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Chapter 150 - Strength Storing Beads

When Qin Yun heard the name Xiao Yanglong, he could not help but clench his fists tightly. That was Yang Shiyue's fiancé!

Dean Zhang looked around at the wooden houses on the mountainside and said "Most of the people here are here for you. They want to see how much you have grown! They all thought that your martial soul had been crippled, so they all wanted to see with their own eyes if your strength had regressed."

Everyone knew that all the students in this exam would give their all because this was their last chance.

Therefore, many people took the opportunity to take a look at Qin Yun's strength. In order to pass the examination and enter the Star Xuan Wu Academy, they would definitely do their best to carry out the various tests and display their strength!

When Qin Yun returned to the cave, Xie Wufeng noticed a change in his gaze.

"Brother Yun, what's going on outside? You don't seem to be too nervous anymore. You're full of fighting spirit!" Xie Wufeng smiled faintly.

Qin Yun smiled and said, "There are a lot of people outside! My teacher at the Hua Ling Wu Academy has also come. With her looking at me, I won't be nervous anymore!"

In the past, when he had participated in all kinds of martial arts competitions and exams, Yang Shiyue had been watching by the side, which had greatly encouraged him.

Xie Wufeng also knew that Qin Yun's teacher was Yang Shiyue. She was an extremely talented woman. At such a young age, she was already at the ninth level of the martial body.

"That's good! You must believe in your own strength and be sure to pass the examination."

Qin Yun entered the room. He wanted to familiarize himself with the various martial arts techniques during the final moments to ensure that he could easily execute them at a critical moment.

Three days later, Mu Rong Da Ren and Huo Zhong came out of their rooms.

After they learned a lot of things, they felt a surge of motivation in their hearts. This was their last chance to enter the Xuan Level Martial Arts Academy.

As usual, Qin Yun was dressed in black, while Xie Wufeng was dressed in white. Murong Daren was dressed the best. He was dressed in luxurious red clothes that gave off a very sullen aura.

This big guy Huo Zhong was wearing a set of coarse hemp clothes. He felt that he would rot anyway, so he didn't need to wear it very well.

Dean Bai had already told them not to wear light pattern equipment, so they kept it.

There would definitely be a martial arts competition in this type of exam. It was just that he didn't know how to compare and it definitely wasn't simple because it was a team competition.

"Let's go!" Xie Wufeng walked in front, full of confidence. His expression was calm, without a hint of discouragement due to losing his arm.

Qin Yun, Huo Zhong and Murong Danren did not feel nervous either. They walked steadily out of the cave.

Outside, many teams were lined up. There weren't as many people as when Qin Yun entered the academy. The main reason was because of the numerous trials outside, so there were many deaths and injuries.

The ten squads now numbered less than two hundred in total.

Qin Yun looked at the mountains around the valley and saw many exquisite wooden houses that were scattered about. Those people were also watching the assessment from the inside of the houses.

Seeing that everyone was present, Dean Bai shouted, "All teams, listen carefully. The first round of tests is about to begin. Only after you have passed the three rounds of examination can you enter the Xuan Level Martial Arts Academy that you have chosen."

"For the first round of the exam, you have to fill a large pearl with inner strength and finish it in one incense stick of time. Also, you have to withstand the test of strength to determine the inner strength within the pearl."

"Bring out the Strength Restoring Bead!"

The Strength Storing Pearl was very large and about two meters wide. It was completely transparent and it looked like a very large crystal bead.

On the mountainside, in a relatively large wooden house, there was an extravagant hall. There were many Martial Body Level 9 and Martial Dao Realm experts sitting in the hall.

Yang Shiyue, Duan Qian and Dean Zhang were here as well, as well as Master Wei, Duke Yan and the other Old Scholars of Tianqin. They seemed to have gathered here on purpose.

Yang Shiyue entered the Eastern Palace of Blue Spirit Star Palace and became a disciple of the Eastern Palace. She also wore a dark blue dress, giving her a cold, refined, and spiritual aura.

With a cold glint in her eyes, she turned to look at Master Wei, who was walking in her direction.

"Miss Yang... Qin Yun was once your student, so you seem to have great confidence in him. How about I gamble with you? I bet that his team won't be able to pass the first round! 1: 5, the more you bet, the more I'll lose." Master Wei chuckled.

After Duan Qian heard this, he smiled and said, "Master Wei, this kind of interesting thing, can you allow me to participate as well?"

Dean Zhang laughed and said, "I'll come too!"

The Duke of Yan said with a sneer "The four of them, Qin Yun's group, would find it impossible to fill such a large Strength Storing Pearl with in an incense stick time. All of you actually think that they can pass this round of examination?"

"I bet five thousand purple coins, this is all the crystal coins I have!" Yang Shiyue's voice was cold and filled with confidence as she sneered "When you can't afford to pay five times, I'll chop off your head!"

Master Wei suddenly quivered. Five thousand purple coins, that was five million crystal coins. If he lost, he would have to pay twenty-five million!

He agreed immediately. "Alright!"

He refused to allow Duan Qian and Dean Zhang to participate. If he was only betting with Yang Shiyue, he could still afford to lose. Joining Duan Qian and Dean Zhang would not do.

Yang Shiyue took out 5000 purple coins and handed it over to Master Wei, coldly saying: "Take it well!"

When the Duke of Yan saw this, he said with a smile, "Master Wei, congratulations on making a fortune!"

Duan Qian laughed, "Duke of Yan, how about you play with me?"

"If you want to play, so be it. I'll pay you 1: 5. How much are you betting on me?" Duke Yan also wanted to make a profit because he could see that Duan Qian and the rest had blind confidence in Qin Yun.

Especially Yang Shiyue, she didn't even think before taking out 5 million crystal coins to gamble!

"I also want to bet 5,000 purple coins!" Duan Qian laughed.

The Duke of Yan smiled as he received Duan Qian's purple Coin and felt that it would definitely be his.

"This assessment is very disadvantageous for Qin Yun's group. The other teams have more than ten people, while Qin Yun's group only have four people. It's indeed difficult to fill up such a gigantic pearl with energy storage in one incense stick. Even four of the seventh level of the martial body might not be able to do it."

Master Wei smiled and said, "That's why, I'm definitely going to win! Qin Yun has one spiritual vein and Xie Wufeng has two. It's fated that a team like theirs will never be able to pass this assessment. "

At this moment, the huge crystal ball was moved up and placed in front of each team.

Xie Wufeng was worried that someone would try to trick him, so he chose one for himself. Only then did he feel at ease.

One of the team leaders jeered loudly, "Even if you have two incense sticks of time, you still won't be able to fill up the Strength Restoring Beads. You can just give up!"

On the other hand, Xie Wufeng and Qin Yun looked calm. Although Huo Zhong and Murong Daren found it difficult, they believed in their own strength.

In the training field, there were ten two meter wide crystal beads lined up in a row. Each crystal bead was surrounded by students, waiting for the start of the examination.

After igniting an incense stick, Dean Bai announced the start of the first round of examinations!

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