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Chapter 160 Sword Cultivators

When Qin Yun saw the explosive force approaching, he hurriedly controlled the dual inner yuans in his Dantian and channeled it into his left arm! His left arm was the arm of a Heavenly Lion, it was extremely powerful and was enough to accommodate two of his Inner Yuan.

After he had completed the transportation, he also felt an excruciating pain in his abdomen. There was actually a burst of blood mist!

At this moment, he also used his left arm to hack towards Yue Kai the Six Style Wind Slaying Technique, River Breaking Slash!

Yue Kai was shocked and quickly dodged. However, his left arm and left shoulder were still injured. His shoulder and his entire arm had been chopped into several pieces!

At the moment the blood mist erupted from Qin Yun's abdomen, everyone was stunned!

Yang Shi Yue bit her lower lip, her face full of pain.

Hou Xingfeng, Zhuo Chuan, Dean Zhang, Dean Bai and the others all wore faces full of regret as they shook their heads and sighed!

The thing they didn't want to see the most had finally happened!

Although Master Wei and the rest wanted to cheer, they only saw that Yue Kai was also severely injured. Because of Xiao Yanglong's expression, they did not say anything but only secretly rejoiced in their hearts.

Qin Yun was lying on his back on the battling platform. His injuries were indeed severe. His abdomen had exploded as his internal organs had been severely injured!

Yue Kai's arm and shoulder were sliced off and there were a few deep cuts on his upper body that had not been healed yet.

"Brother Yun, come down quickly!" Xie Wufeng quickly shouted.

Qin Yun was unable to move but his mental power was very strong. He released his mental power at full swing, allowing his body to slide down the stage.

Xie Wufeng hurriedly helped him put on his light pattern equipment.

Yang Shiyue also came over and channeled her inner force into Qin Yun's body. She combed through his disordered internal organs.

She faintly sighed and said, "Why do you have to go through all this trouble?"

"He doesn't have any inner yuan or Martial Spirit anymore, sigh....!" Zhuo Chuan came over and gave a long sigh.

"Dantian has been detonated, everything inside is gone!" Hou Xingfeng's expression was grim as he sighed in regret.

"Dean Hou, although Qin Yun has encountered such a situation, if we've passed the examination, he can also enter the Star Xuan Wu Academy, right?" Xie Wufeng asked.

"That's right... However, there are also periodic examinations in the Star Xuan Wu Academy. After he enters, if he is unable to pass, he will be told to leave the Star Xuan Wu Academy." Hou Xingfeng nodded.

Xie Wufeng looked at Qin Yun and said, "I'll head up now and end this assessment. Rest assured, no matter what, you are still our good brother!"

"Brother Yun, don't worry. Boss Xie will definitely win!" Murong Danren smiled and shook Qin Yun's hand vigorously.

"Brother Yun, even if I, Huo Zhong, die, I will never let you be bullied!"

When Qin Yun heard these words, he could not help but cry. He nodded at them!

This time, everyone believed him to be crippled but unlike last time, when he lost his Four Spiritual veins, he was not alienated by everyone!

Xie Wufeng walked up the stage. Looking at Yue Kai with his severed arm, he said coldly, "Do you still want to continue?"

Xiao Yanglong's expression was incomparably cold and grim as he yelled, "Ah Kai, blow away his inner yuan! Even though you have a broken arm, your internal force is very strong! He is just like you, one-armed. Furthermore, he was injured and lost a lot of strength, so he is definitely not your match! "

Yue Kai's arms long been broken into a few pieces, he took the pieces and kept them down the battling platform because he could still reconnect with it!

"Xie Wufeng, right? I won't kill you but I will make you become a cripple like Qin Yun!" Yue Kai laughed sinisterly. He had been turned into a mess and was also full of anger.

Yang Shiyue channeled inner energy to Qin Yun and said softly, "I am very happy for you to have such a good friend! Can your, this boss Xie, really win? "

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Definitely win!"

He knew that Xie Wufeng definitely had other tricks up his sleeve. Therefore, when he went up on stage, he did not think of defeating Yue Kai.

Because they were in a group battle and needed to rely on each other!

Qin Yun looked at Xie Wufeng on the dueling platform. Although he had lost an arm, his aura was extremely terrifying.

Everyone was watching the stage.

Even in the eyes of a martial arts practitioner, this martial arts competition had shocked them!

"Go and become a cripple!" Yue Kai laughed sinisterly and charged forward.

Xie Wufeng's expression was calm as a white light appeared in his palm. Following that, a sharp sword qi gushed out!


Xie Wufeng's white robes trembled, his body instantly exploded out with an extremely violent shockwave that spread in all directions. This was actually an incomparably terrifying sword force!

The people below the stage were all blown away by the explosive force of the sword, causing their hair and clothes to dance wildly!

The monstrous sword force caused the clouds and winds to surge and thunder to flash in the sky!

After Yue Kai rushed over, he was also shocked by the sword force and was about to attack when he saw the white light in Xie Wufeng's hand turn into a white sword!

The white sword was as exquisite as if it was carved from white jade!

Xie Wufeng waved his sword and the sword shadows covered the sky, enveloping Yue Kai!


Countless sword shadows swept across, Yue Kai suddenly turned into many small pieces, then turned into white mist that rose up and disappeared into air.

Yue Kai had died just like that. Even a martial arts expert was dumbstruck by this!

And the sword in Xie Wufeng's hand, shocked them the most!

"You actually used your weapon to kill A'Kai, I will kill you!" Xiao Yanglong was furious. Just as he charged up, he was repelled by a shockwave from Hou Xingfeng.

Hou Xingfeng had already arrived at the battling platform, supporting the pale-faced Xie Wufeng, he sneered at Xiao Yanglong: "Look carefully, that's not a weapon!"

"Not a weapon? What is that? " Xiao Yang Long said angrily, his expression extremely gloomy, his eyes filled with killing intent.

"Sword of destiny!" Zhuo Chuan also walked up: "He's a sword cultivator, that was the Life Sword he created from his cultivation!"

Swordsman? Many people had never heard of this before and were discussing this matter!

Qin Yun asked, "Teacher, what is a sword cultivator?"

Yang Shiyue's face was also full of shock and she said in a low voice: "It's a very scary existence. It is said that it is difficult to find such a terrifying sword cultivator in the Martial Desolate land. Because the sword cultivators were too powerful, they were punished by the heavens and died a long time ago."

After a moment of shock, Dean Bai announced in a loud voice, "The tenth team has passed the examination!"

The corner of Xiao Yanglong's eyes twitched, he looked at Xie Wufeng furiously, clenching his fists so hard that they made clattering sounds. He did not expect that a sword cultivator would actually appear, otherwise, he would definitely not let Yue Kai continue!

Naturally, he knew about swordsmanship as well. He knew that Xie Wufeng was not using a weapon but a sword formed from inner yuan!

Yang Shiyue said in surprise: "Rumor has it that a sword cultivator's Destiny Sword, even the worst is like a Royal Grade spirit weapon. Some were even stronger than them and could reach the level of Xuan Artifacts! Although swordsmen were terrifying enough to be punished by the heavens, swordsmen all had this as their goal. However, becoming a true sword cultivator is extremely difficult! "

Qin Yun looked at Xie Wufeng and was very happy to have such a powerful friend.

He now understood why Xie Wufeng did not use any other weapon. It was because his Inner Yuan Sword was extremely powerful. As a sword cultivator, he would definitely not use any other weapon!

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