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Chapter 159 - Explosive Power

Huo Zhong's waist was stepped on and his waist bones were broken. He let out a thunderous roar in pain.

"Qin Yun, don't go up. This will break the rules!" Xiao Yanglong was very, very happy.

"Dean Bai, we forfeit!" Xie Wufeng coldly said, "Announce our defeat!"

"You are not allowed to! Only those on the battling platform can forfeit!" Xiao Yanglong laughed, "My family's A'Kai is having such a good time, how can you all disturb him?"

Qin Yun clenched his fist and said angrily, "Guo Cheng, Xiao Yanglong, you will definitely die in my hands. Just you wait!"

His every word was like a knife as his voice was ice-cold, bone-piercing and filled with incomparable hatred.

"Haha, I'll be waiting!" Xiao Yang laughed loudly, as if he heard the funniest joke.

Guo Cheng also laughed out loud, "You want to kill us? What big words! That's ridiculous!"

Qin Yun closed his eyes and concentrated. He released all the mental force that had transformed into a star in his mind and used Divine Imperial Art to envelop Huo Zhong's body.

"Stupid cow, I will trample you to death!" Yue Kai laughed happily as he raised his leg once again.

However, his foot missed. Because at this moment heavily injured Huo Zhong suddenly glided across the ground. In just a few blinks of an eye, he had already landed on the battling platform.

Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked!

Yang Shiyue looked at Qin Yun and saw that he was sweating profusely with a pale face.

Nearly everyone looked at Qin Yun. When they saw his appearance, they knew that he had used a terrifying Mental Energy to lift Huo Zhong's body up before quickly moving him down the stage!

Such a powerful psychic power was truly terrifying!

"Qin Yun!!! You!!!...."

Just as Guo Cheng was about to flip out, Hou Xingfeng came over and said, "Qin Yun, even if you fail the assessment, I can still let you and Xie Wufeng enter the Star Xuan Wu Academy. However, Mu Rong Da Ren and Huo Zhong can't!"

Zhuo Chuan came over and said, "Qin Yun, you do not need to go up to enter the Star Xuan Wu Academy. If you were to compete with Yue Kai in terms of martial arts and were unable to pass the examination, the Star Xuan Wu Academy would not accept you."

Hou Xingfeng nodded his head, "Hurry up and make your decision!"

Yang Shiyue walked over and advised softly, "Qin Yun, Yue Kai's methods are very brutal. He can detonate his inner energy! You must make a careful decision! "

Huo Zhong looked at Qin Yun and said in a low voice, "Brother Yun, it's enough that you and Eldest Brother Xie can enter the Star Xuan Wu Academy. You don't need to care about me and Second Brother Murong.

Mu Rong Jun smiled and said, "Don't waste your future because of us two trash. Give up!"

"Qin Yun, give up! You are not Yue Kai's match! " Duan Qian also advised, "if your inner yuan is exploded by him, then you're really done for!"

"Kid, just listen to my advice!" Dean Zhang also said.

Qin Yun looked at Xie Wufeng.

Xie Wufeng smiled faintly, "If you want to go up, then you must win!"

Everyone was slightly taken aback, they advised Qin Yun not to go up, however, his Boss Xie was actually encouraging him to go up!

Qin Yun nodded before leaping onto the stage!

He actually went up!

Everyone was emotionally moved. So many experts were advising him, yet he actually did not listen. He still wanted to go up because this would ruin his future!

Yang Shi Yue slightly frowned, sighed, and could only watch from below.

"Brother Yun.. " Huo Zhong clenched his fist. He knew that Qin Yun had gone up to avenge him.

Ever since Qin Yun's spirit vein was destroyed, people often ridiculed him for being a trash with one spirit vein. In the end because he was enemies with the empress, no one was willing to befriend him. They kept away from him!

However, when he came to the Three Xuan Academy, he met Xie Wufeng, Huo Zhong, and Mu Rong Da Ren. The three of them treated him very well. From the very beginning, they had never disdained him for his single spiritual vein; it was a true friend that was worth making.

Therefore, no matter what, he had to use all of his power to fight Yue Kai!

"I just hoped you would come up. You really did come up. You and that stupid cow stayed together for a long time so you became stupid too, didn't you?" Yue Kai laughed loudly before charging forward. He unleashed a transparent hidden strength that went at Qin Yun's abdomen.

Qin Yun was immediately on guard. Stepping into Fire Cloud Steps, he instantly ran dozens of meters away, avoiding the hidden attack.

That mass of hidden strength was the mysterious explosive force that could detonate his inner yuan!

"He actually dodged it!" Yue Kai was slightly shocked as he attacked once again.

And this time, Qin Yun had executed his Qi Explosion Technique in the distance. Along with his Tsunami Technique, he produced three shockwaves as he charged towards Yue Kai.

When the internal force wave passed through, it suddenly exploded!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Yue Kai was forced to retreat, the gorgeous blue clothes on his body had also been shaken until it cracked.

This kind of inner strength that would explode if struck was what Yue Kai was best at. Yet, Qin Yun was able to unleash it!

"It's Qi Explosion Technique and Tsunami Skill, two kinds of Xuan Level martial arts!" Zhuo Chuan exclaimed, "His martial talent is truly terrifying. He can actually execute two Xuan Level martial arts at the same time. Isn't he afraid that his qi will go berserk and be devoured by the internal energy?"

When everyone heard this, they were all shocked!

Even if advanced level martial arts were to be combined, it would still be very dangerous, much less two Xuan Level martial arts.

However, Qin Yun had casually used it!

Xie Wufeng looked at the hourglass. There wasn't much time left!

Only in close combat could he defeat Yue Kai. However, once he got closer, it would be extremely dangerous.

Qin Yun looked at the hourglass and gritted his teeth. A fiery blaze burst beneath his feet as he instantly charged towards Yue Kai!

In an instant, the speed of his movement technique was close to Yue Kai's!

Yang Shiyue's beautiful eyes flickered strangely. She never expected Qin Yun to have made such great progress after she left the Hua Ling Wu Academy!

When Yue Kai saw Qin Yun charging over, he sneered in his heart as he hurriedly revolved his "explosive force"


When Qin Yun came over, he gave a loud roar!

He had used the Heavenly Lion's Roar!

A horrifying lion's roar reverberated throughout the entire valley, shocking Yue Kai into a daze!

"Kai, be careful!" Xiao Yang Long shouted in alarm.

In the instant that Yue Kai fell into a daze, Qin Yun released the Heaven Lion Fighting Dragon Claw! Then, he executed the Six Style Wind Slaying Technique and swung out his golden lion claw.

Yue Kai came back to his senses and hastily avoided the frightening ability. He was very clear in his heart that if he was hit by the lion claw, he would definitely be heavily injured!

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Even though he dodged, his upper body was still struck, leaving behind three deep bloody marks.

Seeing this scene, everyone was dumbfounded!

Yue Kai was thought to not be injured but his upper body was almost cut into three pieces! One could see that deep inside the wound, there were many faint golden threads. They were the Vajra meridian.

If it were not for the connection between these meridians, a large amount of blood would have gushed out!

"Explode for me!" Yue Kai shouted in anger, then unleashed a huge mass of explosive power!

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