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Chapter 149 - The Last days of Three Xuan Academy

A puppet beast made from the Heavenly Lion Totem was also extremely powerful. One could see that the Heavenly Lion totem marks were originally very powerful and could be considered a type of powerful and mysterious mark.

Soon, Qin Yun comprehended another martial art from the Heavenly Lion Totem!

"Heaven Lion's Fighting Dragon Claw!"

This claw technique was very powerful. It was able to use inner strength to simulate a sharp lion claw and when used on the battlefield, it could cause a translucent lion claw illusion to appear on the surface of one's palm.

At the time it was about to hit, this illusionary lion claw would have a very powerful strength, just like a real lion claw!

Qin Yun used this move to leave a deep claw mark on the stone wall.

"The Heavenly Lion inheritance can actually be controlled by humans, it's really strange!" With just a thought, Qin Yun's palm overflowed with internal energy and formed a translucent lion claw. Furthermore, it was very large.

He felt that if someone was caught unprepared, they would definitely be cut into several pieces by those sharp claws!

"If I want to use it myself, I have to be very careful." Even he was worried that he would be cut by the lion claw formed from his inner force. It was as sharp as a real blade.

He had heard of similar cultivation techniques in the past but he had never had the opportunity to learn them.

"With this move, I can use it in place of a weapon even if I can't use it. I can also use the Six Style Wind Slaying Fist!"

The lion claw had four movable claws, just like four daggers. If he were to use the Six Style Wind Slaying Fist, the power of the four daggers could be imagined.

"The Heavenly Lion is also a fire lion. It is very helpful to me in using fire inner force."

Qin Yun secretly guessed that the reason he had obtained the acknowledgment of the Heavenly Lion Totem was most likely because of the purple gold fire martial spirit.

For the next two days, he did not manage to comprehend any martial arts from the Heavenly Lion Totem, so he had no choice but to give up.

The Heavenly Lion Totem had brought him too many surprises and he was satisfied.

In the future, he would be able to use the Heavenly Lion Totem to forge stronger puppet beasts or weapons.

Qin Yun's cultivation technique had improved greatly. As a result, his strength had increased greatly. He could be said to be an existence at the peak of the sixth level of the Martial Body.

When he came out of his room, he saw Xie Wufeng in the living room.

The entire valley was enveloped in a very tense atmosphere. Everyone was in the midst of their final sprint. Only Xie Wufeng remained, leisurely sipping his tea and reading a book. Although he only had his left hand, he was very optimistic.

"Eldest Brother Xie, it seems like you're very confident in this exam!" Even he felt very nervous.

Xie Wufeng poured himself a cup of tea and said lightly: "This assessment is very disadvantageous to us but no matter what, we need to give it our all, otherwise there won't be any more chances!"

"Two days ago, Dean Bai came to tell me that the Three Xuan Academy will be abolished after the assessment. In the future, if you want to enter the Xuan Level Martial Arts Academy, you will need to sign many agreements with the Xuan Level Martial Arts Academy."

Qin Yun walked over and drank the cup of tea. He felt even more pressured!

Xie Wufeng said, "Right now, the three Xuan Level Martial Academies all want to control outstanding students for a period of time and obtain more benefits for them! Long before the Blue Spirit Star Palace appeared, the Tian Xuan Martial School and the Ling Xuan Wu academy were like this."

He noticed that Qin Yun was slightly nervous and could not help but say with a laugh, "You need to relax. Tightening your nerves like this will affect your performance!"

"Un, I'll go out for a walk!" Qin Yun nodded.

Xie Wufeng was able to do it so easily because he had participated in many examinations. It could be said that he had a lot of experience.

Huo Zhong and Mu Rong Jun also stayed in their rooms, bitterly cultivating their martial arts to make themselves stronger during the exam.

Right now, they were not going to face the assessment alone. They were going to be a group!

A responsible person wouldn't want to be a burden to the team, so they had to work very hard to cultivate.

Qin Yun walked out of the cave and saw a change outside the valley. The mountains surrounding the valley had many platforms built around them.

On these platforms are many beautifully built wooden houses.

Dean Bai, dressed in white, was walking leisurely in the middle of the training field. He looked full of energy.

Qin Yun walked over and said with a smile "Dean Bai, I heard that after the assessment, there will be no more Three Xuan Academy, is that right?"

Dean Bai nodded "It was mainly because something went wrong with the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range that caused the cancellation of the Three Xuan Academy. In the future, the Xuan Level Martial Arts Academy will also have it's own way of recruiting new students."

Qin Yun looked at the wooden houses built halfway up the mountain and asked "Why are you building those houses?"

"The teachers of Blue Spirit Star Palace, Tianxuan Martial Arts Academy and Ling Xuan Wu Academy came to build it. During the assessment, they will watch from above." Principal Bai said, "Because it is the final exam, it is highly valued. Many people will come to watch."

"There are only three days left, and it will be very soon!" Qin Yun suddenly felt nervous.

Dean Bai patted Qin Yun on the shoulder and said, "Qin Yun, all of you must work hard and do your best. Otherwise, there wouldn't be the Three Xuan House in the future, it's not a problem for you to enter the Star Xuan Wu Academy but it may be difficult for them."

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew over from the sky and many people appeared above!

Qin Yun immediately sensed one of the auras. It came from Zhuo Chuan and Xuangfeng. They had come to visit the final exam of the Three Profound Academy.

Dean Bai smiled and said, "Quite a number of people have come!"

Qin Yun could only see figures landing on the wooden houses by the mountainside.

The examination will be conducted on the training field in the valley. As long as one has good eyesight, they will be able to see the examination results halfway up the mountain.

"There are a lot of people from Blue Spirit Star Palace! What are they doing here? They are doing most of the things." Qin Yun said with a light snort, "Coming here will only increase the pressure on others."

Dean Bai chuckled and said, "Don't worry, they are only here to take a look and won't interfere. The specific details of the assessment will be planned by the three Xuan Grade Martial Academies and the Hall of Marks. The Blue Spirit Star Palace will at most provide assistance."

Qin Yun did not believe that the Blue Spirit Star Palace would not interfere.

Suddenly, Dean Zhang and Duan Qian flew down from above and landed beside Qin Yun.

"Dean Zhang, Grandpa Duan, how do you do!" Qin Yun was very happy to see them.

Duan Qian laughed, "Brat, you seem to have become much stronger!"

Dean Zhang said, "Qin Yun, Teacher Yang has also come. It's just that it's inconvenient for her to come down to see you. You can't disappoint her."

Yang Shiyue had also come. Qin Yun did not know why but he felt a surge of energy in his heart. The nervousness from before had been swept away!

Duan Qian replied, "It's not just Teacher Yang but many of the disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace are here as well. For example, Xiao Yue Lan, Qin Zheng Feng and.... Xiao Yanglong!"

Xiao Yanglong, the crown prince of the Tian Xuan Empire, had stepped into the martial dao realm at a very young age and was rumored to have become the chief disciple of the Western Palace!

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