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Chapter 14 - Small Success in Cultivation Techniques

"Teacher, is this match important? If it's not important, we don't have to take it to heart! " Qin Yun consoled Yang Shiyue.

"Class battles are not just about winning or losing, they are about determining the resources of a class this semester. "If you lose, you will not receive any resources; if you win, you will receive a portion of resources." Yang Shiyue said: "If you don't have the resources, then this semester will be tough."

"This..." The corner of Qin Yun's eyes twitched. It was obvious that they were risking their lives in a battle. He asked, "Teacher, what do these resources include?"

"Twenty thousand crystal coins and two mid-grade spirit pills, the 'Breath Forging Pills', are allocated at the discretion of the class. In addition, there is also the high-grade martial arts skill. All students in the class can learn it. If you win two rounds in a row, you will get a double share."

When Qin Yun heard of the resources that Yang Shiyue had mentioned, he cursed the Queen in his heart.

The empress must have known these rules, which was why she had asked the other students to change classes. As a result, there was only one student in Class 9, and it was inevitable that they would lose during the battles.

The surrounding older students found it extremely funny when they saw Qin Yun's anxious expression.

"If Class 9 is going to lose without a fight, we'll need at least ten people in this group fight, and there's only one person in Class 9."

"Qin Yun had offended the Queen. I have to say, the Empress is truly brilliant. With this trick, Qin Yun will not be able to obtain any resources this semester."

"Without resources to train or improve, he will have to scram the next semester. If he is not a student of the Hua Ling Wu Yuan, then the Queen will be able to take care of him."

"Haha, class nine is really pitiful …" It's just that I wonder what Teacher Yang is thinking right now.

The older students stood to the side, enjoying the show, chatting and laughing.

"Because of this year's special circumstances, there is only one student in the entire class. In order to ensure fairness, this is why the rules of the squad competition has been changed to single fighters. This year, the group competition will be two single fights! "

The moment Dean Zhang said this, Qin Yun suddenly saw a glimmer of hope.

The freshmen class fight this time had actually cancelled the group battle!

This included the people within Yang Shiyue, they were all very surprised!

"The Hua Ling Martial Arts School does not allow people to cause trouble in secret. The rules are dead and the person is alive. If there are special circumstances, they can be changed." Principal Zhang said coldly. He was extremely dissatisfied with the empress's actions.

"Even so, class nine still has no chance at victory! Although Qin Yun was able to defeat Qin Tianyi in the imperial palace, he was also injured by an old official. His internal injuries must have been quite severe. "

"The other classes are filled with talents. It's said that there are people with legendary Martial Spirits, and there are a few with four meridians and five meridians. None of them are weak. The injured Qin Yun is definitely no match for them."

"Even if Qin Yun wins one match, he will not be able to win the second. He has to win two consecutive rounds."

When Yang Shiyue heard the discussions of the crowd, she said to Qin Yun in a low voice, "There's no need to be sad. We won't be participating in this battle. There are other ways to obtain resources."

Qin Yun needed to win two consecutive rounds before he could obtain resources!

To him, two consecutive battles was not an easy feat. There were many students in the other classes, and in both matches, there were different people competing.

"Teacher, my elemental energy is rotating, my injuries are better, I want to fight!" Qin Yun said to Yang Shiyue in a small voice.

For the sake of the rich resources, for the sake of the class and Yang Shiyue's glory, he must go up and compete, and must not retreat.

"Really? "Hurry up and circulate your energy to make your Qi beat!" Yang Shiyue was alarmed as she hurriedly grabbed Qin Yun's wrist to confirm.

Qin Yun took a few deep breaths before closing his eyes. Circulating the Mysterious Yang Tactic, his elemental energy began pulsing.

Yang Shiyue quickly sensed Qin Yun's elemental energy throbbing. What made her even more shocked was that the elemental energy was throbbing violently. It could no longer be called a throbbing, but a violent vibration!

She had given the Xuan Yang Tactic to Qin Yun. She knew the Xuan Yang Tactic very well. It would take at least ten days to reach the entrance.

However, the current Qin Yun was not at the elementary level of cultivation at all. Instead, he was at the initial stage!

It's only been one night!

Cultivation techniques were generally divided into five stages: Initiation, Small Success, Large Success, Perfection, and Perfection.

Yang Shiyue suppressed the incomparable shock in her heart and said solemnly to Qin Yun, "You can fight! However, you must remember not to push it too far. If you injure your soul to the end, it will have a huge impact in the future.

The purpose of the freshmen battling in this match was to let the freshmen understand the cruelty of competition!

Losing here was because he had no resources. If he lost here, he would most likely lose his life.

After the drawing of lots was done, Yang Shiyue received the lot for Class 7. Their Class 9 had to fight with Class 7!

Losing one match meant being eliminated. In the end, there were only four teams that won. It was very cruel!

Winning a match would result in more resources. While full of temptation, it would also be accompanied by great risks. As long as he lost one battle, he would lose all of his resources. It was extremely cruel!

"Alright, let's choose representatives from the classes now!" Principal Zhang shouted.

There was naturally no need to choose Yang Shiyue's class because she only had Qin Yun as her student.

Soon, all the classes selected their representatives for the first round.

The person fighting Qin Yun was actually Yan Zhongming, who had just transferred to Class 7. He possessed the Four Yang spirit vein and the Goldfire Martial Spirit.

"Yan Zhongming is the grandson of Great General Yan. Back then, this old turtle had already extracted my spirit vein." Qin Yun thought to himself.

"Remember what I said before." Yang Shiyue reminded him once again that Qin Yun was her only student and that nothing could happen to him.

Without a doubt, the number of people watching the battle between Qin Yun and Yan Zhongming was the greatest.

"Yan Zhongming is the grandson of a general. Since he was young, he has received a lot of martial arts guidance. His strength must be extraordinary."

"Of course! As for Qin Yun, he was crippled at the age of ten and had been left in the cold for five years. He was only able to defeat Qin Tianyi because of his dog shit luck.

Qin Yun walked onto the dueling platform and heard the crowd's mocking. He clenched his fists tightly. The humiliation and mockery he had endured over the past five years was just a form of training for him, but today, he had to show the results of his training!

"Qin Yun, kneel! apologize to the empress here!" When Yan Zhongming saw Qin Yun come up on stage, he used an commanding tone and shouted at Qin Yun, "As long as you admit your wrongs, I will show mercy!"

"What big words! My royal father has never even allowed me to kneel and bow, so who do you think you are? Your grandfather, this general, could he already be the Emperor of Tian Qin? " Qin Yun said with a sneer, "Your grandfather is just an old dog under the Empress. Why are you so proud of him?"

The spectating students laughed in a low voice, causing Yan Zhongming to immediately be enraged. He roared, "My grandfather is not someone that a cripple like you can insult!"

He suddenly extended three fingers, and his cold voice was filled with contempt as he said, "Three moves! I only need three moves to make you a complete cripple! "

"Class 7 and Class 9, begin!" An old man shouted loudly.

The furious Yan Zhongming shot towards Qin Yun like an arrow that had left the bowstring. His footsteps were light.

"This is the Falling Phoenix Steps!" As for the high grade footwork technique, Yan Zhongming has only learned one. It's quite impressive. "

"The 'Fallen Phoenix Steps' is a pretty good martial art."

The freshmen had just awakened their martial spirits yesterday, so they hadn't had the time to learn internal energy. Therefore, during the class battle, it was a test of the foundation that the freshmen had laid since they were young, as well as the foundation of the family's martial arts.

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