." Du Gui smiled and said, "After I finish giving you pointers on how to cultivate the Divine Imperial Art, I'll call Xiao Yue Mei over and open the Bone Refining Formation for you."

"Alright!" Qin Yun was looking forward to entering the Bone Refining Formation.

Du Gui patiently and seriously explained the Divine Imperial Art. As Qin Yun had a high perception, he understood it very quickly. As such, he came to the end in a single breath.

When they finished, the night had passed and they had gone back to rest.

Qin Yun returned to his tree cave and only rested for two hours before he regained his spirit. He then cultivated the Divine Imperial Art. This would allow him to have a stronger and better use of his mind energy.

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