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Chapter 139 Ghost Beast King

A lion in the water could spit fire!

Qin Yun hurriedly avoided the cluster of fire and took Xiao Yue Mei with him as he ran in the air.

The strength of this giant black lion was extremely terrifying; it had reached the level of a mystical beast.

Xiao Yue Mei lay on Qin Yun's back as she looked at the giant black lion chasing madly from the ground. She said in puzzlement, "This fellow is clearly a fire elemental lion. Why is he running into the water?"

Qin Yun found it strange as well. He was focused on running and he did not pay much attention to the gigantic beast. All he could do was ask Xiao Yue for some details.

He asked, "Is this a ghost beast?"

Xiao Yue Mei nodded: "Yes! I can feel that violent mental energy, it's definitely the ghost beast, and it might even be the leader of the two groups of ghost beasts. "

"Extremely possible! The gigantic turtle should be coming out from the river! " Qin Yun thought of something terrifying and cried out involuntarily, "Something has gone wrong with the Cloud Dragon River! Whether it was demon beasts or evil beasts, they would often go to the river to drink... must have been possessed by evil spirits by the river. "

Inside the Cloud Dragon River, a large number of vile souls appeared!

He believed that it must be because of this reason that a large number of evil and ghost beasts appeared in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range during this period of time.

"This giant lion, it might have been a fire lion originally, but the evil spirits that possess bodies are afraid of fire, so they soak in water to cool it down." Xiao Yue Mei guessed.

"If that's really the case, then this giant black lion's strength will definitely drop by a lot." Qin Yun suddenly had an idea. He wanted to take down the gigantic black lion.

Qin Yun was running in the sky while the black giant lion was chasing him. It had shattered many trees and occasionally roared at the sky.

Xiao Yue Mei suddenly shouted, "Qin Yun, quickly look at the giant lion!"

Qin Yun turned his head to take a look. He saw the giant black lion rolling and roaring on the ground. It looked extremely uncomfortable.

He immediately stopped and looked down at the giant black lion.

The giant black lion looked to be in extreme pain as it let out roars and continuously writhed on the ground. Its pitch-black body emitted traces of faint golden colored flames.

"Ah... I sensed two soul bodies. Could it be that two soul bodies are fighting inside the Black Giant Lion's body? " Xiao Yue Mei shouted.

"It should be right!" Qin Yun hurriedly took out a few Phantom Suppression Talismans and tossed them at the gigantic black lion.

After the Evil Suppression Talisman landed, it released the ability to suppress ghosts, enveloping the area.

The manic giant black lion gradually calmed down, the faint golden colored flames on its body growing more and more, and the black color on its body also gradually faded away.

Suddenly, a black shadow flew out from the giant lion's body, followed by a sinister and angry curse, "Damned human brat, you've ruined my plans, I'm going to kill you!"

When Qin Yun saw the black shadow flying over, he was immediately alarmed. He threw a large number of Evil Suppression Talismans at the group of black shadows that called themselves Ghost Kings.

The Evil Suppression Talisman burst forth with a burst of force, blocking the black shadow.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH … … Why do you have such a talisman? This kind of spirit pattern has disappeared ten thousand years ago, how did you manage to obtain it? " The Ghost King screamed in pain.

"Qin Yun, do you have more? Throw them all out and kill this fellow!" Xiao Yue Mei said.

"There are still dozens of them!"

Just as Qin Yun finished speaking, the Ghost King fled hurriedly in the direction of the gigantic tortoises.

Xiao Yue Mei screamed, "Not good!"

The Spirit King's speed was very fast, in a few moments it was already in the group of giant turtles, and then it entered into one of them.

The gigantic turtle had suddenly revived, and it had become very fierce. It released waves of black mist, enveloping the other giant turtle's body and devouring the other giant turtle bodies.

Qin Yun looked at the Golden Fire Lion on the ground. It had also recovered somewhat, but it was still charging at the gigantic tortoises. It let out angry roars one after another.

"The Spirit King has devoured all the gigantic turtles …" Qin Yun looked at a gigantic turtle that was emitting black smoke in the distance. It ran savagely towards the Golden Fire Lion at an extremely fast speed.

"The Golden Fire Lion is not a match for the Ghost Beast King!" Xiao Yue Mei's expression was serious: "We have to get rid of this Ghost Beast King, otherwise, after he defeats the Golden Fire Giant Lion, his target will be us!"

Qin Yun also knew very well that if the Ghost Beast King chased after them, they would not be able to escape.

He landed on the ground and took out the furnace and a pile of precious high grade beast skins, as well as the two thousand purple coins he had obtained from selling the storage belt.

"What are you doing?" Xiao Yue Mei frowned.

"I want to refine a Ghost Suppression Talisman Array. You can help me as well …" Although Qin Yun was very nervous, he did not panic. He placed many hides into the furnace to melt.

"What can I do for you?" Xiao Yue Mei watched from the side.

"Help me spread this out..." Qin Yun took out the stone slab of the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array and handed it to Xiao Yuemei. "Use the lines on it and place the two thousand purple coins evenly on it."

Xiao Yue Mei nodded her head, her expression was filled with nervousness, because the Golden Fire Giant Lion was roaring angrily, and the Ghost Beast King's aura was very strong, suppressing the Golden Fire Giant Lion.

Qin Yun increased the flames and burned all of the beast skins like soft mud. Then, he stacked them one by one and hammered them with the Giant Spirit King Hammer, allowing the soft beast skin to merge with the rest.

He frantically used the Six Styles of the Dragon, hammering down on the beast skin. To the side, Xiao Yue Mei was incomparably shocked. This was the first time she had personally seen a beast skin used to refine a formation.

Qin Yun was sweating profusely. He did not even have the time to wipe the sweat off his forehead.

After the time it took to make a cup of tea, the beast skin for setting up the formation was finally refined.

"Start inscribing. The Golden Fire Lion has to persevere!" Qin Yun was extremely anxious as he took a few deep breaths before he began inscribing.

Although they could run now, they couldn't run too far. The Spirit King's spirit body could fly very fast, and the Golden Fire Lion could only buy them two hours at most.

In just two short hours, it was impossible to escape from the Ghost King's control.

The Golden Fire Lion's voice was getting softer and softer. Qin Yun was enduring a tremendous pressure as he carved. He needed to inscribe several sets of Ghost Spirit Marks in order to have sufficient strength to suppress the infuriated Ghost King.

An hour later, Qin Yun finally finished refining the Phantom Suppression Array. Xiao Yue Mei also placed two thousand purple coins on the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array.

Qin Yun placed the Phantom Suppression Charm on the Nine Suns Spirit Gathering Formation and activated it to absorb the internal spiritual energy of the Amethyst Coin. He then controlled the energy gathered by the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array and poured it into the Glyph Suppressing Formation.

"Haha …" Human kid, you're dead for sure! " The Ghost King's voice rang out, and the giant black lion appeared again.

The giant golden lion was once again possessed by the Spirit King and turned into a giant black lion. Although it was covered with wounds, its power was still very terrifying.

The Evil Suppression Talisman Array needed a period of time to absorb energy!

"Yue Mei, I'll leave this to you, I'll deal with this guy!" Qin Yun still had some Ghost Suppression Talismans in his hands. Stepping onto a fiery cloud, he flew into the sky and charged at the giant black lion before throwing a Ghost Suppression Talisman at it.

Just the strength of the Evil Suppression Talisman was already quite effective, causing the huge black lion to roar in pain.

"Human kid, I want to bite off your flesh one bite at a time." The Spirit King's angry roar was extremely mournful, bringing with it a burst of cold wind that blew out.

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